North American Plugged '98 Tour
Charlotte, NC
August 12, 1998

Updated August 25, 1998

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Tori performed in Charlotte, NC on August 12, 1998 at Ovens Auditorium during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Cloud On My Tongue and Hey Jupiter solo. Many thanks to Lee Chaix for calling me right after the show from Charlotte with this set list.

Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Cloud On My Tongue (solo)
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Jackie's Strength
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine

2nd Encore:


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From Aurora (dawn)

August 25, 1998 - last night was the show in charlotte was perfect! what else can be said....

it was my first one and i'm still on cloud 9. i went with 2 other friends and we had planned on going to the meet and greet, well, we got there around 5 or a little bit before and we found out that she had already gotten there and done her thing, i was a little bummed, after all i drove an hour and a half and took a half day off of work just to be there early...anyways...the 3 of us ( my friends and i ) were standing there by the buses behind the auditorium and this guy walked up to us and says " guys wanna meet tori" and we were like yeah, of he told us to come with him...we waited with about 4 other people and in about 20 minutes one of toris guys came and we were asked to follow him, we went to back staget were we were all given a free "choirgirl" cd and brief instructions on how we were'nt to take up to much time with her blah blah blah....then one by one we went in and met Her and had a pic. taken with her, which she signed...we chatted a was really made my night...year for that matter....i was just absolutely ecstatic!! so to say the least it was a lovely evening...

i cant wait till next time....

i hear talk about a greensboro show....we'll see...

From Melanie

August 13, 1998 - We got there about 3pm for the meet and greet, already a lot of ppl there. I've met her before under awesome circumstances, so I sat back and let everyone else crowd around... it was kind of anticlimactic, since only the first few ppl even got to see her. Oh well. =) Then on to the concert... due to the kindness of a person I met through the registry, I was on the 5th row, wonderful seats... (and after talking to someone at the meet and greet that paid $200 for second row... sheesh.) Let me say firstly, that this was my 6th Tori show, but the first I've seen with the band. I definitely miss the intimacy, but I was really into the band. It also made it a little easier to take the screaming crowd. (Last tour Charlotte was terrible... ppl screaming in the middle of songs and such.) With the band, it didn't seem so out of place.

Precious Things started it out with a fury... beautiful and strong. Hearing Sugar with the band was definitely cool. Tori really seemed out of sorts, as tho she didn't feel very good. When they went into the quiet time segment, all she said was, "Guys go away... some time just for us," and immediately launched into Cloud... I was glad to hear Hey Jupiter w/out the band tho... but God and Waitress seemed to have been *meant* for a band. Waitress especially was a highlight... it's never been one of my favorite songs, but if it had been recorded that way, it would be... terribly angry... gorgeous. Raspberry Swirl, despite the technical problems that obviously made her uncomfortable, was fabulous... seriously upbeat and dancy. She makes the drummer work really hard on it :... (And the drummer was wearing the funny light up antennae thingys. Heh.) She's Your Cocaine was breathtaking, truly a great rock song. Horses was really odd... it was as tho it was a totally different song, but it was good. The show seemed way too short, and the Tori-banter I'm used to from past shows really left a gaping hole in the experience. It wasn't a bad show by any means, but compared to the others I've seen, it was a little off. (Note: I don't mean to fault Tori for this at all, I know she's been ill, and I feel for her... I wish her the absolute best.)

All in all it was a really good show... not great, but good. It was really cool meeting some of the ppl I see in email, and finding out that I already knew one of them! =) Now I can't wait to get to the Atlanta show!

