North American Plugged '98 Tour
Sacramento, CA
September 16, 1998

Updated November 27, 1998

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Tori performed in Sacramento, CA on September 16, 1998 at the Arco Arena during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Baker Baker and Mother solo. Special thanks to Violet for calling me on the phone with the set list and to Lavina who was the first person to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Black-Dove (January)
Baker Baker (solo)
Mother (solo)
Purple People
Liquid Diamonds
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

First Encore:
Cornflake Girl
Tear In Your Hand

Second Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Lisa

November 27, 1998 - hey there, I'm sure you already know this but just in case...I meant to e-mail a lot sooner, sorry...Tori has been playing Black Swan here and there and apparently some guy (read it on your site a while ago) requested it and was amazed that the song made it on the setlist in Sacramento but was bummed because she sang Baker instead...well, I've got a copy of the original setlist and Black Swan is there with (E/D) after it. At the meet and greet that night I gave it to Tori to sign (which in true Tori fashion she corrected but didn't sign :) )anyway, I asked her what the letters meant and she smiled coyly and said, "I couldn't remember the key..." very if that guy was wondering why she didn't play it maybe that was why..anyway just a little Tori story, nothing too pressing..Lisa PS I love the Dent! :)

From bloogirl

September 23, 1998 - oh. about the meet and greet after the sacramento show...somehow, everything was so much more relaxed all around. both steve and joel (tori's bodyguards) were quite friendly and nice to all of us, moreso than ive ever seen them. (ive been doing meet and greets since the under the pink tour!) people asked them a bunch of questions and they were both smiling more and interested than ive ever seen them. they usually have such a tough, serious demeanor (naturally), but they were laughing and enjoying themselves.

when tori came out, she spent more time talking to people than ive ever seen her do before. :)

she was wearing the blue bosey tour tshirt and stone washed blue jean shorts overalls (for the fashion watch). i got to talk to her :) and kiss her cheek and she signed my blue bosey tshirt (woo!). then she moved down the line about 2-3 people. now as many of us know, tori *never* goes back down the way she came. but there was a little girl standing behind me, much too small to even see tori despite being in the third row of scrunched up fans. so i said, "tori, tori...there's a little girl here who cant see you because she is so tiny and scrunched between all of us and we are all so much bigger. can you say hi to her?" tori came back and we all smooshed a bit so she could see the girl. tori said hi, asked her name (unfortunately i cant remember her name, but it was a pretty name). she shyly said, 'hi tori.' tori said, "do you have anything for me to sign?" the poor girl had nothing, and shook her head sadly. so tori said, "come here, i want to hug you." then tori climbed up on the gate, and leaned way over, and we all smooshed the girl towards her so that they could hug. it was so sweet. and tori thanked her for coming.

afterwards, the girl was just wordless. her mother thanked me as tori moved back to where she was in the line, and was so excited. the little girl said, still in awe of her experience, "thank you" to me. i said, "i hope you dont mind me calling you a little girl, but i wanted you to be able to see tori and i felt so bad that you were getting squished between all of us."

(actually the crowd was a lot calmer than other crowds at the meet and greet. when i was at the fillmore after show meet and greet, and tori came out, i was right at the gate, and the Swarm of people behind me all pushed forward as much as they could and i was practically crushed against the gate. i got upset and told people to back up. i really know how much everyone wants to see tori and get a chance to get her autograph and talk to her, but it's not worth crushing people. it's also been my experience that when stuff like that happens, tori leaves much quicker and won't spend nearly as much time with her fans.)

From The Sacramento Bee

September 21, 1998 - Beth Winegarner sent me a review of this show that appeared in the September 18, 1998 edition of The Sacramento Bee

Concert Review: Wall of sound obscures Amos

By J. Freedom du Lac
Bee Pop Music Critic
(Published Sept. 18, 1998)

The most memorable aspect of a Tori Amos show is usually its stunning intimacy.

