North American Plugged '98 Tour
Tampa, FL
August 23, 1998

Updated September 28, 1998

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Tori performed in Tampa, FL on August 23, 1998 at the University of South Florida Sun Dome during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Cooling, Icicle and Angie solo. Many thanks to Michael and William Fuentes, who called me on the phone with this set list, and to Amber who further clarified the set list for me.

Precious Things
Little Amsterdam
Tear in Your Hand
Cornflake Girl
Cooling (solo)
Icicle (solo)
Bells For Her
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Black-Dove (January)
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Angie (solo)
Pandora's Aquarium


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Jenn

September 28, 1998 - Hey, there. I just wanted to comment on a few things that I noticed that no one seemed to mention about that magical evening. Well, my experience was quite different. That show being my 5th, it was amazing. I feel the need to comment on her performance of "Sugar" because I don't think that anyone gave it the praise that ti deserves. First of all, on the "Hey, Jupiter" single, it's a typical Tori ballad with a lot of pain, some rage, and the raw energy that I know and love about her. However, she performed it with the whole band this time and there was this trance inducing drum beat behind her piano that drove me wild! Not to mention in the coolest part of the song "Sweet Boy, when the find you out. . tell me what you think they'll do when they find you've got a little in here. . .tell me what you think they'll do when they find you out. . when they find out, find out you're just sugar!!! " Well, she got really pissed off. I guess the drums were affecting her to because she sang ". . . . .when they find you out. . when they find out, find out YOU'RE JUST A PUSSY, when they find out, find out, you're just sugar!!!! " Mike, I thought I was going to faint! My buddy, Paul and I looked at each other and grabbed hands like we'd just see Christ himself!!! That song just needed that!!! It was so full of rage and contempt and the there was no release. I guess I don't have to say much more. I mean, Tori does it herself.

Let me thank her myself right here and now for that experience and thank you, Mike, for having this site :)

From megan

September 17, 1998 - i was reading someone's review of the show on your site... they commented that they were upset because she didn't do a meet & greet after. she most certainly did. i met her for the first time there, so i'm positive it took place.

From Al Galbraith

August 29, 1998 - This was my third time seeing Tori, and I was not disappointed! Even though she had the band with her, the impact of her music was just that more intense! I hung out in the afternoon, and got her autograph and some pictures which was awesome! The crowd even sang Happy Birthday to her and she was out for about 1/2 an hour doing autographs, which was pretty neat in the hot sun! She is just as beautiful up close! The concert was great and she played some great songs, including Bells For Her and Cooling! I was also thrilled that she played Icicle. Her new songs were great live, and Raspberry Swirl was absolutly amazing!

From Ivostarr

August 28, 1998 - alright... on to the review... INCREDIBLE! she commented that she was leaving florida that evening, which she thought is a drag because she likes playing here... (we like having her!) anyway... i was one of the RAINN auction winners... i brought my sister along and once we sat in our seats we were very excited... we got to meet the other auction winnders (hi aubrey and brooke!) the seats were really good... we watched the devlins, and then steve (the security manager) came over to introduce himself... he asked us how we liked our seats and then proceeded to upgrade our seats to the second row right in front of the bosie at tori's feet... i was absolutely thrilled... they all put so much into the show... i don't feel like i even have to go into detail song by song... because it was all so good... for her second encore, she came out and did 'angie' for a crew member who had passed away (or had gotten sick)... it was absolutely beautiful, and she started to get pretty emotional toward the end... which choked my sister and me up along with her!

we waited a few minutes and then they escorted my sister and i, as well as the two other rainn auction people back to meet tori... she was very friendly and really sort of interviewed us! she went to each person and was asking where we were from and if we were going to school, and what we were studying... she had lyrics written on her hand, because she said her brain isn't as good as it used to be! i managed to smuggle a camera in, and she gave the camera to her assistant who took the picture that i have attached... i brought her a book of poetry, and she recognized the author and thanked me for it... she said she had heard of her and was looking forward to reading it... the most special thing was what she wrote in the 'all these years' book i brought along... she wrote 'best with dreams and flying'

a memorable evening for sure...

From Amy (Posted to the ToriNews mailing list)

August 25, 1998 - This was the most AMAZING tori concert i have EVER been to!!!! You guys it was soooo good. if you can get your hands on the bootleg i HIGHLY recommend it. i am on cloud tori nine right now!!! she looked beautiful and there was such an awesome energy!!!

how amazing!!! anyway, when it came time for the guys to leave, she told us [about Cooling] "this is a very special song to me, i was going to put it on boys for pele and i didnt, then i was going to put it on the last album"and something to the effect of the devil got to her and she didnt, and she told us "but this is my favorite song."

