North American Plugged '98 Tour
Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale), FL
August 21, 1998

Updated September 12, 1998

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Tori performed in Sunrise (Ft. Lauderdale), FL on August 21, 1998 at the Sunrise Theater during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Marianne and Landslide solo. Many thanks to Matt Page for calling me from Sunrise on the phone with the set list.

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Black-Dove (January)
Marianne (solo)
Landslide (solo)
Purple People
Caught A Lite Sneeze
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


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From MrZulu1000

September 12, 1998 - I attended the Tori show on Friday, August 21, at the Sunrise Musical Theater. It was definitely an incredible show, but it didn't top the intimacy of the first show of the Sneak Preview Tour at the Chili Pepper. Tori was late, as heard from one of the guards, which I noticed by the fast pace of the opening of Precious Things. Tori seemed to be a bit tense and angry. All the songs seemed to have a harder edge to them, especially Sugar and Caught a Lite Sneeze. The show was cut three songs short due to fans rushing the stage, early on in the show. Her father was in the front row taking pictures of Tori and her husband was back on the boards. He seems to be very shy. I walked past him and said "Hi", but he just looked up quickly and then looked down again. Tori was in an "Eddie Vedder--Jeremy" type of mood, going psycho on the piano and doing weird things with her voice. The show was very interesting. The music was extremely loud. Loud to the point where towards the end of the show I was starting to hear the music a bit muffled. For me, the highlight of the show was Landslide and a dancier version of Raspberry Swirl. It was incredible. Everyone was up on thier feet dancing, something very rare at a Tori Amos show. At the beginning of the show, Tori mentioned her birthday, which was the next day. She said it was her last night being 34. Then she said something about getting fat and saying that it all goes down to her thighs while tapping her thighs.

The next day was her birthday and I really wanted to attend the show, but had to work. So after work I decided to go over to the Theater to meet her after the show. When my friend and I go there, the show was not even halfway through. She was playing Little Earthquakes. So we went back to where the trucks unload and where Tori does the meet and greet, and to my surprise we were the only two there. I knew I was going to meet her. I had seen her up close before, but not face to face. I even got my tour book signed. So after the show the people started rushing out of the building. During all this time my friend and I were talking to a guard who told us about Tori starting late and cutting the show the night before. While we were talking to him, this girl runs out of the building crying. She tells us that she was kicked out cause they had caught her recording the show. I was so mad. I mean she was not planning on bootlegging the show, she was going to keep it for her own use. They should have just taken her tape. She said that not only was she kicked out, but taken to a room where they questioned her and made her feel like a hoodlum. That was so not fair. She was so upset that when Tori came out after the show, Tori grabbed the girl by the shoulders, stared into her eyes, and asked her if she was okay. Then, Tori hugs her and gives her a kiss, and tells her it's all right. The girls was right next to me, and I saw all this. It was incredible. It was my turn next and I felt like asking Tori for a hug, but was in awe, I didn't know what to say. So I just said Happy Birthday and I told her that the show was great. She said thank you and then I asked her to sign the tour book. I was worried that she would sign on the dark areas so I asked her to sign on her arm on the picture. She began signing and ran out of space, so she signed her last name in front of her first name. I was happy that I had missed the 2nd show, cause if I had gone, I would have not met her.

From Joshua J Smelser

August 29, 1998 - Friday's show was quite a treat! I was on vacation in Florida (missing the 2 shows where I live near Atlanta), and had to find a way to see Tori at least one more time (other than the sneak preview tour). Orlando was sold out totally, and when I got down to Ft. Lauderdale I was quite surprised to find out that there were still tickets available for the sold out 21st show. I even got 8th row tickets! Friday slowly inched its way into the week and I was greeted in the morning by a short article with a picture in the newspaper....6:30pm, and my sister and I are off to the show!

As I walked into the lobby of the theater I felt sick, there was about 5 different T-Shirts for sale, and I only had 30 bucks!! They had a Raspberry Swirl, Liquid Diamonds, Misc. Pictures, CD Artwork Fold Out, and the normal Plugged T-Shirt. Since I already had the Plugged one from the sneak preview I got the Liquid Diamonds one. They also had a scrap book, a poster and a new necklace (other than the raspberry swirl one). But I had to leave them all behind and not look back.

We found our seats and waited for the show to start. I was quite annoyed by the people behind us, who dared to say that "Tori better not talk about the damn faeries!" I wanted to turn around and choke em' but I kept my cool. There was a lady down at the end of the row who was wearing a backless dress and had a LARGE tattoo on her back of the Hey Jupiter cover (Tori with her head on the tree branch ). We sat through the Devlins and about an hour after they left the stage Tori started. They had Carmen from South Park on the drum platform and Kenny on the soundboard.

The show was excellent! Tori told a story about Marianne that was SO sad. An ironic thing happened at the show too. My sister was listening to the radio earlier in the day, and they played Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. My sister had it in her head all day, she was even singing it when she was getting ready for the show. Surprising us both (especially my sister who's first Tori show it was) Tori played Landslide at the concert. Tori's improved song to the drummer was quite funny before she played Caught A Lite Sneeze. And Raspberry Swirl was one of the most energetic songs I ever heard (everyone was dancing!) We left during Pandora's Aquarium to try and get to the back to meet Tori. When we got there there was already two rows of people there. We waited about 45 minutes..through rain..smoking TRYING to sing Tori songs..and finally we had to leave because it was past 12am (now Tori's b-day) and my mom was probably worrying about us. Just as we got out of the crowds the band members started to come out...we couldn't have had worse timing! We went to my grandma's van that she let me drive to the show and as I turned the key in the lock the car alarm started going off!! I didn't have a way to turn it off and everyone was looking at us. We looked for a phone, but the theater was closed. We went back to the van and 5 minutes later the alarm turned off. We got in the van (at which point the alarm went off again, but only for a minute) and as we pulled out I looked in my rear view mirror and not knowing it, I had somehow timed it to where the tour bus was driving right behind us! What a way to end the night.

