North American Plugged '98 Tour
Eugene, OR
September 13, 1998

Updated September 24, 1998

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Tori performed in Eugene, OR on September 13, 1998 at Cuthbert Amphitheater during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Cloud On My Tongue and Merman solo, and played Not The Red Baron with only Jon Evans on the upright bass. Special thanks to Dor who called me from Eugene with the set list and first review.

Precious Things
"Oh Susanna" improv w/ band
Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Cloud On My Tongue (solo)
Not The Red Baron (w/ Jon Evans)
Purple People
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Merman (solo)
Pandora's Aquarium


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From Becky

September 24, 1998 - i want to give you some more information on the 'oh susanna' improv in eugene, oregon. it was hard to understand what she was singing, but the lines i caught were "i drove myself, i drove myself" and "you took my baby." it was clear to me that she was singing about her miscarriage and feeling the loss of her baby. during the entire song she never looked at the audience and kept her eyes on her piano. it was heartbreaking. if i hadn't been so dehydrated i would've been crying. the rest of the night had many improvs during the other songs, which resulted in a very emotionally charged show. it was a powerful experience, and one i'll remember for a long time.

From Wayan!

September 18, 1998 - After leaving a little later than expected (lazy assed Joe, Tamena, and Laura ;-) we got in to Eugene @11:30, and then proceeded to spend the next hour trying to find the Cuthbert (we also happened upon Tori's bus at the Eugene Hilton). When we finally got there, we accidentally found parking around the back near the M&G spot. So we set ourselves down there (with Erin, Vanessa, and a number of other people whose names I forget), and enjoyed a bottle of wine in Tori's honor =oP I was numbering again, which earned the dismay of many people for whatever reason, including Keith who ironically made the statement that "the numbering thing has gotten way out of hand". It didn't work at this one, since at some point people randomly decided to take off for the corral once Steve was gone. I was second row tho, so I was happy. I really wanted to know what Tori thought of my CD. Before she came out, Matt and Steve came out. Actually, even before them, Mark came out and I showed off my Marvin the Martian hat to him, since Laura had informed me that he was a big Marvin fan. So I got Matt's attention by yelling out his name and holding up the liner notes for Critters Buggin's album Bumpa. His reaction when I handed it to him to get signed was "That's good man, that's really good. Thanks a lot =o)." I think he likes the fact that I ask him to sign Critters stuff instead of Tori stuff. I got Caton to sign my Talula liner too, and asked him about his acoustic (an ESP. I thought it was a Godin). So then Tori finally came out. I was just patiently waiting for her and she all of a sudden sees me, grabs my hand and says "I'm so glad you're here." She then proceeds to explain to me how she was listening to my CD when Matt took it from her :-) Needless to say I was thrilled to hear that. So then I got her to sign a Tori postcard for the bassist in my band, and then had this funny little exchange with her:

Me: Tori, do you remember yesterday how I asked you for Muhammad?

Tori: Yes, *sigh* are you asking for that again?

M: Well, that depends, would Talula be more reasonable?

T: (writing Talula on her hand) Much more reasonable honey.

M: Well then I'd LOVE to hear Talula.

I also asked her if she was playing Black Sabbath during She's Your Cocaine and she informed me that yes she was, and that it was Matt's idea. The show was sooooooooo good. I was right up front for it, positioned directly in front of Matt. Matt (the Toriphile, not Chamberlain) and I both had signs that said "Caton Is God" on them, and we held them up at opportune times during the show. Caton was drinking Laura's wine that she gave him all throughout the show. The set was amazing. After hearing Siren and Talula during soundcheck (along with the not-quite-there-yet Hotel) we were expecting to hear them (Joe asked for Siren), but I was shocked when the soundchecked Not The Red Baron was played (I also happened to be next to Jason during the show, who was sobbing through it, since he had requested it repeatedly. Not that I wasn't crying to some degree during Talula). Purple People and Cloud were amazing as well, and I really wasn't expecting another Merman so soon after my first one, and Honey, which along with Cooling is prolly my fave B-side. The Oh Susanna improv before Amsterdam was clearly all Tori as I saw distinct looks of confusion on the faces of Caton and Matt, although the band did eventually join in =oP All in all, the concert, and the 3-show tour were incredible experiences for me. I got Marcel's setlist signed for me post-show, and then crashed on Aaron's hotel room floor before heading back to Portland EARLY the next morning. But it was so incredible, and I'd do it all again in a second. Love to all I met at the shows, and I'll see you all again next tour :-)

