North American Plugged '98 Tour
Nashville, TN
August 25, 1998

Updated September 4, 1998

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Tori performed in Nashville, TN on August 25, 1998 at the Grand Ole Opry House during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Cooling and Baker Baker solo. I was there to record the set list.

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Playboy Mommy
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Cooling (solo)
Baker Baker (solo)
Bells For Her
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Sweet Dreams


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From Mikewhy

August 28, 1998 - Once again the meet and greet was an incredible experience because I got to speak to so many great Toriphiles. I drove from Louisville,KY to Nashville with my friends Stacey Russell, Charlie Poole, and J'ason. While there I got to meet so many people. (I won't name them here but you know who you are.) Everyone is so much fun to talk to and it is always great to look at people's scrapbooks and hear about their Tori experiences.

I was several rows of people behind at the meet & greet when Tori arrived, so I assumed I would not talk to her. But I am tall enough to watch as others meet her, and I always enjoy seeing that. Then at one point Tori actually spotted me in the crowd and said something like, "Hello Mike, how are you?" Then she sais, "I hear the site is down. The crew has been complaining because they can not get to the site." I was completely floored that she knew about my site problems. I briefly told her what was going on and said the site would be back by the weekend. Tori then said (and I am paraphrasing), "You didn't have dirty pictures on there, did you?" She was grinning as she said this! Then she mentioned Mr. Puppet. Mr. Puppet is literally a puppet that people see hanging outside the window of Tori's tour bus when it pulls away from the venue after the show. She said something like, "May he had nude pictures of Mr. Puppet back when he was younger." It was all so cool. The entire meet & greet was very relaxed, and her bodyguards Joel and Steve were very personable. It was extremely hot, but most of us are used to that by now. At one point Steve brought water out for people, which was really nice.

The concert itself was excellent and had a few surprises. However, this show made clear a difference of opinion between fans who prefer the older Tori shows and those who like to groove to the new show. With the band Tori's shows are actual rock concerts now, and they have a much different vibe than the older shows which were more contemplative affairs. I loved the old shows and I adore the new shows. They are different and equal things for me. Many and dare I say most Toriphiles have been impressed with how the band had worked out and they love the new "rock" feel to the new shows. However, not everyone feels that way and that caused some minor conflict at this concert.

The Grand Ole Opry (which is a great place too see a show) is a small venue with a somewhat large empty area between the edge of the stage and the first row seats. It became obvious after the Devlin's opening act that Tori's security was going to allow people to stand in front of the stage during the concert. For some people who wished to sit during the show this did not go over well at all. There were a few tense moments where certain folks in the audience were chanting, "Sit Down" to the people up front.

Some people still view Tori's shows as an experience where you sit there and savor the moment. I will admit that I held that view myself before this tour and there are still times when i would prefer to sit (because I am older and my feet hurt a lot!) However, the very dynamics of Tori's shows have changed with this tour. Someone once complained about standing/dancing people to one of her bodyguards, who replied that her show is now a rock concert and people have the right to stand and boogie if they want. Tori obviously shares this view, and she enjoys having people up front to give her energy and feedback during the show. This was made very obvious during this show. When the show first started there were a few chants of "sit down" from the audience when the band members first took the stage and started playing. That was quickly drowned out by the music. Then, when Tori paused to introduce the band, there were more isolated chants of "sit down" which Tori dismissed with her hand saying something like, "Yeah, yeah." She seemed a little perturbed by it. Later, I think during the beginning of her solo time, someone yelled, "Make them sit down Tori." Tori immediately replied, "I can't do that honey. They have ants in their pants....let them wiggle."

I have come to really enjoy the energy of her "rock show" and Tori certainly has all the right in the world to allow the audience to boogie up front. Tori is a dynamic and ever-changing performer. Learning to adapt and experiment are crucial elements of being a Tori fan. I think the vast majority of the crowd did adapt and had a great time. I did have strong concern about some of the handicapped people in the audience, but it appeared that many of them were all taken to the front so they can see. I think as long as that is done, and that we in the audience do what we can to support one another, this can be an awesome experience. I am sad however that some of the shorter people were unable to see during the concert. I wish I knew of a solution to this.

The show itself was extremely enjoyable. I just love what Tori does are the start of every show. As the band plays the musical intro to Precious Things, Tori strolls on stage, goes to the very front of the stage in the center, and then crouches down holding her arms out to the crowd. I have always found that to be such a graceful and marvelous gesture.

Before introducing the band Tori mentioned that there were so many people here that night that she had not seen in a while and that it was special for her. I am rather sad that a few people were chanting "sit down" during a few moments early in the show. Having an opinion is one thing, but you should not disturb the vibe of Tori's show to express that. (Fortunately, the majority of the audience was supportive and after told the people to let them "wiggle" there were no more problems.) At another point someone shouted a more positive "I love you to Tori" and she basically blew a kiss to him that was really cute.

