North American Plugged '98 Tour
Rochester (Canandaigua), NY
August 6, 1998

Updated August 8, 1998

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Tori performed in Rochester (Canandaigua), NY on August 6, 1998 at the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Cloud On My Tongue and Cooling solo. Many thanks to Matt Page for calling me from Rochester with the set list. (Thanks to ALL of you who emailed me the set as well!)

Precious Things
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Little Earthquakes
Raspberry Swirl
Liquid Diamonds
Cloud On My Tongue (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Northern Lad
She's Your Cocaine
The Waitress

1st Encore:
Cornflake Girl

2nd Encore:


From Deanna K.

August 8, 1998 - I have just had the most amazing experience. So amazing, that I will never forget it. Even when I'm old and gray, I'll always remember.

The day started off normal. I gathered my Tori equiptment. (A tape recorder and camera..shhh). And so, we were off to the shell in hopes of meeting Tori before the show. By the time we arrived, which was 4:30, word was that she arrived at 4:00. But, it wasn't a total loss at all...we listened to an awesome soundcheck that included Purple People (which she didn't play during the concert). It was surreal.

The Devlins came on at 7:30 and were really cool. I really liked the mood of their music, and the lyrics were very deep. The lead singer is cute, plus he has an awesome British accent, which is a must.

I was so ready to hear Tori by the time she came on. Precious things was a great way to kick it off. It was so made for the band. Believe it or not, She's Your Cocaine was probably one of my favs. I usually don't like it...but it was SO incredible live. Crucify, LITTLE EARTHQUAKES (such a cool surprise), and Raspberry Swirl were surreal (as was the whole night). Raspberry Swirl turned the venue into something of a rave. Everyone was dancing!! The lights were flying.. amazing. I was so glad she played some of her older songs. I've always wished I could have seen some of her older stuff from Little Earthquakes live, and she totally delivered. I was so happy she did Cloud On My Tongue without the band. It deserved just the piano. It reminded me of her Dew Dropp Inn Tour.

When the night came to an end, I was frantic to meet Tori. I was so lucky to have my mom save me a spot at the meet and greet site for me. It was a wonderful surprise, and I love her for doing it. We were in the front of the area, so I knew I had a good chance of meeting Tori. Forty-five minutes went by until she came out.. Wow, that's all I can say. She had just taken a shower, and changed into denim overalls and a white shirt. She was so beautiful in person. She has the most amazing soft and pale skin I've ever seen. She was saying her hellos and mingling. She came over and I started crying, it was so embarassing. I was acting like a teeny bopper. She said "It's alright hun" and she gave me a hug!! She autographed a program for me. It was so surreal. The great thing is, she was so down to earth.

You should definitely bring your camera, even if it's banned from the venue. I'm so glad I brought mine, so I have pictures to remember this great concert by. Just remember to not use the flash. You don't want to blind Tori or one of her great players!

From SalrMoonS

August 8, 1998 - On the first day, God created the Universe. On the second day, He created Tori Amos. And all was well.

The Rochester 9/6 show was not only my first Tori show ever, it was my first *concert* ever. As I waited to be let into the venue, I noticed the incredible diversity of fans Tori had... "freaks", "preps", regular joes, and even people younger than me (which was a huge suprise). Next to me as we waited to be let in, a mother and her child were singing "Spark" together. On the other side, an Asian couple were holding hands, both with Liquid Diamonds t-shirts on. It was amazing to me.

Eventually they let us in. The security patted everyone down and checked EVERYTHING. When we got in, there were drink stands (which I was incredibly happy to see... I was dying of thirst), and a few Tori stands. As I drank a Barqs rootbeer, I stood in line with my mom in the Tori stand. I got myself a necklace and a program (INCREDIBLY well done, btw), and my mom bought me a t- shirt (the white one with all the "circles" on it). I finished my root beer and got myself some Evian water. Then it was time to enter the shell.

It was a LOT smaller than I had expected. I had second section, row 3 seats, which on the map looked WAY UP THERE, and yet I was so close to the stage I could have thrown something on there. My mom and I got settled in, and soon the Devlins came down. They were surprisingly good, especially with all the ruckus around them as people scrambled to find their seats. The lead singer was very funny (and kinda cute, in my honest opinion), and he seemed really calm and relaxed. I give the Devlins 2 thumbs up!

After the Devlins left the stage, Tori's crew came and took all of the Delvin stuff off of the stage. Anticipation filled the air. And stayed there, as we all waited about an hour or so for everything to be cleared. But when the lights went off, we all screamed. And soon Caton, the drummer and the other guitarist came out (sorry, I can barely remember Caton's name right now), and we all went wild. But when we saw our Goddess come out... BAM! Screams went like wildfire through the venue, and continued as she started to play Precious Things. Well, let's go...

Precious Things - incredible. I couldn't remember a lot of the beginning, I was too busy crying as I realized that TORI was up there, in the flesh, real. But halfway through, I snapped out of it and really began to enjoy the show. At the end, we were treated to the DDI "Wash this thing, Daddy" ending (I *THINK*... the sound was kinda unbalanced). Pure ANGER shot through the venue. I never felt so energised in my whole life... yet. The show had just begun, and I already was in tears. It was awesome.

Caught a Lite Sneeze - at first I couldn't recognize this. I secretly wanted to hear this one major bad, so when I finally could place my thumb on the melody, I screamed so bad. Unfortunately, not many other people were screaming yet, so my apologies to anyone who had to deal with my annoying screaming all the way through the show. I couldn't hold it in. Anyway, the song... she seemed angry during this one too, at the end, she kept raising up her hand for the other band members to know she was gonna do a little improv, and she started repeating the "Building... tumbling... down..." over and over. When she stopped, we all exploded. This is a rarity on this tour, and we were treated to it. Thank you so much, Tori. But that's just the beginning...

