North American Plugged '98 Tour
Minneapolis, MN
July 17, 1998

Updated July 22, 1998

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Tori performed a sold out show in Minneapolis, MN on July 17, 1998 at Northrup Auditorium during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Many thanks to Matt Page for being the first to tell me this set list! He called me from Minneapolis to report it. Tori played Marianne and Upside Down solo.

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Playboy Mommy
Upside Down
Doughnut Song
Liquid Diamonds
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:


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From Kimberly M Nicholas

July 22, 1998 - Here it is all... my Tori day!!

My day began with a ride in the car to find the Northrup Auditorium with my friends Joel and Joann. They picked me up to go to the meet and greet. It was a beautiful day (a little hot in the sun). We arrived at about 3pm, parked and walked around the auditorium until we saw the rest of the ewf waiting on the curb. Across the way the catering service had their stuff set up and the area seemed to be pretty calm. At about 3:30 an ewf named Emily that I had met told me that someone told her that Tori wasn't arriving until 4:30. I must say that was an excruciating hour of my life. Things weren't too crazy until the security started putting up the baracades around us. That's when we ended up crowded together like chickens in a cage. Fortunately my friend Joel was paying close attention to the security when they said where Tori would be going...which is where we went and got up front!! Anyhow, one of the security guards, a blond haired, pony tailed, Nordic looking guy (who incidentally wore his sweat shorts inside out) kept us entertained by telling us some dirty jokes! Then he asked if he could take a look at my camera, cause he was thinking of getting one just like it. He then proceeded to take pictures of his fellow security guard (who loved to show his birdie friend) and those of us in the crowd. They were quite amusing I must say (I have photos of both of them)! It was now 4pm and my friend Joann had decided to squat down because she was getting tired and hot. Joel and I then noticed how our shoes were sticking to the blacktop. It turns out that because it was so hot in the sun and the road had not yet been finished, the tar was melting on to our shoes (and my fav pair to boot)! Finally, one of the ewf was asked to volunteer to rattle off the Tori meet and greet speech. Basically: 1. No pushing, or Tori will leave. 2. Only one thing per person to sign. 3. Don't get your flash in her face. and 4. For those up front, once you have talked to her, do NOT move back as this may cause panick. Pretty simple. Finally her tour bus arrived. The first person out was a blond curly haired lady (I assume an assitant or manager). Then came the driver. Matt Chamberlain, Jon the bassist, and Caton then followed. Finally came Tori and her tall blond bodyguard. My friends and I watched her as she made her way down the isle..receiving gifts, signing stuff, hugging, chatting. I could hear her explain that she was a little tired because she had done a lot of interviews today. Someone requested that Tori play "Playboy Mommy" which she wrote on her hand with her black sharpie pen. It turns out (as I learned later from reading other reviews of the show) that the person that asked her to play that song had a friend that had killed herself recently and it was her fav song. Tori promised to play it (and she later did). Someone gave Tori a small book about SHOES!! You could see her face light up and hear the laughter from the crowd. Among the other gifts that I could see that she got were drinking straw sunglasses, jelly beans, handmade books, cards, etc.. When it was my turn I was amazingly calm. She turned to me and I said "Hi Tori, I made this for you." I handed her a wooden box that I had woodburned butterflies on the top and leaves and vines on the sides. On the front side of the lid was her name "Tori." She took the box from me and told me how beautiful it was. She then gave me a hug (wow!). Then she said "I guess I know what you want me to play tonight," (referring to the butterflies). "Actually," I replied hastily, " I was hoping you would play Talula." Those of you who know me understand why I would ask her to play that. Tori then looked a bit disturbed, and I quickly said "Butterfly would be just fine." I later figured that the reason why she may have resisted the idea of playing Talula was because she didn't have her harpsicord on tour with her. Anyways, I then asked for a picture with her, and my friend Joel took the photo. Then I asked her to sign the back of my shirt (from the UtP tour) which she did. Joann had forgotten to bring something for Tori to sign (she didn't think that we would get to see her) so she used one of my business cards and got it signed for her boyfriend who was a big fan, but had to work late. Joel got his Hotel cover signed. Unfortunately, Tori didn't stay very long (about 10 minutes) so I couldn't get my friends pics with her. I must say though, I am so happy that I got to meet her. Another one of my goals has been acheived!!