Cornflake Girl did not feature the slow, improvisational introduction that has been common at previous concerts. Playboy Mommy really grabbed me that night. I loved Jon's extended bass intro at the beginning, and their is such a sadness and quiet dignity to this song.

Cooling was touching as it always is. She told the audience that this was one of her favorites, and her favorites have a way of not making it on the albums. The verse that includes the line "is your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses" is one of the most brilliantly written pieces I have ever heard. Tori really stared intensely into the crowd here. Her eyes were sparkling.

Bells For Her was a surprise and was extremely effective with the band. I really love this song on the piano. Cruel was yummy as it always is. I love all the hand movements and the way Tori folds her arms both in front and behind her. Her facial expressions during the song are priceless. The Waitress was cool as usual, but not as intense as some of the previous shows I have seen.

Raspberry Swirl is a song you have to experience live. The lights are insane on this number, and the deely boppers (and I have no idea if I am spelling that right) that drummer Matt Chamberlain wears when he begins this song are hilarious. On another song, Matt was wearing a cowboy hat as well! He seems to really be enjoying the tour, and the audience certainly enjoys him!

The first song of the second encore was Sweet Dreams, which in addition to being a complete surprise, but great fun. Tori came on stage with either sheet music or lyrics in her hand, and said that a "sweet girl" has been asking her many times for this song, and that she had been terrible in not doing it. But the band helped her learn it and she was going to try, though she might "fuck it up." Tori grinned a lot during the song, and was really enjoying herself during the song's final moments. I know who the song was sung for, and I am happy for her (Hi Lana!)

I can't wait for my next show, which I hope will be in California if I vacation there in September!

Richard Handal who was also at this show said the show began at 9:25PM and ended at 11:00PM. The main set ended at 10:36PM.

From Melissa

September 4, 1998 - The concert totally rocked. I to was at the concert in nashville and at first I was so excited because I was in the front row. My friend was in a wheel chair and our seats were ten times better than they were origanilly. I was a little angry because we couldn't see and my friend was "handicappable" but when we got in the front it was so awesome. I was hoping tori wouldn't make us sit down. I am sorry to all those people who couldn't see, but maybe next time you will remember to get up front. It was a great experience.

From Adam Kearney

September 3, 1998 - Hi. I was at the Aug 25 Nashville show, and I just wanted to throw my two-cents in.

I was one of many who were upset about the people rushing the stage. Don't misunderstand me: I personally think the new material is condusive to standing, dancing, etc. Tori rocks with a band backing her up. But the fact is that this show was promoted as being a seated event, and I feel like I have been lied to. For Tori to blatantly disregard the wishes of well over half the audience and the Grand Old Opry would be rude even if the show was sold as general admission. But for her to blithely dismiss these concerns when they are backed by the fact that these tickets were sold seat by seat, that many devoted fans showed up at Ticketmaster outlets hours before the tickets went on sale in the hope of getting good seats, that nearly everybody in the first ten rows or so couldn't see without standing on their seats (and were then told by the same security people who wouldn't move the people up front to get down despite the fact that they couldn't see), that people with physical disabilities were pretty much screwed over, and that the Grand Old Opry was forced to give over 100 refunds on tickets they had already sold because Tori wouldn't let them enforce their own house policies, because Tori wanted to let a few dozen very rude and inconsiderate people wiggle . . . for her to do this is frankly very painful to a devoted fan. It would have been almost bearable had she said nothing about it, but to act so flippantly when so many people there were so upset about it makes it so much worse. In almost any other situation I can think of, I would universally condemn someone who acted so inconsiderately.

And I don't think this is a question of "old Tori fans" vs. "new Tori fans." Like I said, I would really enjoy a show of the new stuff in a general admission environmnet. This isn't about that. This is about expectations being disregarded, people paying for something they didn't get, and Tori ignoring the venue's and the majority of the audience's wishes. If she wants to let people dance at her shows, she shouldn't play someplace like the Grand Old Opry, and she shouldn't sell seated tickets.

From Darla

September 2, 1998 - i was in a really bad car accident and broke my leg. so i was one of the unfortunate people to be in a wheel chair at the nashville concert at the grand ole opry. so i could bitch about it but i'm not cause i understand what it's like to have energy from the audience. so anyway...there are two factors plaguing me here. 3 toriphiles wheeled me up front so i could see and just turned around, patted me on the shoulder and said, enjoy the show. out of a crowd of selfish i found saints. i was fortunate. because not being able to stand, i could see. joel,steve, guys. come on. if you're gonna let them wiggle, it's called open pit. anyway..the show rocked. i got to give tori a book i've been working for a long time. shes as giving as it gets.

