North American Plugged '98 Tour
Portland, OR
September 12, 1998

Updated September 18, 1998

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Tori performed in Portland, OR on September 12, 1998 at the Rose Garden Arena / Theatre of the Clouds during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Mary, Cooling, and Me and a Gun solo. Special thanks to jes, Melody and Jen W. who were the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Black-Dove (January)
Space Dog
Playboy Mommy
Mary (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Jackie's Strength
Little Earthquakes
Tear in Your Hand
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Me and a Gun (solo)


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Wayan!

September 18, 1998 - Got up bright and early for this one. Got in to PDX @11 a.m. and to the Rose Garden @11:30, where I was 13th in line for admission. I ran in to Mike and Matt there, and checked on the meet and greet, which was confirmed by the wonderful security guard Kent. I chose to stay in the garage and talk to security to make sure everything was going to be kool for the M&G. They actually didn't even know there would be one outside before the show before I asked them to check on it. So while I ws down there, Mike and Matt brought down all sorts of wonderful people like Dor, Aaron, Jason, Joe, and Gina, Caroline, and Emi who were at the Richmond and DC shows too, and in fact I even had a picture of Tori hugging Gina which I gave to her. Laura showed up a bit later, and hung out with us too. Her I had remembered from the Seattle show since she was looking for a ticket before the show there, and she was standing in front of me during the show (her Goddess Bra Company hat was a little hard to miss). This was some of the most wonderful company I've had at a Tori show, and I'm so glad to have met all those people. So I took upon myself the responsibility of numbering people for the M&G. It actually worked a lot better than I had expected. People were very receptive to following the numbers, and we almost had everybody in the corral numerically if it weren't for the counter-productive efforts of Bill the security guard who didn't want us blocking traffic (he apologized later). I finally got to be in the front and it was such an experience. I got to talk to Tori a lot. I gave her my CD which I asked her to listen to then give to Matt, and she asked me if I'd be at the next show, and I said no, so she said she'd listen to it after soundcheck and tell me what she thought afterwards (she didn't get a chance to, but told me she'd listen to it on the bus to Eugene, thus inspiring me to go to Eugene too). She signed the picture my friend took of her in Richmond, and I aksed her to play Muhammad for her Muslim fan, which she said she'd try to do. I also told her that Potomac (where I live while not in school, and where she used to live. A suburb in MD), which made her laugh sarcastically (Potomac is an awful place). Oh, I also got a mini hug and a picture with her. The show itself was the best I had seen so far (and I'm still in self-debate as to whether it was better than Eugene). I was so thrilled to see God. When they started playing it (I recognized the opening from the Phoenix bootleg), I just kept thinking to myself "No, I can't be that lucky." That same though came up during Cooling (for Laura =o), Little Earthquakes (Mike), Tear In Your Hand, and Space Dog. All songs I hadn't seen yet. I loved getting Playboy Mommy too (Jon's little bit of solo =o). All in all a great show. She was sooooo on and was very talkative. She told a great story about the MTV Video Music Awards, and how they were the "amateur league" and all this about being a musician and how all that really matters is whether or not you can play. I almost broke down crying during this story (myself being a musician). It was so touching to hear. She also told this great story about NW pot, talking about how Sinead O'Connor (who according to Tori smokes aLOT of the stuff) told her once that the NW had some of the best in the world. Then she said that gifts are always accepted, and apologized saying that was tacky =oP. She's Your Cocaine had the Black Sabbath tease again too. After the post-show M&G, I found a ride to Eugene from the absolutely wonderful Laura, Joe, and Tamena.

From Yasmin

September 16, 1998 - I have to say that this is one of the best shows I have ever seen of Tori. It probably helped that I was front row. :)

I got to the Rose Garden at about 12:30 and I just camped out in a doorway for the whole day. I didn't really meet anyone until the afternoon (everyone kept to themselves). Hello to Angelo and Jeremiah at University of Portland.

The Devlins were charming...not at all as interesting as Tori but, it was pleasant. When Tori came out she was wearing black cargo pants, red strapped platforms, a black off-the-shoulder body suit and a knit/glittered cover-thing (I have no idea what to call it). She was darling and she seemed very happy. I was in the perfect position to keep in eye-contact with it was nice.

