North American Plugged '98 Tour
Omaha, NE
August 30, 1998

Updated September 12, 1998

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Tori performed in Omaha, NE on August 30, 1998 at the Orpheum Theatre during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Happy Phantom, Twinkle and Sister Janet solo. Many thanks to Dustin for being the first to email me the set list and to Rachel for clarifying a few things for me.

Precious Things
Doughnut Song
Liquid Diamonds
Happy Phantom (solo)
Twinkle (solo)
Purple People
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Sister Janet (solo)
Tear In Your Hand


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Gina Fox

September 12, 1998 - This was only my second time at a Tori show, the first one being on the BfP tour, so, as you can imagine, this was a totally different experience seeing her with the band and all.

After the Devlins and the long wait, the band finally started playing a heavy beat to which Tori ran on stage and went into a lengthened version of the "Precious Things" intro. I was just in awe the whole time, the band really added what this song needed to really deliver. Her words were quite hard to understand, it seemed like the sound system wasnt keeping her mic high enough or something, but she looked really energetic and into it, and the lights added alot of power to it.

from the end of this song, the band went right into another beat, and once again I didnt recognize the song until I heard the familiar "God" intro on the piano...Once again, Tori, the band and the lights were fabulous, and I was just glad I got to hear this one live.

The drummer stood up after "god" and moved to a different set of drums and the lights changed into very swirly colorful patterns for "Siren". The thing I was really awed by on this one was her voice at the end of the phrases, when she sings "vanilla"...she chose to take the higher octave and it was the most beautiful singing I have ever heard from her...just completely flawless for such high notes. It went alot slower than the recorded version, but it was still very effective.

My favorite moment of the concert, though, was "Iieee". The bassist and drummer just went right into that familiar groove, and then Tori was playing the keyboard and the piano at the same time most of the song and the lights were really colorful and moving at the right times...there was also this really cool echo when she sang her eeeii's, and of course, the little 20 second break- piano solo and different lyrics before finishing it up.

Next she played Doughnut Song with the band, I love this song so it was great to hear it, but I think maybe I liked the solo version I saw at the BfP concert better, when she could just improv and get into it more. Liquid Diamonds was next, it went pretty much like it sounds on the album, it was pretty hard to hear the lower ranges, ("i guess i'm an underwater thing...")

After the band left, she said something like: "Theres this song Ive been wanting to play all night, I dont know why", and then just went right into the Happy Phantom intro. Before the last verse, she went into this thing where she sang the woo-hoos in a different way (like from high to low notes instead of low to high) and then would sing "the time is getting closer, yes", or "its time to be a ghost" over and over again and the energy of it was just amazing, especially since it was one that "came" to her just for this show.

From there, she told the story about being in Scotland with 2 friends, when they hada falling out, "because you know how threes are...2 of them always gang up and want to kill the other one." she went on to say that she thought alot about anger and added the line "you know how us girls are, boys...CUNTS!...and we wont talk about what you are.." the whole time she was playing stuff that sounded alot like twinkle, and I knew thats what she was going to play when she talked about the "fabulous dike she met at an abbey in Iona, who just made alot of sense" to her.

The band came back on then, and she turned to the keyboard and started in to the "saxxy" sort of intro to "PUrple People". I think this is a great song and I was really glad she played it, and it went beautifully.

Cruel was next, in a really rock version, she sort of shimmied on the piano bench and stuff, then would turn and play keyboard for the chorus. and it went on forever and ever with all of the improv, and she was giving hand signals to the band because it seemed like she would get off into one verse over and over until the band would start looking at each other and her to see what was going on.

Spark was after this, it sounded really good after all of the distortion and growling (all though thats great too!)and it was great to see her switching from piano to keyboard.

Waitress was the last song, although it was hard to tell because it sounded nothing like the album version, except for the chorus, and the verses were all mixed up - i think she sang the first and third ones only, then went into the whole rock improv stuff with the band, but it was graet because they were all really into it and they went on forever.