From Jennifer Dean

August 31, 1998 - Hey Mike. I'm so glad you're back! The reason I'm writing is in response to the whole rushing the stage situation at the Nashville show at The Grand Ole Opry. I had great seats, 6th row - the best I've ever had to a Tori show, so I was really excited! Anyways, after The Devlins played and people started gathering at the front of the stage, I thought for sure that security would make them sit down. But, as we all know they didn't. Anyways, I staying in my seat and it became evident that I was not going to be able to see well, so I ran up there too. I was not aware of the people in wheelchairs, and let me state that if I'd known, I wouldn't have gone up there. So, basically I wanted to apologize to those people who did not have the option of standing up. I only stayed in front of the stage for a couple of songs, because I knew it would sound better back at my seat. All of us down there were not aware of the problem of people in wheelchairs being able to see, so please don't think this was a malicious act.

From Lindsay Larimore

August 30, 1998 - How are you? I'm sorry but I couldn't find you at the concert in Nashville But I wanted to share my experience with you. This was my first concert ever and my husband and I had 2nd row seats I was so excited! Then the crowd started to gather at the stage I couldn't see anything sitting down and my husband is in a weelchair so there was no way I would stand if he couldn't. I was crushed, the one person I look to for strength I couldn't even see. We talked to her sercuirty they said Tori wanted it that way, she didn't like the fact that the stage was so far from the first row, she wanted to be able to play off the energy of her fans and she didn't want her fans to feel held back. My husband and I got to sit above the sound booth and afterwards we got backstage passes. Instead of meeting her in the Green Room with all the other fans with back stage passes Tori took us in her dressing room and we had 15 min alone with her. I still can't belive I met Tori Amos, talking with her felt like I knew her for years. She made me feel so good about myself and she really gave me hope for my own dreams. She is truly a very special person.

From Chris Cochran

August 29, 1998 - I went to Tori's show in Nashville this past Monday night. A very interesting show. I've never been to a Tori show quite this bizarre. See, it was at the Grand Old Opry, which is a country music house. All the biggies - Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire - they all perform there. And Nashville is such a country city.

Anyway, the fact that she played there was bizarre enough. We got tickets there - row E. That sounds like fifth row, but there were some double letter way up front, so it was about 10th row. Dead center - a great view. I had told my friend Mandy that if people rushed the stage at the beginning of the show, that I wanted to do that. She said ok, but didn't seem like she really cared. Well, long before the show started people started standing in front of the stage. I told Mandy that they would stay up there, but she didn't believe me. I asked some of the ushers there (who were really sweet little old ladies), if they were going to do anything about the people standing up front. She told me that the red coats (those ladies - they were in red coats) were told not to do anything about it, even though at most other Grand Old Opry shows, people aren't allowed to stand there - it was Tori's security that decided. Actually, she said the red coats were asked to leave, which seems kind of rude. So anyway, Tori's security wasn't doing anything, so I decided to walk up there. We were standing up there when some people started to notice that the people in wheelchairs who were behind the front section wouldn't be able to see anything with everyone standing in front of them. When we realized that, some people tried to spread the word, but some people who were right up front started saying "Bring them up here!" which was just ridiculous. We were really getting annoyed at those people, and at Tori's security. It was bringing out some mixed emotions. I don't care if I did want to stand at the stage and see Tori - I couldn't stand there in front of people in wheelchairs and feel good about myself. I actually felt embarassed to be associated with a crowd that would do that. Some pretty strong emotions.

It's the only Tori show I've been to where the crowd seemed absolutely divided in the middle and tried to get the people to sit down. People were chanting, "Sit down, sit down!" I tried to talk to a "red coat" to tell them about the people in wheelchairs. She told me to go in the front lobby to talk to one of Tori's guards. I did that, and another guy was already telling him the same thing. He told us - "Basically I've been told there are three options - join them, relocate, or offer a refund." I didn't understand what he meant by relocate, but it turns out he meant the wheelchairs. They were relocated to row R to see over the people standing in the front. Isn't that pathetic? I wish they would have let the Grand Old Opry staff do their job. They could have done a better job than Tori's crew.

Now - let me tell you Tori's response to all this. She came out and played:

Precious Things
i i e e e

Then as she started to introduce the band, people started chanting, "Sit down, sit down!" Tori looked up as though she was trying to understand what people were saying. I was very anxious to see how Tori would handle this. She's been known to control a crown on rare occasions, and here was an occasion to do the same for the benefit for the people in wheelchairs. Tori waved her hand and said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." And introduced the band and played Cornflake Girl.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed in her. She had the opportunity to do some discipline - and maybe that's the teacher in me talking. But I would have been really impressed for Tori to have said that she wouldn't even perform until everyone sat down. That way, you'd get what you paid for and the people in wheelchairs could have seen. I mean, I was actually disappointed in the Tori fans that night. They showed selfishness and lack of compassion. When you're dealing with people who aren't even fortunate enough to be able to stand up to see Tori perform, you make allowances. Simple as that - you make allowances.