Little Earthquakes - I have a stori to tell for this one. My online friend Josh is dying of AIDS he got from a rape, and this is his favourite song. Since I couldn't make the Meet and Greet, I asked someone to PLEASE request Little Earthquakes for me and him. She obviously did. At first, I was shaking. I didn't know if she was playing Honey or Earthquakes... but when she started singing "Yellow bird flying...", that was it. I was gone. I was sobbing in my hands. It was a dream come true. Tori was playing this song, for me, and for a helpless little boy out in California who's life has been torn apart. During the "I can't reach you" part she started going "I can't reach you, I said boy I can't reach you..." (or at least that's what I heard), and I was like, wow, this is heaven. Afterwards, I screamed "THANK YOU TORI!" as loud as I can and annoyed a few older Toriphiles near me, but I didn't care, 'cause Tori looked up and I think she smiled at me. I was in tears.

From here on, the setlist is a little fuzzy, but I know I'll get all the songs in.

Iieee - At this point, my memory totally bombed on me and I couldn't remember melodies worth crap. So I *THOUGHT* she was playing Cruel, but when she started singing "I...e....i....e...i...e...i..." I knew we were getting treated to Iieee. While I DO like this song on the album, it's never been one of my favourites, but now... wow. At one point, she went off with her piano and I had NO clue what she was doing. And then: "I know you understand, but YOU TOOK MY LITTLE GIRL!" (or was it baby girl... ugh, awful memory, sorry). Very emotional. And the pelvic motions during "sacrifice"... ::shakes head:: I finally understand this song. I finally understand the anger in this song. I finally understand.

Liquid Diamonds - I *did* recognize this song at the get-go, even though my mom thought it was Cruel (yes, we really wanted to hear Cruel, sue us, heehee). I don't remember much about this song other than the fact that there were NO BUBBLES!!!! I wanted to see the bubbles so bad, and all we got was steam. :( Oh well. It was beautifly played.

The lights dimmed. All of a sudden, we saw these two little antenni. I whispered, "it's swirl time" into my mom's ear. It sure was.

Raspberry Swirl - AWESOME! The crowd went nuts! No one really danced tho, I couldn't sit still in my chair. It was the BEST sounding Swirl I've heard yet. She seemed to be having a blast during this, and so was I. Caton was going nuts. It was so awesome! For some reason, I didn't think I was gonna hear this, but I did! and I was so happy! It's so powerful live, so... wow. Heehee!

(This is where my memory really dies. I don't remember if they played another song before Private Time or not. I don't think so, so let's go into Private Time, k?)

She told us that the boys are gonna be leaving now, and that we might recognize the next song. For a minute I thought she was playing Winter, and so did someone else near me who was going "Winter winter winter..." but then she started playing a different song, and the crowd went nuts... not as much of it though.

Cloud on my Tongue - emotional is the only word I can find. Instead of "But you're already in here..." she sang "There", and at the end she extended the "girl's in circles and circles and circles again..." and overlapped into "Over the bridge now... I'm over the bridge now..." It was so sad. The tears that Raspberry dried up came back here, in a cordon of water. I leaked like a faucet.

(Here I become Miss Annoying Toriphile and I begin to scream "FLYING DUTCHMAN! SING FLYING DUTCHMAN!" after every song. The guy in front of me gave me nasty looks. I don't know what I did wrong. Oh well.)

Now Tori's telling us a story about how this song was supposed to be on Pele but got kicked off. (An annoying girl in the audience screamed "WHY?" in the middle of her story!) And she told us that it was her FAVOURITE song off of Pele, and it was supposed to be on Choirgirl... but it wasn't. (The girl screams something else. Sigh.) I knew what was coming, but I couldn't believe it.

Cooling - beautiful. Her voice was so strong here. The only disappointment was that she skipped the WHOLE middle part ("But do I hate what she is... or do I want to be her..." part) because SOMEONE (::eyes this girl in the audience who screamed something::) ruined her concentration. Oh well though. I commited a sin during another song, so I shouldn't speak. Did anyone hear, tho, her sing "Is your FAITH in heaven..." instead of place? I did. This was beautiful though. I was in heaven.

The band comes back, and the immediately go into another song. We weren't even done screaming yet, and she was a few lyrics into the song. Uh oh.

Northern Lad - This was one of the highlights of the show for me. The band... wow... they REALLY helped the song out 101%. It was so beautiful. The lighting was GREAT. Right now I'M losing my Northern Lad, and I started crying during the song. Beautiful. i like the band version better than the album version. Incredible.

She's Your Cocaine - Okay. I was VERY sore by the Cooling girl at this point. So I commited a sin. I screamed out something in the middle of this song. I was so ashamed of myself after it, but no one heard me... i don't think (Watch Melissa, every review on the Dent will mention your little "scream"). What'd I do? Well, when she went "She's Your Cocaine..." the second time, I screamed out "NO, YOU ARE!". The band drowned out my voice, so I hope I didn't bother anyone. If I did... I'm so sorry. I'm actually incredibly upset at myself for doing it. But the Cooling girl really pissed me off... oh well, no excuse. Sorry.

Crucify - this was one song I really wanted to hear, but doubted I would. So when she started playing it, I was gone. I was floating. I was in heaven. When she sang "You're just an empty cage girl if you... kill the bird..." she pointed at her stomach. I went "oh my gods..." and died. Me and few other people did the "Crucify Cheerleader Dance", but I didn't do it for long 'cause the nice man behind me might have not been able to see. But this was incredible. INCREDIBLE. And I'm repeating myself. But there aren't enough words in the dictionary for this concert. Will someone please invent new adjectives?