From DarqLula

August 13, 1998 - Tori was wonderful even despite her illness!! [Note from Mikewhy: I think Tori is almost fully recovered from her illness...I don't think she was really sick tonight...though she is likely still feeling the effects of her past illness a tiny bit.] To despair, I couldn't get to the meet and greet. I was so angry, angry, angry! But, my nerves chilled and I collected my things and waited for my friends in VA to come down to Greensboro. I got to Ovens, which is pretty new inside and an auditorium, not an arena (which I felt was better). The Devlins opened right-spankin on time, at 8. I thought they did well. A lot of clapping and yelling for an opening band. One girl asked the lead singer to marry her, and he said yeah. I saw a lot of ears with feet but I'm too shy... :( The Devlins were done at 8:40 and then 35 minutes later Tori came out with (what looked like) a tight black top and pants with a silver apron thing on. Most of the other reviews have summed up the songs well. When the lights came on and people cheered forever I was nervous. I mean, my stomach felt like shit, but when she started singing it went away. I had goosebumps about the whole show and some tears here and there (at those certain times). Precious Things was great. It's true she didn't talk much, but how would you feel having to perform in front of a ton of people sick? Blah..I wouldn't be up for it. I didn't see her "masturbating over her clothes" though, then again I was 6th row right center so the Bose covers her body sometimes. And the keyboard boo-boo? I didn't even notice really, well, at least not enough to distract me. What did distract me was all the flashes that kept going off. I think it's okay to do your stuff, but ya know ya have to be courteous to THE woman. When the lights in the auditorium come on, it was funny cause people left. Sorry, had to say that. Other than that, I cant really describe more of the feelings I had, because I cant put them into words (at least not this late). Facts are easy! Anyway, if happened to have taped the show (in any format), please, please e-mail me at

From Eva Szentpetery

August 13, 1998 - I just had the best day of my life. All these years of loving Tori, and today was the culmination. I got to Ovens Auditorium at about 1:30 and there were just a few people there. She showed up to the meet and greet at about 4:35, maybe a little after... She didn't spend a lot of time out there, but I was in the second row of people and she did sign something for me and also accepted my note. I was speechless when she said "Hey, how are you?" All these things I wanted to say... and I had my moment, but said nothing.... figures. Anyway, she spoke very softly and seemed a bit sick still. She was wearing a gray shirt and this neat looking colorful skirt. She had black sandals on. Her parents came by when we were waiting, and they were so nice! Her father actually came up to us and spoke with a few people. He, like Tori, spoke very very quietly. He thanked us for being here because without us, Tori couldn't play. He talked about how he has family in the area and they had some kind of fruit stand? I didn't hear real well what he said. Well the show was amazing to say the least. Precious Things was wonderful, the crowd went wild. Actually, they were really wild the whole evening. What a change from the D.C. show, where the audience seemed distracted the whole night. She really connected with the audience. She played Spark next, and the crowd, again, went nuts. I was waiting to hear Liquid Diamonds... and she played it! It was GORGEOUS. Next came SIREN!!!!!! I was so jealous of the Richmond crowd last night that they got to hear it.... but so did we! And it was beautiful. Sugar was next. She is one of my favorites, with the band. Then the boys left and she played Cloud on My Tongue and Hey Jupiter. It's such a change when she does these solo songs. They give me chills. The piano sounds so good without the band.... It's my favorite part of the night. She did Jackie's Strength, Caught a Lite Sneeze... And then the keyboard malfunctioned on Raspberry Swirl which kind of killed the crowd. Everyone was paying more attention to the keyboard than dancing... Not a soul got up and danced. The lighting on this was unbelievable, however. Then came The Waitress.... which is always like July 4th when they shoot off all the fireworks at the end... they really start jamming.... it's unbelievable. For the first encore, she did ieee and She's Your Cocaine, which were both great, and for the second she only did Horses.... Oh by the way, the lights came on after the first encore while Tori and the band were just getting back to their instruments... another mistake. Horses is really beautiful with the band. At the end when she does those wails... my brain just lights up with pleasure... it sounds amazing. All in all, it was a fantastic show. They distributed fliers about the Oct 20 Columbia, SC show, which goes on sale Aug 22. Tix are not available through Ticketmaster, only through the venue. The number to call for charge-by-phone is (803) 251-2222.