Then came the show. My fiance Jeff and showed up after the opening band. We had 24th row center, our friends Joann and her boyfriend Corey had 14th row center, and lucky Joel and his friend had 2nd row center. Before we took our seats I bought a program, a raspberry swirl necklace, and a shirt. Then I took my seat as Jeff looked for our friends. I chatted a bit with the girl next to me, and showed my pictures from earlier (one hour photo!!). She was so surprised I got my pic with Tori. Jeff came back and then the lights went down. The guys came out on stage and started to play the intro into the first song. Then Tori came out and the crowd went wild. The whole auditorium gave her a standing ovation. Then the concert began: 1. Precious Things - very happy that she played this and not Black Dove. Tori really gave this girl new life with the band. It just rocked the house, and the crowd loved it!! 2. Spark - very similar to the CD, but way better live (as were all the songs). Tori played both keyboard and piano, and moved between the two similar to the way she did between the harpsicord and piano for Caught a Lite Sneeze in the Pele tour. *Tori then took a moment to thank us all for coming, mentioning that she wasn't the only show in town tonight, but apologizing for not being the "free show" (she was referring to the fact that the Smashing Pumpkins were playing the Hennepin Avenue block party for free tonight). 3. Cornflake Girl - she began slowly on the piano with the line "You bet your life it is" over and over again. Of course this song was an audience fav (especially thanks to Caton's guitar work), and Tori did the most amazing finger work on the keys!! 4. Sugar - a surprise, especially because the band was playing with her, but it was incredible! She had a solo at the bridge...changed a few of the lyrics..and kept it going for a long time. Tori really got into playing this one. 5. iiieee - this one was my fav on the album, and you could tell it was one of Tori's fav as well. She started out laying back on her seat with her arms crossed. When she got the the part of the song where she holds out "sacrifice" she held her belly. I think we all understand the reference to her lost baby. Matt was playing the congas throughout the song, which really added to the experience. 6. Playboy Mommy - Tori played the keyboard on this one and Jon played an acoustic bass. Tori started out again by crossing her arms and then cradling and rocking her arms. A very emotional song for her. 7. Crucify - a wonderful rendition of a fav. At this point Caton had finally removed his sungalsses. Matt was using a unique pair of sticks (bells on the tips?) that added a really neat aspect to his incredible playing so far. I watched as a couple was escorted by security from the front out (my friend Joel told me the girl had slipped and twisted her ankle and was in pain). One of the tech guys had to tighten something on the drums set too. Very good but Tori was drowned out in this one. * Tori said hi! to the crowd and then told us to hang on cause she needed to find her lip gloss. She put her hand up as to tell us to wait, and then some girl near the front row threw her own lip gloss on stage. Tori took it and asked her if she had any diseases. She then told the girl that all of her diseases were under her clothes!

Solos 8. Marianne (request, Tori said for a very special person) - this was very quiet and could feel the emotion in Tori's voice. 9. Upside Down (another request, but Tori didn't mention that...a girl behind me at the meet and greet had asked her to play it). Tori embellished it quite a bit on the piano, which is always the treat in her shows!!

with band again 10. Doughnut Song - WOW!! Jon played upright bass, Matt was real light on the percussion, Tori soloed in the middle. All around surprising addition to the line up. 11. Cruel - this was the most emotional and expressive song of the night. Tori began by crossing her arms indian-style and leaning back to the rhythm of the boys. She played the keyboard for this one. The whole song had a very jungle feel to it. Tori put her hands behind her back during the song (reference to Spark video perhaps?). Jon was strumming really hard on his electric bass. Tori reached her hands up, seemed to pull down the air with her fists, and then brought her hand to her heart. It was a very beautiful song...with strong red lights at the end! 12. Liquid Diamonds - at first I was struggling to remember the name of this song, but eventaully it came to me. The highlight of this song was the streams of bubbles that came down on the stage. The guys seemed to look at each other in disbelief...then they cracked up! 13. Waitress - "I'm gonna go where she goes...gonna get me one of those.. I believe her momma" were some of the lyrics she added to the end of the song. Awesome anger in this song!

