North American Plugged '98 Tour
Salt Lake City, UT
September 2, 1998

Updated March 11, 1999

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Tori performed in Salt Lake City, UT on September 2, 1998 at the E Center during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Leather and Marianne solo. Thanks to Matt Page who called me on the phone from Utah to give me the set list! I also want to thank anakha (Jason Suker) for emailing me the set list so quickly.

Precious Things
Things Fuck Up Sometimes (improv)
Liquid Diamonds
Black-Dove (January)
Leather (solo)
Marianne (solo)
Bells For Her
Cornflake Girl
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Eric D. Kenney

March 11, 1999 - The Monday before the show I won backstage passes to the show and would like to review that. There was twenty of us or so, waiting for her to finish her sound check in front of the will call. Finally we were all herded off into this little tiny room where we waited some more. Meanwhile I am in hysterics. I could not believe that I was going to actually meet Tori Amos. Everyone in the room was bubbling with excitement. I think I was bubbling a little bit more. Finally Steve, her chief security guard came in and told us what we were going to do. Following Steve came in Natalie--whom looks a lot like Tori, and told us that she was on her way. Finally the moment came and Tori walked in. We were all lined up around the outside walls of the room, waiting for our turn to have a picture and for her to sign one thing. The first two people went and than the next couple, and so on. About two people before me--I was last, the one girl said something and Tori started to cry and the girl started to cry. I am not sure what they were talking about, but it gave us few people at the back a few extra minutes to enjoy the moment. Finally it came down to me. I had brought Tori a bear that I was given when I was two, I am 19 now. I wanted to give my most favorite bear to my most favorite person. My friend and I had our picture taken, she gave us both a big hug, and she signed my friends shirt, the photo, and my poster. We were quickly escorted out by someone with more memories than I ever thought possible in a lifetime. Only to be surprised by the most incredible show ever.

From Roze Dotson

September 14, 1998 - Since you have so many reviews of the actual concert I will give a little review of the meet and greets.

My friends and I showed up early (of course) we only showed up three hours early though. (Our mistake) There were already about 30 people there. We waited several hours in the sun but you could tell everyone was so excited. Finally we spotted her bus and she took awhile to come out but she finally stepped out with Joel. Everyone screams of course and up pass the flowers, books on shoes, and things for her to sign.

She looked very tired. (She played Denver the night before.) There were only about two rows in front of me and I was so excited, but no one would move after they met her. They all just stayed there and that made me feel bad that someone could be that selfish. (Later I found out Steve told them not to move.) I snapped a lot of pictures and when I realized that there was no way I would get to meet her I passed up the picture I had for her to sign along with my friend's picture as well. It seems that she was only there for moments but she had to have been there for about hmm..I don't even know. After she walked away I asked the girl what happened to the pictures I gave her and she looked at me like "What the hell are you talking about?" and she walked away. I was fuming, but what could I do.

After the meet and greet I was very disapointed that I didn't get to meet Tori but elated that I was so close. We waited for a long time for the doors to open, and we stood in line forever. Finally we made our way in and straight towards the merchandise stands. I have to admit that I was a little disapointed. I loved the shirts, and necklace, and program, but what I didn't like was the price of the shirts. Her short sleeve T-shirts and tank tops were $27, and her long sleeve shirt was $37. That wouldn't bother me too bad if they had been nice quality. I of course bought a lot and then when I was happily looking them over I noticed how thin they were. For that much money!?

The show of course was great. All traces of tiredness were gone and she was amazing as ever. I know there are already setlists but this one is a little different.

Precious Things (1st try)
Things Get Fucked Up
Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Black Dove
Bells For Her
Cruel (Stever pours #5, and you thought he was swaying to the music)
Cornflake Girl

She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl


The show was...well you all know. My favorites were Precious Things and the first encore. I didn't even recognize Horses! I can't wait for the live CD's to come out.

