North American Plugged '98 Tour
Albany, NY
August 5, 1998

Updated August 25, 1998

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Tori performed in Albany, NY on August 5, 1998 at the Palace Theater during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Hey Jupiter and Sister Janet solo. Many thanks to Rick Orlosky for being the first to send me the set list via email.

Precious Things
Pandora's Aquarium
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Little Earthquakes
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Sister Janet (solo)
Jackie's Strength
Cornflake Girl
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine

2nd Encore:
Pretty Good Year


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From the Albany Times-Union

August 25, 1998 - EWF L. Anne sent me a press review of this show that appeared in the August 7, 1998 edition of the Albany Times-Union newspaper. L. Anne says the article is "one of the best if one is trying to explain what a Tori show is like. I found it interesting that the top editor of the paper did this show--when there was another major concert just five blocks away, and the Philidelphia Orchestra was playing at SPAC."

Amos take Palace on wild ride

by Michelle F. Solomon
Executive Arts and Entertainment Editor

Albany -- Singer Tori Amos likes to take audiences on wild rides. She's the girl you hung out with in grade school -- all innocent looks, porcelain face and long, flowing red locks. Buy beyond that wholesome exterier, a bad girl exists. She's the one who'd dare you to do something, then you'd be the one blamed.

It's there especially in the way she delivers her songs. They start out with the sweet, airiness of her voice and her tickling the high notes on the piano keys, then midway through -- slam -- each song kicks into full throttle, like she's in her MG sportscar and floors it.

For an hour-and-a-half Wednesday night, Amos grabbed the audience and took it for a spin in her convertible, twists and turns, highways and back roads. She whirled through 16 songs from her latest "From the Choirgirl Hotel" (a girl's gotta to make a living, right?), but those tunes played as well as the classics, "Cornflake Girl", "Little Earthquakes", "Waitress", "Pretty Good Year".

The difference this time out was a rock-solid, three-piece band behind her. Amos, on her last appearance at the Palace on tour for her "Boys for Pele" record, brought just the guitarist. But this time she went for it with drums and bass, which turned in some heavy backing and kept the beat under her smooth piano. Her trademark harpsicord never appeared, but she used some electronic sound by switching back and forth from her Bosendorfer grand piano to an electrified keyboard.

Still, Amos never lost the connection with her music. A master of interospection, Amos sings songs (many say they are hard to decipher because she basically chews up her words on purpose and sings high and low and everywhere in between) that are filled with angst, anger and need.

She told Rolling Stone in a recent interview that "The songs just grab me by the throat sometimes and say 'We're coming in.'"

But she can look at life square in the face. One of Wednesday night's most potent songs was "Spark", with the opening line, "She's addicted to nicotine patches."

Don't be surprised if you find something of Albany's past in an upcoming Amos song. She seemed intrigued with a rumor from Albany's history asking, "I've heard that the Mayor of Albany in 1901 was a cross-dresser. Is that true?" No history experts came forward to answer the question.

As a matter of fact, for the greater part of the concert, the people in the crowd stayed planted in their seats, but once encore time came they were up and crashing toward the front. To see Amos from a seat near the rear of the house is to enjoy the music. To be 10 yards away is to be mesmerized. Amos throws back her head, sometimes punches the front of her piano-right above the keyboard and writhes on her grand piano bench. At one point Wednesday night, she even grabbed hold of the microphone, two hands around it, thrashing it back and forth.

Although she's playing bigger venues this summer than the 2,800 seat Palace, to see her in this setting is to get the true tast of adventure. It's really the only way to experience this personal poetess.

From Beenie Militello

August 25, 1998 - I got to the theater with my two friends at around 3 in the afternoon. There was already a crowd by the fence. A few of the workers came out and passed out Choirgirl postcards (grabbed one). Then they brought out Choirgirl posters. They only had a few so they played a trivia game for them. They grabbed my friend Adrienne, master of all things Tori, to ask the questions (she got a poster for helping them). I managed to get one of those too by a strange twist of fate. Adrienne had a stereo in her bag and played From the Choirgirl Hotel on it while we waited. She also had some really great Tori sketches which she gave to Tori when she arrived at 4. A little later, they gave out big Tori posters from a Rolling Stones cover which my friend Laura and I grabbed (I got the last one!) There is something to be said of being short and looking so pathetic...people give you things! A woman walked over and announced that Tori would be arriving in 5 minutes. We were told to put all our pens away (no sharp objects) and to have only 1 thing signed. After we got our stuff signed and saw Tori we were SUPPOSED to get out of the front to let others up, only very few actually DID. Well, somehow all the short people....I mean virtically challenged...ended up at the back of the mob. I managed to fight my way to the side and climbed up on the rail to snap pictures. there was a girl (Sue ZQ) on a guy's shoulders taking pictures and she offered to get shots for other people. There was also a guy on the rail beside me doing the same. My friend Adrienne passed up her sketches to give to Tori (no one would move to let anyone else up there) and Tori looked really suprised (in a good way) to get them. I got my booklet for the album signed and shortly after Tori left. Caton, sporting a small gold hoop erring in each ear and reminding me of a pirate, stayed behind and talked to everyone for some time after. There were some really nice people out there like Sue ZQ and the guy on the rail helping others get some shots and running interference so you could get near Tori.

The concert was great too. We were in orchestra seats section R, row V seat 48 (me anyway). I loved the Devlins. And Tori was fantastic! The older songs sounded so fresh with the whole band playing them! My only complaint was the security guards all over the theater staring at you the whole time...they were creepy, and the high prices of the merchandise. I got a tour shirt and one for my 13 year old sister for her birthday (she's a Tori fan too). There were people of all ages there >from 12 to the 60's (a few looked like my grandma's age group!) It seemed to fly by so quickly, though. *sigh* Well, maybe in a few years this po' college girl can get to another Tori concert...and get better seats! It was a load of fun despite the heat and was a great experience for me and my friends. And I don't know if any of you knew this but, if you went to the Cross Gates Mall the day after the concert, they had loads of Tori stuffs! Including the Raspberry Swirl Girl necklaces, posters, photos, T-shirts, and billboards from the Dew Drop Inn tour.