Then she performed:

Cornflake Girl (without the intro - I was VERY disappointed about that.)

Playboy Mommy (best version I've heard)

Caught A Lite Sneeze (very nice)

Then the band left and she started to introduce secret time. Someone in the audience yelled out, "Make them sit down, Tori!" Tori said, "No, I can't do that honey. They've got ants in their pants - let 'em wiggle!" Some people laughed and applauded, but I felt like she was just blowing off a situation that she could have handled. I mean, it needs to be about the performance. And I felt like at this show, Tori got away from the performance and focused on the hype.

Plus, (Mandy didn't really feel this way), I felt like Tori could sense some negative energy in the crowd, and it came through in her performance. She put on an incredible show, don't get me wrong. Her performance was amazing, but instead of having fun, she seemed to be brooding, wondering what to think of the crowd. At least I thought so.

Cooling (this was wonderful)
Baker Baker (I'd never heard this live, and it was gorgeous. At the end, she
sang "if she's ok...if you see her say hi," instead of "him.")
Bells For Her (I was hoping for this. I didn't know what it was at first. It
is sooooo pretty - and she does the whole thing, too.)
The Waitress
Sugar (This was the best performance of the night, in my opinion. She kept it
going for a long time, and wailed out that last note several times.)
Raspberry Swirl
Sweet Dreams (This was fun. I think she had a sheet with the words.)

All in all, the performance was great. Don't get me wrong - I had great seats, and am glad that I went. It's just that with all the hoopla about the crowd, I was picking up some negative energy. And that's an odd feeling to pick up negative energy at a Tori show.

From melissa

August 29, 1998 - i dont think i can possibly put into words how special this day was for me. a couple of friends and i had planned to make this a special trip, i was finally getting to meet one of my dearest online friends so it was definitely going to be a wonderful experience.

we arrived somewhere between 12 and 1 for the meet and greet and i got to see many friends =). i know this numbering system has been really debated but it worked SO WELL. i cannot stress to people enough how well it worked there. everyone just relaxed and waited and there was nobody near the barricade until we lined up. everyone in line was really great (thanks to the guy with the newspaper article he let me read). it was the way Tori people are supposed to get along. really nice.

Tori finally came out and mike i just gotta say how THRILLED we all were for you when she mentioned your site. i know how you have been concerned in the past about protecting her privacy and things, and it just made me sooooo happy to hear her asking about it. you do such a great job, im glad you had that moment. =)

my boyfriend and i were #18 and #19 so we were in the 2nd row right behind 2 very good friends of mine (im glad we all ended up sort of together) and finally Tori got to our section, thanks to the courtesy of my friend letting me squeeze in there (im very short, heh). i gave her my LE music book which she signed. then i told her that i saw her in cincy and that i had written a letter to her asking for Baker Baker which she then played in Cleveland, however i wasnt at that show. she then said "well aren't i a CUNT". hahhhaahahahahahahahah. that was just perfect. then she wrote my song on her hand and i gave her a bag of fun bday presents. i was just happy to get my song on her hand. =)

now about this rushing the stage thing. i had about 12th row seats myself. i knew some of the people up front and they asked me to stay up there but i was ok with where i was. plus the sound is much better about 10 rows back and i wanted to hear (i later learned from them they couldnt hear lots of things, they didnt even know she had started spark until they saw her lips move, etc). my big concerns when the SIT DOWN SIT DOWN chants began was that (1) a fight was going to break out, (2) it was going to be a similar situation as the DDI show in vegas when they got no encores, or (3) those in wheelchairs wouldnt be able to see now. i dont have a problem with people being up front when its a pit show, but when theres seating i say sit where your tickets are and dance where you are. thats just the way i see it.

the show itself was incredible. i got a bunch of songs i had been wanting to hear, especially good bsides/slower ballady songs (i was disappointed in cincy's set list) of course the best moment of the night for me was after cooling, she starts improving on the piano and i had no idea what she was playing so i figured it must be some rare song i havent heard before. you can imagine my surprise when she started Baker Baker. she had many different requests to choose from and i just couldnt believe it. i have been waiting since Pink for that one and i just lost it. i would like to thank my boyfriend Tom for reminding me that i need to calm down a bit so i could actually hear and remember the song. ; ) it was as beautiful as i imagined it would be. absolutely gorgeous. i really hope every Tori fan gets to have a moment like that because its just amazing.