After the show we ran out to the meet and greet place. There we waited hours again. This time there were tons of people and I was lucky enough to be on the first row. Everyone I stood by was really nice but people started to get annoying when they were whining that she needs to hurry because they have school the next day.

Steve came out and did the procedure, no ball point pens, no pushing, etc. Then she came out. She was so cute in a grey tee and overalls and of course the cutest sneakers. She had showered and looked very fresh with her hair pulled up and glitter all over her face. She made her way down the line and I couldn't believe it when she was standing right in front of me. (First time to meet Tori) We chatted a little, and thanked her. I asked to get my picture with her, but we weren't allowed to use flash so she signed my program as well. (In case the picture didn't show up.)

She had a tearful exchange with the girl next to me, (Lolly) but I will let her tell you that if she wants to.

After what seemed like seconds she had to go. As she was getting on the bus she turned to wave and some guy screamed. "Please just tell me what Maynard sings to you." She said that she would tell Joel and he would tell him. I heard later that it was "Free Francis Bean" (Kurt Cobains daughter) but I don't know if that is true.

All in all it was a magical moment that I wish I could go back to. Out of all the concerts I have seen (Previous years not this tour) this was the best. I love her old shows as well and they are special, I wish that there were smaller venues but I also think that Tori needs to grow.

I don't remember a lot of what was said between us, I was so giddy, but I do remember when she gave me a hug, or the other way around, her skin was very soft, like a baby. :)

From The Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper

September 12, 1998 - A review of the Salt Lake City show appeared in the September 4, 1998 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune. Many thanks to Doug Smeath for telling me about it.

Tori Amos Rocks Her Loyal Fans At E Center Show


WEST VALLEY CITY -- Tori Amos took a full-fledged rock turn Wednesday night at the E Center.

With a hard-edged rock band playing full out, the red-haired female deity of angst, waving to her adoring fans, strode center stage, framed in waves of multicolored lights.

The rock-band format, different for a woman who usually performs just with her piano and occasional guitar, had its advantages in fleshing out Amos' underappreciated pop melodies.

But, combined with touch-and-go E Center acoustics, the bass, drum and guitar lineup drowned out the words that made Amos famous, or infamous, depending on your point of view.

That the power of Amos' music overpowered her words mattered little to those who have every poignant lyric memorized. Surely, for example, the woman dressed in the nun's habit had been touched by Tori.

Amos also displayed a dry sense of humor. As she came out, and began to play "Precious Things" from "Little Earthquakes," a technical glitch caused a slight delay. Without missing a beat, and after assuring the audience that the show would go on, Amos began composing, and with the band picking up the tune:

"Things f -- -- -- up sometime," she sang. It was pretty cool, actually.

One would have thought, though, that any technical problems would have been worked out in the long 50 minutes between the time the opening band, Irish trio The Devlins, left the stage and Amos took it.

Amos followed "Precious Things" with "God."

During the 90-minute performance, and to her credit, Amos did not just concentrate on her latest material on "From the Choirgirl Hotel," which included songs "Cruel" and "Black Dove."

The pianist, who played electric as well as acoustic keyboards, chose her prime material from all four full-length albums, which also include "Little Earthquakes," "Under the Pink" and "Boys for Pele."

The performance included the touching "Marianne," about a friend's suicide, "Bells for Her" and the popular "Crucify" and "Corn Flake Girl."

Amos had such connection with her audience, she could have sung "Old MacDonald" and received a thunderous ovation. Amos didn't milk that advantage, keeping her comments short and pointed.

It worked for many.

The Devlins weren't so subtle. Not only were there leaflets advertising the band's latest album, "Waiting," on every chair, but a lighted sign onstage also burned the name into waiting minds.

The Devlins are a smart pop band that plays waves of atmospheric ambience wrapped in a pop package.