They hung Kenny on a string from the top of the stage about a half-hour before she came on.

The set list:

Precious Things
Space Dog
Playboy Mommy

Mary (I actually never heard her sing this, I have it on sheet music, though-beautiful) Cooling (Okay, my FAVORITE SONG...I was verclempt...but, she didn't singe the "woman you got too many brambles" part)

Jackie's Strength
Little Earthquakes
Tear in your Hand

Waitress(Before she did this song I yelled out for her to dance for us and she did a little dancing before she started to sing)

Encore 1:

She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

Encore 2:

Me and a Gun (This was NOT on her set had a lot of anger and punch-very powerful) Horses (a very different version)

She talked about the pot up here in the NW and said that she "never refuses presents". She mentioned her marriage and I yelled out "congratulations" and she said "thank you". The audience clapped for her.

She was eating honey or soup or something during the show.

Caton, as always, was drinking a little wine.

This was a wonderful show. I got to meet her after the show for a second time and she signed my t-shirt. I love her little overalls.

Here's a negative comment: When we are all smashed together in the meet and greet...wouldn't it be smart not to smoke because your violating other people's space and breathing air. I mean on the street in passing is bad enough, but it is just plain STUPID to smoke when you have people inches from you. GET SOME SENSE. We don't want to smell that crap!

Off to the Eugene Show!!

From Erin Dolll

September 16, 1998 - About 3:30 the guards told us to go to the baracade..the number man tried to organize us into a line according to our numbers, the fair way, but the security guard [NOT steve or joel] told us to just get in the yeah, i ran. It was my chance,and everyone was taking advantage of it. I got the last spot in the front row. YAY! all the way on the end. Yeehaw! since im 5 feet tall i need to be in front, or its pointless, so i was very happy! hah.

I met some very nice people [hi to all you guys!] and some not very nice people. I understand how upsetting it is not to be in front, but when you just try and complain about it, it makes my opinion of you shrink down. Trying to gain sympathy when youre in a sitaution like that just doesnt work. Yeah all the regulars were in the front, but...theres a reason theyre regulars. I dunno. I dont consider myself a regular in the least, but i am doing most of the west coast, so people NOT seeing more than a show or two might. but ANYHOW. Yeah. This was a nice meet n greet. it wasnt hot or anything. Compared to eugene conditions, it was a very nice day.

Tori arrived in a limo about 5ish i believe? Steve informed me i was 1st which freaked me out. I thought i'd be last. i was 1st, just like in boulder and LA :] weird how that works! ANYHOW. She walked over and just stood in front of me...and i didnt know what to do..because i didnt want to just shove something for her to i only WANTED something from i handed her the silver box. She grabbed it and started to kind of waddle around and muttered 'puzzle puzzle puzzle puzzle' and looked around for someone to hold it for her. it was cute. I asked her to sign my Under the Pink Ad and she asked my name [Eri...?] and did. I wasnt planning on asking for a picture, but hell she was right there so i did. She was signing a flat so she told me to hold on and then she posed and asked everyone to stop passing stuff up so we could take it. I appreciated her kindness, i felt like i was being pushy. but i got nervous. eep. Anyhow, yay. A few people down she looked back at me and said 'honey can you help...' and it took me a moment to realize she wanted me to take a photo for someone, but michael got it instead :]. Many snaps [hee] to steve. He asked people to get their stuff out of the view of my camera because i was trying to take pictures. awww...i love that guy.

Being that this was my frist show this tour, i was MAJORLY excited. I've never had as much fun at a tori show as i did tonight. I was in the best spirits and i was a little dancing machine. Standing by dor and all my friends was definitley fun. Tori wore black cargo pants with a black stretchy top off of her shoulders with a white croched thing over it [not an apron] and black shoes with bright neon red straps.