after the show we went out to barricade so i could thank her. the EVIL security tried to run us off but goodness prevailed in the form of Joel and Steve. i felt bad for those people who had left early for a good place, that just sucked. i ended up in the same place i started in ironically enough. i met ben-david (hi i see your review up there) and we had a nice chat. we waited extra long for her this time and she came out and i was at the opposite end of where she started. the most shocking thing happened then, Joel came over to where we were, and asked me if i would like a copy of the setlist, that just BLEW MY MIND. it was like ICING to get that list. i cannot thank him enough, that was so VERY SPECIAL to me. he got it signed for me as well, thank you so much Joel!!! He then told Tori they needed to get moving but i did get to thank her (i think he had something to do with that too, Joel rocks), so i thanked her, had a little moment with her, and then she was off.

a completely amazing experience for me, the show and all the festivities surrounding it. im still recovering.

From Cristina

August 29, 1998 - Hey Mike, Sorry I missed ya at the meet and greet (if there was one) but I had some school work to do. Anyway, I'm writing to vent my absolute anger at the people that found it to be perfectly acceptable to stand at the stage during the ENTIRE show. First, let's talk about the fact that there were three people in wheelchairs who (at the generosity of either ticket master or the opry) were given priority seating up front. Well, I guess the selfish assholes that rushed the stage decided that others with physical handicaps preventing them from standing to see the show didn't matter and would just have "to deal with it." The other point is that many others, like myself, called ticket master at 10 am back in June to get great seats for the show. See, we are not prone to that affliction known as procrastination. The assholes standing up front demonstrated the most inconsiderate actions I have ever witnessed before my very eyes. I was 7th row back (in legitimate seats) and could not see the stage. My friends and I had to go stand at the upper balcony to see the stage. After complaining to the ushers at the Opry, I was dismayed even more to learn that it was Tori and her concert promoters that okayed the behavior of those assholes. Opry was completely against it, but the performer and the promoter have the final say. I wonder if Tori knew that there were handicapped people up front that could not see because of the assholes that "had ants in their pants," as she so "cutely" stated. I am thoroughly disgusted at the behavior of those "fans" and the deicision by Tori and her promoters to allow them to stay up there when they did not even PAY for those "seats." That was NOT a general admission show. I wouldn't have minded standing for the show if EVERYONE was in their correct reserved area. If everyone would have stayed where they were supposed to be (even standing up), then there would not have been a problem seeing the stage. It is going to be a while before I can even listen to Tori's music again without getting fuming mad about what I experienced Tuesday night. I guess I have just grown beyond Tori and the average Tori fan in my consideration for others. My experience Tuesday night is making me reconsider (once again) a lot of illusions that I had about Tori and her fanbase. Maybe she should start rating her shows like they do for movies: for mature audiences with a conscience only.

From Ashley

August 28, 1998 - Aghhhh!!! my first Tori concert experience! I was so absolutely moved by her amaizing performance She played some of my favorite songs, especially Baker Baker and Cornflake Girl. Well, after the show we went around to the back of the theater and I met Tori!! We were right in the front row. My dream had come true and that made it the best day in my entire 16yr old existance.We waited for about 1 1/2 hrs. and then she finally emerged. Steve was really great to us too and got us water while we waited because it was soooo hot. Thanks Steve. Tori was absolutely beautiful. She was wearing that cute little flower shirt, overall jean shorts and keds. Oh, and that really pretty cross necklace. She also showed us her engagement and wedding rings. I was there with really great friends Ashley, Josh, and Greg(who also met Tori at the meet and greet). I had a drawing to give to Tori (that I drew of her) and I had a little note for her written under it. She really liked it and I put my adress on the back for her. She then signed my Under The Pink album cover. I also got a picture of her and I together and she let a few of us drink out of her Evian water bottle! She also told us some really funny stories and was, to put it simply, her utter Toriness. So sweet. I even had her shower freshness smell on my Tori T-shirt that I wore to the concert. Not only did I meet Tori, but I also met some really cool people. Hi guys if ya remember me. I couldn't even get to sleep that night (and I got home at 4:00 in the morn.) It was a memorable experience that I shall never forget. That night is forever in my heart.

From Erik Stone

August 28, 1998 - My name is Erik Stone. I shook your hand in Atlanta - you've met my girlfriend Kristin (she's the one that has red hair that you met in Chicago - she goes to all the shows with her dad).

Anyways, We also went to the show in Nashville, and I must say that we were both pretty PISSED about the seating arrangement. We had 8th row, and we thought we had great seats...Wrong! There was a large group of fans that rushed the stage and blocked everyones view. I'm sure you will say that I'm overreacting (especially since you were one of the people up front), but I really felt bad for the people that were in the row in front of me. You see, the row in front of me was a designated row for the handicap in wheelchairs. They couldn't move to the stage, and they sure couldn't stand up to see better. For some reason, the security wouldn't let us stand in the seats to see over your heads, so Kristin didn't see much of the show at all.