Waitress - I knew this was coming at the end of the first set. So I wasn't surprised when she started playing this. What can I say? It was LOUD. And strangely beautiful. She rearranged lyrics. We also got the "I believe in SOMETHING!". She spat it out. It was so... wow. And in one point, I THINK she might have sang "I believe in her goodness..." but I don't really think so. What can I say? An awesome way to end the first set.

Tori bows and leaves the stage. Standing ovation. Me screaming "I LOVE YOU TORI FLYING DUTCHMAN!". The girl next to me rolling her eyes. We all stay standing.

The band comes back and starts playing. I *think* I know what they're playing, but I'm not sure. Then Tori does her cute little dance back to the bench to the sound of us screaming. And she starts playing. And we all know what she's playing. And we all scream.

Cornflake Girl - Okay. I couldn't help myself. I started dancing my butt off during this. And so were a lot of other people. Including my non-Toriphile mom, who knows this song and admits it's better live. She sings the "Oh my darling I know you're out there..." which is so fucking brilliant. SHE'S so fucking brilliant. I was in heaven.

Spark - my mom LOVES this song, so she was excited to hear it. I was still dancing (I did all these funny hand motions during the "here, here, heeeerrrreeeee" part, it was so funny!) and my mom was swaying back and forth. The "how many fates..." part was incredibly powerful. She sounded VERY pissed off during it. It's my favourite part, and it was awesome. I couldn't be happier.

Tori leaves and comes back. The disco balls start spinning. I know what's coming. I lean over to my mom. "Horses", I whisper. She nods. She's been anxious to hear the new version.

Horses - I more or less just swayed to this song. It was incredibly beautiful, even though people were racing for the tour bus. I decided against it, even though I really wanted to thank Tori for playing Earthquakes. When she left, and the lights come on, we were treated to the Swirl remixes. And we left.

"What'd you think?" mom asked me.

"It was incredible..." I said, shaking, in tears.

"You say she's coming back in November?" mom asks.

"Yeah, probably." I reply.

"Cool. We're going."

So there. Yesterday was the best day of my life. Tori is so amazing, so beautiful. Tori, if you ever read this, thank you, thank you for being you, and thank you for shining.

From Whitney C

August 8, 1998 - My Tori Story

We left for Canandaigua at noon. Along the way, we ran into a bit of traffic. A real bad accident slowed us down a bit. We arrived in Canandaigua at around 2:00pm. We didn't arrive at the Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center until 2:30 though. Nobody in town seemed to know where it was.

When we got there, there was already a crowd of 25-30 people at the meet & greet. Some of the people really knew what they were doing. One girl had been to 29 Tori shows! One lady even had a tattoo of Tori's name! It was in the lettering from the winter single. The whole thing had a great sense of community. Natalie and I were talking with two people in front of us from Clarence. The girl was a Tori fan and her boyfriend just came along with her. I remember the girl well because she had angel wings tattooed on her back. I didn't get her name but in my head, I called her angel! She was very nice. It was her first time meeting Tori and she seemed nervous too.

Some of the people who follow Tori were told that she'd come out at around 3:30 by Steve Canton (Tori's guitarist). I don't quite remember looking at my watch but at around three this man who was on Tori's crew came out. I didn't catch his name but I do know he was the "rigger". That meant that he hung the speakers and other equipment. He was very nice. I thought he was Tori's bodyguard at first because he was so huge. He was talking to Angel girl and then said to me, "Well, you're awful talkative!" So then, he started asking Natalie and me questions about where we were from etc, etc. That got us talking. He took a picture of Angel and her boyfriend and then grabbed my camera and took a picture of Nat and me. He said that maybe he'd see us around at some other Tori shows. And then the rigger left.

Shortly after, Tori's security guys came by to give us the scoop. And to tell us the rules. The girl who had been to 29 shows recited the rules for us. Only have one thing signed, no pushing, there is only one pen Tori uses and it's the "magic" sharpie, do not move your place in line, etc. After the rules were finished, they drove away in their golf cart.

About 15-20 minutes later, the golf cart came down the road again. Only this time, Tori was in the passenger seat. As she got closer, I could barely breath! I could see she was wearing short overalls and a green shirt. She had her hair loosely back in a scrunchie. The thing that struck me so hard, was that she was HUMAN! She was real! She was casual! She looked like she just came from the supermarket! It was amazing. She was like me. I was just thinking, this is the lady who wrote "hey Jupiter" or "Crucify". This is the woman whose songs are so special to me. And she's normal! She's like me! I guess you could say I was a bit star-struck!

She got out of the golf cart and walked over to Angel. She was so close to me when she was signing Angel's things! She looked over Angel's shoulder, looked right at Natalie, and said "hi". Then she said "Hi girls in the back". Very cool for Nat! Then she moved in front of me. Everything I had ever possibly wanted to say to her, vanished. My mind was blank. I just held out my Little Earthquakes booklet for her to sign. She signed it and gave it back to me. When she did that, she looked right in my eyes and said, "Here you go". She sort of half smiled at me and I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even say "thank you"! I was so mesmerized!

She worked her way down the line of people. Making them laugh and so on. I couldn't stop smiling! There were some people in the back who couldn't get their things signed and I felt bad. I learned that you had better get there early!

I took a lot of pictures of Tori. And when I couldn't see her anymore, the people in front of me took some for me. Like I said, there was this great sense of community. Everybody was willing to help one another. It was great! Tori stayed for about 20 minutes at the most. She got back in the golf cart and drove away. I couldn't stop smiling. I started jumping up and down. I was like; "We met Tori Amos! We met Tori Amos! We met Tori Amos!"