For the first encore, the band came on first and started playing this beat that sounded alot like "Caught a Lite Sneeze", and then Tori came on stage dancing and started sort of grinding behind Caton while he was playing, and hugging him, then she hopped over to the drummer and bassist (literally) and then danced around some more and went into "Talula" at the piano.

From here, the drummer started playing this wicked techno sounding beat on his stool and both sets of drums (while standingup), which turned out to be "Raspberry Swirl". I never really liked this one a whole lot until I saw it was probably up there with the best songs played that night.

She came on alone for the second encore, which was "Sister Janet". I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and bawling because I just couldnt believe she was actually playing it. I figured she was done with the solo stuff for the night, and had given up on hearing it. The whole time before she came out I was kinda sending her mental messages that I really needed to hear it. I have just gone through a whole lot of hell in my life, and for some reason last week a copy of the cornflake girl single with Sister Janet on it showed up in my house...someone must of left it I guess, but I had never heard it, and when I listened to it that first time it really spoke to me what I needed to hear.."I think i could try this once again.." So, really, I didnt even pay attention to Tear in Your Hand", which ended up being the last song of the night. It was pretty anticlimactic after hearing "sister..", but the band was still good and Tori's energy was still amazingly high after all that performing.

I didnt get to meet her or anyhting, it was just too crowded after the show, but I hope someday I can talk with her, she is truly and amazing woman and I have so much respect for the way she just lays herself out there for all of us.

From Matt Page

September 4, 1998 - Matt Page has informed me that Tori played "Twinkle" as a personal request for his birthday, which was actually the day before this concert. She also told an interesting story before the song. (If anyone knows what she said, please email this web site.) In the story Tori talks about being on an island with a few friends and that eventually she was thinking of ways to kill them without fingerprints. Tori also mentioned meeting a "big dyke" who made a lot of sense. Obviously, I need more details on this story!

From Billy Sobczyk

September 3, 1998 - Mike, I just want to say that the Omaha show was amazing.. I went with my friend Nicky, the girl who got me started on Tori, and all I can say is wow!... This wasn't my first concert.. We also went to the KC show on Friday, and Nicky had seen her in Omaha on the DDI tour. But wow, what a difference between the two shows. There were things about each that I like better than the other.. First of all I must say that I was a bit disappointed in the Omaha crowd, I sooo wanted to sand up during the show as we did in KC, it gives me an opportunity to dance, and just get so much more *into* the show. You know? But that wasn't gonna happen, I just got dirty looks when I would leap from my seat after a song and attempt to remain standing into the next one. At this show I liked that we were siting much closer (row A) and had a GREAT view of Tori. At the KC show the lights were blinding us, and the smoke was hiding her. I must say though that I have never had a cooler feeling than when my body was washed in goose bumps when she started playing "Hey Jupiter" at the KC show, and "Jackie's Strength" too, both of those were awesome and made the 3+ hour drive each way well worth it.

Nicky and I had arrived at the Orpheum at about 5 on Sunday to see if we could meet Tori before the show, and found out that the meet and greet was at 4:30, and we'd missed it. Nicky started to get upset, was near tears, and even when a car drove by and someone in the car said to her "hi Tori" thinking she was Tori, (what a compliment) she was still soo upset with me that I made her late.. I was busy working on the finishing touches of my pencil drawing of Tori that I brought to be signed, and Nicky was working on the crown we made for her with the words "Beauty Queen" spelled out on the front in red glitter. So we watched the show, and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when she played "Happy Phantom" I could have died. Nicky was contagiously freaking out. And Cruel and Spark were both phenomenal. And since we'd seen her show 2 days earlier, we didn't feel bad sneaking out before the encore to be first in line for the meet and greet. AND WE WERE!!!!