From Yasmin

September 16, 1998 - I got there around one o' clock and a group of people got there at 3 in the morning from the PDX show. So I was like 10th in line. It was a nice day to sit and hang. It amazes me how many give up literally all of their money and time and devote it to Tori...It is slightly scary...I thought I was bad.

Anyways, the number system worked very well this time. The Cuthbert is gorgeous. I met her for the third time and she recognized me! I requested Mother, but, of course, she did not play it. She, again, looked happy.

During her soundcheck, she played SIREN, HOTEL (which was not by any means ready), TALULA, and NOT THE RED BARON.

The people were very nice. Hi to IVY.

I got in the second row (center) and it was a lot pushier than the Portland concert and the people in the front were not as nice. I don't understand how people in the front row could get annoyed with people touching them. GET OVER IT...YOU'RE IN THE FRONT ROW!!!

Tori wore a black long-sleeved body suit, her black cargo pants, balck english boots, and a lavender/sparkly apron.

Her set list:
Precious things
"Oh Susanna" (Cute)
Little Amsterdam
Honey (beautiful)
Cornflake girl
Liquid Diamonds
Cloud On My Tongue (beautiful)
Not the Red Baron (my fave song on Pele...a great surprise)
Purple people
Spark (a surprise, she told someone earlier that the boys were having trouble with it)
Siren (yeah!)

Encore 1:

Rasberry Swirl

Encore 2:

Pandora's Aquarium

I met her for the fourth time at the meet and greet afterward. She remembered me and she read both of my letters. I wrote to her about some questions I had about her beliefs and she remembered me as the "Christian girl"...I was honored that I was so distinguishable. I wish I could have talked to her longer. I am kind of sad that she is not going to be around for a couple of years (That is what she said). She'll probably spend time with Mark and working on a family (?).

I had been saying hi to Caton to the last three shows I went to because no one else does and he finally came over to me and talked to me for a while. The boys get minimal attention.

It was great. I'll miss her.

From Chris Herz

September 16, 1998 - I must say that this was probably the most exciting weekend of my life so far. It was my first Meet & Greet expierence, and I want to say thanks to our bud Mikewhy (the real one) for helping me out. The crowd there behaved well, and I got my UTP CD signed. YES!!!!! I also am getting my pictures developed, they should arrive the 18th. Also the people who were waiting in line were really cool people to hang out with. I arrived around 1:30 and was expecting to be bored, but there were some really kind and energetic people there. Thanks for making the expierence more fun.

As for the show, I was a little worried because The Devlins pointed out that we were quiet (and possibly stoned, who knows), and I was hoping the crowd would be more excited. Well, they were! This produced on of the best shows I've ever been to! Once Tori came on stage and busted into Precious Things, pretty much everyone was getting their groove on. I'm a little sad and it is finally hitting me that she won't be back for a while, but hey, it just makes the next show more exciting to see! Thanks Tori!!!! See next time girl!

From Erin Dolll

September 16, 1998 - Yay. second tori show. Tonight david and i had the RAINN passes that we had um [cough] won from best buy. Pricey little fuckers, but completley worth every cent [cough]. The only reason i wanted to meet and greet today was because i needed to request cloud on my tongue. It was very important that she play it in Eugene - and i had written her the first real letter. Ive given her a letter almost every time ive seen her, but this is the first one that wasnt written the day of the show. This one meant something to me. Eugene was important.

We arrived at the venue about 11am. beautiful tiny amplitheater. i mean, TINY. there is a little lake in the park that ran up to the stage..absolutley gorgeous. But dusty and no shade. so i was a dirty girl. There were two sets of numbers going today - one on the other side for the line to get in, and one for the meet and greet. I was 1, but ya didnt work. So i suppose it made up for portland :] I had fun kickin it with everyone from portland all day. mhm i did. When it was time to go in the baracades, someone just sprinted over [no noe had told us to] so everyone kinda followed. I managed 2nd row, and i was luckily by short girls. I felt a LOT of hostility around me because of the RAINN tickets. I wasnt bragging in the least - but i was around a lot of people who had tried for them as well, so i felt a lot of hostility towards me - but anyhow. We luckily werent in the baracades too long [short=no air].

