North American Plugged '98 Tour
St. Louis, MO
August 26, 1998

Updated April 3, 2001

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Tori performed in St. Louis, MO on August 26, 1998 at the Riverport Amphitheatre during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Leather, Silent All These Years and Graveyard solo. Thanks to Carole for emailing me the set list.

Precious Things
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl
Doughnut Song
Liquid Diamonds
Leather (solo)
Silent All These Years (solo)
Jackie's Strength
Little Earthquakes
Graveyard (solo)
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


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From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Added to the Dent on April 3, 2001 - Jill L. sent me a review of this concert that appeared in the August 28, 1998 edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

August 28, 1998, Friday, FIVE STAR LIFT EDITION



BYLINE: Kevin C. Johnson

From the moment the dark curtain fell away from the Riverport Amphitheatre stage Wednesday night to reveal a set decorated with spinning mirrored disco balls, it was clear this would be a different kind of Tori Amos concert.

Over the course of four albums and several tours, Amos gained a reputation for making music that was both quiet and precious, even fragile. She never really needed anything more than her piano and that unusually breathy voice of hers. But for her latest album "from the choirgirl hotel" and the accompanying tour, she reinvented herself again (you mean you don't remember her flop '80s rock band Y Kant Tori Read?). She's rocking out again, only this time she's doing it well.

The move has been a good one, based not only on impressive sales and reviews for "from the choirgirl hotel," but from her well-executed concert.

Riverport Amphitheatre seems like an incredibly daunting place for an artist with Amos' special skills, which beg for some level of intimacy for these highly personal songs. A venue no larger than the Fox Theatre would seem more her style. But now that she has Jon Evans on bass, Steve Caton on guitar and Matt Chamberlin on drums, she's armed and ready to rock 'n' roll with the best of them.

Her show Wednesday night was explosive, a word probably not often used to describe Amos in concert in the past. She and the fellows brought a new and different light to older tunes such as "Caught a Lite Sneeze," "God," and "Cornflake Girl." Fleshed out in this unfamiliar context, the songs carried a sense of urgency sometimes missing from Amos' softer songs without overpowering her piano prowess, which remains an incredible experience.

For fans who still needed some of the tender Tori, she provided some of that during a brief segment when she performed what she described as her "special" songs, which included "Silent All These Years" from 1991's "Little Earthquakes."

If there were any drawbacks to her new style, it was that her quirky voice wasn't always as front and center as it usually is. Amos' vocals, often a series of yodels, yelps, whispers and purrs, couldn't be heard as distinctly as some fans probably would have liked. And her chatterbox ways have quieted, as she now goes from song to song with little or no conversation.

One cute sidenote: a "South Park" Kenny doll sat on top of a monitor all night, and when Amos strolled out onstage for her first encore, she cradled the doll and rocked him back and forth.

The Irish band the Devlins, whose newest album is "Waiting," opened the concert with a reassuring blend of pop-rock tunes such as "Surrender" and "Heaven's Wall." Though lead singer Colin Devlin's attempt at stage patter seemed awkward, the band left a favorable impression.

From Lisa Case

September 12, 1998 - Lisa has placed her story about this day on her web site. Check it out and take a look at her meet & greet photos!

From David Wells

August 30, 1998 - We traveled from St. Paul, Minnesota to see Tori in both Nashville and St. Louis (on the next day). I just read your review of the Nashville show on your site, and agree with your comments. Know what-- the St. Louis show was even better than the Nashville show, it was absolutely perfect. Outdoors on a beautiful night, Tori was having fun. She sang a song that Pamela requested at the meet & greet, Jackie's Strength. We got to speak with her and get autographs, it was an experience we will never forget.