If the lighting guys on this tour every read this - dude. those are some fucking awesome lights. Esp. during swirl and little earthquakes. (see setlist)

i was *very* happy to hear black dove. I had considered requesting it because it was so good at the club shows. So that really rocked my boat. I enjoyed seeing mary, and saw how it touched the girls that had requested it :] Coooling was very lack luster to me, but i was pleased to see it as well...little earthquakes isnt one of my favorites, but the lights made the song exceptional. The waitress was rather interesting - along with the 'i believe in the devil' was the lovely 'i believe she killed her husband' stuff. enough about clove! geesh. Hee, anyhow. Me and a Gun was a shocker. She seemed to be having a fucking blast up there...and then she pulls gun out. She looked like she thought about it a few moments before she started she wasnt sure she was going to do it or not. It wasnt as *sad* as i'd seen it in the past. It was more sarcastic and cocky. Towards the end her eyes began to have a creepy glow and was freaky. Then she went into horses, which i dont care for, but seemed appropriate. Her "to" at the end of the song, was exceptional i thought. I;d never heard her hit that note so well. She also told stories about the mtv movie awards and about oregon and its pot. But i guess the dent has all those details :]

So like i said, i had a TOTAL blast at this show, and she seemed to be having a blast as well..which was the only reason me and a gun was such a surprise. Up next, eugene :]

and if ppl want to see photos i have some at my site:

From Wayan

September 16, 1998 - I'm emailing you now to respond to two people's complaints regarding the meet and greet. I was one of the people in the very front, and the person doing the most to try and maintain some order at the Portland meet and greet. I was one of the first people to figure out where the meet and greet was, and I took the time to speak to the security people for close to an hour to ensure that they would be agreeable for the meet and greet, in addition to informing them that people were using the number system to try and maintain order at the gates for admission, which the security people appreciated, and made them pretty amicable for the duration of the waiting and setup for meet and greet. There was only one moment where security wasn't being agreeable, and that was when we tried to line up by numbers to enter the corral for meet and greet (they wanted us not to take up space in the driveway, but we were generally pretty well lined up before we went in). Once we were inside, I volunteered to yell out the rules for Steve (Sanchez), which he repeated after me. This included the standard "Don't move from where you are, the people in the front stay in the front, they cannot move backwards after they've spoken to Tori." Then Steve asked if everybody heard and understood the rules. Sometime after that, some girls requested that we all re-line up (as we pretty much had before entering the barricades), even with Steve standing there and after it had been said that we couldn't reorganize. I even said (with Steve's affirmation) that Steve and Joel weren't going to allow a lineup since the potential for increased chaos and dismay with that setup was too great, not to mention the extra time Tori would have had to stay before a soundcheck that she was already late for. I can promise you too that the vast majority of people who were at the front of the barricades were the people who had been waiting down in the garage for hours like I was, making sure everything was arranged with the venue security with me, and helping create an overall sense of order greater than that at any of the other pre-show meet & greets that I've been to. And yes I had been to other previous meet & greets, but I've never been in the very front before. I don't at all feel that I am more entitled to be in the front simply because I had been to more shows than some of the other people, nor did any of the other Toriphiles who happened to end up at the front. I was however amazed at the fact that for the first time, the people who had waited at the site of the m&g for hours on end did end up at the front. I would think that would imply a successful state of order. So I apologize to the people that felt they were shafted by not being in the front, but I would imagine that the majority of the people at that meet and greet would agree that it was better organized than many, possibly most of the m&g's at other arena stops on the Plugged tour. Just my response. Please email me first if you're going to post this on the site, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

From Amy (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 16, 1998 - i figured since everyone else's gotten around to their thoughts on the show, then i can as well. :) my friend tif and i showed up around 11am, i think, hoping to get there early enough to get good places at the meet n' greet. almost immediately, i noticed katie (hey!) with her TORI FOR PRESIDENT t-shirt, and went over n' said hey. (i'd been up almost the whole night before, so to any people i talked to there that may remember me -- if i was ditzy, sorry ;) if you talked to me, i was the chubby girl with the huge scrape on her face. (ahh, gotta love being graceful)