I'm not personally blaming you. If I was up front, I would've stayed too. But I'm writing you to let you know that whether you know it or not, you are in a position to reach millions of Tori fans with your site. Please tell them to be considerate of others - even if they all have "Ants in their pants", they can boogie at the seats they paid for. Like I said earlier, I don't blame you at all for any of this. I just think you should say something about the subject when you review the concert on your site. Kristin and I live in Memphis and have 5th row seats for that show. If you're planning on coming to that show let me know. You are more than welcome to stay at my place or go get dinner with us.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my bitch session.

From The Tennessean newspaper

August 28, 1998 - A review of Tori's concert in Nashville, TN appeared in August 26, 1998 edition of The Tennessean newspaper. Special thanks to Super J for sending this to me.

Amos and her music like a vampire butterfly
Her passionate lyrics disturbing, beautiful

By Rick de Yampert

No wonder a vampirish butterfly--one blowing soap bubbles, no less--showed up at the Tori Amos concert last night at the Grand Ole Opry House.

OK, it was actually a young female fan decked out in black dress and boots, and a pair of sizable gossamer butterfly wings, who flitted about the Opry blowing soap bubbles. Pop rocker Amos couldn't have conjured a more perfect visual symbol for her music--a music at once delicate and dark, beautiful and poetic as a Shakespearean sonnet yet as sexually blunt as the tales of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair.

It was such a beauty-and-beast effect, and a passionate, animated performance by the piano-pounding Amos, that made her concert a provocative winner.

Amos served notice with her first song that she wasn't going to deliver some sweet, Lilith Fair-type, sensitive-songwriter gig. "Just because you can . . ." er, let's just say that Amos ripped through a song in which she sneered that just because this guy could drive her to sexual ecstasy "doesn't make you Jesus." Well, alrighty then!

Amos was just getting warmed up with tales about sin and guilt and wallowing in the pleasures and dark sides of life and sex--all via music that mixed her delicate or haunting piano melodies against hard, frantic grooves by the workaholic rhythm section.

"Don't judge me so harsh little girl, so you got a Playboy mommy," Amos sang in a wounded voice that sounded like an angel with a broken wing. This while her backing band cranked out a forlorn yet slinky beat that sounded like a jazzman's funeral.

The song was especially potent for anyone who knew that Amos wrote the song in the horrific aftermath of a miscarriage she suffered two years ago. And no doubt many of the young, mostly female fans who nearly packed out the Opry House knew the real-life story behind the song.

"Why does there have to be a sacrifice?" Amos asked on the song Iieee. "Just say yes you little arsonist."

"Why do we crucify ourselves?" she wondered on Crucify. The song Cruel found her switching roles from masochist to sadist: "I can be cruel, I don't know why, dance with the Sufis and celebrate your top 10 in the charts of pain."

Sometimes Amos could be maddeningly obscure, or rather just plain weird. Such lines as "Trusting my soul to the ice cream assassin," from the song Spark, seemed like a line from some Bad Poetry 101 class.

But that's nitpicking. Amos and her music were like a vampire butterfly last night--haunting and disturbing, but beautiful.

The article is accompanied by a picture and the caption "Tori Amos pounds her piano through songs of sin and guilt and pleasures of the flesh in a provocative concert at the Opry House Tuesday night.

From Ben-David

August 28, 1998 - The Nashville show was great! I got to the meet and greet at around 3:00, which is late but I had to spend the morning in a hospital with my Mom. I had ordered the Raspberry Swirl vinyl promo from IGG and took it with me to get signed. I was in the back but managed to reach forward and hand it to her. She was so impressed! It was the first time she had seen it, and asked me how I got it. She looked it up and down and said she was glad I had it. She then began to tell me about problems with the release of the singles. By this time, people had spread a little allowing me to get somewhat face to face with her. I can't remember exactly what she said. She did mention that there had been lots of people getting fired at maybe East West, and that she felt bad and didn't want to get involved. She then talked about the different mixes of Raspberry Swirl. The one she has been playing after the shows was the Ambient (sp?) Mix. People around all commented on it. If ya haven't heard listen after the show. It kicks ass! Also, she said she wanted to release it really bad, so I am hoping it comes out soon.

Songs she is working on with the band include Hotel and Muhammad My Friend. She said they just got Bells for Her sounding really good. (Which it did!) So expect those songs soon!