From JB Bridge (posted to the newsgroup)

August 29, 1998 - I'm finally home after tonight's concert in St. Louis, and I'm still reeling! Everything tonight was perfect, and that says a lot considering this was at Riverport Amplitheatre. Every other concert I've attended there has been hellacious from the nazi security to the drunken fans to the hour and a half wait to get out of the parking lot after the show! Tonight was different: the venue security were very accomodating letting the first two rows stand at the edge of the stage and arranging a well ordered pre-show meet&greet, the crowd (at least the ones around me) were not a bit obnoxious, and it didn't take long to exit afterwards (mainly because no lawn seats were sold - at Tori's request).

there were about 30 of us at the afternoon meet&greet. We were waiting by the side entrance of the venue, but security had us move to the front gate assuring us that the meet&greet will be there. The barricades were already in place there, and after a while, Steve rode up on a golf cart with bottled water (thanks much!) and made sure we knew the rules of the meet & greet. after a while, Joel drove Tori up to the front gate and she got to speak to most of us and posed for pics. she was sharing with us a story about how she doesn't get excited about meeting rock stars but that she's facinated with figure skaters! She acted out how "geeky" she was when she got to meet Peggy Flemming (or was it Dorothy Hamill?) and also shared a conversation she had with Michelle Kwan - Tori commented to her that she needed to "get her parents off her back when she skates" to which Michelle wholeheartily agreed. She commented how nice it was to play in an outdoor venue for a change, and she had glowing comments on the Chicago shows when I mentioned that I saw her there both times this year. She asked me what I wanted to hear tonight, and I put in "Little Earthquakes". other requests she had written on her hand were "Jackie's Strength", "Purple People" and "The Wrong Band". this was the fourth time I met Tori, and I was still tongue tied and awestruck, but it was a very pleasant experience.

after meeting with more friends for dinner, we came back for the show. Aimee, Robert the Lurker, one of his friends and I were in the 4th row dead center! these were the best seats I ever had for a Tori show and the first time I was on the "floor". I got to catch The Devlins this time, and I did enjoy their performances. A few of their songs I did take notice, and I also like the sound they had.

after a 45 minute wait that seemed like eternity, the house lights went down, the curtain was dropped, and the magic began. On the stage with Caton, Matt and John were Kenny and Cartman plush dolls (from South Park). Kenny was on top of Caton's gear and Cartman was at the drum riser with Matt. Then Tori makes her grand entrance, and the place explodes with screams and cheers! Most everyone remained standing throughout the show!

Tori was wearing a gray mid sleeve top, parachute pants and a sparkly apron and black high heeled pumps. she looked like she was part fairie and part housewife with the sparkly apron. she was gorgeous! and after being a fan for 6 years, it was great to finally get a chance to see her perform so close! and, yeah, call me really geeky for bringing binoculars up that close, but with them it was like standing right beside her, though I didn't need to use them that much tonight! :)

the setlist & various comments......

played on the piano with the band. The harpiscord version was great, but this was so much better! The piano notes that rang out on this really gave it a whole new dimension (reminding me a lot of "Tubular Bells"), and the band kept this very true in structure to the original recording.

(intro of band members - her "brothers")

CORNFLAKE GIRL (with the improvised solo intro)
Tori was doing her James Brown - going "OW!!" at certain points of the song

(story about a ghost who visited Tori as she was finishing Boys For Pele and how the ghost inspired "Doughnut" to come out....)

the bridge ('somethings just keeping you numb") is finally done live with the background vocal ("you can tell me it's over") sung over and over before the final verse.


(secret time)


(a moth lands on the piano keyboard, and Tori tries to swoosh it off cause it's on a key she needs to hit. after a few seconds the moth flutters off.)

SILENT ALL THESE YEARS (requested by a letter she received backstage)

(band returns)

for the first time, I notice Tori clutching her stomach everytime she sang "why does there gotta be a sacrifice?" i hadn't quite thought of that line in terms of the miscarriage until now.

my request! very true to the original. this is the song that made me a fan when I first heard it 6 years ago! The line "give me life, give me pain, give me myself again" has so much significance to me personally lately. Tonight, it became my prayer! I've never cried so much in such a long time! It felt like being born again!