From Russell C. Smith IV

August 13, 1998 - Well, what can I say. This is the third time I've seen Tori, twice now at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte and once at the MCI Center in D.C. on 8/8/98. Tonight was the best of the three by far, and it's up against some pretty stiff competition. It seemed like Tori made a definite connection with the audience, or at the very least, with myself. It was such a shock to see her play for 2,600 people after seeing her at the MCI. I'm not going to bash the whole arena tour idea, in fact I love arena shows. However, Tori simply doesn't have the fan base to pull these large shows off and make them have the same effect that this show in Charlotte did. At tonight's show, there was no one talking on a cell phone, no one making drunken remarks, barely anyone wandering the aisles, and certainly no one looking at their watches like you see at the larger shows. This small audience was spellbound, and screamed their lungs out. Some songs I especially enjoyed were God, Liquid Diamonds, Sugar, and She's Your Cocaine. This last song brings up another point I've been wanting to make. Steve Caton can play the axe! I'm a guy who loves great guitar work, and Caton does it on the intro and breakdown of this song. I'd like to see him produce some work someday or have Tori do a song on one of her albums that features his playing more prominently. Watch not only him but the other musicians on this tour. I'm not suggesting that we lower Tori from her goddess status, but she's definitley got some talented brothers! Her parents were in the audience at this show, sitting about ten rows behind me. She said that she always enjoys coming to Charlotte because she has some cousins here and of course that this is her birth state, all to the crowd's approval. She wasn't talkative at all during the rest of the show, no stories or anything. The piano got messed up in the beginning of Rasberry Swirl and that kind of ruined things for the rest of that song, but other than that, the sound was flawless on every song, loud or soft. Ovens has pretty good acoustics, and they definitley bring out Tori's voice in a way you can't always hear. Or maybe she's finally getting over her sickness. I think it's probably a combination. Well, all in all, I'm mystified. I'm dazed, confused, bewildered, but most of all appreciative that such a great artist has graced the stage of Ovens Auditorium once again.

From Tripp Gwyn

August 13, 1998 - I was able to listen to soundcheck from outside. I heard Siren, God, and Sugar.

The Concert Setlist:

Precious Things
Tori says her cousins are there and I think she said it was her B-day.
Liquid Diamonds
Secret Time:
Improv with lines like "All the way from Borneo, you left me in Borneo"
Cloud on My Tongue
Hey Jupiter
Band is back:
Jackie's Strength
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Raspberry Swirl
Encore 1
She's Your Cocaine
Encore 2
Horses (w/band)


August 13, 1998 - Well I just got back from the charlotte concert and it was phenominal!!!!!!! I even got to meet Mr.and Mrs. Amos who sat right in front of me. They were to cute, Dr.Amos said that this was the most interjestic lively and and most beautiful shows he' has ever seen her do. He also said that Tori's voice was the strogest he has ever heard it and that he wished she would tone it down cause she was going to blow it out again but she never listenes to him. He also said she was recording this concert and others for a live album comming out after the tour was completed. The show was wonderful I was in tears the entire show and I haven't cried since the third grade when my grandfather died. ever since then hey jupiter has always had a special place in my heart and every time i listen to it on the c.d it makes me think about things and after hearing it tonight things just hit me and I balled so hard. I felt so stupid until I looked around and saw everyone else doing the same. She touched everyone from the begining. She also grabbed her breats and maturbated over her clothes on precious things and grabbed her croch in she's your cocaine. Siren and Sugar were great suprises. but the highlight of the night was deffinantly Hey Jupiter. I can not even begin to describe to any of you just how beautiful and breathtaking this concert was. The person the had been my inpiration for living and has sung me to sleep every night for 3 years was actually here right in front of me. She ended with a beautiful version of horses with a beautiful powerful voices wich left everyone breathless and waiting for more.

From Lee Chaix

August 13, 1998 - Lee called me on the phone after the show. (I am so grateful for that!) She said that Tori was in great form, though her voice did sound a tiny bit on the nasal side. "Cloud On My Tongue" was called "breathtaking" and a technician came on stage to work on Tori's keyboard while she sang "Raspberry Swirl" and played the piano. When Tori took the stage for the second encore, the house lights came on briefly...they must have thought she was gone for the night!

From Elyse

August 13, 1998 - Tori did one of her best versions of "Sugar" tonight. The written set list followed the actual set list, except that Tori had "Purple People" listed as the first song of the second encore. "Purple People" must still be too shy to come out! During "The Waitress" Tori sang the following line twice with great emphasis, "I believe in the devil, bitch."

From J. (posted to ToriNews mailing list)

August 13, 1998 - just came from the charlotte show, it was great of course. precious things was phenom! and sugar with the band was very cool.

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