so anyway, we sat around for a while, 'til this really cool dark-haired girl came running up, saying that the meet wasnt here, but down below, and how we should come down there.. there were already about twenty people there when we got there, and several people were trying to herd them into this little corral like sheep. it worked, everyone running for front row.. i ended up in the second-ish row, which was alright with me, since im pretty tall. waiting out in the sun without water, however, for an hour and a half was no good, and by the time she came out to sign autographs i was about to both strangle this know-it-all who kept interrupting everyone (did he not understand the meaning of "shut up!"? enough people were yelling it at him!) and tackle the nearest person with a water bottle. eventually, however, she made her appearance, i got my Winter single case signed, while a girl behind me was yelling, "tori! tori! play Mary!" i guess tori thought it was me who'd said it, though (i was kinda umm, blocking the view of the girl) cauz she looked up at me and smiled and said, "okay" hehe, kinda thrilled me later when she played it. :)

after the meet, everyone stampeded to get water and get in line. an hour and a half later, tif and i were settled on the floor of the general admittance area, about fix seat-lengths from the front. some random thing caused everyone to jump up about ten minutes later, though, and soon afterward, the opening band came on. the devlins. or shall we say, the sucklins? i almost fell asleep :) cute guys and all, just um, no talent, heh. after they went off-stage, the wait for tori began (nearly an hour, though not so terrible, since they were playing Massive Attack during the wait) toward the end, people of course began chanting TORI! TORI! TORI! as always happens :)

the concert that followed -- my first tori concert -- was amazing. when she played raspberry swirl, you could feel the electricty running through the place like a powerhouse, everyone dancing and shouting, totally going nuts. you couldnt help yourself. it was tori.

i listen to my tapes and cds now, but nothing can compare to tori live, raw, and uncut. im not even sure if my mind can help but seperate them.. it's just too amazing :)

From Steph Smith

September 15, 1998 - The show was absolutely beautiful. I, like many others, was amazed at the reverence of the the crowd. Portland people are great!! There was only one person who commented on the Devlin's and it was negative. I personally want to defend them because I hung out with them at the show in Zurich, Switzerland. They are a great group of guys and a young band. I think that some of their stuff is cookie-cutter music, but giving more time I think they will get more confidence in their own style. They diffenently have potiental.

From erin dolll

September 14, 1998 - i would just like to add - about the meet n greet complaints -

the REASON the numbering system didnt work in portland, was because the guard ordered us into the baracades. The crowd tried to organize itself, but he was telling everyone to just go in, and im sorry...but if everyone else is running up there, i'm not gonna go 'oh, no i shouldnt do that', cos if i didnt, no one else would. I was fortunate to be first on the railing. ANd i heard the girl trying to organize lines - once you were in the baracade, im afraid no one was willing to give up their spot - you wouldnt either if you were in there place. Im afraid everyones out for themselves. If it makes you feel anybetter, i got screwed over in Eugene [and i was #1 too] :p

From Kat

September 14, 1998 - Hello everyone this is my story of Portland. I got there at 10 and was I think I got number 7. I went to the meet and greet and it took my group of people that I met a little longer to find it because people who know things aren't to generous with info but hey I understand dont want to many people to be at the meet and greet I guess that is the logic. But anyways so the meet and greet at portland really made me dissapointed because the people I met there weren't like really nice as I expected I think almost everyone on the front row of the meet and greet had met her one or more times some of them unnumerable times. and they just werent that considerate and it was dissapointing to me. I don't know I just expected more niceness but hey they are the elite few I guess so they dont have to be to considerate to us unelite. (sarcasm sorry I will try to refrain next time) sorry to generalize I met some nice people that were on the front row. I know we all complain about those that talk to her at everymeet and greet and then never give others a chance. I think they get the point so i will shut up. anyways I was on the second row and I got to pass through my winter single and got it signed and it was funny because she didnt know it was mine she started writing someone elses name on it and I was like wait that is mine so she wrote something incorporating that guys name so I got a sentence and her signature. that was cool. after that ok I was the one if you were there with the Tori Amos for President on the front and im not a virgin how the hell do I get back stage on the back shirt I handed out some flyers only 70 since they were 7cents a copy at kinko's about being quiet during tori's stories I was afraid some people would be mean to me about it so I got my boyfriend to come along with me and hand them out I am a passive type so I dont like conflict. but then the show came and it was so awesome she played wonderfully and told great stories about our pot up here and mtv awards it was great I left early trying to get a good place this time at the meet and greet after the show and I got front row this time with the awesome people that had seats by me at the show (hello garret, emily, mike, and damn it blacked haired nice guy your name is gone from me right now I am so so sorry) and but I didnt talked to her this meet and greet because I didnt want to interupt the people around me's moments with her so i just slipped under the pink in for her to sign. and was quiet. but anyways after that I was on my way to eugene which I will talk about in my next post. great show great great