I was really afraid to ask for Cloud on my Tongue because the girl in front of me was requesting merman, and so was someone two people to my right. As well as jason with baron - and i heard someone ask for siren. Tons of requests. Everyone that asked she would say 'well, i dont know but i'll put it on my hand.' So...i almost chickened out. When she got around me ...a nameless obnixious tall guy decided he needed a picture even tho he was 4 rows back, and proceeded to shove me out of the way. Tori put her hand on my arm and told me not to move. So i got rather crushed. She started to move on a little and i lost my courage to speak up - oddly enough david was pushing me telling me if i didnt say something he would for me [thank you darlin'] so i'm not sure how, but i got her attention and handed her my letter and puzzle box, then i said 'tori, tonight is a special show for me, if you could try to play cloud on my tongue for me i would really appreciate it' and she said 'ok' and wrote it down with a little dot. I was pleased because to everyone else she said she'd try. And she pretty much told me yeah. But i didnt get my hopes up. Once again i got out of the M&G early, due to lack of air.

we listened to soundcheck, and i taped a bit of it - she did talula and siren, and hotel like, FOREVER. i was so sick of it by the end. They did it for like an hour, and she finall played it the whole way through at the end. She'd stop and theyd listen to the cd. it was cute. then she ran through baron i knew she'd play it. Jason and Carolyn asked for it. And i had wanted to ask for it in the future as well, so i was really excited. We found steve and asked him what to do about rainn and he told us to go get our passes at the box office - so we waited and waited and got nervous. Because the box office opened late. but it ended up ok. some guy went and got us, and the other older two people..and took us in. We stood up near the top of the benches and johnny gave us our passes and told us to wait. I noticed tori was down by the stage taking pictures with radio winners :] Then steve came up and got us and told us to sit on the benches until the devlins finished up. SO i got to watch them soundcheck. haha. I applauded at the end of the last song and he looked over and smiled and said thank you. yay i love them.

so right before the house gates open we go pick our spots, right up front, dead ass center and sit. WOOHA. Everyone comes flying in. hee. I had dor and erin best right behind me. fun fun fun :] i guess i'll fast forward to show time now :]

tonight she wore a black body suit type thing with a pinkish apron over it :] and like, black boots. yup yup. ok the 'oh susanah' improv kicked ass. It was practically a whole song. It went on so long the band started to pick up on its beat and added their stuff to it. it was really neat. The lights on this reminded me of the blood roses lights from the ddi tour. my friend matt had asked tori for Little Amsterdam, so it was nice that she played it for him i suppose. iieee was really good, and watching her movements gave me a little more insight into the meaning of the song i thought. She commented on the bsides and went into honey which was really good. i hadn't heard it from this tour yet. Cornflake girl had an improv intro as well. It was along the lines of last nights waitress improv about the girl who 'killed her husband' and 'you bet your life she did' which, ofcourse led into cornflake girl :] I was really happy to hear liquid diamonds, cos david wanted to really badly :] Then she told another pot story before secret time...and she started a little tune on the piano and then went into the all too familiar notes of CLoud on my Tongue, i didnt recognize it at first. when i did, i just put my head down and covered it with my arms - dor started to pat me on the back and david told me to make sure and pay attention this time. [pst, i love you guys!].

I'm not biased. It was seriously the best version i'd ever heard of the song. It flowed very well and it was just...beautiful. Towards the end of the song she mentioned a peace pipe and taking an airplane and some other things - that were really relevant to the letter i had written her. i do NOT want to start thinking that the improvs had anythign to do with my letter - but it seemed really familiar to me. I need to hear a boot of this again...anyhow, it was just wonderful. It meant so much to me.