Graveyard is prolly one of the most obsure of b-sides, and it was a treat to hear this one tonight. it served as a bridge from the spiritual "Little Earthquakes" to the powerful "Waitress" which must have been almost 10 minutes long. She really stretched out this one. it was almost as if she didn't want to stop, and I would not have cared if she didn't!


(as Tori enters the stage, she grabs Kenny off Caton's gear and pretends to breast feed him)

GOD (with an improvised solo intro)


much more subdued that I expected, but still great!

a perfect way to end the night. the show certainly had it's rocking moments, but tonight definatly had a more slow, intimate grove. A much more appropriate closer than "Horses"! Very cool lighting effects with the disco balls! and "lord of the flies" is apparantly NOT a typo, cause that's how she sang it tonight.

Tori was ON tonight! A very polished and powerful performance! So much has changed in my way of thinking (and feeling) since the club tour. back then it was quite a bit of an adjustmant to see her with a band - i wasn't used to it. Now it's really hard for me to imagine her without the band. I do adore the secret times we still share, but this band brings so much new life to the older material. Thank you Tori, Caton, Matt and John for making this one of the best concerts I've ever attended and the best Tori concert overall! See you in Kansas City in two days!

From Brian Hampton

August 28, 1998 - I have to share my experience of the St. Louis show with everyone. I arrived at the meet and greet at about 3:00, and met several really great people. I have never met Tori in person, so I was especially excited. It was miserably hot, but it was worth the wait and heat when Tori arrived. She was amazing...and very chatty with everyone. I managed to get up to the gate as Tori made her way toward me. I got an autograph, picture, and a hug. I was also able to give her a letter and poem that I had written to her. In the letter I just basically poured out my soul onto the paper, and I wrote a poem describing what her music has meant to me. I had also requested that she play Silent All These Years for me. That is the song that made me fall to my knees the first time I heard it and literally sob. It is also the song that has helped me heal from a lot of pain in my life. On the envelope I had written, "Please read this before you perform tonight!" She read this aloud when I handed it to her. Then she said, "Okay, I will". Somehow I knew in my heart that she would.

Tori talked with as many people as she could, and made her way back to her golf cart and rode away for the sound check.

The show was most fantastic. She opened, of course, wiht "Precious Things". I was blown away...the intensity and passion was awesome. She followed wiht Spark, Caught a Lite Sneeze, and several others. They were all amazing.

Next, she dismissed the band, and told us this was the part of the show where she played songs for people, if she wasn't being a bitch! She played "Leather" first. Then came the moment that will forever change my life. Tori said, "So, I got a letter from this sweet lad today. And, you guys know I get a lot of letters, but this one really touched me. My heart nearly stopped. After she managed to get a "critter" off her keys, I heard those first few unmistakable notes of SATY. My first reaction was to leap out of my chair and scream "THANK YOU!!!!" I literally fell back down in my seat and then the tears came. I was hearing her sing this song and it was the most beautiful thing my ears had ever heard. Then, the fact that she was playing it for me made the tears come faster. I was taken back three years when I had first heard Tori, and it was this song that she was playing. I was Silent then, but now I am not....and, it is largely due to her. So, this song means even more to me today than it did when I first heard it. She finished the song, but my tears didn't stop so easily. I couldn't believe what had just some small way, I was able to Thank the single most influential person in my life....and, she in turn did something for me that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life. I love her dearly...THANK YOU TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Jill L.

