North American Plugged '98 Tour
Vancouver, B.C.
September 9, 1998

Updated September 12, 1998

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Tori performed in Vancouver, B.C. Canada on September 9, 1998 at General Motors Place during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Leather and Sister Janet solo. Many thanks to Matt Presidente, Ivy and mylene for being the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Liquid Diamonds
Leather (solo)
Sister Janet (solo)
Bells For Her
Black-Dove (January)
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Matt Presidente

September 12, 1998 - This by far was the best tori show I have ever seen in my life... out of 5 shows. (three on this tour, and two on the DDI tour) so this review is kind of long, but please read it... it explains EVERYTHING!

Me and my sister arrived at the venue at about 1:00 to wait for meet and greet. at that point there were only THREE other people there waiting... so we all talked and had a nice time. we saw all of tori's crew walking around, all the busses were parked there and we still wondered WHERE the meet and greet would be. Finally Joel walked by and we asked him - he was very nice and explained it all to us, he said that they would be setting up the bike racks at gate 9 - so we all (5 of us) raced over there, and once the bike racks were set up we lined up in front.

It was a very long wait, but it was a beautiful day, and the kids we met were really nice... at about 3:00pm steve caton's limo came (he is tori's amazing guitar player for those of you who don't know), and he got out! we got all excited and said "Hey steve!" and he came over and talked to us! WELL - we talked to steve for over a half an hour! He was SO friendly, and informative! It was so cool to talk to someone so close to tori, and I found out so many cool things... we talked about the tour and how they decide on the setlists every night (he said that they all go through together and decide what would be the best transitions and so on) and I asked him if it was tough working with tori since she can be very unpredictable and he said "yeah, I hate it when she plays something I don't know" (eg. GIRL at the miami show back in '96) he told us a cool story about the origin of the songs on little earthquakes... he also took pictures with me and my sister and signed my CHINA and PRETTY GOOD YEAR (ltd) CDs. (not on the cover... on the inside) I asked him about "hotel" and he said that they have really been working on it, but they could only play half of it. It didn't show up at either show after all :( Steve also told us all about his band which is tentatively titled "Binge" - Matt sorum of guns and roses is in the band too, and steve sings lead vocals... so he was very nice, and he gave us all guitar picks (they are really cool they have his signature embossed on them somehow) and told us that he would see us in seattle! So it was really cool.

Now back to tori - as we waited more people started coming, at the end there were about 25 of us... which is NOTHING for a meet and greet on a tour this big... she is not that popular here in vancouver, but that is fine by me because the meet and greet was very intimate.

her big blue bus pulled up at about 4:45. we were right in front, but near the end... so we watched her talk to all the fans - she was so sweet with all of them, spending a few minutes with each one. It was like a good old DDI meet and greet... (the toronto meet and greet on this tour was so rushed) right next to us we watched her greet and old friend, and hug her (I'm snapping so many pictures) and talk to her about CORNWALL and A GOOD BOTTLE OF RED... then while tori was hugging this woman, she looked at me and said "She was on our last tour you know!" then she came up to my sister and said "Hi honey" and gave her a BIG hug! My sister didn't even ask, tori just reached out - it was so sweet... she asked my sister's name, and signed my china single (my sister was holding my china single, she doesn't have any of her own tori cd's) and then my sister asked if she could get a picture - so they posed, and here I am trying to take a picture when TRAGEDY STRUCK! THE CAMERA STOPPED WORKING! There was still lots of film left, but it just wouldn't work, and me and my sister were so worried, and tori did the nicest thing - she says "It's ok, [to some girls near us] would you guys mind taking a picture for these guys and sending it to them" and the girls did (which was very nice of them too!) and it was a picture of me and tori and my sister... then the camera started working again for some reason... so now tori came and talked to me:

I was really nervous, even though it was my third time meeting her... she looked really cute, she was wearing nice makeup, she had her hair up in a ponytail with a checkered scrunchy, and wearing a black shirt, and a brownish skirt. She signed my CD, and was so nice to me... then she put her arm around me and we posed for a picture (this one turned out nicely, but It's a HORRIBLE picture of me!) and while we were taking it I said "tori, do you think you could play sister janet tonight" deja vu... this was what I asked her two years ago (she played it for me in vancouver on the DDI tour) and she goes "I'll try, let me write it down [she writes it on her hand] we'll see what she's doing tonight - I'll try" I told her that I would be in seattle too... she smiled when I said that it was my favorite song since I was twelve.

then she moved on, and talked to the others... one guy wanted a picture taken with her, and I said I would take it and tori jokingly said "oh ok! Since you are so good at it!" and I took the picture! It was cute... then other people wanted pictures, and tori just kept handing the cameras to ME! I was her personal photographer for a few minutes! It was so cool! This nice boy asked her what her favorite book was, and she got all excited and wrote down some books in his UNDER THE PINK liner notes... she goes "you now have to tell me YOUR favorite books! FIVE OF THEM! Promise?" she was all excited! It was so cute... then joel dragged her off, and she waved and that was it! really really sweet... the most memorable meet and greet I've ever had... tori was in such a good mood!

So we went out for dinner, I picked up the RS single, and we met my friend then headed back to the venue at about 7:00. GM place seats 30,000 people, but they had the stage arranged so that it seated 4000, and only 3000 showed up - so it was a very intimate venue... but still very big... the audiance was amazingly good! they did not sing along, and they were quiet durring the songs, and loud beetween them - the way it should be. very polite audiance. it was really awesome. I was worried about the sound (since the sound in toronto was not good at the molson amphitheatre) but the sound was fantastic. our seats were CLOSE but to the side, so when she played the piano (90% of the show) we were looking at her back :(

The devlins opened, and they were ok - I am becoming familiar with their songs since I've seen them 4 times live... and they all sound the same, but I do like the songs WAITING and HEAVEN'S WALL. Then there was a LONG one hour break... all of the sudden at 9:00 the curtain drops and the lights go out... revealing her piano and keyboard (she IS using a full sized bosendorfer BTW) and the drum set and all that. I was recording the concert... and I managed to get a really good bootleg (other than me going wild at the beggining of each song). so here is the concert... the most amazing concert I've ever seen... not only was it a really cool setlist, the performance was incredible. I've never seen her better. She was wearing one of her sparkely aprons.

PRECIOUS THINGS: the band started with the long intro, and she walked out on stage. She crouched down at the front of the stage and extended her hands towards the audiance, as if trying to channel energy from us... then she jumped back to her piano and started. It was an incredible performance. The lights and smoke add SO much to it. It just blows me away. The lights BLARE white durring the loud parts... then for the bridge "I remember yes..." the lights calm down and flashing blue and purple lights surround the place, and all the sudden a single white spotlight fades on to tori as she sings... it was beautiful...then..."WITHTHEIRNINEINCHN...." the lights are really bright again. This was a very energetic performance... she dragged out the end and went wild! I went wild too!

IIEEE: The only time out of three shows that I saw on this tour. It was SO well done... she played both the keyboard and the piano, and the band really adds. On each chorus "i know... we're dying" she would throw in a half beat before she started each line "(1/2 beat) I know (1/2 beat) we're dying" it was very effective. the loud part was awesome! Durring the new bridge "I know you understand the way I feel" she said something that kind of left a lump in my throat. she was getting really into it and she goes "I know you understand, you understand the way I feel - But you TOOK my little girl!" it was really quite emotional. This really worked well as a second song.

CORNFLAKE GIRL: introduced the band before this song. beautiful intro which I liked better than the actual song. Good performance though, had everyone grooving.