The quirky, kooky singer-songwriter has proven in previous area appearances that she can carry a concert simply with her multi-octave voice and her beloved Bosendorfer piano. Her Community Center Theater shows in 1994 and 1996 both came off like raw, late-night phone conversations -- all personal disclosures, questions and asides, with every breath and smack of the lips vividly accounted for, every uncomfortable pause or vocal inflection intensely magnified.

On Wednesday night at oversized Arco Arena, Amos opted instead to stage a full-blown rock show complete with fog, disco balls, elaborate lighting schemes and, most notably, a three-piece backing band that somehow made its way to the foreground.

Amos herself was buried beneath the band's disturbingly dense sound.

At times, her graceful, long-lined piano melodies were rendered inaudible -- lost amid the clutter of clacking drums, burping bass lines and wailing guitars, as during "Caught a Lite Sneeze."

And her obtuse lyrics, which come off like stream-of-consciousness diary entries and are difficult and dense enough when delivered a cappella, were almost impossible to interpret throughout most of the 17-song set.

It was as if a thick, impenetrable wall of sound had suddenly been erected to separate fans from the compelling emotional core of Amos' mystical, mysterious songs about self-discovery, empowerment and the search for universal truths.

Fans might even have felt like folkies did when Dylan went electric at Newport, though being served this odd concert concoction probably was more akin to ordering a delicate scallop dish, only to have it served smothered under thick, unwanted barbecue sauce.

The old and very much preferable Amos did appear -- albeit far too briefly -- about midway through the show, as the classically trained former piano prodigy kicked her band off the stage and declared to her fans: "This is our time."

With the lights finally holding still, she performed a haunting version of her 1994 song "Baker Baker," about yet another unresolved relationship and the desire to feel whole again.

She began toying with the tempo of the song, drawing out notes at will, inserting pauses for effect, playing the piano haltingly to create a terrific sense of tension.

It was far more dramatic and powerful than anything Amos was able to manage with her overpowering, constantly crescendoing band. Too bad she wasn't able to see this through the fog that kept spilling across the stage during the strangely disappointing show.

From David

September 18, 1998 - i just wanted to mention that i randomly decided to ask tori for "black swan" before the show at the arco arena and she did indeed put it on the setlist. i was shocked she considered playing it there. she ended up doing "baker baker" instead though. probably had something to do with the audience, most of whom probably wouldn't have stayed quiet or even recognized the song. heh. but the written setlist was "black swan" and "mother" as solo time =]

From Lisa

September 18, 1998 - Tori's Sacramento show was amazing (of course)! I had wanted to get there before the show for the meet and greet, but as I was driving to Arco, I heard her being interviewed on KWOD 106.5 radio station and figured if I headed for the radio station I may have a better chance of meeting her....

Well, I couldn't find the radio station, had car troubles, and got a cracked windshield along the way even! My 13 yr old daughter and I kept on and did make it to the arena. The first person I found was my "camp out at the S.F. Fillmore buddy", Sarah and her friend Jaime. They had been there for the preconcert meet and greet. The four of us heard Tori warming up with "Hotel" so of course we went closer for a listen. Anyway...I'm finding that I'm spending too much time on details and haven't even gotten to the GOOD STUFF. :o)

Our seats were fantastic! While waiting for the show a very nice person "Jolene" asked if I wanted to sign her big card for, thanks! that was so nice!

Tori looked and sounded wonderful, although the first several songs she seemed a bit tired and not too into it, but from the beginning of Liquid Diamonds on she was smiling, dancing, and having lots of fun! I wonder if knowing she was going to play Baker Baker set her mood, cuz I really thought I saw a tear in her eye towards the end of that song...and maybe it took a little while to move into the feel of the rest....hmm..just a thought. Well, both Baker Baker and Mother brought tears for me.

I was soooo happy she did was great! I really wanted to hear that song!

During Raspberry Swirl the whole place was dancing! wow! tori was having fun!

