North American Plugged '98 Tour
Orlando, FL
August 19, 1998

Updated September 12, 1998

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Tori performed in Orlando, FL on August 19, 1998 at the U of Central Florida during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Leather and Hey Jupiter solo. Many thanks to Matt Page who called me on the phone from Orlando with the set list.

Precious Things
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl
Doughnut Song
Leather (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Jackie's Strength
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:
Pandora's Aquarium


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From Kriste

September 12, 1998 - The following review by Kriste originally appeared on the Music Critic Web Page.

Tori, Sometimes You Just Do Come Through

I've been blessed in my life in many ways. One of those blessings that I'm most thankful for is being able to see one of my favorite artists perform live- not only once, but TWICE. Some people are not so "blessed" to see the Goddess perform at all, so my job for all those toriphiles is to make it feel like they were there.

The band (Matt Chamberlain on drums, Jon Evans on bass, and Steve Caton on electric guitar) welcomed a beautiful Tori to the stage. Tori wore jean-like pants, a black short-sleeved shirt with a gold vest over it, and her hair was worn down. She opened with the popular "Precious Things," immediately pleasing the audience.

From the best of my memory, these are all the songs that she sang after "Precious Things":

Doughnut Song
Cornflake Girl
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Hey Jupiter
The Waitress
Jackie's Strength

Her first encore was "She's Your Cocaine" and "Raspberry Swirl." Her last encore was "Pandora's Aquarium" and "Horses."

With this being the first time Tori has toured with a band, she does her best to adapt. Sometimes the band hides her talented piano artistry and vocals, but overall, I was delighted with the performance. Her strong performances were "Cornflake Girl," "Leather," "Hey Jupiter," (both of those last two were just her and her Bosey) and then her encores.

What I found amazing is the fact that Tori can play her piano and the synthesizer at the same time. Of course, there weren't that many notes for each hand, but it was still impressive. Also, it was strange seeing what she did when she wasn't playing anything; she had her back faced towards the audience (at an angle) and her arms were behind her, as if she were handcuffed. Maybe it was a reference to the "Spark" video; I don't know.

Everyone also knows of Tori's beauty and how arousing she can be. If you've heard "Raspberry Swirl" on the album, then you would definitely be stimulated during the live performance. The way the lights swirled, the way Tori chanted and breathed each line, the wasy the audience danced or bobbed their legs to the rhythmic beats-- add all of that together, well, it was almost enough to push me over the edge with sexual excitement. (Thus making it the highlight of my week *giggle*)

After it was over, my friends asked me which performance I liked better. I told them that even though Tori Amos performed at both, each was a very different concert. I can't choose; both were breathtaking-- the one indication that you are witnessing Tori perform live.

Review by Kriste -

From ~*jenn*~

August 25, 1998 - i have a review/setlist for the orlando show 8/ hands are shaking thinking about it and the fact that tickets for the show here in jacksonville go on sale a week from today, so bear with me. i think this is going to be kind of long, so here we go:

my friend mary ( and i left jacksonville at 6:00 wednesday morning. we got into altamonte springs around 8:45. we drove down to the ucf arena, to see if anyone was there yet for the meet and greet. we didn't see anybody so we decided to drive back to the altamonte springs mall to get tori a birthday present.

we ended up back at ucf aroun 11:30. there were a couple of people there already. we got numbers on our hands - mary was 8 and i was 9. my understanding is that this numbering system is somewhat new, and totally unofficial. it worked perfectly. everyone was totally awesome. we all lined up in order and tori got to meet a lot of people.

we were waiting for tori for about 6 hours. i met so many people that i reconigzed from the precious things mailing list and other places on the net. it made the entire experience feel more like a family reunion rather than "just a concert". tori's roadies and security personnel were totally cool. they talked to us, hung out with us, bullshitted with us..even told us how we could get a job on the road with tori. this was only my second tori show, and my first meet and greet experience. i can't wait until the next one.

the show itself was absolutely amazing. the setlist was:
precious things
caught a lite sneeze
cornflake girl
doughnut song
hey jupiter
jackie's strength
the waitress
she's your cocaine
raspberry swirl
pandora's aquarium

i was awestruck the entire time. tori's voice sounded amazing. the crowd had tremendous energy..i think tori's muse that night was mickey mouse..she was in such a playful mood. the telletubbie someone gave to her at the meet and greet made a special appearance...tori was so cute when she couldn't get it to talk. (she threw it over her shoulder, then it came back for an encore during the waitress.)