She looked so adorable as Betsy already said. I was just glowing. The security guard had come around before she came out and told us we couldn't move to let people up, because it'd just cause a big mess and a lot of pushing and shoving... It was so quiet when she came out, everyone was speechless. She signed some autographs, and talked with us in the front, Nicky was ECSTATIC, I don't think I've EVER seen her that happy. Tori talked with the woman next to me from Venezuela who met her Omahan husband over RDT, and she talked with a little girl no older than 7, named Jovin, who was also up front. I met some really cool people waiting in line there for her. It was way cute when the people gawking form across the street shouted in union "we love you Tori!" she mimicked their pleas, not quite under her breath, in a very little kiddish way. Similar to how when people shouted to her when she was talking to the audience at the KC concert she was all "Yeah, yeah, yeah." She just amazes me. I still can't get over that I met her, and I have this beautiful drawing of her on my dorm room wall right now with her autograph in the corner... Wow!!!

From Ami

September 2, 1998 - hi mike.... i never thought i would post a review---but the omaha concert was so amazing i can hardly refrain..... anywho--it was my 7th concert.....but second for the cgh tour......the first being the rosemont...and it was fab. i have to admit---i was not thrilled with the chicago concert, probably due to the HUGE space and CRAPPY seats! but the orpheum show was too perfect for words....everyone else has already said it.... but i just wanted to add....i thought the devlins were groovy. i definitely was not impressed in chicago---but i thought the sound system sucked from where i was i was HAPPILY surprised to hear them in a smaller setting..... anywhoo.....that's all for me. I am jealous of all who met her. i did not want to fight the crowds....crapola. and is anyone else still seeing spots from those blinding white lights??? :) ami

From Betsy

August 31, 1998 - This was my third time seeing Tori perform, the first two being on the DDI tour. As other people have pretty much summed up the rest of the show, I'll just add my experiences. My husband and I arrived at the Orpheum at 2:00pm for the pre-show meet and greet. After waiting two and a half hours, Tori finally came out. I wasn't close enough to talk to her, but I got some EXCELLENT pictures. If I can get my scanner to work, I will send them for your EWF photo page. Anyway, I just wanted to clarify for a few of the people who gave reviews and were upset that the people in the front wouldn't leave and let the people in back get up close. Tori's bodyguards have the strict policy that no one in the front is allowed to leave, because it would cause too much pushing and shoving. So it wasn't selfishness on the fans' part; that's just the way it works.

The previous times I saw Tori I had horrible seats, so it was to my absolute delight to have 6th row seats this time around. I was nervous about seeing her with a full band, but I was very impressed. Tori is great at the solo acoustic stuff, but this show really showed me that she can kick some serious butt! And, I just have to mention that I was blown away by the drumming ability of Matt Chamberlain. A very gifted musican, indeed.

I was a little disappointed that the show was shorter than her shows on the DDI tour. However, I was very satisfied by this concert. Even though I had to miss "Sister Janet" and "Tear in Your Hand" so I could get in line for the post-show meet and greet..........which brings me to my other delight of the night.

I got to meet Tori for the first time. After coming so close before the show, I was damned if I was going to let the opportunity go by again. When she came out, she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing an orange T-shirt with overall jeans. She looked so cute! Before I knew it, she was standing right in front of me, looking into my eyes and waiting for me to say something. I was flabbergasted! I wish I had been able to get a photo with her, but the bodyguards weren't letting ANYONE take photos, as they were in a real hurry. But, I will never forget that night. Defnintely the best concert I've seen in a long time.