SUGAR: Wow. Not something I excpeted to hear in vancouver. She started with an acappella intro "I thought you were hard, you thought you were too" she really spat out the word "hard". then she starts the loud fifths on the piano, then the band comes in SO LOUD! It was incredible. This was the second hilight of the night. Just amazing with the band, and this was the most amazing sounding performance of sugar I have ever heard. the band quieted down and she sang solo "I know and you know... if they found me out" then the piano went low and tori growled some low sexy words into the mic then the band came back in twice as loud.... "SWEET BOY WHEN THEY FIND YOU OUT" she kept building up, then the best part... she goes "when they find you out... when they find you out... when they find out - you're just a PUSSY sweet boy!" she SCREAMED the word Pussy, and it was almost scary! at the end she did really high wailing of the D Bm A chord progression and it was beautiful. I have never heard her play like this with the band before... it was the best thing I have ever heard her do with the band. It really blew me away.

LIQUID DIAMONDS: I was so happy to hear this one, and it was great. Nice green lights... starts off pretty, and then the chorus is not light like on the album, but VERY funky and groovy.

SPARK: good as always; nothing too exciting.

LEATHER (solo): prefaced by a very funny story: (I'm quoting this directly from the bootleg) "different people have asked me for songs, so um [LOVE YOU TORI] love you back. It's been a funny old day hasn't it? It's so weird I have to go to these fucking MTV awards tommorow. I hate that so much - I know I'm not supposed to tell you people this but I swear to christ if you are a journalist here I will come and take your balls off with my (can't make out what she says here cause everyone starts cheering) but I'm seriously, I have to be totally honest with you, I hate that - I just hate those things" Then she goes into Leather, which is my least favorite tori song. I've seen her perform it at so many shows. It was good tonight, but again, nothing too special.

this was the most amazing moment of the show... I wasn't excpecting it, but in the back of my mind, I was really really hoping for it. what she said here made it even more special and memorable though: "Some really nice young man asked me to play this song and um, it's hard for me to turn down nice young men. [cheers from the audiance] so i'm playing this for him... when I wrote this I was in england..." I knew at that point what she was going to play and I got really shaky and stuff...

SISTER JANET (solo): it really has been my favorite song since I was 12 years old, and the fact that she was playing it for me (for the second time!) on this big tour where she only does two songs solo, really really got to me. Beautiful blue and white lights surrounded her as she sang it. It was so beautiful. Durring the first chorus I started to cry... I couldn't help it - it was really something - I have never cried at a concert before. She played it alone at the piano, and it was very sweet... I don't think too many people in the audiance knew the song, and it made it even more special. It was really just for me. And it was a moment I will never forget for as long as I live. It was the best concert experience ever too. "with YOUR PERFECT WING... a wing can cover all sorts of things..." so passionate, then the way she sang the chorus was quiet and soothing. and when she sings "can you feel them... yes, touching hands before our eyes, and I can even see sweet marrianne" I got shivers all down my spine. An absolutely magical performance.

BELLS FOR HER: before this, someone goes "flying dutchman" and tori says "i don't think so!" She played a new intro to "bells" for the first time tonight, and had a few problems trying to find out what key it was in. It is really nice with the band, and she plays the full song too.

BLACK DOVE (JANUARY): What a suprise! I did NOT expect it this late in the main set let alone expect it at all... when I realized what it was I went wild! It was at this point I realized that this was the best show of my life... not only setlist, but also performance. All blue and pretty durring the first bit, then she turns to the piano and the band really let it rip for "ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GALAXY" it was great. This was originally my favorite song from CHOIRGIRL and I was so happy to hear it live.

SPACE DOG: I thought i was dreaming. I wanted to hear this song SO BAD, and I know she doesn't do it that often. This was the third hilight! The bass player did the low bass part which gave tori more freedom at the piano, and she did really funky blocked chords for about a minute intro to the song. this was performed incredibly. It was so loud and funky with the band, and it got everyone dancing... then the sweet solo section in the middle was gorgeous. She repeated the end verse again and again.