After Tori left, Nat and I sprawled out on the grass. It was around 4:15 and the doors wouldn't open until 6:00! I could not stop looking at my Little Earthquakes booklet! It was so cool. It was the greatest experience I have ever had! I was and still am so happy!

At around quarter to five we got in line at the gate. We were the first in our line. We could hear the soundcheck and it was loud! Tori played Liquid Diamonds, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Purple People, Spark, Precious Things, Northern Lad and Cloud on my Tongue. Based on the soundcheck, I knew the show would be awesome! After the soundcheck, it got boring. Before they were letting anyone in, a lady was selling tour books. I bought one. The pictures are beautiful! They are so nice! Inside has a note from Tori and a story by Neil Gaiman in which "Neil makes me a tree". It was cool.

The opening act was running late in their soundcheck so we didn't get let in until about ten after six. Natalie and I were one of the first people to be let in. I knew exactly where we would sit so I led the way as we ran to our spot. We got very close. Probably only 50 to 60 feet away. We were close. See, next to the shell is more lawn. So, we were right there. We had a better view than some of the people who were seated! It was definately cool.

Before the Devlins came on, I bought a shirt. The prices were again jacked up by two dollars! The shirt I bought is long-sleeved, gray and has a black trim on the V-neck collar. In the middle, it has a maroon circle with lettering around it. It says: Tori Amos Plugged '98. Natalie says the circle looks like a lifesaver! She's right too! It does!

The Devlins set was good but it seemed short to me. After they left, Tori took forever to come on. While we were waiting, our blanket set up was taken over by other fans. They were pretty polite about it so Natalie and I didn't mind. We knew we'd be standing the whole concert but it was okay, we had more room to dance and move around. We were pretty squished by nine o'clock though. We were very anxious for Tori to come on.

And then, slowly but surely, the lights dimmed and one by one the band members came on. They were just jamming; the song had a pretty heavy drumbeat too.

And then Tori came on! Everybody was already really wild and it was impossible to think we could get wilder, but we managed. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. She was wearing a black, off the shoulder top with dark pants. Over that, she was wearing a gold sheer dress that reminded me of Bjrk's. The only difference was that it's filled in the back. It was pretty.

She was so cute when she came on. She waved to everyone and walked over to the Bosey. Then she didn't even sit down before she started playing Precious Things. She was standing up and playing those first high notes and she was amazing already. When she got to the "grrl" part, she did her usual "grrrrrrrrrrrl". It was awesome! Throughout the song, the lights would flash bright white. The crowd went real wild then. If I'm not mistaken the lights were blaring white during the "grrl" part. It definitely had a cool effect.

The next song was unmistakable although it's usually played on harpsichord. She played Caught a Lite Sneeze and it was fabulous. Everybody was dancing and swaying with the music. For the most part people were standing throughout the concert. Even the ones with seats! Caught a Lite Sneeze did sound different on piano but it was still great. The song is not a regular yet on tour and I'm glad I got the chance to hear it.

Next Tori performed iiiee. In the beginning, she was doing these hand motions at her piano bench. She was dancing for us! The song was definitely cool. It was another song that made you just want to dance. It was awesome. The part when she sings "sacrifice" was especially beautiful. In the middle of the song, she started singing this part that I didn't recognize. It was mainly piano dominant. People said they heard her singing "You took my little girl." Then the lights switched to a brighter cooler and chorus started up again.

The fourth song of the night was Little Earthquakes. It sounded great with the band. The best part of the song was at the end. It was mainly just Tori you heard. She was singing the "Eeee, eeee, eeee" part and the lights were all green. Then once again they got brighter and the chorus came on. It was very beautiful.

The next song was probably one of my favorites of the night. It was Raspberry Swirl and I knew it was that song before she came on. I knew that she'd really make that song a killer so when the lights were purple, blue, and very bright, I thought; Raspberry Swirl. The song was unbelievable! It was so fast and loud. Everybody was dancing and bobbing their heads. It was as if the crowd was on fire. Tori had so much energy throughout the entire concert, but the crowd seemed to use most of it on this song. It was really cool. During this song and many of the others, she straddled her piano bench and played the Bosey and keyboard at the same time. While doing this she was bobbing up and down and singing. The song was really amazing. It made me feel so alive.

Next was Liquid Diamonds. She was doing this dance at the piano bench that looked Egyptian belly dancer. She was intertwining her arms and stuff. It looked cool. Liquid Diamonds was a hot little song and it was genuinely nice. I liked it a lot.

After she finished Liquid Diamonds, she said it was her time. That for a bit we'll have "just me". I think everybody was ready to calm down and listen to Tori for a bit. She said that most of us would know this and she started singing Cloud on my Tongue. The people with seats all sat down for the most part. The crowd was quiet and polite during this time. When she sang "got a cloud sleeping on my tongue" people applauded. It was very pretty. During the "circles and circles and circles again" part, she didn't sing as many "circles" as on the record. Instead she combined them by singing "ciiiiirrrrclllleesss again" It was very pretty and it calmed everyone down. I loved hearing this song. Something about the last few songs on Under the Pink, does something for me.

The second song she sung solo was Cooling. She said some might know this and it was supposed to be on Boys for Pele. She also said it was her favorite and for some reason, she always ends up not including her favorites on the albums. I'm assuming she's talking about Sister Janet too. So she was going on talking and the crowd was yelling stuff and cutting her off. So then, she had look on her face like, Well, fine then I'll just play. And she did. I had never heard Cooling before, but I was familiar with the lyrics. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. What a great song! My favorite part was when she sang, "from Jesus". She sang "Jesus" so pretty.