Tori played Cooling and Baker Baker solo. Baker was played for this really nice gal I met. She asked Tori to play it in Ohio, but she played it the next nite instead. She asked her to play it because she wasn't at that show. Tori replied in typical Tori fashion with something I'd rather not say! Cooling was played and Tori mentioned that it was written for/about a person that was at the show.

Sweet Dreams was also played for a girl who had been requesting it for some time. Tori and the band worked on it that afternoon and put together a really nice sound. Maybe they will expand on it in the future.

After waiting forever, Tori came out afterwords and did her thing. It was great! All the shows I have been to have been so much fun this tour! Have fun!

From Leann

August 28, 1998 - The show last night in Nashville was awesome. I got there on time...sat out back of the Opry with the other 50 or so toriphiles that had gathered. A bit later, we heard Tori rehearsing "Sweet Dreams" and the first twinge of excitement twisted me. I was so glad I could be there, with her again.

The Devlins had a good set. I missed them in Atlanta, due to getting lost. I was pleased with my seats, even tho we were on the left side of the stage...the side to Tori's back when she's on the Bose. And, as always...i was terribly envious of the front row ticketholders...they were going to be face to face with her...nevertheless, i stayed in my assigned seat and drank a beer. A few minutes later, a small group of people started gathering up front. I figured they were just visiting friends and socializing as most Toriphiles do. Soon after...the crowd began to grow larger...and larger. So large that the stage was enveloped in a huge throng of 70 or more people. These people were so moved by their love for Tori that they completely disregarded the front row people...their asses in the rightful front row Toriphiles' faces! There were several Toriphiles in wheelchairs that had been seated up front by the ushers, and their view was completely blocked by a row of people 7 or 8 deep.

Joel came out a coupla times...and i thought for sure that he and security would make these people sit down...but they didn't. The rest of the Opry patrons started to chant "sit down"...but the rude EWF were unfazed. I was very discouraged by their complete disregard for the rest of the Toriphiles there.

So Tori finally came out and opened the set with Precious. It was powerful as the first time i'd heard it. The crowd again began to chant "sit down". Tori responded with "they've got ants in their pants, guys...let em wiggle"...which brought a huge uproar from the first 8 standing rows of EWF. Of course...with all of them standing, a domino effect was destined to happen...causing everyone else on the floor to stand. Some stood in the aisleways or moved from their 4th row seats to the back where they could see. I doubt TOri could even see the EWF in wheelchairs who were being completely jipped of the experience of seeing her.

I just couldn't believe Toriphiles could be so callous and selfish.

Anyway...Tori put on a great show...let me say that i love the band...they rock. i miss the intimacy of just Tori and the piano, tho. Its a new era guys...i'll appreciate it while its here. She shared with us during private time that it was a very special show, a good friend of hers who she hadn't seen in a long time was there, and that she had written a song about her. She said she didn't know whether or not she had ever heard it. Then she sang "cooling". Before "sweet dreams" she said, "this really sweet girl has asked me 67,000 tmes to play this song." she was carring a sheet of paper with her and layed it across the Bose. She said, "the guys have been sweet enough to help me out. We'll prolly fuck it up..but here goes." She's so adorable.

From Chris

August 28, 1998 - This was my first Tori show, and I was absolutely blown away. I've been listening to her for six years, but I never thought she was THIS GOOD. It was a religious experience. After the show, I waited for about an hour and a half to meet her. Though there were too many people for intimate conversation, I did get my LE signed and I gave her a late B-day card. All in all, a very good night.

From j'ason

August 28, 1998 - The show started at 9:25pm, Tori left the stage at exactly 11:00pm. AMAZING show, lots of fun, dancing up front and stuff... I just got home so i'm pretty tired.. some reviews will be on the new temporary Dent soon. In case you don't have the URL, here it is: Hugs to everyone i met there ! you're all wonderful!!

From Christabel

August 28, 1998 - The show was unbelievable..... I have seen Tori before.. but this was an entirely different experience.... Of course I don't have to tell you that ; ) BTW I love your site... I have it as my Tori Link on my music page just because out of every site online... yours is my favorite....

From Josh

August 28, 1998 - is my story....

I get to the meet and greet at around 3:45pm because I had school. We did the number thing...which worked fairly well. I met up with a lot of friends that I had known or had wanted to meet, from online: J'ason, Danica, Mikewhy, Charlie Poole, Richard Handal, Dor, and many others. They were all wonderful people, but I give the most thanks to J'as for getting my Boys For Pele booklet signed for me since he was closer to the front at the before show meet and greet. After the meet and greet the huge group of us, including the people I listed above, went to eat at Scholosky's Deli. I got to know Danica and J'as a little better and they are both wonderful people.