From Ookami

August 31, 1998 - The concert was really good and was my first Tori Amos concert. Before going... I was concerned about the larger venue as many had expressed this in the newsgroup. And I believe what most say is true, I found the larger venue a pain. I ended up sitting in the balcony above the floor seating but below the upper balcony tucked into the right corner kind of in between like the meat in a big sandwich. The venue itself was nice an old theatre compared to newer venues I'd been to in the past or clubs for other performers. Its just there were a TON of people, some dressed up (wasn't expecting that!) and some casual... myself casual. The Devlins went on... I wasn't to interested with their music but more what they said to the crowd like "we're from Ireland, its our first time in Nebraska" and something about the guy fixing up his guitar?... etc. When Tori took stage everyone went wild myself included... she and the band did a long intro to Precious Things which was cool... The first four songs were really really good as I knew them well.. a few variations I noticed between the albums and her live performance but it was ok. I once saw her pause? for about a second in one of the songs (I forgot which one) in between keyboard and piano not sure if she missed anything as it all went well anyways. The two songs after the first four were kind of mellow I found it a good time to move my head >from staring in the same position after looking between heads. I saw a few other people doing it too. Then Happy Phantom came on ... I wasn't expecting her to play it... I found it quite refreshing... the next song Twinkle was ok.. her comments before the song were really funny (and I didn't expect her to say what she said) The rest of the songs were great after that... a few people dancing to Raspberry Swirl (mainly from my view point on the floor near the stage on the right side where everyone had to stand to see) After the concert I remembered she did Meet & Greets before & after and decided to wait around her tour bus. I made the bad mistake of standing in the street instead of behind the bicycle racks. Well also that and not being out earlier after the concert ended. So I stood at the front of the bicycle racks directly across from the Hotel.. only it was to far back (some of us assumed she would maybe come around the corner) but that never happened. All the people that were close to the tour bus stood where they were probably because people would hand up things to be signed and that they had to get back. I only saw two people leave about 2 minutes before she left? I only saw her once from around the corner but didn't have time to take a picture. As nobody said anything about her being there until the time I saw her around the corner. There were quite a few people hanging around but if she had stayed for all of us she wouldn't have been done til like midnight or after. So I understood she had to go... All in all it was a good concert. Maybe someday she'll play here in Lincoln in I believe a smaller venue.

From Corrie

August 31, 1998 - The August 30th Omaha, NE show was soooo incredibly amazing!!! It was my first Tori show and the best night of my life!

Me & my 2 friends arrived there around 3.15 to catch the meet & greet. After waiting a little over an hour, trying to deal with the chlosterphobia (my friend almost passed out, she had to go sit down), Tori came out. I was so incredibly nervous. She talked to a bunch of the people infront (we were about in the middle), and I took a few pictures. Things were a bit hectic and getting an autograph didn't look hopeful. But low and behold all of the sudden my friend and I got a clear view of Tori...she said hi to us and signed out CDs! My Winter single now has Tori's beautiful markings on it! My friend had to tell Tori my name because I was so friggin nervous. I'm sure everyone's first time actually speaking to Tori was an absolute shock. Well, it was for me.

About 6 o'clock we decided we should better go over to the Orpheum, the opened the doors at 6.30. Of course I had to by a bunch of t-shirts and stuff! The Devlins were great but I couldn't wait for them to leave and Tori to come on.

When she did, I lost it. Unlike my 2 semi-toriphile friends, I knew every word to every song. It was unfortunate to the people around me but oh well! *LoL* I started spazzing when she played Happy Phantom. It was so beautiful!

After cheering and screaming for her to return for the first encore, I was full of energy. Talula started and I had a huge grin on my face. Then I heard this upbeat techno-like music and was like "YES! Raspberry Swirl!" Seems the people in my croud weren't to enthusiastic and I thought, "Screw it!" I threw my stuff down and got up and danced like I've never danced before. Eventually everyone around me had to stand up. *LoL*

I think the biggest surprise of the evening was hearing Twinkle. I was trying so hard not to cry. This being my first Tori concert, I know nothing will ever top it. I spent like 300 dollars on this concert all together, but every penny was worth it. I'm going to try to go again before the tour ends.

From Dustin

August 31, 1998 - What a fabulous show -- definitely on a whole new level of performance for Tori and uncomparable to previous tours....

To set the stage, I thought that it would be good for my little brother, Kyle, to see Tori live so I bought him a plane ticket, a concert ticket, and a bunch of other goodies. For a 12 year old, he has a lot of trouble with being picked on and such, so her show might be a bit of encouragement.