For me though, the best part came at the very end... After her encore with the band doing Cornflake Girl and Tear...she came back alone with Pandora's Aquarium...she sat and played on the darkened stage with just a spotlight on her and the piano....she was beautiful and sounded beautiful...then for some reason, I noticed that there was also a light shining out into the audience and it seemed to be shining on me, then it happened...

Suddenly Tori looked right at me, I raised my arm and waved a little "Tori wave" hello to her....and shockingly, she raised her left arm from the piano and waved a cute little Tori wave right back to me! Oh my my knees almost went out. It was such an awesome connection between us!!!

Anyway, you'd think it couldn't get better, but... I finally got to meet her at the meet and greet after the show (have wanted to for years).

She came out wearing the same tshirt I bought (the one with the blue little earthquakes piano on it, which was really cool that she picked the same one I did) with her overalls. I thanked her for waving to me during Pandora, gave her a little gift (not much of anything, just a little green starshaped candle) and explained to her the star represented the she was my star, and that the green color represented the margarita I hoped to have with her someday. She was so cute...she smiled a big smile and said that she was sure that I could make a really good margarita too! Then she signed my tshirt....wish I could remember everything she was wonderful....!

Then, thanks to "bloogirl" next to me (she told Tori that there was this little girl here she should say hi to) and Tori was thrilled about a little girl, so Tori said "hi sweetie" daughter Kyla said "hi", tori said "is there anything you want me to sign for you?", Kyla said nothing (she was in complete shock!), then I whispered to Kyla a suggestion for a hug, and Kyla said "no, but can I have a hug?", and Tori grinned in a huge way and gave Kyla a big HUG!!!!!! We were both on the biggest cloud in the sky and stayed to watch the cute puppet and all...Joel even waved goodbye to Kyla from inside the bus.


We got to the car and it wouldn't take us home (but the important thing was that it got us there), had someone come pick us up at 1:30 am. , and even had the car towed the following day, but we didn't care...we were on that cloud, having both touched and talked to Tori, our dream had come true...

and as we sat in the deserted parking lot in heaven...waiting for our ride...Kyla said, "Is that guitar player really Tori's brother?" :o) (Tori referred to the boys as her brothers during intros) cute...and we were/are so happy!

The concert and night was unbelievable!! wow!

From Robyn Wandzell

September 18, 1998 - I had such an amazingly wonderful night. It was worlds better than Oakland. I entrusted someone with a note to give to Tori after the show in Oakland (my friend had a baby to get home to) that asked her to play Pandora (for obvious reasons :) and from the first note of the second encore I knew...I bawled through the whole thing! There was a direct line of site between her and i for the entire song (for some reason everyone in front of me sat down for that song) and I felt like she was looking right at me when she was singing.

Anyway, I couldn't stay after there either (because of a different friend with a baby :) but I really wish i could have thanked her, I've never met her before!

Purple People and Siren were absolutely amazing as were Baker Baker and Mother....why i'm singling out songs i don't know, the entire night was magical!

From Chris Conley

September 18, 1998 - I have been to many different kinds of concerts (Orchestra to Metallica) and this had to be the most powerful display of feeling and musicianship that I have seen, period.

This was my first live Tori show. I was *completely* blown away.

The Devlins where a decent band, felt like I was in a *really* big pub (without Guinness though *P), but the expectant energy in the arena was overwhelming, almost willing them off the stage.

She started with Precious Things, which is the song that made me take notice of her musically. This song helped my get through a very difficult time in my last year of College, so it was a kind of "Welcome, hold on and enjoy the ride." And boy was it. I like the band on many of the songs.

Talula was interesting w/o a harpsichord. Haven't made my mind up on that one yet.

The crown lit up during Baker, Baker. very powerful.

I must say that Matt had that drum kit wound so tight that I thought it would explode *) Truly amazing work. The thing that Beth was talking about was an oil drum! I could see a couple of mics on it. really cool! I loved the lit-up antennae that he was wearing!

The band version of Cornflake Girl rocked! If the arena was oriented different, I have a feeling that even more people would have been up dancing.