After the "private time" ended, the band came on and launched right into Northern Lad. The first time I heard that song, I cried. But hearing it at the concert made me feel very calm. It was nice.

I guess I should say now, that at some point in the concert (I can't remember when), Tori mentioned that she always buys lawn seats because it's the best place to makeout. It was funny.

When Northern Lad finished, the band started playing this beat and everyone was bobbing their heads, not knowing what was going to happen. Then Tori launched into Crucify. It was one of my favorites that night. It was different in the fact that you could really dance to it! It was awesome! You could tell everyone was really happy to hear it. I was ecstatic! By the time the song ended, I had my arms up in the air and I was just dancing. The song was incredible.

She's Your Cocaine was next. This was another song you could really dance to. The "bring your sister" part was cool.

The twelfth song was The Waitress. It had a long intro on the piano. It was very different sounding and at times, I didn't recognize what she was singing. The best parts were when the drums got loud and Tori sang the chorus; "But I believe in peace, Bitch! I believe in peace".

At this time, Tori said thanks and goodbye to everyone. Everyone went wild and didn't die down until the crowd came back on stage. Tori did an adorable little dance to the piano and then proceeded to sing Cornflake Girl. I could never really listen to it too much because it would ruin the song for me. But, I loved it live. It really made the crowd come alive again. It was spectacular.

Next, she played Spark. It didn't sound too different than on the album. That's okay though. It was nice to hear.

That was the end of the first encore. Again, the crowd went nuts until Tori came back on. At this point, the disco balls came on and the whole place lit up. It was so cool. I didn't recognize what song she was gonna sing until she started. And then I realized it was Horses. Natalie was excited because she wanted to hear it! It sounded so cool, but different. At times I didn't realize what parts she was on! I was surprised she didn't do one more song. All in all, it was a great way to finish.

This was my first Tori concert and the first time I met Tori. The concert blew me away. It was astonishing. It had so much energy and it made me feel so alive. I loved it! I left weak in the knees.

From Kristy Ribble

August 8, 1998 - The Rochester, NY show was my first Tori show, even though I've been an EWF for 4 years. My two friends, my mom, and I arrived at 3:10, and crammed in with about 30 people for the Meet & Greet. To me it felt a bit like when they pen in was really funny. I was standing in the midst of all of these people, and it began to sink in that I may actually get to meet Tori. And I began to cry. And I don't mean light was sobbing. I tried my best not to cry, but hey, what could I do? Everyone was so wonderful, asking me if I was OK, and if I needed a tissue, etc., it was so humbling. And then, I look up, and here comes this tiny little redhead on this big white golf cart. It was so cute. :-) If memory serves me correctly, she was wearing a flowered shirt and jeans. I forgot to check out the shoes, though. Of course at the site of her coming, I immediately got worse. As she made her way towards where I was standing (about 3 people back), this wonderful woman with a *gorgeous* Tori tattoo on her right shoulder (i never did catch her name), put me in the front so I could talk to Tori...i am so greatful for that. I was sobbing, and Tori looked at me, smiled, and said "Now, don't be a mess..." and I laughed and said "I'm sorry!" And I gave her a letter and a present (a porcelain heart-shaped trinket-type-thing with a rose coming out of the top with leaves, and i made little leaves out of paper and put them inside, then put a little note that said "These dead petals, Tori, brought me here." I was listening to DDP earlier that day and it inspired me as to what to do with that porcelain heart-shaped thing i had for her.) I was shaking as I handed them to her and I said, "These are for you..." And she started shaking and said "Ohh, o-o-OK." She was so funny and sweet. And then I asked her to sign my All These Years book, which she did. And then I got a picture with her. (many thanks to the wonderful girl who took the picture for me and is going to send it to me, because my camera decided to stop taking pictures) And then...I finally got a Torihug. I'd been telling my friends for months, all I wanted out of this day was a Torihug, and I got so much more than that. As I made my way to the back so other people could have a chance, I was still sobbing horribly! And then after Tori left with Joel on her big white golf cart *lol*, and my friends came to where I was standing...and then this incredibly wonderful guy...I heard his name was Williams...came over to me and said "I have something for you..." And pulled out this absolutely gorgeous drawing of Tori, which I had framed today. )Thank you, if you're reading this.) I was and still am completely shocked. Between crying, I thanked him was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. That makes a count of two for that day. (the woman with the tori tattoo :-) is the other).

I then went over and talked to Elyse and the multitude of people she was with. Strangely enough, I don't think I even caught anyone's name but Elyse's...which is really bothering me, because they were all so wonderful. They all made me feel so comfortable, I love you guys. I'll be with you for the next tour, guaranteed. I also met Adam Lynch, a very nice guy! Whom I talked to a few more times throughout the day.

Finally, after eating some horrible Taco Bell at Kershaw Park (missed Adam and co. there), we went back to FLPAC. While waiting in the grass outside the gate, a woman came out and was selling programs, and I bought one highly recommended, by the way. It is absolutely beautiful.

We got into FLPAC finally, and I bought the Liquid Diamonds shirt, the white shirt with all the circle-pictures, and the Raspberry Swirl Girl necklace, and then donated $5 to RAINN.

The Devlins were OK, but most definitely not a band that holds my attention. So instead I chose to check out the VIP tent, then shared my passes with many wonderful people.