the day was long, the road trip was exhausting, we got soaking wet from the rain, ruined our pants, but it was totally worth it. tori was every bit as gracious as i've heard she is. her road crew was totally cool. and the ewf i met will stay in my heart forever more. i can't wait to do it all over again. :)

From Jeff Stevens

August 25, 1998 - Tori was AMAZING!!!! It was like a TOTALLY different show with her having the band there. I can't even begin to explain what a peaceful and meaningful show it was for me. I stayed afterwards, but unfortunately was not close enough to get a good picture, or an autograph. But the concert made up for all of that! She was ROCKIN!! She put on a truly incredible rock concert! The set list is as follows:

Precious Things
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Cornflake Girl
Doughnut Song
Leather(without band)
Hey Jupiter(without band)
Jackie's Strength
Cruel(by far, the BEST performance of the night!)
Siren(was SO glad to hear it live!...slower than album, though)
Waitress(the new version)
She's Your Cocaine
Raspberry Swirl(totally was like a giant dance club!)
Pandora's Aquarium(was surprised and impressed to hear this!)
Horses(the new version...including five disco balls on the stage!)

I hope this helps you out for your web page...I just wish I was able to see her perform again on this tour. I can only pray that SOMEONE was there making a bootleg of the show!!! This blew me away!

From Matt Page

August 25, 1998 - Matt told me that Tori was in great form and was hitting all the notes. Tori had some teletubbies on stage with her. These are fuzzy little doll-like things that come from a TV series in the UK (I think!) They are blue and green and pink. Tori played briefly with one on the stage and made it talk into the microphone. Also, Kenny from South Park was literally hanging from the rafters tonight!

From Tanya

August 25, 1998 - this was such an insanely fun day for me! first i went to the meet and greet before the show. there were alot of people there. i waited probably like forty minutes or so, and then the bus showed up and they dropped off tori in front of the barricades. she was so little you could hardly see her because of the crowd. (i got a picture of her feet though!) we were too far away to see her so we went up a staircase and got aerial shots. she stayed for about 25 minutes signing stuff and then started to walk back to the building, and my friend yelled "tori!" and she looked up at us on the stairs and said hi and asked if we were going to the show and she smiled and waived and i said see you tonight and she said ok, bye! it was really cool. she was so cute and sweet and great.

then i had to go home and get ready for the show. the show itself was so great, although i have to say, i love tori solo. but they all really work so well together. she opened with precious things. everyone was standing and so happy. then she said hi to the crowd and told us that it's weird that we live with all these creatures (?) and something about being on steriods. then she played spark and everyone went nuts. caught a light sneeze was next, another big reaction. this version was different, but so were all the old songs done with the band. cornflake girl had a really cool intro. and then surprise she played doughnut song! that was really cool. iiee was next. when the song opened she had her wrists crossed and was doing a little dance until she had to sing. towards the end she was holding her tummy.

then she said bye to the boys and said she was gonna play by herself now. someone threw her a doll i saw at the meet and greet. she held it up to her mike and made it talk, and then put it between her legs! she sang leather so beautifully. it was wonderful to hear her sing alone again. then hey jupiter, which i was ecstatic to hear.

the boys came back and started jackie's strength. one of the guitars was replaced by a string bass. she played the beginning alone and they came in. cruel followed. then there was a song i didn't recognize. i sort of thought it might be mother, because i heard "leave the light on" but i'm really not sure. the next song opened with a growl from tori and went crazy with waitress. this song was full of a lot of energy. then tori left the stage at like 10:45.

she came back really quickly and played she's your cocaine and rasberry swirl. the lights on rasberry swirl were so cool. she left again. then she came back for the last encore. she played pandora's aquarium and i was again, completely thrilled and then came the different version of horses. the disco balls came down for this. and that was the end. i stayed after and waited for her to come out. we were all there for a pretty long time. i think she ordered a pizza. i don't know. we were all joking about it because domino's pizza showed up for somebody inside while we were waiting. then she finally came out and people were being really pushy but, she didn't say anything and i got my poster signed! she unraveled and signed my poster! i was so happy! anyway, that was my day. =)

From Tangerine Dream

August 25, 1998 - So, there i was, standing on a ledge outside of the UCF arena....WAITING.