I had so much fun and the set list was awesome

From Mireya (posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 14, 1998 - These two shows were amazing!!! My first Tori concerts, and they will never be forgotten. I am still in shock... Tori just blew me away.

First of all, the Portland show. I thought the meet-n-greet was a major waste of time. For some it wasn't, I'm sure, but I couldn't even see Tori... Some girl was trying to get everyone organized, but no one was listening to her. Everybody was so nice though... hello to the girl with the rainbow-sparkley leggings and tiara (sorry I forget your name), it was great meeting you! There was a guy at the meet-n-greet that was claiming to be Mikewhy... did anybody else see him? I doubt it was him, email me if you want to know why. It was quite interesting.

[Note from Mikewhy: That was NOT me! It was either an imposter or a misunderstanding.]

Once inside, it was miserable for me. Stupid little me got gen admission seats on the floor, so I got crushed. I couldn't see *anything*. Some very tall guy that reeked of beer actually pushed me out of the way and stood right in front of me... my husband was ready to kill. The same guy and his girlfriend started to light up a bong... I just snapped and went off on them. I don't care what anyone smokes, but I can't have them doing it right in front of my face... the smell makes me throw up. We finally moved to the very back of the crowd, where I could see much better. After that, it was heaven. Tori gave such a powerful performance. Cooling was so beautiful! Raspberry Swirl was great. It was all great. The one song I was really hoping to hear was Merman... I had never heard it before, and I was dying to find out what's so good about it. But, boo-hoo, no Merman for me.

From Zac

September 14, 1998 - Sorry about being late on my review but I had to send this in. This was my second Tori concert (I saw her in Portland in '96) and it was my favorite. I don't think I could have picked a better set list. My favorite part of the night was when tori sang a slower version of Mary... up until then her voice was kind of scratchy but then she really got into the groove.

After Mary, she said that she was playing b-sides tonight (no dedication) and hit Cooling. It was my first time hearing it and it was a really cool song. The rest of the concert was really nice and I was surprised to hear Me and a Gun in the second encore. The audience was quiet and well behaved and the song was SOOO sad. It was kind of different than the album version, though, because Tori seemed fairly angry in parts of the song. It was as if she was singing it to somebody in the audience and it send chills down my spine.

Oh yeah! one last thing.. when tori was talking about the weather being cold in England and how lucky she was to have someone to snuggle up to, somebody next to her yelled "Tori gets laid!"

And she said "Yes, tori gets laid. and it's good" and went right into Cooling. Everybody around me laughed :)

From Christina M.

September 14, 1998 - This comment is in reference to a review below by Heidi:

In response to:

> From Heidi Moore
> Also told a story before Cooling about the weather being cold in England
> and how lucky she got someone to snuggle up to - then someone in the
> audience said something and she "You're right" and stopped
> talking...wish I could have heard what is was.

That was my sister, in the audience...after Tori mentioned snuggling up, my sister Nicolle yelled, "Tori's getting laid!" and Tori responded, something to the effect of, "Yes, I am.....and it's great!"

Nicolle was a Tori concert virgin that night...and she has told absolutely everyone who'll listen that Tori responded to her, and her alone. ;)


September 14, 1998 - I just got home from the Portland show. ( I had to fly up from New Mexico to see it. )

I have a little story of what happened before, though.

My friend and I heard that KNRK would be having Tori in the studio to talk and sing some songs. So we drove around for 3 HOURS looking for the place. Turned out they had just moved and noone could tell us where their new studio was. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we found it (by some miracle--it was down this random street behind another building.) We pulled around a corner and saw the limo and went nuts.