August 28, 1998 - Hi,everybody! Tori played an *amazing* show in st louis last nite at Riverport Amphitheater. Here is the set list (along with a few of my own comments and some attempts to remember what she said in between songs):

Precious Things :)
("its so nice to be playing outside......" and some remark about how she
was "sweating like a pig")
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Improv/Cornflake Girl
(the improv sounded beautiful, slow, a little jazzy i guess...the
lyrics were something about 'you think you know her'...'you bet
your life itis, you bet to christ it is...')
Donut Song (with a little comment b4 it about how this song was
recorded last for boys for pele. she showed up and said "i
need to go" :)
Liquid Diamonds

("ok, you guys go away now [referring to the band]. sometimes people ask
me to play these songs for them and sometimes i do, when i'm not being a
(a comment about how a boy wrote her a letter and it really touched her,
so i guess this was for him...)
Silent All These Years

Jackie's Strength
Little Earthquakes
Graveyard (wow, wow, wow!!!!)
Waitress (a very powerful, very extended version)

*****First Encore*******
She's Your Cocaine
Impov/God (sorry, dont remember how the improv went...)

*****Second Encore******
Pandora's Aquarium

we got to the show about 3 hours early and had the good fortune of being able to hear probably a good deal of the soundcheck from outside the gate. we heard Donut Song, Purple People!!!!! :), Caught a Lite Sneeze-which they practiced for a pretty long time, Honey, and Sweet Dreams.

She did a meet and greet after the show, i think. We stood outside in the crowd for a while, but were so far back that there was no way we would even get to see her, much less give her a hug or get to ask for an autograph, so we skipped out on that...hope we didnt miss anything :) i am still just kind of walking around in a daze. if you have the chance to see her, do it! :)

From Courtney Bean

August 28, 1998 - SOUNDCHECK
donut song
purple people
caught a lite sneeze
sweet dreams
(possibly more before donut song that i didn't hear)

precious things
cornflake girl
donut song
liquid diamonds
silent all these years-solo
jackie's strength
little earthquakes

she's your cocaine

pandora's aquarium

this was my first tori concert, and i did the whole meet and greet show up at 12:30 in the afternoon and get a sunburned nose thing, and she was wonderful.

i think that she had on the coolest pair of shoes ever! the highlights were (in my opinion) waitress, she's your cocaine, graveyard, and cornflake girl, but the whole show was wonderful. her voice was great even if she did confess to having a bit of a hangover :) and the only songs that i felt lacked some energy were siren and pandora, but hey who am I to complain, i had fabulous seats (third row yes i did luck out) and she signed my UtP book so i'm thrilled. she had on this marvelous pink sequined apron thingie over a conservative gray outfit and black boots. she look so pretty, it was great.

From The Good Faerie (Allen Graham)

August 28, 1998 - At many concerts, you can find an entire motley of people in attendance. At festivals people wear costumes, bras and cut-offs, etc. The Tori Amos concert experience is totally different. You have all kinds of people that all have one connection: Tori. The people at her concerts(for the most part) are very open, pleasant, and all around great people. The past St. Louis show was my first ever Tori concert and it definitely won't be the last.

The opening band, The Devlins, were more than a complete bore. I don't have anything against there music at all, but I mean Madonna could have opened this show and I still would have desperately wanted her to leave the stage as quickly as possible.

After what seemed an eternity, The Devlins finished their set and we started what seemed to be a second eternity, waiting for Tori and her wonderful band members to take the stage. The curtain finally lifted and we were all in for something very big.

The band started playing music loudly and beautifully. At this moment I was scared of the fact that Tori and her piano would be drowned out by the ear blasting guitar, bass, and drums.

Soon after my fears were blasted away by Tori's appearance and beautiful voice reaching for the heavens.


This is now one of my favorite songs. With the entire band, it gives you a great feeel of the song on the album and is made 100% better by being played live.



When Tori started to sing this song I was waiting for the part in the middle for the other music to stop so she could bang on the piano top with her hands and stretch out the note "Girl ZOOO-OOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOONE" Well, the note was kept short instead but still just as sweet.


At this point, a lot of people decided to get up and dance. This wouldn't have bothered me except the fact that the people who decided to dance were those people that wanted to be seen by other people. Desperate and starving for attention people. They liked to swing their arms in the air as much as possible and were asked repeatedly, to kindly sit down. They didn't but it wasn't all that big of a deal.