I have made a mix CD from the ones in my rack. Last nights playlist just decided what the next CD will be *)

From Cloudless4

September 18, 1998 - that I'm more coherent, I'll tell you about my experience at the show last night! It was absolutely amazing!!

This was my second time seeing her (my first time at the Sneak Preview Tour in San Francisco in May) and although I was quite skeptical about the huge arena (not to mention that there was a circus there only three days before), I was really impressed with the energy and stamina of the show. We had a few rude people sitting by us, but overall, everyone was pretty considerate and cooperative.

Since I already put up the setlist, I won't bother typing it up again. I must say, though, that "Baker, Baker" was absolutely beautiful!! The whole crowd was silent during the whole song and everyone around me just seemed to be awestruck. It was a very beautifully stark experience that I'll never forget! At one point during the show, she said to the crowd, "I've never been here HA! Well, I've never played here before, but I've BEEN here before. I was such an idiot. So...I have exorcised the demons." Also, I'm not sure if Matt Chamberlain did this at other shows, but right before "Raspberry Swirl," he put on a white helmet with glowing green alien was adorable!! Did anyone notice that the blaring lights during RS were kind of epileptic seizure-inducing?!?! It was very bright.

Anyway, it was a great show and I can't wait to see her again on Saturday in San Jose!! (hi Christianne!! :) )

p.s. A few people complained that the black t-shirt with Tori Amos lying on her side and the lyrics to "Liquid Diamonds" didn't have Sacramento listed as one of the shows on the well as any of the other western states. Did anyone else notice this?? I got the shirt in a medium and Sacramento was on the back of my shirt....what happened to the other shirts?

From Caryn

September 18, 1998 - hi mike. the sacramento show was great. we had 5th row center and it couldn't have been better. i know you have the set list so why bother? i had a bit of a drive and it was worth it. although tori seemed a bit low energy and her speaking voice was hoarse (her singing voice was amazing as usual) she really threw a lot of energy in. the boys were great. i think they add a lot of intensity to some of the older songs, which she mainly focused on last night. "precious things," "siren," "caught a lite sneeze :o)," and "talula" were great. during secret time she played one of my favorites ever ("mother") and i told my cousin i could go home happy if she would just do "tear in your hand." it's as if we discussed the set list :o) she played it and i went home happy. she also signed my tour book which rocked.

this show was total rock and roll. that rules. i would like to see her with the band in a smaller venue. big venues attract randoms. like the people in front of us who were fully grinding and making out the entire time (they did take a break every once and a while to raise their beers and light their joints in honor of tori) and the guy in back of me who wanted me to sit down...i would have complied, however there were about 20 people in front of me standing so he wouldn't have been able to see anyway. she was just about to bust out "raspberry swirl" and i wasn't about to sit for that. so sorry to the guy behind's a bitch huh?

From Carla

September 18, 1998 - I went to both the Oakland show and the Sac. The Sac show was more energized, (not to mention I was in 10th row instead of lower level in Oakland). I couldn't believe the difference in the sets; Siren and Purple People were a big surprise. The sound was better; her piano wasn't drowned out by the drums and guitars as much like in Oak. Tori seemed to have improvised more also. Her singing seemed stronger than ever, but she was hoarse when she spoke.

Matt and Jon added a great new dimension to her compositions, while it was fun to watch Caton 'get down' (while wearing black nail polish). Tori picked a couple of very talented musicians to join her which erased any thoughts of disappointment. Yet, it was wonderful to have her all to our self mid-set. The intimacy was the only thing missing from the shows. Nothing can beat seeing her at Bimbo's in SF back in 93.

From Erin Ahern

September 18, 1998 - I just wanted to say that the Sacramento show was a million times better, in my opinion, than Oakland. I liked Oakland, but it was just cooler! I had better seats, i was facing her this time, not turning. And the Arco Arena is smaller than the Oakland Arena. Plus earlier that day i was writing a little list of songs i wanted to hear, like Crucify, Caught a Light Sneeze, Baker Baker, Talula.. and she played them... I was so excited. I thought it was just me, but other people said this show was better too. I was suprised at how different the shows were from each other. I though maybe a couple songs would be different, but only a couple were the same. After Oakland i was doubting that I should have bought tickets for Sac and San Jose on Saturday, but last night made me realize why I did. VERY AWSOME! Cant wait till San Jose! YAY!