Then, ofcourse, she went into not the red baron with a little improv about 'carolyn' and her smile and it was fucking gorgeous and i was so happy for carolyn, shes such a sweet heart. Jon snuck on stage once the song started and played the upright bass on it. It was REALLY beautiful.

Then, as if it couldnt get any better, she went into purple people. I didnt recognize it at first, then dor started to squeal and i did. i was really happy to hear this [watch my request list being to shrink :] Spark was really good, considering that it is..spark. I was happy to hear siren as well, every song was just damn pleasing! Waitress was kick ass as normal. For the first encore david got all jumpy when he realized it was talula and it was really good. yay!

swirl will probably just forever kick my ass live :] SOOOOOOOOO good. She looks so cool when shes just leaning back playing both keyboards. so good! hee.

then she came back and did merman. i was happy also, to hear this as well. But i felt like she wasnt very into it, and it was really lackluster. :] Pandora was good, ofcourse, but i had already distracted myself with thoughts of the backstage shortly. hee!

From Rachael Guyton

September 16, 1998 - I suppose that because I went to both shows I'll just try to cover both and hopefully not repeat everything that has already been said by other reviewers. Before this weekend I'd only been to one other tori concert and that was in '96 in portland when I was a wee 14 yr. old. So this show was very special to me because I've been waiting so long to see her again, and kicked myself for about two years for not knowing about the meet and greet till after that first show. This time however I did get to the meet and greet and met up with my friend Kim. We waited for quite a few hours in the sun but it was worth it because I did meet so many nice people during those two hours. I was very sad about how the people in the front couldn't move and so I knew I wouldn't be able to even give tori a hug (my dream...) but some really nice people offered to pick me up (I'm a short gal, about four foot ten and a half...) so that I could see which I thought was touching. My breath caught in my throat when I saw her face for the first time in between these two girls up front. It was only for a split second that I saw her but I couldn't breathe and I know I must've had the most elated look on my face! I got someone to pass up my tori book and it actually got back to me with an autograph! I actually just about started balling right there but I contained myself...;-). I yelled out and asked tori if she could sing Mary a few times and I think she heard me and someone next to me told me she had it already on her hand and had said when I hadn't heard that she'd either sing that or Butterfly. And it just so happens that those are my favorite two songs, I couldn't lose! :-) so anyway, then I met some really cool people Kristina, Melissa, and Keith (hi guys if you happen to be reading this...) who offered my friend and I a ride to Eugene *and* tickets!!!!!!! This is what tori fandom is all about my friends! Sadly, Kristina and Melissa weren't able to go to the Eugene show because of several reasons and I send them all my love and hope that they are able to go to more shows in the future. But even so my friend and I were still able to go....but I'm getting ahead of myself here. The Portland concert was amazing. It exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I was very pleased with the audience, they were very polite. The crowd was silent during Me and a Gun and quieted down nicely whenever she spoke. She sang Mary and I just don't think I've felt that happy in my life for a long time. The whole show was just bloody amazing. I was *finally* able to hear Cooling which I've heard about on the 'net for a millenium it seems and I loved it so much. What a gorgeous song! The shirts at the show were too pricey for my empty pockets but I had enough for a necklace which is good because I seem to have lost all my other jewelry. But now I must get on to the Eugene show because it was even better and this review is already getting waaaaaay too long, but then again, it is two different reviews and not just one..excuses excuses! :-) I got about two hrs. sleep that night before waking up again and hopping in the car to go down to Eugene. It only took an hour and a half (I heard some people there got lost on the way and it took a lot longer for them though) and we were there at around 7:30 in the morning. We left though to go get food after getting numbers (I was #11 incase anyone wonders...) and came back around 9:30 or so. There were some real nice people there already who'd been there since 3:30 that morning and another group who'd been there since the day before. Everyone was so incredibly kind to me that whole day. And I cry still when I think about it. I heard there was some friction at the meet and greet area but I wasn't exposed to that much. I think that just the day in itself was amazing enough to never forget even without the concert which is amazing to me. The people were all so friendly and sweet and it was something very good for me to be around right now in my life to know that there are people like that out there. (Especially Liz if you happen to be reading this...I will never forget how kind to me you were that day thank you so much from the bottom of my heart...if you can email me at sometime I'd love to hear from you...) The scenery by the Cuthbert Ampitheater was lovely and almost surreal. My friend and the girl I met Liz found a place in the forest behind the stage where we could wade into the river and cool down while listening to soundcheck. There were blackberry bushes nearby and everything and it was so much fun. I had a pounding headache but this wonderful girl (yes you Liz...) helped me find water and aspirin and food. And then helped me over to the meet and greet area. I got up on her back so that I could see better and saw Tori for the first time up close. Tori was talking to the girl in front of me about how just because someone is a star doesn't mean that they have more skills necessarily and something to that extent and she recommended a book to the girl which I found out later was