First Encore 14. God - "you dropped a bible on me Jesus" was a changed lyric. Lots of reverb in her voice (I think Tori had the ability to change that with her keyboard). Everyone on the floor had gotten out of their seats and were dancing at this point.

15. Raspberry Swirl - Tori loved to belt out "sswwwiiirrrlllllll" and the crowd loved the dance beat of the song. Matt played something like a steel drum...very cool!! *before she began her last song she said "You guys have been wonderful."

Second Encore

16. Landslide - originally by Fleetwood Mac, this was so lovely!! All the lights went white and danced off the three disco balls hanging over the stage.

This was a wonderful concert, but maybe I'm biased because I got to meet Tori. I will say though, because of the energy added with the band it wasn't as intimate a concert as her others have been. It was beautifully different, but uniquely Tori!

From Kimberly M Nicholas

July 22, 1998 - I met Tori before the show in Minneapolis on July 17th. My friends Joel, Joanne and myself decided to show up at the meet and greet in the hopes to get a glimpse of her. As it turns out, we got right up front, and although she only stuck around for about 10 minutes, I got to talk to her briefly. I woodburned a box for Tori that had butterflies on the top and leaves and vines on the sides. When she looked at me, I said "Hi Tori, I made this for you." She took it from me and told me how beautiful it was and said "I guess I know what you want me to play tonight." I replied, "Actually, I was hoping you could play Talula." Tori looked disturbed for a moment and started to explain why she didn't like the idea, when I said politley, "Butterfly would be just fine." She gave me a hug, and then I asked if I could have my picture taken with her. My friend Joel took the picture of the two of us (and boy does Tori look radiant in the pic...especially compared to my porcelain white skin). My friend Joanne got something signed for her boyfriend, Joel got his Hotel cover signed, and Tori signed the back of my UtP tour shirt. I think we all wish that Tori could've stayed longer, but she had mentioned that she was tired and hungry and that after she finished here with us she was going to grab something to eat and then take a nap before the show. All in all, I was not only surprised that I actually met, hugged, talked, and got my picture taken with Tori, but I was amazed at how calm I was when she looked at me and it was my turn to speak. I only have one regret...that I couldn't get my friends pictures with Tori too. It was hard enough to even breathe in that crowd. There must have been 40-50 people. friend Joel and I had to deal with the tar from the blacktop that had melted to the bottom of our shoes. I must say, though, that true Tori fans were indeed there that afternoon. You wouldn't believe the unique gifts, cards, treats, etc., that everyone was giving her! I hope Tori knows how lucky she is to have the ewf that she does. The ewf that I know agree with me that we are all very lucky to have Tori!

PS. I figured out later after talking with my friends that had attended the show, that the reason why Tori hesitated when I suggested she play Talula might have been because she didn't have the harpsicord on tour with her, and that trying to figure out how to arrange it without it might have been difficult.


July 22, 1998 - Since this seems to be a "worship" site for the most part, I doubt that you'll want this. [Note from Mikewhy: Looks like you were wrong about that! I may not agree with you, but your opinion is welcome on this site.] But, both my girlfriend and I were very dissapointed with the show in Minneapolis. I love Tori, and I think that "Boys for Pele" is one of the best things to happen in the 90's. That said, her new live band sound SUCKS. How people can get off on the most plodding and uninspired playing around is beyond me. They had volume volume volume. That's it folks. It was simply a wall of obnoxious undisciplined crap, not at all virtuoso playing. Contrast that with the moments Tori was on stage alone--Beautiful! Sure a loud band can be great, such as the bands of Sarah M and Heather Nova. I've seen their live shows lately, and they rock. Plus, you can actually HEAR the different elements of the bands, unlike at Tori. I love Tori, but she blew it this time.

From Nathan

July 22, 1998 - Those of you who are still undecided about seeing Tori live with a guitar, bass, and drums, please do the right thing and decide to see her. Friday's performance was exceptional and sounded great. I can't even think of any highlights at the moment; each and every tune was played so well. From what I could see, Tori was in very good spirits, as were her band members. Steve, in particular, looked like he was having the time of his life.

I'm not much of a people person, but the crowd was really great. I was absolutely shocked at how well-behaved the crowd was when Tori was at the Northrop for the Dew Drop Inn tour, and Friday night was no different- people were respectful and loving without getting out of hand.

Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan was in attendance; he was seated in about the fourth or fifth row. Poor guy has to have a bodyguard tag along with now it seems.

From Katie

July 22, 1998 - I was there and it was amazing she reached out and touched the audience stole their hearts one song left me in tears she's amazing I hope to see her again!!!!!

From Val Kubu

July 22, 1998 - ok - all i can say is that tori ruled. the emotions she sent forth into the audience are indescribable to those who were not in attendance. she was amazing. my friends and i were so psyched before she took the stage that we lost our voices sounding barbaric yawlps in enthusiasm. when she came out we, along with the rest of the crowd, went crazy. the concert itself was indescribable. i was at times moved to tears and at others entranced. to ask if it was a good concert is to ask an invalid question. seriously. during her first encore we left our seats and took up spots in the aisle. when she started landslide during her second encore i swear i heard the whole crowd gasp with excited surprise. hearing tori sing that song was amazing. i melt when i hear fleetwood do it, but she added something inexplainable. it made me shake. it made me sob. it was so beautiful! my friend james gave me a hug during that song and it was the best hug i've ever had. afterwards, we went to the bus to see her off. i'm short (so is she i found out) so i climbed up in a tree - i had a great view =). she came to see the crowd that had gathered and she was so real, so NON-superficial. it was so great. my god, do i love tori..............

From Karissa Stone

July 22, 1998 - The Tori Amos concert in Minnepolis was amazing. I went with four of my friends. We had seats in the middle balcony, twelfth row. Then John Witherspoon, Tori's Tour Manager, gave us front row, orchestra pit, tickets. It was awsome! The show, over all, was great! It was the best concert I've ever been to.

From ucelrative/erin wilson

July 19, 1998 - I went to the July 17 Tori show at the Northrop also. I was so beautiful. I had third row seats, so I was very excited..and this was first time seeing Tori since I was a bit young for her last tour (12 yrs.) It seemed like forever I felt for her to get on stage...but when she came on..I just went crazy..I started sobbing because I couldn't believe I was actually that close to the real Tori. She stood in front of her piano and she was bending her knees and kinda playing with the audience and then she played precious things. I keep on reading that she said she forgot how to play Marianne..but actually I heard a girl yell out spacedog and she said she forgot how to play that...and said it might as well be the girl in the audience's song. My favorite part was when she played liquid diamonds and all the bubbles came down. It was really beautiful. But the best part had to of been the encore when she played Raspberry Swirl. Everyone on the main stage was dancing and it was so cool. And I think actually that the band Tool was sitting behind me because they were playing at Ozzfest the following day and it looked exactly like them! It was wonderful...I managed to get pictures also..but I havent developed them..and I dont have a scanner (DARN!) But Im not that bummed..I can still remember it so well.

From Larry Curtis Beers

July 19, 1998 - okay - I'm not sure if this is where I send my reviews, but eh.. :) what the heck..

last night was my first Tori concert ever, and I have to say it was friend was absolutely stoked that she played Landslide, which I've never heard, so it was kind of a treat, but I was hoping for Winter..other than that it was a wonderful concert..I was praying that she would play precious things and (thanks tori) she did! and I was not, expecting Playboy Mommy, so that was a nice surprise..

From christin light

July 18, 1998 - some important details were left out in the reviews for the july 17th minneapolis show at northrup.

one. a boy asked tori to play "playboy mommy" before soundcheck because his friend killed herself last week and it was her favourite tori song. she said "you bet i will." and there were tears in her eyes. she played it so emotionally too.

two. no one mentioned how increadibly angry she got during cruel. her face was contorted and she kept on clutching her stomach and rubbing between her breats and just sat there with her fists clenched. it was definately her most emotionally intense song. it's not my favourite from the albulm but it was the best from teh concert. she got so into it was amazing. three. when someone asked her to play marianne, she was talking about how she forgot to play it, because she hadn't played it for so long it seemed like some else's song. jewel's she said. everyone laughed and she was quick to add that jewel was actually very nice.

in general the concert was so fucking amazing, tori was so energetic and you tell that she always dreamed of being a rockstar and she was with the huge lights flashing and her band. but the thing is she does it her way on her own terms which is wonderful...