We waited outside the building with flowers and gifts and after about 5 minutes, she came out. She was really funny and sweet and seemed to appreciate our 3 hour trek with no AC to find her. We stood and talked to her for 5 or 6 minutes, at which time her body guard told us she was late for the sound check and had to go. But here's the best part--my friend and I were the only ones there!! I guess noone else could find the damn place.... Right before she left, we took pictures, and I asked her to please play "Cooling" for me, because it was really a special song for me, and it helped me get through a really rough time in my life. She smiled and said that she would try to play it.

And then later at the concert (which was absolutely amazing--I was on the floor, way up front), after she played "Mary", she said that the next song was a request. My friend lifted me up and I threw her a rose and waved, and I think she saw me. Anyway, she played "Cooling" then.

I don't know if I've ever been so excited or cried so hard.

Best day of my whole life. : )

From Star Tat (Tim) and Glitter Girrrllll (Kristie)

September 13, 1998 - Where do we even start? It was one of the most amazing shows that we have ever seen!!! The atmosphere was 500% better than last night in Seattle. No pushing and shoving. Lots of room to stand and take it all in. Congrats to the Rose Garden crowd control on keeping things orderly upon admission. Instead of the mad crush of last night we actually all stood in line like civilized people. But enough about the atmosphere.....The concert was amazing!

Almost every song we had discussed being on our "wish list" was played. A first time for either of us to hear "Little Earthquakes" and a surprise b-side with "Mary". Very little was done from Choirgirl, but she covered our favorites like "Black Dove" and "Playboy Mommy". It was wonderful to hear some of her older things from Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink. In between the passion that Tori delivered were some unique stories including the great weed oregon has to offer (as opposed to tori's comments on mushrooms back in 96' BFP tour!!) and her views on the artists performing on the MTV music awards...along with the feelings on people of England and her joy of finding "someone to cuddle up with at night". Tori's willingness to tell the audience stories and laugh help let you all know the type of enjoyment the crowd felt throughout the night!

Tori poured everything that she had into this concert. It was so obvious that she was completely enveloped in the music and it was so easy to be pulled in with her. In talking later we both agreed that we kept finding ourselves so "into" the music that we had to pull back and remind ourselves to remember the whole experience for later.

We were also lucky enough to be up at the railing for the entire show so we could really take it all in. To top off the end of a completely amazing night we were able to catch a quick glimpse of Tori and autographs at the meet and greet after the show. During this time we also found out from Tori that she plans to release a 2-CD boxed set around Christmas time. It is to include one CD of b-sides and the other of live performances from the Choirgirl tour. It will no doubt be incredible!