From Violet

September 16, 1998 - Violet called me from a gas station parking lot in Sacramento. She said that tonight's show was much better than the Oakland show. The crowd seemed much more intent and seemed to really be listening. They screamed in all the right places. The energy level was much higher than the night before. On the official/written set list, Tori had Black Swan listed but did not play it. However, at one point during the evening she played Baker Baker which was NOT on the set list.

after the first two songs when she says a general "Hello, how are you?" to the crowd, she said something along the lines of, "I've been here before. Heh! [she said this in a 'So there!' tone.] I mean, not up here 'here,' but here in this place 'here'. I won't go into it, but I want you to know I know what it's like, 'cause I've been where you are. So... "

From Beth Winegarner

September 17, 1998 - Whoa.

Last night I didn't take any notes because I didn't want to be bothered with writing things down. About 4 songs into tonight's set I started taking down the set list because I couldn't believe my own ears. Here it is:

Precious Things
Caught a Lite Sneeze
black-dove (january)
--- secret time ---
Baker, Baker
--- band returns ---
Purple People
Liquid Diamonds
Raspberry Swirl
--- encore 1 ---
Cornflake Girl
Tear in Your Hand
--- encore 2 ---
Pandora's Aquarium

I wasn't especting Sacramento to be as good as SF -- she has such a special following in the Bay Area, and it was hot in Sacramento, even when I arrived around 7:45pm. (Violet told me even Tori said she was hot in the afternoon). Boy was I wrong. The energy level was great. Tori mentioned after "Crucify" that she'd been to the Arco Arena before, but hadn't played there. She said something like "I was such an idiot. I know this place very well. So I'm exorcising some old demons here tonight." She did not elaborate. :)

I know that during at least one performance of CALS (Boulder, '96) she sang a bit from Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." Tonight she incorporated it into the end of the song (I don't know if she's done this before or not; I haven't seen it mentioned): "I hurt myself today/to see if I still feel/you never did/you little shit/you never did." Given the song it was very well placed and appropriate.

Also, in the beginning and end of "Talula" (which had some nice yellow and red snowflake lights, by the way) she sang "seven/seven/suppers/chilling." Has she done this before?

At the beginning of "Waitress" the band kind of drew closer around Tori, and they seemed to be vibing off one another. Later during "Tear" Tori caught Caton singing "dangling dangling dangling for me now" and almost started cracking up. (Jon was singing on a few occasions last night; I forget what songs, though).

Once again, I have to say it, "Raspberry Swirl" HAS to be the rockingest thing on eight legs. Too bad Tori's Bosey was in the way so I couldn't see what Matt was bangin' on.

In Sacramento tonight she wore a blue off-the-shoulder top, black pants, a black minidress with glitter on it, and black boots.

From Eric

September 17, 1998 - I had the BEST day!
I tell you the full thing tommorrow.
The show was great,
i was surprised she played "CALS"
and they played the Scarlet Spectrum
Feels mix of RS. We were so
encouraging that we had tori keep
on singing after she finished!
I saw the famous puppet! It kept on
waving and hiding in the bus! The whole
group gathered around knew who the
puppet was. Since everyone was so loud,
I heard some girl talking about the Dent
and about the "imposter"! They had a lot of
shirts-a RS one, a Tour one-4 or them diff styles
A JS shirt w/tour dates
RS girl necklace
The Devlins CD.
They were pretty good. I just wanted them to shut up!
I waited for an hour after the show to get
an autograph! I never did;-(
But the tour bus did go the way i go home,
so i was behind/beside the bus for 20 mins
(not on purpose- i saw a hand wave then the sock
puppet again!)

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