From Lisa

September 12, 1998 - Hey I attended the Salt Lake concert and was so estonished she was fantastic. I loved when so first came out and her piano was messed up so she started singing sometimes things get f***ed up and made a little song about it. And before she sang Marrianne she was telling us of how so many of us write her and tell her of friends that have killed themselves. Then she told us of her friend Marrianne who killed herself and how everyone has been sad since. My favorite was when she opened up with Precious Things and towards the end when she sang Leather everyone sang with her. I loved it so much on the 23rd I'm flighing to L.A. to catch it again. Wonderful concert Tori was georgous.

From jason

September 12, 1998 - hey Mike, i can tell you Tori did NOT soundcheck Hotel in Salt Lake, she soundchecked Talula, Bells for Her, Black-Dove, part of Precious Thigns and Liquid Diamonds.

The concert was good, but the audience was really bad, some guy next to me was escorted out during one of the encores because he was too drunk (too tell you how drunk he was, he was dancing during Marianne), and some other girls stood up the entire time talking and drinking beer not even really paying attention to the show...all i can say is i'm not a big fan of these arena shows. Also I don't think this was mentioned but there was a CNN camera crew at both Denver and Salt Lake taping footage for something that will air on A Thursday at 10pm, they dont know which thursday yet. In Denver they taped the audience and part of the show, and in Salt Lake they taped the meet and greet.

From Ursula Kirkland

September 12, 1998 - I was one of the RAINN auction winners for the Salt Lake show. I just wanted to let everyone know that you are not always upgraded to front row. I think they tried and tried, but the floor was so sold out that they just had us stay in our section, where people threw coins at me for standing up because there was a girl standing in front of me who I could not see over without standing myself. Also, there was much talking and whistling in the section I was in. I tapped one girl and asked her very nicely twice to please be quiet and the second time, she screamed at me "NO!!". So, the entire show I was waiting for Tori to sing "I believe in the devil bitch" so that I could vicariously send the bitch a message. Also, during Black Dove and Marianne, people went to get drinks and food and scooted out in front of me which was highly distracting. So, the moral of the arena story is that Tori rocks, but the people suck. There are more and more disrespectful people at the arena shows. When you are front row, you can get out of it, but only then, and you shouldn't expect to get upgraded with the auction. In any event, Marianne was absolutely beautiful, as well as the Waitress. In addition, the RAINN auction was worth it because Tori was very sweet backstage. I won't go into the details about my experience backstage in respect to _my_ privacy, but let me say it was a wonderful experience.

From Joshoh1

September 12, 1998 - During sound check she did Talula, Black-Dove (January), Spark, but not Hotel.

From Christ

September 12, 1998 - before i send my actual review, i'd like to say jason (flyndchmn), mat page, and myself were in the arena the entire time she did soundcheck, and none of us ever heard hotel or little earthquakes. tori did however do parts of spark and precious things, which this person didn't list. as far as i remember, it was just a few guys from the local area standing inside with us, everyone was kicked out several times, but we managed to say in there until they began allowing people to be seated. so i dont know *who* thought they heard hotel or little earthquakes, but i can pretty safely say (along with the confirmation from these tow other people) that we never once heard hotel or little earthquakes. i wouldve died if i heard hotel, so as you notice, i am still alive :P

From The Deseret News (newspaper)

September 4, 1998 - Toriphile Doug Smeath alerted me to a press concert review that appeared in the September 3, 1998 edition of the Deseret News. On the date that I added this, you could also read this review online and see a photo of Tori performing during this show at the Deseret News Web Site. The article gets the name of Tori's bass player wrong. Jon Evans has been playing with Tori on the tour, but the article says bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen. Justin is NOT touring with Tori but he did play bass on the album "from the choirgirl hotel".

Piano-lady Amos delivers passionate playing and vocals

By Scott Iwasaki
Deseret News music editor

TORI AMOS and the Devilins at the E Center on Sept. 2. One performance only.

The article included a photo of Tori performing at the concert with the caption, "Tori Amos jams at the E Center. Alternating between the piano and the synthesizer, she delivered a powerful mix of old and new hits. Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News "

Every time Tori Amos comes to town, the audience, the venues and the shows get bigger.