called "Owning your Shadow" by Richard Johnson I think but my memory is a little cloudy and the ink washed off my hands so i can't read what it says anymore. She was saying that book changed the way she looked at things and that it was a wonderful thing to read. I asked Tori when she was done talking to the girl if she could sing Butterfly and she wrote it on her hand. I could see she already a bazillion things on there though so I understood why it wasn't sung that night. I got a new autograph though, this time on normal paper so I could post it on my wall :-). I wanted so badly to be able to really talk to her or give her a hug, but it's alright I suppose because, after yelling out to her that if I could just shake her hand it would make my whole life, she reached into the crowd and held my hand. I couldn't believe it. I know she's a normal person like us but it was still so amazing for me to be able to hold her hand. She didn't just reach in and shake it either, she actually held it for about a full minute. Her hands are so soft! When she had to go and withdrew her hand I almost started crying right there. I was so happy. People around me were smiling at me and I'm sure they'd all met her already because they had this look on their face like, "awww, I remember that feeling...young love" (bg) Another thing I think was very touching that no one mentioned so far was that there was a girl (can't remember her name..) who was handicapped with a walker and she was led past the gates over to the fence and Tori personally went over to her and gave her a hug and chatted with her for a minute. I thought that was really nice to see. So anyway then there was soundcheck and all that and we all got to hear Hotel for about forty minutes which was neat. People finally started lining up around five o'clock I think and I got up to the front and waited. There was a relatively nice guard lady there who liked tori but had never seen her before. It was nice how well the number system worked out for the G.A. No pushing or shoving at all. Everyone was well-mannered and nice. Finally the gates opened and we all made a er hair looked exactly like a halo! (twilight music fades out now..) yeahyeahyeah, I know she's not a real angel! But the lighting did a great job of making it look that way! The floor where I was went nuts during Rasberry Swirl and we all boogied pretty hard during that song. Yep, I busted some moves...hehehe. She ended the whole thing with Pandora's Aquarium. Then I left and went over to the meet and greet area and made it to the side gate but the guards put a second one in front of it so I knew once again there'd be no way for me to get a hug. I still felt blessed though anyway. I'm not sure who started the darn thing, but a singalong somehow came about which I thought was pretty cute. The songs ranged from Bohemian Rhapsody to Material Girl. The guards probably thought they were all nuts! (g) that's okay though...hehehe. I met some more nice girls there and we all laughed for a while about how sometime just to surprise tori instead of requesting the expected songs someone should just yell out "Chopsticks!" or "C'mon tori Heart and Soul!" hehehe. I dunno, I thought she might get a kick outta that. That, and we all agreed that tori would do a perfect cover version of the old "Superfreak" classic. That would ROCK. :-P Finally tori came out after changing into these cute little overalls and a flannal shirt and took some time to talk to the lucky souls over by the main side. I heard later there were more people there who'd already met her just like I've heard in other reviews which is a little unfair I think to all her other fans who never get the chance because of it, I don't mean people who've just met her a few times or briefly but the ones with like the photo albums full of pics. of them and tori who won't move out of the way for other people. But it's all still well, because they are a select few and the great majority of people there were truly wonderful souls. A girl there talking to tori asked her when she would be coming back and tori said probably not for a few years and when the girl said she would miss her tori started to almost cry. I know I'll sure miss her...but anyway enough with the sad stuff...she then came over to the girls by me who gave her a present and I thanked tori for singing mary the other night (I know there was another girl who also requested it, but I still wanted to thank her anyway...) and she smiled and nodded at me. She couldn't talk because she had autographs coming at her and guards kind of leading her away, so I didn't get the chance to say anything really to her. All I could think of to say was that she looked pretty on the music awards, and she said that it was sweet of me to say. I wished I'd been able to come up with something better to say or to actually talk to her but I was flustered and she had to leave anyway. She then drove off and waved to us from inside her bus. Because of the fact that I know I won't be able to see her again probably till I'm eighteen/nineteen considering she tours about every 2 and a half years and I'd really like to thank her for everything she's meant to me, I'd really love to send her a letter. I already asked Mikewhy about it, but if anyone knows a way I could get my letter to her (an address or something like that) I'd really appreciate it if they could write to me at and help me out. anyhoo, these reviews just turned into a novel and I hope everyone who wasn't there got some idea of just how wonderful the atmosphere was, at the Eugene show especially. thank you to all the kind people I met at the two shows, and I can't wait to see you all again next tour! P.S I don't know if anyone else has had strange dreams after one of these shows but I sure did after that night! I'm not surprised because after such an intense experience you're subconcious is just like, "aaaaggghh too much emotion!" and has to get it out. I dreamt I left the tori concert again and Sarah Mclachlan walked over to me and hugged me and said hi and then went back to my house with me and hung out and everything. Then she left and drove off in this cute little compact car...strange huh? (there's that darn twilight music again...(bbg))