Finally, Caton, Matt, and Jon came onstage, and played by themselves for about a minute and a half or so. Then, Tori walked onstage. Everyone went absolutely was great. She was wearing a gold sparkly apron-dress, one of her off-the-shoulder shirts underneath, and black jeans, with red open- toe shoes. She looked gorgeous. As you know from the setlist, she opened with PT, and it was the best version I've heard, live or otherwise. (i've heard quite a few) the "so i ran.." i started hyperventilating, which i've never done before. Then I began to cry again...I couldn't believe it.

And *then* my friend Kelly began crying. I was most definitely not expecting CALS, it sounded very different without the band, but still very good! During "iieee" I definitely heard her sing "you took my little girl..."

Raspberry Swirl was a TRIP! The lighting was fabulous, and if you weren't up and dancing, there's something wrong with you. Half of the right front was up and dancing, and Kelly and I were in the right front, but a little away from the dancing people. But hey, we got up and danced anyway, and had a GREAT time! It's impossible not to dance to that song.

Liquid Diamonds was breathtaking, my eyes never left Tori. I would never, EVER have expected "Cloud On My Tongue," it was a huge surprise! It was so beautiful.

And then..oh god...she played "Cooling." I heard the opening notes, and said "oh my GOD it's cooling!!!" and started crying..yet again. I have never cried so much in one day, it was unbelievable.

Northern Lad was great, how could it not be? Yet another one, I would have never expected "Crucify." It was such a thrill to see Tori perform it, it was a gift.

Tori really put on a show during "She's Your Cocaine." She did a great little dance, and when she sang "shimmy once" she made a masturbating motion, it was really funny. She totally got into this, it had amazing energy. Matt was something else during "The Waitress." He was going crazy on the drums, he's extremely talented. I thought the poor boy was going to pass out! They came back out with "Cornflake Girl," and everyone stood up and went nuts. Everyone was dancing and singing along. "Cornflake Girl" is one of those girls that you could call a Tori-Classic.

"Spark" was quite good, but I was hoping for "Marianne." Well maybe next time, I'll be going to the show in November in Rochester pertaining it gets confirmed.

For the second encore, Tori and the boys played "Horses," and it was the one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard...incredible. It was a nite I know I'll never forget. I met some amazing people, even got to see Kenny onstage. *lol*

I want to thank everyone I met for being so warm and caring. I've never experienced such a community's something I never forget, and I hope to see you all again in November. I also saw Joel around a lot, he walked right through the seats, I'm not quite sure where he was going. It seemed like Joel was everywhere, he was a busy guy!

While in the VIP tent, my friends and I could see Jon sitting on top of some wood-trailer thing talking to two people, and we asked the workers in the tent if we could walk over the fence and say Hi to him, but they wouldn't let us. Ahh well.

The only people I didn't see around were Matt and Caton. Maybe next time! I didn't stay for the post-show Meet & Greet, there were too many people. Also, I had already met Tori previously that day, and I wanted to give others a chance who hadn't met her yet. I'm so thankful to have had that experience, and I'm so greatful to everyone whom I met. Not one person I met was unpleasant.

I forgot to mention earlier.
When I saw Tori at FLPAC in Rochester, when she sang "you're just an empty cage girl, if you kill the bird." She pointed to her stomach, obviously implying the miscarriage. Anyone else notice that at the show? There were quite a few miscarriage references throughout the show. (i.e. the "you took my little girl" add-on during "iieee.")

From Susan

August 8, 1998 - Hello. Well all i have to say is this show was incrediable. It was extremley sad thought when Tori was doin "iiee" she started singing" i know you understand, i kno you understand, i dont understand, i dont understand, (or something along those lines), you took my baby girl from me, i understand, i understand" but the words were hard to make out, it was something along those lines. She wore an amazing outfit. She had Red closetoed(i belive) shoes, with blue cargo pants, a shoulder cut shirt and a sparkled apron type of thing that she likes to wear alot. She also was telling the lawn people, that she used to get lawn seats so she could makeout more. Hee Hee. I was told by one of Tori's friends that she is still sick, but she just deny's it. I was very lucky to be able to go to the meet and greet and i got an autograph and a hug. This show was incrediable and full of energy. During soundcheck she played "Purple People" which was incrediable. One person who was friends with Tori told me that was supposed to be played, but it wasnt. Well thats all i can say at this moment. There's a million words to descibe it and all of them lead to amazing.

From Marisa Mosenthin

August 8, 1998 - Hi Mike- =) Now that I have come slightly down from my high, after seeing Tori two nights in a row. (I know sounds pathetic >from those that have been to almost every show, i.e. Alyse. Hey there Kenny Girl) Anyways. The albany show: An amazing show. Very dancey, soooo much energy, and so many "older" (as in years listening to her, not age) fans there. It was in my opinion so much better than the Boston show that i attended on the first. People paid attention when she talked, no real screaming when she was talking. Very respectful. Very nice. Great people, great show. =) I was sooooo happy at the amount of energy that everyone had, Tori, the Band, the audience, and the crews. The songs themselves carried this note of respectablity in them. It was a mixture of emotion and energy wrapped into one. The volume level was great, but not if you were taping. It ended up vibrating a whole lot. =( Anyways, the show was great. =) Loved it. I love seeing her there.....everything just ends up being so down to earth and friendly. =) The fingerlakes show: I thought at the time that nothing could have beaten the Albany show. Boy was I ever wrong. The minute she walked on to the stage you felt this sexual energy throughout the show. (Hint: could it be because Mark was there?) =) Sorry, had to ask. Anyways, the songs were longer and more powerful and something to stun and amaze you right from the beginning. Even though everyone stood up in my section, there wasn't a bad sit inside the pavilion (I don't think). Because it is formed in concert risers. So even if you are short (me) you could still see over the people in front of you. (WOOHOO ME!!!!) The sound quality was excellent for lack of vibration and noises. And if the two people that got a hold of me after the show, Lily and ummm....I believe Ben and his GF, I haven't forgotten about you. Look for something in the mail next week. =) Anyways, all I have to say is after those two shows, I have been on a constant high and well, went out and bought another ticket for the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in November. I'm so pathetic. =) But I love it. Well, talk to you later and maybe see some of you around. =) Unfortunately, I'm the shy one that stays out of the way and usually talks to no one.