THE WAITRESS: Powerful. she dragged it on for at least 9 minutes. This must take so much energy to perform, it really fascinates me every time I see it! Lots of great improv at the end.

-first encore-

GOD: I was happy to hear this one - I really like it with the band, and I love the "you dropped a bomb on me jesus" bit. she danced on stage to this one.

RASPBERRY SWIRL: Fantastic - everyone was dancing... We even sang along a bit - something I try not to do in concerts, but it was hard not to for this one. They killed kenny at the end of the song!

-second encore-

HORSES: the band came out first and did an intro... the coolest part was the disco balls... they made it look like another land... as I looked around it looked as if it was snowing. Great performance of one of my other favorite tori songs.

After this we ran as fast as we could back to the meet and greet spot. we were some of the first people there so we got up front again. 20 seconds later there were literally hundreds of people behind us... people were everywhere... the bodyguards arranged us all and set up new barricades opposite us, but tori didn't talk to those people (they got there much later). I saw an official setlist, and tori had followed it exactly tonight. after a while steve caton came out, and he waved at me and my sister and came and talked to us! Just us! it was really cool.

An hour and a half later Tori came out. She was really rushed and she signed a few autographs... when she came up to me, she looked at me, and she gave a huge smile and threw her arms out and gave me the biggest hug! It was the sweetest thing... I knew she was in a rush, so I simply said "thank you so much for playing that for me" and she smiled and grabbed my hand and said "I told you I would" :) She also said that vancouver was one of her favorite places to come to beacuse we are such a good audiance, and it's such a beautiful city! It was nice. She is seriously the sweetest person. That she takes the time every night to come meet her fans and talk to them and be so down to earth. I felt like I had known her for years (I sort of have) but she treated me like an old friend and I won't forget it.

As we were walking back to the car we were just all talking about what an incredible day it had been - just the three of us were walking together, and all of the sudden her bus drives by!!! We see tori and joel poke their heads through the window and waving to us! It was so cute! they noticed us, and waved goodbye! It was a really nice finish to the most amazing day.

From rebecca aka queen mab

September 12, 1998 - i made it out for the Vancouver, B.C show of Tori's - last night. and even though others beat me to it for the set list and comments, can i add an observation of my own? my friend Stacey and i noticed Tori's outfit - a stretchy black velvet shirt, and dark pants with a pale green glittery kind of half-dress covering her. it was an unusual costume, but then, i think we are used to bizarre clothing on our beloved redhead. however, with binoculars we managed to see her closer and are now starting to wonder, could she be pregnant again? i know she said she'd be working out on the road, but ever since her appearance on Leno, she's been looking, well, chubby. so, could it be? if you have any info, please let me know. it would be kind of silly for her to get pregnant in the middle of a stressful tour, since that would put her at risk, but just maybe... anyway, thought you'd might be curious.

[Note From Mikewhy: I don't think Tori is pregnant!]

From Matt Presidente

September 10, 1998 - Ok, I just got back from seeing tori tonight in vancouver, and I'm really tired, so I'll send a full review later, but for now just the hilights...

Meet and greet (before the show): waited 3 hours... after 1 hour only 5 people were there and steve caton (the guitar player) came out and ME and my sister talked to him for a half an hour! He was such a nice guy! He told us so much cool stuff about tori and the band (more on that later) then he signed our CD's and gave us all GUITAR picks with his name on it.

after three hours there were only 20 people and tori came out... we all got to talk to her one on one! She HUGGED my sister, we got a full role of film, and nice pictures of us posing with her, and she signed my CHINA and PRETTY GOOD YEAR (ltd) singles! I managed to ask her if she would play sister janet for me (she played it last time in vancouver... 2 years ago, also for me) and she said "we'll see what she's doing tonight" and wrote it on her hand... more details on meet and greet later.