From Jessica

September 15, 1998 - hey mikewhy!!!! i was at the Eugene show and it was completely fabulous! I also went to the Portland show and beforehand I tried to send her ESP signals to play Spacedog and she did! So at the Eugene show I sent her messages to play Spark and Siren and she did! =) she came through in many more ways than one...Me and all my friends were up front dancing was sooooo awesome....I cannot think of life before seeing Tori live....We also went to the meet and greet and while I didn't MEET her, some nice EWFs passed my Winter single forward for her to sign and this girl also took a fabulous pic of tori for me! =D

I think the best songs were: iieee, talula, siren and raspberry swirl..RS was the best because all the lights were flashing and everyone was dancing and screaming out "if you want inside her well, boy you'd better make her raspberry swirl." It was like being at a massive rave....So here is my closing thought: If a singer can make that many people feel that happy and feel great amounts of passion towards the world then you KNOW that they completely rock at their job!!!!! The woman is amazing and I just wanted to run around and hug everyone there...

From Kat

September 14, 1998 - my Eugene wonderful story: Well after portland we got to eugene at 3:00am and went to cuthbert but it was dark and scary and there was no cars there so we didnt stay we went to a hotel and got a cheap place to stay then got up early and got in line at 10 I was number 14 in line. This days experience was great I got in line behind the people I sat by at Portland's show and they are cool I was lucky to have sat by them at portland and then in line with them in eugene. so we passed the time together well. I dont know why but some people started a new number system for the meet and greet which of course didnt work so it didnt matter but anyways we were all waiting for the meet and greet to start and someone started running towards the barricades so it started a mad dash towards the barricades luckily I am fast so I got there in time to be one of the first liners with some cool first time meeters and the cool people I was in line with this time I made sure that I took a moment of my own with tori this time and I asked her if she had opened the gifts she got from Portland and she said yes what did you give and I said the fairy and child picture did you like it and she said oh yes it was beautiful I loved it. yippee and she signed the wedding page of hte program for me and took a little note i wrote to her and put it in her pocket and then i asked her to play merman for me because it is my song to my boyfriend and I wrote it in the little note also. and she said ummm I will try we will see and she wrote it on her hand and then the nice guys I met got me to pose with her and both of them clicked a picture of me and tori it was great. so anyways after the meet and greet we just hung out in line and it was cool becauase people totally respected the number system the guys in front of me started and it was different from the other systems and it really worked nicely. so we all got in fairly when the time came. and all us new friends made a mad dash for the stage I tripped like 5 times almost falling on my face because i am not the most cordinated girl in the bunch :) so I made it to the front row on the wooden barricade before the stage. First row oh my god and I was right center between the piano and the keyboard I was so lucky so so so lucky. then the show started and she played the best set list ever and it was great I could see her drool:o)

anyways it was such an experience i can not explain being that close to greatness and you could just feel her and she made eye contact with the people around me and me too while she was singing.