~later before she played angie in the second encore, the guys left, and she said really quietly "this is for a member of our crew who is not with us anymore, wherever he is we want him to know how much we miss him and it's not the same without him." then she played angie, and began to cry at the end, which really set the tone for pandora's aquarium.


much love and kisses,

"if i died today i'd be the happy phantom" (definitely after this concert :) )

From La Ment (posted to the Usenet newsgroup)

August 25, 1998 - I saw Tori last night for the first time at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I've heard that since more and more people are liking Tori and some for very shallow and/or trendy reasons (bastards) that her shows are getting less intimate, especially since she is going to be plugged and bring along Brian and Steve and a bunch of engineers, etc. This was my first Tori show due to lack of funds and car insurance, etc. so I can't really comment on that, except but saying I couldn't imagine it any different. There weren't *that* many people, and I had damn good seats. I could see Tori, but I couldn't make out the features on her face all the time. She didn't, however, go out for meet-n-greet. That sucked.

Her opening band was the Devlins, and I think they're just your average guitar Mundyish band. Nothing special at all. I thought Tori could have done better for an opening act, I mean, lots of people I'm sure would love to open for the Goddess That Is Tori. Anyway, it seemed like they played forever, and then it took 45 minutes for Tori to get set up and on stage.

Tori opened up with "Precious Things" and I started crying, it was so beautiful. I mean, to hear someone with such a voice that holds you and her music possesses you sing the songs that mean so much, the songs that got you through your day, is truly amazing. The light shows and her beauty didn't help, either. I think I cried through the first half of the show, and I have never ever cried in front of strangers before, so this was really something for me. I had totally closed myself up and Tori seemed to know all the little empty hallways of my soul and she knew how to find my demons and confront them.

This is what I remember her playing:

1. Precious Things - a *lot* of emphasis on the "christian boys.. those beautiful boys.. beau.. beautiful.. christain booooooooys.."

2. Tear In Your Hand - This one had my totally captivated. It sounds exactly as it did on the album, except it was processed like it should have been except she didn't have the money when it came out. As soon as the Boosie hit the first note it really shook me because this song is like.. a classic.. it never entered my mind I'd get to hear and watch Tori sing it 200 feet in front of me.

3. Icicle - The light show for this was purtty ;)

4. Cornflake Girl - I wish someone would remember what she sang for the intro.. I noticed this didn't have a strong guitar part like in the song.

5. Bells For Her - She left out the first 5 or so lines, and the piano wasn't out of tune (much) so it was hard to recognize it at first.

6. Spark - sounded like it did on Leno (she wore the same georgeous outfit that she did on Leno!) except not very thick.

7. Pandora's Aquarium - This song was extremely beautiful, and the light show was great. It had bubbles on parts of the wall, thin white beams and four disco balls showing off more light and sparkles. It looked very underwaterish. I remember reading an article with her saying that she wrote this reflecting after her miscarrige while watching a river in Florida by her parent's house.

8. iieee - Didn't sound much like on the album, she left out some words, too. If you listen to the especially "plugged" stuff on the album, just picture it really amplified over her voice. When she begins to sing "Just say yes.. you little arsonist" for the first time there is this incredible screeching and it sounds like a weird clip of lots of fans screaming.

9. Cruel - You know that funky bass-ripping sound near the end? Imagine that really loud in a small stadium all through the song.

10. Black Dove (january) - I loved it!!! She didn't leave out the part not included in the FTCH, either.

11. The Waitress - She added a *lot* of words to this that I can't remember except it talked about following "her". This song was really dragged out because of that and the repitition of "I believe... I bellllllllllllllieve in peace.. peace.. peace.. I believe in peace!! bitch!! I belive in peace!!!"

12. Angie - She introduced this song by saying "This is a song for a guy that isn't with us anymore but we love him and we'll miss you..."

13. Cooling - She introduced this song saying she was stupid and forgot to put it on BfP and was double stupid for forgetting to put it on FTCH, but it is her favourite.

14. Little Amsterdam (second song she played) - I really loved it live, gave me more of an appreciation for a typically overlooked song.

15. Raspberry Swirl - Really loud, lots of bass, really energenic and she kept getting stuck on the word "Swirl" at the end, which was so cute. ]

16. Sugar - I haven't listened to that album in soooooooo long and that was enough motivation to listen to it 24/7, I think she did such a great job on it, after I stopped crying I started again because of this song.

I think this was it.. I hoped to hear more from BfP or LE, but oh well.. next time. ;) I think next time she tours (she comes out with an album about every two years..) I'm going to be a ToriGroupie and follow her. How many times has she saved my life? How many times has she changed it?

I would have taken pictures but things didn't exactly work out with my camera.. grr.

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