From Jenny

September 13, 1998 - Well, I just thought I would send a review of the Portland show and bitch for a second if that's ok. Me and my two friends arrived at 11:30 for the meet and greet, but there was a lot of speculation as to where it would be. Eventually we found out that it would be downstairs, so we went down there and started numbering. A lot of people were still upstairs so I ran back upstairs to tell them where the meet and greet was. The people came downstairs, and the numbering system was ignored. The people at the front of the barricade refused to honor the numbering system, despite the fact many of them had met Tori before and many of us including me had met her before. Numerous times many of us tried to assemble a line, but the people in the front refused to. I just want to say that I ran up there to get many of them, and it really hurt me that they wouldn't stand sideways or make a line. My friends and I were fortunate enough to get stuff signed but one girl was very upset that she didn't and many people with gifts were not able to give them to her. I just want to say please! if you've met Tori before please let someone who hasn't have the honor, especially if they had been waiting longer than you. (I know I had). I hate to complain so much, but it would really be great if everyone tried to cooperate a little more. At the meet and greet Tori's voice was a bit hoarse, but when she sang it was great. On to the show... She started out with Precious Things, and it was absolutely electric. I was very surprised to hear God next, but was thrilled. She added a long part about "you took the baby, you silly boy" or something like that and it was very powerful. Black-Dove (January) was beautiful, and I was awed at her ability to switch between the keyboard and the piano. Space Dog was next, and I was thrilled. I went nuts and started to cry. had been hoping for Crucify, and she played it next, and it was gorgeous. Playboy Mommy was next and it was so meaningful, and I continued to cry. She said she would tell us a story and talked about the Video Music Awards and how they can't take your instument away from you. She was eating soup and looked adorable. She also mentioned that we in Portland smoked a lot of marijuana. I was surprised she played Mary at secret time, but was glad because a girl had requested it at the meet and greet. She then talked about how she couldn't play b-sides that often so then she played COOLING!!!! It gave me shivers. Her voice's every nuance was captured perfectly, and the immense elegance of it brought me to tears again."And is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses?" was so emotional. I was so happy and the song was so beautiful I can't describe it. That is my absolute favorite song, and I went nuts all over again. At the part where she sings I was crying so hard. Then it was Jackie's Strength, with the pretty echo on her voice. Then she played Little Earthquakes, which asides from Cooling and Tear in Your Hand, is my favorite. It was so powerful. Then, I couldn't believe it, it was Tear in Your Hand! It sounded great. Then she played the Waitress, and it was a great, strong way to end the main set. For the first encore, Tori played She's Your Cocaine and Raspberry Swirl, which were both a lot of fun. When she came back for the second encore, she sang Me and a Gun, which hushed the crowd to awed silence. Thank you everyone for being so respectful during the entire show. It was haunting and spooky and brought me to tears again. Then the band returned for Horses, which was (surprise) beautiful and had gorgeous lights. I know, I need a thesaurus but words can't even begin to describe how fantastic the show was. It was my first show, and I was so thrilled. Thanks so much to all the really great Ears With Feet, especially Courtney; and Katie who handed out Tori stickers she had made, fliers encouraging respecting Tori, and flats of From the Choirgirl Hotel, and took pictures for me. Thanks so much tp everyone for listening, and thank you Tori for performing such a beautiful show. Mikewhy, thank you for doing such a great job with the Dent and reading my silly review.

From courtney griffin (Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 13, 1998 - PORTLAND SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!

meet and greet - i got my under the pink cd cover signed!!! tori was so beautiful. the only shitty thing was that it was hot, and the stupid tori-followers who've been to 20 shows this tour were all pushed up in the front and didnt move... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the devlins - okay the guys has a cute accent, but ARGH they pissed me off. their music was to... dull.. formated... not like tori...

Preciouse Things
God (Ive never heard this with her band.. WOW!)
Black Dove - I cried...
Space Dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crucify (It's sooo cool with the band, i was screaming my head off..
just beautiful...)
Playboy Mommy - i cried, as i always do when i hear that song...
(band leaves)
Butterfly (if im wrong about this, please forgive me!!)
she states that she was asked to do Bee-Sides..... YESSS!!!
COOLING - the most beautiful song ive ever heard in my life...
(hello again band...)
jackies Strength - is anybody else sick of this song??? hmmm...
Little Earthquakes
The next song, I was too involed to even know what it was.
I wasnt paying attention, sorry, i belive it was a bee-side...
The Waitress - shes playing all of my favorites!!!!! *grin*

encore 1
shes your cocain... i had to get up and dance... raspberry swirl - i loved the drums... and she was dancing.. and the drumemr had these cute little glowy-things on this head!!!!

encore 2
okay, okay.. she played ME AND A GUN... has she ever played this on this tour??? i cryed my eyes out, more than i ever had to the song before, and i ALWAYS cry.. it was so amazing, but tori choked and stared crying in the midele, i dont blame her.. i wont get into my love/hate relationship with this song, im too passionate about tori to even say anything....

horses - beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the friend i went with says that she thinks the light-boys were on crack... i couldnt agree more.. but it was so awesome.. i was jealouse of the girls dancing down in general addmission.. they get really pissy when you try to dance in the isles.. oh well...

i just want to say hi to all the girls i met and meet and greet! wasnt it a beautiful show??? i was the girl with the rainbow tights and the gold tiara!!!! :-)

i think i spent too much on t shirts n stuff... at least i got the raspberry swirl necklace.. :-) yumm...

okay okay sorry i wrote a novel

From Miss Taci (Posted to the Precious-Things mailing list)

September 13, 1998 - Superb show.