too soon the show was over and it was time for the encore. she hadn't played merman yet and I was afraid she wasnt going to she played raspberry and then the second encore she started merman and I balled and she look straight at me during one like of the song when she sang you have found your merman oh my god. I swear. this might be in my imagination that she was really looking at me and not just around me but in my heart I believe it. I cried and cried it was so touching and wonderful.

but that was my experince it was wonderful I met some kick ass people and made new friends

(sorry to those that asked for more stickers but my boyfriend couldnt find them in the car I feel bad that you didnt get them)

I loved it all and it is a memory I will hold forever.

thank you for reading

From Mireya (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 14, 1998 - Eugene show -- Bliss. The people were so nice... no pushing or shoving. I got great seats. "Mikewhy" was there again, but I didn't see him much.

[Note from Mikewhy: That was NOT me! It was either an imposter or a misunderstanding.]

While waiting in line, we all heard Tori playing Hotel at soundcheck. It was great! We could hear it so clearly, it was like a concert before the concert. It was a beautiul day. The atmosphere was very laid back, but very high energy at the same time. People were dancing, especially during Raspberry Swirl. I was having the best time of my life, and then, to top it all off..... she played Merman!!! It was so beautiful, I cried. I was so completely happy, I was overcome. Thanks to Tori for one of the best nights of my life.

As good as these two shows were, I think I've had my fill of concerts for a while. I got sick from the heat at the Eugene show and my feet hurt from two days of standing. Gee, do I sound like a whiner or what?

From Wayne-Garrett Kostin

September 14, 1998 - I arrived at the ampitheatre around 3:30 am (I came direcly from Portland with Liz who I met in Seattle, as well as Emily, Mike and Brent from Seattle). We were so happy because we believed we were the first ones there - we had beat Dor and everybody! We started yelling and dancing around, only to discover that three others from south of Eugene had already been there since the day before! They got dropped off on Saturday and this would be there second night there! So, we started numbering, I was number five, and tried to get some sleep.

The next day people started drifting in around 10 am, and it was so nice to see again some sweet people we had met in Seattle and Portland, especially Katie and her boyfriend Joe, who is not really into Tori at all but puts up very well with all of us! The meet and greet was very special because I managed to get a spot in front and to talk to Tori again. She remembered speaking to me in Portland and asked if the travel was okay and if I was doing well. I reminded her that she told me to remind her this day about my request to hear Siren (I had originally asked her about it after Portland). She already had it on her hand, but put a star by it!

Of course the best thing about the whole day was the show, which was incredible. For the first time I was right up front and center and was transfixed the whole show. It really seemed like she was enjoying playing tonight, and I'm sure she had fun playing some of the lesser played songs, such as Susannah (improv), Red Baron, Honey, Purple People, Talula and Siren. It was a much smaller venue than the last two nights and the people in Eugene were very nice and much less pushy than in Seattle.

I believe Cloud on My Tongue was right after she started talking about the pot of the northwest again, and she added several lines of improv about "riding high..." Someone threw a small plastic bag on stage when she started talking about it again, and I'm sure it was weed, because she had said she would appreciate donations the night before. Also at the meet and greet earlier someone handed her a film canister and said "This is what you asked for last night." She shook it and handed it to Joel, who opened it, closed it, and handed it to Steve (the other security guy). I didn't see what happened to it after that, but I can certianly say that Tori seemed to at least save that pot for today, her day off, because I don't believe she would have been able to do such an amazing and emotional show while stoned!

The meet and greet after was very heavily crowded, probably because it was very easy to get to, right outside the exit. I had spoken to her three times already, so I just held out my and and said "I just wanted to say goodbye, Tori. Thanks for everything. It was so nice to meet you!" She held my hand and said, "Stay well. Have a safe travel."

That's all. I hope it is interesting. The entire soundcheck actually consisted of this, in this order: Talula, Siren, Hotel (at least 35 minutes of it, but they only got through to the Exit 75 part twice), iieee and Not the Red Baron. It was very easy to hear.