I was shocked as to hear this on the tour. I was expecting some older stuff, but for some reason this song never occured to me. But she has performed over 100 songs live so I am sure there are a lot of songs that never occcured to me.


I have had a hard time getting into this song on the album....until last night at the show. Tori did a very sensual dance at the beginning of this song and her voice couldn't have been better.

After this song, the band left for two solo performances.


A great song performed live last night. She captured all the sexuality you recieve from it on Little Earthquakes.


Wonderful! Absolutely a perfect performance on Tori's part. Kudos to Tori!!!

After what seemed too short a time alone with Tori, her band came back.


Beautifully sung with her angelic voice. The band did the back-up music very wonderfully and sounded 10 times better than the album version, which is one of my album favorites.


The lights during this song were very mesmerizing. Tori did another dance at this point. Moving her arms around reminding me of a Snake Charmer. The song was great and so was Tori.


I was very surprised to hear this song. I was not aware that she even performed this song live. I am not sure but it may have kind of been an intro for the next song.


WOW! This song has been re-worked and sounds more awesome than ever. The very short album version has been converted to about ten minutes of non-stop, half-improvised, haunting music. One of the two major highlights of the show for me.



When Tori came back out and the song had already been started, she decided to do a dance with the stuffed Kenny doll from South Park. She sang wonderfully with a metal edge to her voice. The panting at the end made all the more wonderful.




One of my all time favorites of Tori's. To hear it live was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. But, it wasn't the best part. The best was still to come in the closing number.


I was so happy to hear that the song had been played a few times before on the tour and was literally praying that I would hear it. When those first words escaped her lips I was in a wonderful state of awe. The disco balls and lights were circling the venue and her voice seemed to fly to us from another demension. The best song performed that evening and the highlight of the show, IMHO.

The show could not have been a better experience for me. Don't get me wron, I would still love to hear her with just the piano, but the band addd a great touch to the performance. A night to remember and the experience of a lifetime. BRAVO!!!! BRAVO!!!!

From Melanie Celeste Bursey

August 28, 1998 - thought it was a great show - i'd only seen tori on her under the pink tour and so this was really a switch. i wasn't sure how well i would like the whole "plugged" concept but i loved it. the live music really added to songs like the waitress and precious things and, i think, improved them over the prerecorded background music she had on previous tours.

the band also added a tremendous amount of energy to the whole show. i didn't have any real complaints except that tori seemed to be singing in a funky babyish voice much of the time and didn't "let it rip" vocally as much as she can. my friends wished that she had done more "unplugged" type songs - she only did 2 actually, weather and silent all these years - and they complained that you couldn't really hear the piano over the band.

still, a great show and one of the best concerts i've seen - tori keeps getting better and better!

From Joni P.

August 28, 1998 - I Went to my 5th tori concert last night and i was totally blown away. I was Really worried about the whole "band" thing. I mean don't get me wrong I love ftcgh. At this time it is probably my favorite album. But in st. Louis Where i live her concert was outside and i was so worried that would ruin the Intimacy. No way!!!!!!! It was the most incredible concert i have seen in my Life and i am 28 years old and have seen a lot. Precious things was incredible. I really don't think there is a word to describe her. Every note was perfect Even better than the record. She was wearing black pants and black high heel Shoe boots and a tee-shirt white a pink glittery apron thing on. Her hair was Curly. She was all over the stage dancing and singing and panting. Interacting With the audience telling us about the doughnut song and introducing her Brothers. She commented on how she loved being out side. At the end she sang Pandora and these glitter balls came down and these star lights were everyway. When she sang iieellee i lost it she was improvising saying "i know you Understand how i feel my little girl" tears were running down my face. I Had shivers all over my body. I cant even describe how i was feeling. It was Sort of like being at home and in space all at once. I just couldn't believe i Was sitting there seeing and hearing what i was. My heart is pounding just Thinking about it. I cant remember the exact set list but there were two songs That i didn't recognize. Precios things corn flake girl caught a light sneeze Silent all these years leather pandora waitress iieellee (my favorite) doughnut Song jackies strength liquid diamonds little earthquake spark god these are the Ones i remember. But there was one really beautiful song that i didn't recognize Has anyone e-mailed you the song list. Do you know what song it is? Oh she also Did she's your cocainw. And i am sure there are a few i have forgot.