For what you ask? Well as it turned out, I was going to end up meeting up with some friends who were going to the show, only two of them had gotten into a car accident, and we weren't sure they were going to make it. My seat was way up iun the nosebleed section, cuz i was broker than broke when tickets were released. I almost didn't make rent EEEK! And my friends, who were NoT broke, had floor seats. Well, at about 7:50, shanna banana and I decided to go in and take our seats, while Mike waited out front during the devlins for Mike and Julie to show up, since we had their tickets. So I climbed the long staircase, and found my seat waaaaaaaaay up in the back, against a wall....and it was a bleacher type seat, with no back. And there was someone else sitting in it. Well, we discovered that the little boy in my seat had a ticket that said seat G 1, not H 1, and he moved and I took my seat and the Devlins began playing. I have to say I REALLY liked 'em! I found the music enchanting in a way...must be mine irish roots. However, the rude college girls behind me thought differently and were very vvocal about it, much to my dismay. Very cornflake of them to yell out between songs "WAITING For YOU to get OFF stage!!!" How catty. marms. And they must have smoked 5 cigarettes during the devlins, which made me terribly terrible of you! For shame. Well, at about the fifth song someone walked up to me and said "You're in my seat!" I sighed and said, I assure you I am not, perhpas we should check tickets?" So she pulled out her ticket and it said section 203, NOT 201, so she appologized and moved on...such an awful lot of confusion over one little seat! Well, the devlins finished their set, and I decided to buy their album too, and just as the house lights came on again, I looked waaaaaay down towards the floor to see if I could see my friends, when Low and BEHOLD, There they were, charging up the stairs towards me, waving their arms like maniacs with huge grins and motioning for me to meet them on the I did. And there I was proudly handed a ticket to join them on the main floor!! Julie decided not to go (Don't ask me why, I don't know julie at all, and I thought she must be crazy!), but I ripped the stub off the ticket, and charged down the stairs with them towards the floor, to the BEST seats that I have ever had for a tori show. I was soooo ecstatic! Well, about 5 minutes before Tori took the stage, this blondie boy, with a bandana around his head ran over and sat down next to me (mike and Mike were at the concession stand) and said "Close your eyes!" Well, I stared at this complete stranger like "What?!" Trying to rack my brain to see if I remembered him from anywhere, I am so terribly with names. And he said again "Come on, PLease just close your eyes!" So I did, and then PUFF!!! and BAM! I am covered head to toe in glitter, and he dashed off before I could give him a double carmel kissing! So If you are reading this, and you blew glitter at a puppy tailed girl in a flowered dress and platform boots, Here's a CaRaMeL KiSsInG for Ya!


The show was INCREDIBLE, she played so well, and she really sounded right on. The band really seemed to have a good time, and performed so very very well together that I was just all dancey and happy. But I didn't dance, cuz there was no room, so I just grinned alot ;) after the first two songs (Precious things and Spark) She Said "So How are you guys?" and everyone screamed and she said something along the lines of "Wow, I just love coming here. This place is the rockinest, ya know? You guys are so great, and you get to live with these creatures! " And she said more softly, so I am not sure I heard right, but I THiNk she said "You aren't supposed to have fishies around your head, ya know?" And gestered to her hair. Then later on DIPSY made an appearance, and she said " You guys have to hear this!" And held him up to the mike over her bosey, and squeezed his belly, but everyone was making noise so she said again "Be quiet to you can hear!" And everyone quieted down, and right when things got quiet, a row in the back screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI!! And she said "Yeah yeah yeah, enough of that, you have to be quiet so you can hear him talk!" And everyone laughed and she giggles and held him to the mike and she squeaked with him, and then grinned and tossed him over her shoulder! She seemed to be in terrific spirits, and she danced from her piano bench, and gave lots of waves and points and giggles, and she played the donut song, which means so very much to me, and really, every song she has I can date to a period in my life where it helped me get through, you know? Like me and a Gun...God, the first time I heard that I sobbed and sobbed, because I thought, if this little orange girl can find the strength to get up on a stage and sing that song acapella everynight, than I can find the strength to go on too. The Lights were amazing, and the show was wonderful and incredible, and I had soooo much fun and I wish I could follow her around like a naughty little groupie, but I have bills to pay, so I can only go to one show. But I got my t shirt, and my tour book, and I fistful of memories of an enchanting time!

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