But much to the pianist's credit, those larger shows work. Sure they might have a glitch or two, but Amos' concerts are full of raw emotion and, as of late, an added element of spectacle.

The only problem that arose in Wednesday evening's performance was during the opening number, "Precious Things." Her piano microphone and monitor cut out. So, while the roadies tried to reconnect her to the system, the singer entertained the audience with an impromptu ditty about the problems of life.

However, once the sound-system goof was corrected, the piano lady played with passion and confidence.

This was the first year Amos took a full-fledged band. Guitarist Steve Caton, bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen and drummer Matt Chamberlain gave the older songs like "Leather" and "Cornflake Girl" a new, flip-side dimension.

As for the tunes from the new album, "From the Choirgirl Hotel," Amos really laid herself on the line.

The music for "Iieee," "Cruel" and "Spark" were captured with grooving and brooding rhythms. Amos' voice ranged from throaty growls to soaring soprano.

Her piano and keyboard playing were mixed well. She turned to the black grand piano on the stage and played out a verse and then turned her back and found herself in front of a synthesizer.

There were more than a few times when she would sing and play the piano with one hand and the keyboard with the other.

One such song where the keyboard/vocal gymnastics came into play was the gothic-laden "Black-Dove (January)."

Amos drifted her way through the verses and really took off during the high-flying chorus. The audience, which was mixed in both age and gender, sang along to other songs such as "Spark" and the encore opener, "She's Your Cocaine."

Amos also jammed out the straightforward bop of "Raspberry Swirl."

Although the sound in the E Center was a bit to be desired, the audience didn't complain, singing the words and screaming approval throughout the evening.

Amos emerged on stage wearing a sequined evening gown, something much different than in the past.

More subtle differences seeped into the mix. Amos didn't play "Me and a Gun" or the hot new single of the minute, "Jackie's Strength."

Then again, Amos isn't a predictable artist. She changes her set lists every performance and finds that paving her own way through the corporate murk is the easiest way to keep any scrap of artistic integrity.

Amos' light show consisted of an array of programmed and colored stage lights and four mirror balls. There were times when the cluster of stage lights would slowly scan the audience and look like a cluster of all-seeing eyes.

Opening band, the Devilins, played its brand of pop rock that smacked lightly of '80s pop bands.

The audience gave polite applause until the last couple of tunes when the band won the audience over.

From Doug Smeath

September 4, 1998 - It's all I can think about. It was absolutely, by far, the most incredible night of my life. I say can incredible, moving, miraculous, exciting, all that, but the only adjective that really describes it is life-changing.

I'll skip the details of what a pain it was getting back home to Salt Lake from school two hours away. And I'll skip talking about the Devlins, who were amazing, but who don't deserve to take any space from talking about Tori. :-) [sorry]

After the Devlins, the 15-minute "intermission" turned into a half-hour, then an hour, and we were waiting and waiting and we could finally see Caton and John's microphones being set up against the curtain, and then, in the most heart-stopping movement of my life, the curtain fell and there's Tori and there's the band playing this amazing long intro, and she was so beautiful! She was wearing her blue blue dress! I WAS FIVE ROWS AWAY FROM TORI!!!!

The crowd was screaming. She opened with "Precious Things," but just a little after she had gotten into it, she held up her hand and stopped everything. "My piano's a little fucked up" she said. So she while some guy was crawling around fixing things, she sat there playing and singing this improv, "Things fuck up sometimes," and wow, it was so amazing!!! We were screaming, I was frantic, because I could not believe I was witnessing this!!!!! It lasted for quit a while, and then the piano was fixed, and she said, "Okay, this song is, I guess it's gonna be deja vu, so hit it." And she started over! The lights!!!! The GRRRRRRRRRRRRRL!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Immediately after, the band goes into another intro, and this time it's "God," and we are going more crazy even than before!!! As the band was playing, she was doing a this little prayer dance, holding her hands together like a prayer, above her head, and sort of wiggling. She was so powerful and so overwhelming!!!!! I am sitting here in the computer lab on the verge of tears just REMEMBERING it!!!