From Fiona M.

August 28, 1998 - It's great to have you back! I thought I'd put my two cents in on the shows I saw last weekend.

Friday's show was rather disappointing in several aspects. Mainly the audience. I could not get over the difference in level of respect from past tours. People were up and down like yo-yo's and getting drinks seemed much more important to them than enjoying the show. There was also a lot of unecessary yelling during what used to be intimate moments.

Tori herself seemed distracted at times too. She seemed to be tired and it sounded like she was protecting her voice a lot of the time. She cut the show short only doing 15 songs instead of her usual 17. The last time I saw her at the Sunrise during BFP tour, she did 22 songs!!

There were several highlights; most notably Sugar, Purple People, and Pandora's Aquarium (a song I thought I'd never like!).

I was blown away by the audience's reaction to Tori. She stepped on stage to a thunderous welcome (my ears were ringing!) This roar erupted PRIOR to the end of every song. Geez, can't you wait a few seconds? There seemed to be more young/new fans at Friday's show and more older/original fans on Saturday. Regardless, I'm glad Tori's audience is expanding. The band are playing very well together now and I notice the progression since the show at the Chili Pepper.

Kenny was near the soundboard Friday night.

From RocAraceli

August 25, 1998 - {tori came to the meet and greet a little after 4 today, i took a few pix which i'll put on my page soon. she seemed really happy and was joking with people, she stayed for about 20 minutes or so.}

here's the setlist from the show tonite and some tori quotes:


"we always love coming are you doing? you know, this is the last day i'm 34...all those nachos i ever ate are right here" points to her hips "anyways once you get old you become a fat cow..lick it baby! lick it!" (at least i think that's what she said! :)


"i used to talk to this girl a lot, she died when we were 15..obviously we don't know where people go when they die..she would come hang out with me, she usually hung out more when we were drinking tequila..she changed my life and funny thing is, she still does..and she's not even here.."



"these are my bros and i love em.." introduces band

IMPROV - (not sure of all the words)
"can we have a (?) delay, before the drummer can play,
we can't play this song but it sucks anyway..
not really bad, it's one of my favorite songs i ever had,
ever had, ever had, ever had.."



"leave the kids alone, guys..they're fine" (security starts to get antsy about everyone rushing the stage) "they're not gonna hurt anybody, just let them go"


From Matt Page

August 21, 1998 - This was the day BEFORE Tori's 35th birthday. She told the audience that it was her last night to be 34 and that she was getting old and that all the nachos she has eaten have gone to her (and she pointed to either her thigh or her butt!) The crowd would have none of this and yelled out, "nooooo!" The songs Tori performed differed slightly from the official, written set list. Tori was supposed to do Playboy Mommy instead of Black-Dove, and Tear In Your Hand instead of She's Your Cocaine. During The Waitress, Tori said "I believe in the devil bitch" 4 times, and the 3rd time sounded purely evil! There were a few technical problems with the keyboard tonight. (That seems to happen quite a bit during this tour!)

From Daniel M Perez

August 25, 1998 - We got there (semi) early for the Meet and Greet, and it was okay. We managed to see her before the show and say hello.

The Devlins were cool. Hopefully they'll take off and stop sounding like so many bands out there, cause they got the talent to do it.

The show was amazingly charged! Tori ripped into the piano like only she can do and put the theater on its toes. She did a couple of variations, like in iiiee, she added a whole new verse with some more music, and in

Cornflake Girl she sang a short intro that was very nice. It was great listening to so many of her older girls with their new makeovers! Caton danced throughout the show, and Matt and Jon simply rocked.

Marianne was a very welcomed surprise, as was Landslide; she does that song so well!

There were some minor problems with feedback, coming from the bass, but nothing that big. They needed to fix Matt's drums microphones, and in the meantime Tori did a short improv song about having to wait for the drummer to be ready cause they needed him for the next song, but it sucks anyway, no I'm kidding, I love it very much... and she dives into Caught a Lite Sneeze. Hearing Siren was great as I love the song, and The Waitress... what can I say.

The first encore was charged to the max, with a very powerful She's Your Cocaine that had everyone on their feet, and the explosive rendition of Raspberry Swirl, another favorite of mine and the one song I had wished she would play! AWESOME!!! Words won't do it justice, suffice to say it was *the* performance of a lifetime!

Second encore was Pandora's Aquarium, which I didn't hear cause I went outside to wait to see her firsthand.

We stood outside for about an hour and a half, and we got soaked! It rained hard on us, but we didn't move (too many reasons for that). It stopped raining, we got semi-dry again, got to meet the band, and they all are great! Caton is really nice, as are Jon and Mike. Then it started raining again.... then Tori came out. She was going fst because it was raining, but admist the cries and shouts and shoves, my girlfriend got a picture with her and I got my ticket stub autographed. It's a bit faded, considering the ticket was a bit wet from before and her marker was somewhat wet too, but you can tell it says "Tori." =)

A great show, definitely. I'm going back tomorrow for the second show.

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