**IF ANYONE HAS A BOOTLEG PLEASE LET ME KNOW** it was pretty easy to get things through security i wasn't even frisked and a girl sitting in front of us snuck in. [she was a fucking teeny bopper though, talked through the whole thing, the only mar in an otherwise perfect night.]

we saw tori's limo leave.
her hand was out the window...

From Ange

July 18, 1998 - Hey, just wanted to let you know I was at the Minneapolis concert last night. She also did a meet and greet at about 4:30 or so. There were probably about 50 or so people there. I was sort of in the back, but I got a good view of her and lots of pictures- my friend got her autograph. She stuck around for about 10 minutes- it was very quiet and calm, but so amazing. Well, then, of course, the show- we (6 of us) were placed right behind the most hyper and wacky people in the auditorium. Their constant screams and wild dancing got us all really excited before the show, but I was glad to see them chill down a bit once she began. I won't bother you with a set list. I guess she sort of has to promote the album, but I think I could have done without one or two of the songs. Cruel was amazing and definetely my favorite. I liked it when she just played Marianne and Upside Down by herself (like they were meant to) cuz sometimes you would lose Tori's piano in the band, however Sugar was pretty great with a little background funk. Liquid Diamonds was a lot better than I would have expected, and the floating bubbles were a wonderful effect. She did clutch her stomach while saying "sacrifice," but she also did it a lot of other times. She went nuts at the end of Waitress imitating a surfer ("hang ten") and you know how you all wish you could see her go all out like in the live Merry Widow performance from Hey Jupiter, well that's about as close as she got. The show seemed kind of short at a little under 2 hours, (but hey I guess I'm just a little greedy) but WOW what an amazing experience. I'm still smiling like crazy, and I really hope to try to make another show in August.

From Sped

July 18, 1998 - Well, this was the first show of the year for me so I hadn't seen the band yet. It was quite interesting -- I can't lie and say that I like the band concept better than a solo Tori, but she did a good job of selecting members for it.

Precious Things is a much better opening number than Black Dove, so I'm glad that she switched to that. This absolutely rocked -- of all the times I've seen this song on concert I would have to say it was the closest to the original feel that she was going after. It was very nice to finally see it done justice.

Before Cornflake Girl she stopped and talked to the audience a little bit and thanked us for showing up. She mentioned something about 'not being the only show in town' (the Smashing Pumpkins were playing their free show at the Hennepin Ave. Block Party). The only other time she talked to us was before her solo set when someone decided to swap lip gloss with her. She asked if the person had any diseases and then she said "all my diseases are under my clothes." Someone yelled out a request and she said (paraphrasing): "I'm not sure I know her anymore. Sometimes they go away and them I have to go steal them from other people. I think Jewel or someone probably has her....(much hissing from the crowd) ... Actually Jewel's quite nice...".

Highlight of the show for me was Upside Down -- this is one of my favorite B-sides and it was the first time I've ever heard it performed live. Absolutely floored me.

Another thing that really really got to me was her stage actions during Ieee... I hadn't realized that this song could have been so much about her miscarriage -- she kept touching her stomach when she sang "sweet sacrifice" and "my baby" -- very very touching.

Also, took one of my friends who had never heard a single note of any Tori song. While it is true that he slept through 50% of the show, he is a HUGE Fleetwood Mac fan so needless to say it was fun to see his eyes light up during Landslide. That redeemed the show for him.

I thought the show REALLY dragged to almost a halt during Doughnut Song, Cruel, and Liquid Diamonds. She redeemed it with the three encores -- they were dancing in the aisles at the Tori show! I still think that Tori is at her

It was also very nice for my Fiancee to finally see what the hub-bub with Tori was all about -- she enjoyed the show a lot.

Good show, good time. Now off to Ozzfest and Bad Religion today......