From Jim Garrison

August 28, 1998 - It's a little past 2AM and I've just returned home >from a wonderful Tori concert here in St. Louis I've been feeling severe Dent withdrawal for the past several days along with your many other friends. I felt so strongly -- apparently -- that I made my own dent after the show on the way out to the Interstate. Yes, I plowed my Dodge Stratus into the back of a large SUV -- needless to say, the dents I made were to my own car (minor paint damage to the Jimmy, driven my a very nice woman who let me use her cell phone to call AAA to get a tow). At least a couple drivers behind me were feeling similar feelings of dent withdrawal as they followed my lead in our 4-car crack-up. Everyone's unhurt, just dented. And now, indebted. I'd give you the set list but I always get the order mixed up. Suffice to say, she performed songs from all four albums, the production was beautiful and enhanced my enjoyment of the performance.

Dear Mike, After looking at some setlists from earlier concerts I would like to let you know that Tori performed a beautiful solo rendition of Silent All These Years in St. Louis tonight. She introduced the song saying that she was playing it in response to a boy whose letter she had received and had "touched my heart."

From Jo Wagner

August 28, 1998 - Just got in from the Tori show. It was my first, and it was everything I hoped and more. Here is what I can remember from the set list:

Precious Things: when she came out, i almost started crying, i was so moved. the crowd's reaction...everything. wow. this song was incredibe.


Caught A Lite Sneeze: i was the only one in my section screaming when i recognized this song. everyone looked at me funny, but i was so happpy to hear this song!!!

-she introduced the band here, and said something about liking being outside.

Cornflake Girl: i like the new intro...during this some weird guy got in the aisle in front of where i was sitting, and started jumping around, until the ushers told him to sit down. i think he forgot he wasn't at a beastie boys concert...

Doughnut Song: she talked about this song at the beginning, something about recording it, or being done with the album, and going back and doing this, i think, but i couldn't hear due to some VERY RUDE PEOPLE sitting near me.

Liquid Diamonds

Leather (solo): she said it was time for the boys to go away, and then said something about when she felt like being a bitch...i couldn't really hear what she was saying...

Silent All These Years (solo): before she sang this, she started talking about a letter she had received from a very nice boy. she said that she received a lot of nice letters... anyway, she didn't finish, because the realized there was a "critter" (as she called it!) on one of her piano keys. she started talking to it, and it was so cute!! she said, "shoo! shoo! you can't stay there, i have to go there!" and kept hitting the key. it was so funny to see her talk to this little bug! when she started singing, she had me in a trance. and the lights....the nice mix of white and purple shining right on her made her look angelic. it was simply incredible.

Jackie's Strength


Little Earthquakes: i love this song, and was very happy to hear it!!! The Waitress: i REALLY like this new version!!!

1st encore:

She's Your Cocaine: when she came out, she did a little dance, and picked up something orange (which i assume was Kenny, but i really couldn't see), and started dancing with it. really cute!

God: another new, slow intro that i really like.

2nd encore:

???Siren???: i have never heard this song before in my life, but siren is going to be the guess i make.

Pandora's Aquarium: i was soooo happy she didn't play horses, and it was nice to hear this song.

overall, it was a great show. she had on a tight grey shirt, and a white sparkly apron-dress. she looked really cute. i had very good seats, considering i didn't reserve seats until 10am this morning. i ended up with row AA left center. VERY GOOD seats! and thank you to the nice man who offered me two free tickets outside the front gate!!! =) i spent a total of $62 on 2 shirts, and the neckalce. but it was wrth it. anyway, i am very happy with my first tori show, and can't wait til friday to see her in KC again.

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