When we got back to the Grand Ole Opry House I bought a t-shirt and program and then walked into the auditorium which was spectacular. It was small compared to most venues that she's been playing and that just made it seem that much more intimate. Well, I took my seats to the mid-right of the stage in the seventh row and watched the Devlins open. They were a very very good band.

After they were through I went down to the front to talk to Danica and J'as. We all eventually ended up being right up against the stage during the WHOLE concert. J'as and I were standing DEAD CENTER of the stage...LEANING on the stage....I mean...we were RIGHT could see her drool and everything. It was WONDERFUL! My favorite song of the night was definitely

The Waitress. It was AWESOME! i i e e e and Cruel were also very good....hell....what am I talking about? They were ALL WONDERFUL! After the concert was over J'as and I wanted to get back to the meet and greet area again to see Tori...but since we were in the front it was kind of difficult to get through the crowd up the he and I jumped up on the seats and climbed up the auditorium on the seats and made our way outside and ran to the meet and greet area...I for one had to run back to find my friend that I brought with me who wasn't a very big Toriphile because she decided to go the slow way. When I got back there the area didn't have as many people as the afternoon did...but still quite a few...J'as held his hand up for me to come to where he was...right up front...he grabbed my arm and pulled me up there with him. About 5 mins of the Grand Ole Opry House security staring at us...they went in and a few mins later they were coming up from behind the crowd trying to clear us away...telling us to leave and that we couldn't stay...I walked over to Danica who was just walking back..and I kind of threw a fit, but then I noticed that people were starting to b*tch the security guards out, until Steve came out and told the security guards to "go away" and that we were supposed to be there. He then went in and came back with water for us all...THANK YOU STEVE!!! After about an hour/ hour and a half wait Tori finally graced us with her presence (now almost 1am). "Hi guys, how are you" was the first thing she said...after taking pictures and talking to two other people I asked Tori if I could give her something...and she said "Sure"...I held out a crystal that I have had for a long time and told her that I never leave home without it and that I have used many times in many rituals. Tori then said.."are you sure you want to give this to me"...."yes".... "but it's your's"...then I said.."no, it's your's"...she smiled and she thanked me for it. When I asked her for a hug Tori said it'd be kind of hard cause there were about two people between us...but she said...."but I can do this for you....mmmmmmmmsmackkkk"....she blew me a kiss with both her hands* was SOOOOO sweet....after that I left.

My first two meet and first Tori concert...EVERYTHING was SOOOOOOOO PERFECT!!! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect. It was the best night of my life!

From Michael White

August 28, 1998 - I have been a Tori fan since '91. I even saw her at 328 Performance Hall in Nashville (a tiny intimate room). I have seen every show here since then as well. Ryman Auditorium, TPAC, and most recently the Grand Ole Opry House. Great seats at this one, but.....(I am sure you know what is coming) what is up with all these "so-called" Tori fans who think that standing and screaming like they are at a Marilyn Manson show or something is cool or appropriate. I remember when you could hear a pin drop during her shows and no one was walking down aisles except between songs.....don't you?

From ashley (Posted to the ToriNews mailing list)

August 28, 1998 - well, everyone. i just saw tori in nashvegas (aka nashville to all of you outsiders!)...i must say, i was disappointed. i feel like the band was drowning her out, and i hated hearing the old songs with all the glitter and spectacle of the band. and, she didn't play a single one of my favourites!!!! don't get me wrong, it was incredible, just not like dew drop inn....but, i'll stop reviewing and give you the list.

precious things
i i eee (major improv in the middle of i i eeecouldn't understand a word! my
boyfriend goes "is this the same song?" and he has the cd!)
(introduces the band)
cornflake girl
caught a lite sneeze ( i forgot to write that one down, but i am pretty sure
that's when she played it)
playboy mommy
(band leaves, tori's like "we're gonna do this just me and you for a little
while", or something like that)
cooling (before cooling, she said "this is for someone very special to me,
she's with us tonite, i don't think she knows it's for her" )
baker baker (wow!)
(band comes back, and matt c. is wearing a cowboy he making fun of
bells for her
the waitress (let's talk improv! & caton was dancing like a wild man, some
fancy footwork)
(encore numero uno)
raspberry swirl (what is UP with the drummer's head gear? he was wearing this
little headband with 2 glowing stars on it during this one)
(encore numero dos)
"this is for this sweet girl...she's asked me to play this 27000 times, and
i've never done this before, and i wanna thank the guys for helping me get my
sh*t together. i've never done this one so i might f*ck up."
sweet dreams
horses (ok, i THINK this was horses, i mean, that was the craziest version of
it i have ever heard! )

that's all! oh, and one other time, it was funny, somebody yelled "make em sit down, tori!" talking abt the people up front by the stage, and she goes "i can't do that, they've got ants in their pants and they've gotta get em out."

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