From Merrisa Miller

September 14, 1998 - WOW! Hello there! This is Merrisa...the one who wears a brand new engagement ring from last nights' Tori concert in Eugene (9/13/98). I was surfing for an address to get a message to THE GODDESS and imagine my surprise to find my fiancee's and my name on a Tori site!! (See below) Here is the story: Tim had it all planned out. He passed a note through the crowd during the meet & greet that begged Tori to announce his proposal, but the note fell to the dust and one of her crew stuffed it in his pocket. I am sure she saw it later and wondered how the proposal went. Tim knows I love Tori's passion as a performer and this was my first Tori Concert as well as the first concert he and I have attended together. He thought it would be so romantic AND IT WAS!! We both wish we could have met Tori and shared the wonderful news with her, but hopefully this message will make it to her somehow. "Thank You Tori for an incredible, energetic performance! Best wishes to you!" P.S. we have yet to choose a date :)

From Dor

September 14, 1998 - Dor called me on the phone from Eugene with information about this wonderful show. Before Little Amsterdam, Tori played a 2 minute long improv with the band. According to Toriphile Dor, the song seemed to incorporate elements of "Oh Susanna" among other things and was very cool. That led directly to Little Amsterdam. This was the first time on the tour that Tori played Not The Red Baron. (It was a request.) It was played during the "secret time" but Tori did not play it strictly solo. Jon Evans played the upright bass along with Tori. Lots of improvs before or during Little Amsterdam, Cornflake Girl, and Not The Red Baron. Tori was really "on" for the show, and several people who have seen many shows on this tour claim that is was one of Tori's best shows, if not her best. Tori talked about pot again, complaining that no one brought her any (apparently she asked for it the day before in Portland.) She told the crowd to feel free to leave some at the door and then mentioned that she was being tacky again. The venue was tiny and the atmosphere was described as very serene.

Tori performed "Hotel: during her soundcheck for nearly an hour! The soundcheck also included:

Not The Red Baron

From Richard Handal

September 14, 1998 - Richard was not at the show, but he informed me that during the 1996 Dew Drop Inn tour, Tori also performed "Not The Red Baron" in Eugene. She had been playing it for nearly every show of the DDI tour before then. However, Tori never played it again during the DDI tour after the Eugene concert. Now during the Plugged '98 tour, she played it for the first time in Eugene. Interesting...

From Heidi Moore

September 14, 1998 - I didn't get the set list this time, but just have a review. My brother was with me for both Portland and Eugene and as we were leaving Eugene, he said "This show kicked shit all over last night's show" - that pretty much sums it up.

First of all, we went for the meet and greet and got to see Tori up close for the first time. That was really cool, although, I have to say I agree with the gal who posted about Portland - the people who lined the front of the barricade had all been to many of these and, although they were very nice and helped those of us who didn't know the ropes, it sucked to be behind them. I got my Winter CD cover signed and got a present up to Tori from the second row which wasn't bad for a first-timer :) Tori did seem a little rushed - didn't stop and talk long to any one person.

The Cuthbert was an ideal place to see Tori. We sat out in a field of hay waiting for the gates to open and they played Hotel for the soundcheck for damn near an hour. It sounded great! The people we met were wonderful (although there were several Cornflake Girls there, which was a disappointment - don't be such snobs people - we're all there for the same reason even if some of us aren't there for the whole tour) We sat in line with Tim and Marissa - and at the end of the concert, Tim dropped down on one knee and PROPOSED!! It was so romantic. Marissa burst into tears - think that was a "yes". Tori sounded wonderful. She didn't talk but once and then only briefly, referencing her comment of the night before about NW weed. She played mostly UTP and BFP songs in addition to the new stuff - not nearly as much LE this time. The second encore was truly a highlight - Merman and then Pandora's Aquarium.

I could sit and listen to her forever - Merman is the most incredible song I think I've ever heard. Wow.

The Devlins have grown on me and they sounded great tonight as well. There was a lot of energy in the crowd tonight compared to Portland. The setting was perfect - under the stars, next to the "river" - idyllic place and breathtaking performance. I'm tired and rambling, but suffice it to say, Eugene was "the place" to see Tori in the Northwest.

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