"Spark" was like a dream come true! It was the song, this amazing, fabulous song, magnified until it stood up to some of her even more amazing, fabulous songs!!!!

Oh, wow, "Crucify!!!" "Pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaese Beeeeeeeeee Saaaaave Meeeee-ee-ee-ee-ee Iiiiii Cryeeyeyeeyeeyeyeyeyee!!" AAAAAAHHHHHH!

"Liquid Diamonds" was so exciting to hear!!!!! At the "daddy's preaching again to himself part," if I remember right, she squeeked the "him" in "himself," and we were going WILD!!!!!

Perhaps my favorite of the night was "Black-Dove(January)." She turned to the keyboard, so she had her back to us (on the right side of the stage), and we could still see the side of her face, and it was THE MOST HAUNTING THING I had ever seen!!!! She was playing the keyboard and letting out these little ghostly semi-screams, oh I don't know how to explain it, and this blue light kept flashing on her face, and she was a ghost! Then she broke into the song, with the blue and the haunting still going on, and when she got to "Other side of the galaxy," the bright white and yellow lights just burst on, and every heart stopped. We were shrieking!!!!!! Then it got really calm and blue and water-like and dream-like again. It's a memory that I will never forget!!!

She just went right into secret time; I didn't even notice when the band left. First was "Leather," and the whole audience sang along!!

Then she went into a story, as the cheers from "Leather" were dying. Something like, "A lot of you have written me letters, letters about losing friends, and" [people are being so damn loud!!] "hey, eh! Shhh! I'm telling a story! So this is a song I wrote for a friend, who they say killed herself." [some horrible person yells "I love you Tori!"] "Yeah, I know you love me, but listen, I am trying to tell you something! So they say she killed herself, and whether she did or not, this is for her." Or something. It was so powerful, and I was just all turmoil inside because I knew what was coming! She sang "Marianne," and everyone with a heart in that audience was crying!! My friends were all holding each other, and we had our arms all around each other and our heads on each other's shoulders and it was magic!!

"Bells for Her" is so great with the band! The bass plucking and the light drumming...! This is my friend Mary's favorite song, so I was very happy for her. It was so great!!!

"Cruel" I can't even begin to describe!!!!!!!! My hands were flailing, I was screaming, I was so amazed!! At this point my friend Shannon started saying, "She's inside me!!!!! She's inside you!!!!! Can't you feel that?! She is inside you!!!!!" And I said, "Yes she is!!!!!! I know she is!!!!!" LOVER BROTHER BOUGAINVILLAEA!!! She started out like she was stirring a brew or something (an action that she repeated later in the song that was adapted to look more like she was reeling in a fish or SOMETHING.) At the end of the song, when she was done on the piano, and held her hands as if they were tied behind her back, and her back was to the audience, and her neck was craned toward the microphone as she sang!!!!

"Cornflake Girl!!!!!!!" This is the part I most want to remember in detail. She began with an adaption, "She'll tear your heart, you bet your life she will, I swear to Christ she will," and it could have been the most beautiful thing I have ever heard out of Tori Amos' mouth. Then the "Cornflake" we know and love came out.

"Waitress" was OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HELLLLLLLLLL YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" You've all heard some form of the Plugged variation of this song, so I won't say too much, except for after the last verse she just kept going, screaming this long long long long long "verse" that just kept climaxing and then climbing even higher and then she went back to "I believe in peace" one more time!!!!!!!!! God I miss this part!!!

She left, and we were screaming and screaming and yelling and clapping, and the band came running back out, and the encore started with "She's Your Cocaine." Tori came dance-shuffling out well into the intro, and this song was kick-ass. (Would you expect me to say anything else at this point?)