I could feel the energy just snapping in the air, it was perfection.

She made a little comment about how we in the Northwest have the best weed. *heh* That was sweet. =}

There was also a remark she made about the video awards, how Beck said to her under his breath, "what is this, karaoke night?"

She played "Me and a Gun" for the second encore, needless to say, it was stunning.

From Chris Herz

September 13, 1998 - WOW!

My third Tori Amos experience, and so far the best one yet! She popped right into "Precious Things" and I was blown away from then on. I've also always loved "Space Dog" played live as well. She mentioned how liberal Portland was and pointed out that she heard our weed was good. Well, us northwesterners need to be known for something I guess... Tori also commented on the MTV Music Awards stating that, well, to sum it up, a joke. (laugh)

Her new tunes are quite catchy played live as well. "Jackie's Strength", "Black Dove (January)", "Playboy Mommy", and "She's Your Cocaine" and "Raspberry Swirl" for the encore were really full of heart. Aboulutly amazing! The drummer was wearing a spiffy hat too - some sort of construction hat with deelee-boppers. She also played "Me And A Gun" and a whole bunch of B-Side tunes that I wish I could find! All around an excellent show! I'm not sure if I can sleep! The ears are still ringing and my heart is going to explode! I just hope I don't fall asleep during the Eugene show. Wish me luck!

From Heidi Moore

September 13, 1998 - Just got back from an incredible (surprise!) show.

Tori was as usual beautiful and mystical and breathtaking. The lights and band were fantastic and the setlist couldn't have been better unless she had also played iieeee or Liquid Diamonds. She played Cooling and Mary solo - also had played Cooling on KNRK during her interview earlier in the day along with Northern Lad.

She told a couple of stories. Talked about doing the MTV Music Awards with Beck. Said it was like "amateur hour" and that Beck had commented to her "what are they doing, kareoke?" She had a mug and a spoon while she was talking and was waving the spoon around in the air - cute as a button she is. Later on she said "so I've heard this is a liberal city" and then went on to say that Sinead O'Connor had mentioned something to her about the marijuana we have here in the Northwest being quite good. She said "You know, we do accept gifts..." Then said "That was tacky" Also told a story before Cooling about the weather being cold in England and how lucky she got someone to snuggle up to - then someone in the audience said something and she "You're right" and stopped talking...wish I could have heard what is was.

Everyone seemed to be in such good spirits tonight and she was running around on stage and stood behind Caton for quite awhile when she came out for the first encore - just leaning against him so you could hardly see her.

The audience was very polite and even a little subdued. During Me and a Gun you could have heard a pin drop. Absolute silence from the audience. It was beautiful. The ending of Horses took my breath away - just her stunning voice and nothing else - what a perfect ending. I had two Tori "virgins" with me tonight and they were speechless throughout most of the show. Good thing, because I couldn't take my eyes off the stage long enough to talk.

Well, long day tomorrow - going to Eugene for the outdoor show.

From jes

September 13, 1998 - She sounded sorta sick and instead of sipping evian during between songs she ate soup!

From Jerome

September 13, 1998 - mike, there is no way to describe this evening. I got to meet tori and the experience was so spiritual.

The set list (I got one signed...) was this
Black Dove
Space Dog

First Encore

Second Encore
Me & A Gun

I have some pictures from the Meet & Greet and me with her, if they came out at all i'll get them to you if you'd like.

words can't describe what it was like.

From Jen W.

September 13, 1998 - This isn't in any particular order (sorry), but here's what she did:

Precious Things
Waitress (very cool new beginning)
Tear in your Hand
Little Earthquakes
Jackie's Strength
Space Dog
Raspberry Swirl
Playboy Mommy
She's your Cocaine
Mary (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Me and a Gun!!! (solo, obviously)
Horses (the funkdafied new version)

Again, I apologize for no exact order, but there you God, she did Me and a Gun!!!!!!!! :-)

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