The concert: they had 6 days off before the concert, and they were in top form... the band was incredible, the show was incredible, and most importantly an AMAZINGLY AWESOME setlist. I bootlegged the whole show, and i got a really really nice clear recording (except you hear me scream and go wild at every song!) it was at GM PLACE, but they cut it down so small that it only fit about 4000 people, so it was just like a small theatre... very intimate... our seats were close, but to the side, so we looked at her back most of the time.

PRECIOUS THINGS - very powerfull... the lights were just incredible

IIEEE - She didn't do this in toronto, and I was happy to hear it - so well done

CORNFLAKE GIRL - with a beautiful long intro.

improv - something about "you took my baby away I thought you were so hard" then came a huge suprise:

SUGAR - wow. my 2nd favorite of the show... so loud and powerful... she screamed "when they find you're just a pussy boy" it was great... one of my all time favorite tori songs too.

LIQUID DIAMONDS - another one I really wanted to hear... beautiful.


LEATHER (solo) - this is my least favorite tori song, so I wasn't too happy... she told a cool story before about how she was pissed cause she had to tape the MTV music video awards, and she goes "I hate those fucking things.... if any of you reporters heard that I'll rip you're balls off!" It was hilarious.

then she said this "a very nice young man asked me to play this, and you know I can't turn down a nice young man so this is for him..." then she played it. I couldnt' belive it... the nice young man was ME! She played it just for me:

SISTER JANET (solo)- so beautiful... this has been my favorite song for so many years, and she was playing it for me... It brought me to tears which has NEVER happened to me in a concert before. I just thought about how this tour was so big, and how many people were there... it was so nice of her to do that, play a song she rarely does, that few people know. It was just so kind of her. this was like, the hilight of all my tori moments in my life... even more incredible than when she played it for me as the LAST SONG on the DDI tour.

BELLS FOR HER - awesome, with the band.

BLACK DOVE (JANUARY) - WOW! What a suprise! this was another hilight.

SPACE DOG - holy shit, I couldn't belive it... I had been really hoping she'd do this, and she hasn't done it too much on this tour. it was so funky and fun. another hilight.

WAITRESS - great as always, and very long.

first encore

GOD - "you dropped the bomb on me jesus!" very fun.

RASPBERRY SWIRL - also very fun

second encore

HORSES - the disco balls (5 of them) made the place look incredible.

a few things to note... she followed her original planned setlist EXCACTLY... some info on "HOTEL" straight from steve's mouth... they are working on it, but they can only play half of it... it'll show up SOON...

MEET AND GREET after-show: we left right after horses, and made it to the very front... then the mob came... HUNDREDS of people, and we were in front... steve came out, saw me and my sister, and came and talked to us some more! It was so cool! He said that he looked forward to seeing us in seattle and we congratulated him on a fantastic show. after and hour tori came out... she saw my sister and said that she was so happy she came, and then she looked at me and her eyes got all big and she goes "HI BABE!" and gave me a HUGE HUG!!! And i just said "thank you so much tori, for sister janet..." and she goes "I told you I would!" and smiled... it was so sweet! she was in a hurry and being pushed around by the guards so she left shortly after... we were walking up the street (just me my sister and my friend) and her bus drove by, and we see her and joel waving at us out the window! It was the perfect end to a perfect tori day... so i'll write a big detailed review later, but for now I'm tired... I'll be going to the seattle show on friday then that's it for this tour. I won't be able to go to meet and greet though :( tori is the nicest person... I would love to talk to her some more.

From Ivy

September 10, 1998 - Just wanted to quickly drop this set list by. I'll write more about the show tonight when I get home.

1) Precious Things
2) iieee
3) Cornflake Girl (Slow intro)
4) Sugar (Wow!)
5) Liquid Diamonds
6) Spark

Secret Time:
7) Leather
8) Sister Janet (Beautiful!)

9) Bells for Her (Tori debuted a new intro to this last night!
10) Black Dove
11) Space Dog
12) The Waitress

First Encore:
13) God
14) Rasberry Swirl (Absolutely trippy...)

Second Encore:
15) Horses

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