From Daisy Melanie & Lenny Green

July 18, 1998 - I am so blown away i just must mention this! Beacuse I went to both the milwaukee show *and* to the Minneapolis show, I have to tell you that Tori was so ON! In dont mean to be nasty to anyone that was at the Milwaukee show, but I need to say it like it is. The Minn show was 80 billion times better than the Milw show! The fans were much more into it--maybe she didnt get the energy that she needed in milw. Not to mention that the acoustics were much improved at Northrup Auditorium. The Devlins were much improved also, probably cuz they were playing with their own drummer instead of Matt Chamberlin and people acknowledged them as a band at Minn, not just something to endure before Tori played. I want to thank every single fan that was there (besides thanking tori , obviously) for making that concert a truly spiritual experience! Tori mentioned that the audience was Great--and I dont think it was idle chatter...

The comments below were mailed to the precious-things mailing list:

oh I gotta tell you guys about this!!

1) milwaukee show was good, but the minneapolis show was 80 times better!!! Tori was much more ON, and i think it was because the audience at Minn was so much more into it. I think that Tori got the energy that she needed more so in Minn--this is my humble opinion, of course! If anyone has a bootleg, I will give my eye teeth for a copy...god it was soooooooo good!

2)because of the free smashing pumpkins concert (AND country jam AND rock fest AND some sports event--all in various towns) we never found a motel and singing very loudly to Tori was the only way i stayed awake in the car and did not fall asleep and drive off the road to certain death.

3)I GOT TO MEET HER! well, she didnt actually talk to me, but signed my cover for UtP record (that awful pepto bismol pink thing! :D) and *smiled* at me...if anyone was there, email me--i kept standing there wondering if any of the gathered faithful were regulars on the list...if you want to hear about this whole thing, you can email me too.

4)If you are going to a show dont forget your binoculars! I had no idea how much they can improve your experience (i always thought they would just be in my way). Tori does all kinds of hand motions and facial expressions that you dont want to miss! And the band is good lookin' too! ;)

thats all for now--im still in shock...Tori is so beautiful in person. She is a *natural* beauty.

And to all who attended the Minn show: THANKS for helping to be a great audience!

From anastasia (Posted to Precious Things mailing list)

July 18, 1998 - i wrote down the setlist so every song is in the right order.

precious things
cornflake girl

iieee - it was kinda cool how the "iieee" part at the beginning was sampled in the keyboard.. toward the end of the song she seemed really angry

playboy mommy - at the meet&greet thing before the show, this guy behind me asked her to play this song because a friend of his, who really loved tori and had been goign to the show, killed herself on monday and this was her favourite song. tori said "you got it" and she played it.

crucify - beautiful with the band

--------without band--------

marianne - she said someone special asked her to play this song.

upside down

--------- doughnut song

cruel - this song rocked more than i thought any song was capable of, tori or non-tori. i've never heard a song so intense and so so so angry live... not to mention so loud. it was so beautiful but hard to watch.

liquid diamonds
the waitress

first encore:

god - this was a surprise. it really rocked with the band. most everyone on the main floor was standing and most people were dancing, too.

raspberry swirl - another one that rocked harder than i thought imaginable.

second encore:

landslide - this was such a surprise.. it's my favourite tori-cover and i've never heard it live-live -- only on bootlegs. it was so incredibly beautiful.

so, all in all, it was a good show. shorter than the BFP shows i think, but that's probably because the band doesn't know all her songs yet. i asked for yes, anastasia and she said that later on in the tour they'll play it.

it was the most interesting tori show i've seen.. there were a lot of cornflake girls around, which was sad, lots of people who didn't recognise any songs other than the choirgirl ones.. but the crowd was really good, loud when it was appropriate but quiet the rest of the time. tori's really a rock star now.

From Matt Page

July 18, 1998 - Matt told me on the phone that this was the best show he has seen so far this year! He said the band was really tight and that they seem to really be a team and great friends as well. Tori started "Cornflake Girl" with a special slow introduction. "Sugar" was performed with the band and was described as incredible. On the written set list, Tori was supposed to do "Winter" instead of "Landslide", and for the first song of the first encore, Tori has "Tear/God" written. Matt was also able to give me the set list for Tori's soundcheck:

Playboy Mommy
Tear In Your Hand
Liquid Diamonds
Butterfly (Just a tiny bit...)