From Adam Lynch (posted to the ToriNews mailing list)

August 7, 1998 - Hi all! Just wanted to report a few things about last nights Tori show at the Fingerlakes Performing Arts Center, outside Rochester.

Tori did a real short meet n' greet about 2.5 hours before the show. It was neat to see her, and hand her a letter. Thats enough to make me happy.

As expected, it was a great show. I'm not the reviewing type, but I have to say, any doubts I may have had about Tori and the band are gone.

In closing, I do have to say the best seat in the house was had by a Kenny doll from South Park. He was onstage with Tori the whole time, and sat about 4' away from the Bosey...

Thanks to Kristy for the paper to write this down on!

From Whitney C & Kris

August 8, 1998 - Here is the set list for the Finger Lakes PAC:

-Liquid Diamonds
-Caught A Lite Sneeze
-Purple People
-Precious Things
-Northern Lad
-Cloud on my tongue

-Precious Things
-Caught a Lite Sneeze
-Little Earthquakes
-Raspberry Swirl
-Liquid Diamonds
-Cloud on my Tongue (solo)
-Cooling (solo)
-Northern Lad
-She's Your Cocaine

First Encore:
-Cornflake Girl

Second Encore:


From Matt Page & Elyse

August 7, 1998 - Matt called me after the show and told me that the official/written set list was almost identical to the actual set list, except that she was supposed to do "Icicle" AND "Horses" for the second encore. (She only sang "Horses.") Tori did a cute dance to the piano bench as "Cornflake Girl" began (NOT the cornflake girl dance of the DDI tour, for she was just returning for the first encore, but it was still fun!) Elyse got on the phone and said that Tori's crew was becoming quite fond of "Kenny" Kenny is a character from the TV show South Park that Elyse gave to Tori before the previous Wallingford, CT show. Kenny was onstage again tonight and Elyse said the crew was kicking him around the stage during that day's soundcheck. She also said that Tori will be performing "Purple People" onstage very soon!

Matt finally notes that during "iieee" he very clearly heard Tori sing the words "You took my little girl"...

From Amanda Bocchino

August 7, 1998 - Well this was my third show, and my first on this tour. I was totally blown away by the new "Plugged" atmosphere and mood, and i definitely liked it a what if it's a change--i loved tori before, but this change was welcomed with open arms!! The band is fabulous.

I have so many stories I am not sure where to start!! I got to FLPAC an hour before the show, and was so happy to meet so many people!! My seats were fabulous, 8th row center. I walked around and met some fellow Ears With Feet (shout-outs to Allyson whi i finally met, Karen, Leesey and Corey behind me, and Stephanie. I'll remember more later) Anyway, I met Tori's husband Mark before hand, and i melted at his English accent. He's a very sweet guy!! I also finally got to meet Joel and Steve (head security guys) and they were so cool!! Joel gave a letter to tori for me requesting "Etienne," which wasn't played, but oh well. Thanks anyway to Joel. Anyway I guess I'll cut right to the chase-

I'm sure more people will comment on more dtails, but i just want to share some highlights from my perspective: the lighting on Precious Things was awesome!! It came alive so well with the band and everything. I was surprised by CALS, totally on the piano and with the band. It worked so well, better than i ever expected actually!! I think i almost had a heart failure during Little Earthquakes because after all this time, nothing affects me like those three bridges can at the end!! Raspberry Swirl was undescribeable live. It was like, you were an outcast if you weren't up and dancing!! i loved it, everyone was great. Great daning, you all. Liquid Diamonds was beautiful and i like it even more now!! She did Cloud on My Tongue solo, and i know a lot of people were greatful she sang that!! Cooling was the one to really make me cry-it was so gorgeous!! northern Lad was perfect w/the band!! She's Your Cocaine was a personal highlight!! However i got in trouble 'cause of my camera and fought to save it!! WARNING: if the venue says no camera, don't bother. Not during the show at least!! The Waitress brought down the house!! Spark was just like on Leno and Letterman--perfect. Horses was so different i can't explain it, it was pretty though. After that i headed right out and got in the first "line" to meet tori or should i say the first "row." Well to make a long story short, i waited an hour. (shout-out to Ashley and Michelle and Alie) There were so many people it was almost unbearable, and i was lucky to be squised between people i know and love and trust!!! ANyway at 11:30 she came out...looked like she just got out of the shower!! I talked to caton and he was so sweet i couldn't believe it!! He took a picture of me and him with my camera and was totally willing to talk and hug and have a blast!! He even let me use my flash!! Tori came soon enough....i was shocked. even after meeting her 2 years ago, it was still so amazing. She was very personable again, and i loved seeing her meet my friend's 4 year old daughter!! It was so cute, and she posed for a pic with her, and then for one with me. She signed a sign i made, and addressed me as "Etienne Girl!!" which is a long story!! Anyway the pictures....I hope they come out!!

I'm not sure what else to say. I must've left out something surely important. But all i have to say is she's "still got that sway." And the music is top-notch, and the fans are supportive, and the atmosphere was great. "girls you've got to know when it's time to turn the page..." and i'm out of here for now. Thank you Tori, Joel, Steve, everyone who made tonight special! email me at I was the crazy chic who was running all over....i was nuts!!! See you all soon!!!