We arrived at the Meet and Greet around 3:00 pm and waited for over 90 minutes for Tori to come out. By time 4:30 rolled around there were almost 70 people waiting outside to meet Tori. She came out for about 15 minutes, wearing black pants and a blueish-grey tank top. She signed some autographs and went back inside. People weren't as courteous at this M&G, after getting to the front, they stayed there. Kyle was a bit disappointed, but I promised him we would try after the show. He really wanted to meet her. We took several pictures and waited for the show to start.

The Devlins were excellent! I really enjoyed their style and the way that they brought a unity to the stage.

When 9:00 finally rolled around, Tori and company took the stage, and they took it to a level that it had never been before.

Set List:

Precious Things
Doughnut Song
Liquid Diamonds
Happy Phantom (solo)
Twinkle (solo)
Purple People

Raspberry Swirl

Second Encore:
Sister Janet (solo)
Tear In My Hand


I was truly amazed at how much the songs on the previous albums changed for the ensemble play, especially God and Waitress. They were SOOOOOO powerful!!!!

Siren was AWESOME! I love this song and when she started it I couldn't keep still in my seat. Kyle's eyes got so big when she played this one -- I think he was amazed at her versatility on the stage with all the musicians and multiple keyboards.

There was a short piano solo during iieee that lasted about 30 seconds, I was not familiar with it from any other song -- perhaps it was improvised?

Happy Phantom was a request from someone in the audience, as Tori informed us (this was the first "conversation" with the audience)

After Happy Phantom, Tori told us a little story. She told about how there were two other girls and her, and how two of them wanted to kill the other one (metaphorically?). She said: "Boys, you gotta know that all girls are cunts! (Laughter from the audience) and boys, you DON'T want to know what we say about YOU! (More laughter from the audience)" She then told this story about a "dike she met at an Abbey" and how "she made perfect sense." After she finished the story, she began Twinkle.

Waitress was very emotionally intense for the audience as well as visually intense on Tori. She was very moved during this piece as her grrrrrrrrls seemed to take over and play with her.

The crowd went nuts and the first encore began -- it sounded like she was going to start Sweet Dreams, as she sang that phrase several times, but then broke into Talula -- FABULOUS!!!! Raspberry Swirl followed and EVERYONE was on their feet dancing and moving as the music told them.

The second encore was equally powerful with Sister Janet and Tear In My Hand -- all the ladies I went with were in tears.

As we cleared the Orpheum, a different version of Raspberry Swirl was playing overhead -- perhaps an indication that the R.S. single may come out?

The post-show M&G was just as chaotic at the pre-show M&G and I was not successful at getting Kyle to the front to meet Tori. Maybe next time...

Overall, I really enjoyed her performance and look forward to the next one!

From Mike Lopez

August 31, 1998 - hello Mike. Been an avid reader of your page. Thanks for informing me of the Omaha show. I was able to check it out while I passed thorugh town. My first Tori concert ever even though I've been a loyal listener ever since the Little Earthquakes days. Here is a partial set list.

She played 15 songs.

1. Precious Things
2. God
3. Northern Lad
4. Iiee
5. Liquid Diamonds
6. Happy Phantom
7. Twinkle
9. A line in this song is "Wishing she could be as loved as she . . ."
10. Cruel
11. Spark
12. The Waitress
First Encore
13. Talula
14. Raspberry Swirl
Second Encore
15. Marianne
16. Tear In Your Hand

The concert was incredible. She was was totally electric. I was incredibly impressed and overwhelmed by the power of her presentation.

Mike later added this to his review:

I read the recent update. I'll defer to Dustin on number the identity of song number three. I know him and if it is his favorite song, then he's got to know that it was Siren, I would think. I was not 100% sure it was Northern Lad and I just went to the Atlantic web site and listened to a smaple of Siren and it sounds a lot like the song last night.

And, I will defer to Dustin on Sister Janet, too. I just went to a real audio site and took a listen and it is definitely the song that played. "Sweet Marion" is what she said and that threw me off. Sorry for the confusion.

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