From Ally

July 18, 1998 - THis show was amazing. The best one I've seen yet! I got there around 1:30 today and we actually got to talk to Mark Hawley, who was sitting outside at a folding table munching on some lunch. He was a really neat guy, and his accent was so fitting. I felt like a dork, but I had gone up to him and asked him if he was Mark, and then he said, "yes, and who might you be?" and it was just so neat to discuss how hot minnesota can be ;) (ok, ok, the whole conversation lasted about 10 mins)

Meet and Greet - around 4:30 - tons of people there, more than the Davenport show (last time i saw tori), i didn't get to talk to her, but i saw her and it was good, i'll scan pics after tomorrow.

the show was amazing! i think my new favorite with the live band is Sugar... and crucify was just as wonderful. I tried to smuggle my recorder in there once more and the silly Asia security people got me, but i went back and got it from the coat check thing-a-ma-bob and was able to get the worst recording i have done so far. its so brassy and just terrible. (so if anyone has a copy, i will do anything to get one!)

before marianne, she swapped lip gloss with some lucky girl in the first row, and then said that someone asked her to play this (marianne) and so. as for talking otherwise, she merely mentioned that she wasn't the free show in town ;)

during waitress she did the "hang ten honey, i'm gonna get me one of those, hang ten honey, i'm gonna go where she goes" and god with "you dropped a bible on me jesus"

anyways, must catch a few hours a sleep! seee you all tomorrow in Ames!!@&*(#$


From Monica R Howell

July 18, 1998 - hey there, here's the minneapolis set list! precious things, spark, (band intros), sugar, cornflake girl (i may have sugar and cornflake girl mixed up because my handwriting is overlapped on these two), iieee, playboy mommy, crucify, (little talk, she also traded lip gloss with someone in the audience, telling him/her not to worry, whatever diseases she has are below her clothes), marianne, upside down, doughnut song, cruel, liquid diamonds, the waitress, [1st encore] god, raspberry swirl, [2nd encore] landslide. marianne and upside down were done without band. tori said that marianne was done for someone special who requested it. sugar was absolutely amazing, it was hardcore, lots of deep drums, just great. at the end of waitress she added on quite a bit, singing "hang ten, hang ten honey, i'm gonna go where she goes" and variations on that. lots and lots and lots of energy at this show, but it therefore seemed less personal than when i saw the dew drop inn tour. nevertheless, many of the versions of the songs now are just as good as the originals and it was fabulous hearing precious things with the band.

From Mark Oldfield

July 18, 1998 - Just got back from the Minneapolis show - awesome!

Set list: Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Playboy Mommy
Marianne (solo)
Upside Down (solo)
Doughnut Song
Liquid Diamonds

Encore 1:
Raspberry Swirl

Encore 2:


Show lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. Impossible to pick a favorite moment but Sugar was a great surprise. iieee took on a whole new meaning as she clutched her tummy during 'sacrifice', quite emotional. Before the two solos she mentioned she needed a lip-gloss boost and a girl next to me threw hers up on the stage. Tori said that it was the same kind she uses and asked her if she wanted to trade and threw hers back in exchange. Asked her if she had any cold sores but that she needn't worry, Tori keeps all her diseases under her clothing! She dedicated Marianne to someone special in the audience. Oh yes, Lawrence Welk bubbles during Liquid Diamonds (is this new?). Joel, who was to the side of the stage was cracking up as were the band members watching the bubbles burst all over the place.

The sound could have been better, wish the piano was mixed more up front, she was drowned out a little too often imo. The audience was incredible except for two very odd fellows who sat next to us and never clapped once! Weirdness. We had originally front row, but found out they filled the orchestra pit with chairs so we were really 4th row. After the Devlins finished a security person asked if we'd like to move up a row and be dead center - we accepted of course! All-in-all a great time.

From Tom Zuhars

July 18, 1998 - I just got back from the show here in Minneapolis and I'm VERY tired but I thought I'd take a minute to update you on her set list tonight. She opened with Precious things, Sugar, Cornflake Girl, Spark, Iieee, Playboy Mommy, Crucify, Marianne, Upside Down, Doughnut Song, Liquid Diamonds, Waitress, 1st encore-God, Rasberry Swirl, 2nd encore-Landslide. It was a FAB show and now I need a glass of red wine and a smoke to clam down. Take care!!!!

I told you I was tired, but I forgot one other song she did and that was Cruel in between Iieee and Playboy Mommy.

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