From james

August 7, 1998 - I guess I'll start at the beginning of the day. I work at WBER, a local radio station, and Joey Guisto (the assistant program director) had said he might be able to get me and my friend Jessie backstage passes....I knew Jessie would die if she met Tori, so I was really hoping he could get them...however, I called him in the morning, and he said he had been unable to get them so far, but to find him at the show before it started and he'd see what he could I wait all day...I was going to surprise Jessie with getting her backstage, but had to tell her about it so she knew to look for at 6 me and Jessie and 5 other people pile into my car and we're off to Canandaguia...we get there, find Joey, and he says that he can't get us backstage :( I was kind of upset, but knew I probably wouldn't get to meet Tori...I had brought Jessie's Spark cd2, which I had been borrowing, with me and asked Joey if he could have Tori sign it for her....instead he pulled out a copy of FTCH from his pocket that had already been signed and gave it to Jessie, which I thought was really we get in line to get first I wanted the Liquid Diamonds shirt, but saw the longsleeve lifesaver one, and even thought it was $37 (ouch), decided to get it anyways, because I'd get my use out of it...the Devlins had already started playing so we get our seats, and they leave stage like 10 minuets later...from what I heard they were really good, but decided against getting their cd, since the concert had alreaedy cost me $69 (the shirt, $29 for a ticket, and fucking $3 for a coke...jesus)..they leave...we wait...the band comes out then Tori comes and goes into

Precious Things: even though I had been following the reviews on the Dent and knew this would probably open the show, I was hoping for Black Dove...but it was still incredible...i didn't know it could rock, but it did...worked well as an opener

Caught A Lite Sneeze: I was really happy to hear sounded different without the harpsichord, but worked really of my favs from BFP

i i e e e : wow...incredible...i was very impressed with this one...blew me away...just simply of my favorites from FTCH

Little Earthquakes: didn't recognize it at first..i dont know seemed to go by really fast

Raspberry Swirl: fav off FTCH, very happy to hear it...although this was when the problems with seats peaked...everyone stood up when Tori came out, and I was a little upset because I like sitting, but eventually people infront of me sat so I could sit and see...then these two girls stood up when this started, and my friend Marissa and I were making violent motions at their back because we couldn't see...then one turns around and asks if I could see, I say no, and she says "Fuck You. I paid money to get in here" and turns around...after calling her various names, I wonder why ask if I can see if you have no intentions of fixing it? oh well..she was a real bitch anyways, but she finally sat after Marissa almost stabbed her with her pen

Liquid Diamonds: ill have to admit, one of my least favs on FTCH, but it really blew me away live...its one of those songs, for me at least, that you get a whole new perspective of after seeing it live

Cloud On My Tongue: the band leaves and she talks how we do one or two alone...I didn't recognize this one either, although I don't know why...not one of my favorites on UtP, but it was very nice

Cooling: ARG!! before she played this, she played the opening notes of Hey Jupiter, which is my absolute favorite Tori I start freaking because I think shes going to play it, then she starts talking about how sometimes her favorite songs dont make the album...and im like NO shes not going to play it!!!...which kind of put a damper on this song, but it was still relally good...woulda loved to hear Hey Jupiter though (she didnt play it when I saw her on the DDI tour...i always seem to miss it :( same with God :( )

Northern Lad: she starts this as the band gets back on stage...not much to say about it though...just a good song

Crucify: I was very surprised to hear this...amazing..incredible

She's Your Cocaine: time to rock out agian...this w one of my two favorites of the night

The Waitress: this was the blew me away...the guitar was incredible...I was breathless during the whole thing...mind blowing

she leaves..comes back out again to

Cornflake Girl: i was never much for this song...but everyone else seemed to love it...ehh

Spark: I was sort of hoping she wouldn't play this...I dunno why, it just wasnt one of the songs I really wanted to hear...Jessie and I look at each other like "man, shes playing this?"...i always thought the opening part was a guitar...guess not

she leaves and comes back once more for

Horses: wow...incredible...I was hoping for Pandora's Aquarium, but this worked too...great...although alot of people were leaving as she was playing it to avoid that took away from it a little

she left, and the lights go back on...I was bummed that there was no Cruel, which I was really hoping to hear, and I had yet again missed Hey Jupiter and God..but it was still amazing...on the way out, we were asked by this girl Alyssa if we liked it, and we said yeah it was great, and she said she hated the whole band thing...then we were like well you really cant compare them, theyre totally different...but I think it worked really well...hopefully she does come back in November, I can't wait to see her agian, and perhaps I'll finally hear Hey Jupiter.

From Martian Girl

August 7, 1998 - I just got back from the show in Rochester, NY and although I'm sure someone has beaten me to it, I thought I'd send you the set list anyway: Precious Things Caught a Lite Sneeze iiee Little Earthquakes Raspberry Swirl Liquid Diamonds Cloud on My Tongue (solo) Cooling(solo) Northern Lad (back with the band) Crucify She's Your Cocaine The Waitress 1st Encore: Cornflake Girl Spark 2nd Encore: Horses She sounded incredible! She was a bit hoarse when she spoke, but it didn't affect her singing! Anyway she delighted the poor souls in the lawn seats (myself included) by saying that she'd always buy the lawn seats because "It's a good place to make out!" I was afraid my first Tori concert would be marred by the heads in the theater that kept blocking my view! Then, as if by some miracle, the offending heads lowered, allowing me to see Tori's red head for the rest of the show! I can't type a full review now, but I'm writing one up for my page at which should be up tomorrow. Thanks so much for having such a great page! An Ear With (tired) Feet Martian Girl

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