"Raspberry Swirl!!!" We were all dancing, singing along, laughing, crying, jumping, bumping, yelling, wowing!!!!! The most important part on this song: her eyes!!!!! They were very Professional Widow, very opened and staring and piercing and, I have to say it, like a goddess. All-seeing or something.

The second encore was "Horses." I am disappointed to say that I wasn't extremely crazy about it, but I am so happy that she did it so I could hear it. And I did like it!

What I found very weird was that she only did two Boys for Pele songs and NO B-SIDES!!!!! A little disappointing, but I can handle it. :-)

The show was the most earth-shattering, thrilling thing I have ever experienced. I couldn't be happier!!!!

From Amy Nielsen

September 4, 1998 - Hey Mike, I was checking out the reviews of the show last night and no one had the soundcheck set list... so I thought I would send it to you:

Black-Dove (January)
Bells for Her
Liquid Diamonds
Hotel [Note From Mikewhy: All other reports say Tori did NOT play "Hotel"...]
Little Earthquakes

Also, in review, the show was amazing... I have some pictures from the M&G before the show... There were only about 40 of us and Tori was simply darling she had one of the infamous "aprons" on... this one was navy blue with sparklies on it... during the show she told us that we were a "warm audience" and that it helped a lot... she really got into it, everyone was singing along and dancing... On a side note, Mark was sitting at the sound board right in front of me the entire evening...

From Brandie Caporalli and her friend (sister-in-law) Britnie Green

September 4, 1998 - After waiting since May to see the show, September 2nd finally came. My friend Britnie and I were ecstatic with anticipation. We each brought her a dozen long stemmed roses. Britnie brought red, I brought peach. The highlight of our lives I think, was when she took the roses from our hands after playing "Horses". We screamed with delight. Thanks to Britnie, we had front row, dead center. We were right in from of her piano bench. I've never seen such talent, such passion, such energy come from a performer. Tori is our favorite and we love her so much. To actually look into her piercing blue eyes while she played, is a memory neither of us will forget. We loved the "Things Fuck Up Sometimes (improv)", which is a classic example of how creative and artistic she is. I personally loved that she played "Precious Things" and "Marianne", both of which made me sob. She looked beautiful too, when doesn't she. The only disapointment was not actually getting to meet her. Although we waited for nearly 1 1/2 hours after the show. There were to many others. She must be so tired. She was so perfect on stage. That voice... what more can I say? I am enthralled with the way she sits and plays her keyboard and piano at the same time. How does she do that? It was a perfect night in our lives. She is so special. Words sound trite as I try to describe what we experienced. But I'm sure there are many out there who know what I mean. Wow. I'm out of words. I'll be glowing for months.

From Lauren Diaz

September 3, 1998 - Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know.... Tori made eye contact with me several times when singing "Bells For Her". I had a hard time keeping the tears in... I didn't want to look dorky.... balling & all.... I managed. First time I've ever seen her... there was so much energy coming off that stage. I can understand why some fans will go far out of their way to follow her to different cities during the tour. The best night I've had in a really long time.

From Matt Page

September 3, 1998 - Matt called me on the phone to give me a few tidbits about the show. The songs Tori played differed some from the written set list. On that list, Tori had Marianne and then Upside Down listed for the solo time. She also had Sugar listed but decided to do She's Your Cocaine instead. Lastly, the second encore was supposed to be Merman and then Horses, but Tori only played Horses. At the start of the show Tori had trouble with her piano and so stopped playing and had a technician come out to fix it. While this was happening, Tori started improvising, singing stuff like, "Things get fucked up..." The band then joined in and they did this loungy, improvisation that was hilarious! (I labeled this improv "Things Fuck Up Sometime" in the set list.) When the problem was fixed, Tori began Precious Things over again from the beginning. Tori also told a nice story before Marianne, saying something about the many letters she received from people who have lost friends and loved ones, and that they mean alot to her, and that the world has not been the same since the passing of Marianne.

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