So thank you all for being such great people out there! And thanks to Mike for maybe putting this manifesto of mine up on his site! :-)

From Nicole

August 10, 1998 - I got to see Tori for the first time in concert and it was quite a show. It opened with the Devlins who were some great musicians but lacked taht something that made you want to keep listening to it. I'm not too sure how i feel about a band that uses a drum machine along with a drummer.

When tori came out on stage it was incredible for the first few minutes I was just awe strucka nd just sat there staring at such a beautiful things. I do have to say that although she has an incredible group of musicians backing her up...I couldn't help but enjoy when she was solo with just her piano. I think the backround "noise" took away fromt he beauty of her playing an singing. The drummer was especially loud and the screaming of the guitar needed to stop. But through all that complaining it was quite a great experience. One more thing that needs to be said. I understand that people think that Tori is an incredible person and they all want to touch a little piece of her so that she can become part of her life. that's fine and dandy...but don't scream at the woman.

From Philip (posted to the newsgroup)

August 10, 1998 - Terrific show, lousy audience. And her set list included a few surprises. I should start by saying that I didn't even know I would be going tonight. On a whim I tried the box office (which had been sold out for weeks) and ended up with about tenth row center. Pretty nice break, huh?

She opened with Precious Things. This is one of my favorite Tori songs and I think the new plugged version breaths a wonderfully agressive new energy into the song. Sort of like it is in its original Little Earthquake form.

Hmmm...I can't remember the order she sang songs so I'll just go through my cds and tell you what she played.

Sister Janet -- this was the biggest surprise. And she played it beautifully.

Sugar - a pumping new rock version; one of her encores. Hopefully, this new version will become a tour staple - all of will love it.

Hey Jupiter - beautiful; alone on stage crowned by only red spotlights. You could see each ray of light and it made a haunting effect. She performed the BfP version. (as opposed to the Dakota version.) One of the concert's highlights.

Caught A Light Sneeze -- really good.

Horses -- totally new take on the song. Kind of a rock/jazz spin on it. Disco balls reflected light everywhere. And she kept singing " so I got me...some horsies." (rather than "horses") Quite frankly, I didn't care for it. It was the only moment of the concert that I didn't care for.

Little Earthquakes - I love this song and was surpirsed she played it. Although the emoting during the bridge seemed a bit forced it was still great. Also, because of her vocal troubles she had to take many of the notes lower. Personally, i like her lower register a lot better than her head voice so for me this made the song even more enjoyable.

Pretty Good Year - one of the encores. She had to take the "Americas" lower than she usually does but that added a forcefullness that I really dug.

The Waitress - one of the highlights. The stage was bathed in purple and Tori's face was illuminated by a reddish orange spotlight. During the chorus the stage was flooded with light. She did that beginning part.And she kept saying something at the end that I couldn't understand. If anyone was there and could understand her, please post it.

Cornflake Girl - this was the song that finally got the ultra-repressed audience on its feet. A total kick-ass version. Once again, her voice was limiting her but she totally worked around it.

Spark - Pretty much the way she played it on Letterman. I really enjoyed it.

Cruel - Sort of laid back. Not one of my favorite songs but I think she performed it quite well.

Rasberry Swirl - Pulse pounding, body shaking version that forced everyone to dance. Terrific number.

She's Your Cocaine - see description for Rasberry Swirl.

Jackie's Strength - I really liked the way she performed this a lot. She did the "hey Jackie"s at the beginning much like she did on Letterman so they didn't sound as bizarre as they do on the album. Also, during the chorus she had a lot of reverb which added a lot to the song. It made an echo after each line so it sort of sounded like: MAKE ME LAUGH make me laugh SAY YOU KNOW say you know. I really liked this version much better than the album's...and I like the album's a lot.

Pandora's Aquarium - The stage was all in blues. Tori was sort of playfull yet resigned in her performance. Really a nice moment. 'Paaaaaandora" Very theatrical.

I have a feeling I'm forgetting a couple of things but I'm not sure. I was disappointed that she didn't speak with the audience more - but, as a group, we were hardly inspiring, At any rate, that's the show in a nutshell. Sorry I couldn't be more desciptive but, as odd as this sounds - I really don't remember a lot of it! I was too caught up in the moment.

...what in the world is that weird forehead type wave about? I don't even know how to describe it -- she sort of bent down put her hands to her forehead and kinda waved. Is that a Tori thing or an Albany thing or neither? [Note from Mikewhy: I believe that is a normal Tori thing!]

From Sue* ZQ *

August 8, 1998 - I got to the Palace theater around 3pm for the meet&greet. It was my first meet and greet and i was just so excited. Someone wrote a # on my hand and it read 32. (yeah!) So i chatted with all the EWF there....& gave out Faerie stickers. (Hello to everyone who was present!!!)

After everyone crowed to the barriers real slowly...and after about 15 minutes of some intense heat while standing there....Tori's bus approached. She jumped out wearing a cute pair of overalls and a light blue pulled back. From the view i had at the time i couldn't really see her too well and people were aiming their cameras up the air to take pictures. The great guy beside me and I decided it would be a good idea for him to put me on his shoulders and i could take pictures. So that's what happened and cameras were being handed to me from all over. I had a great view from up there.

When i finally got down....I had a antiquish looking music box piano kinda thing to give tori....and i passed it to her. She loved it and sent a big surprised grin my way. I was so happy she liked it!!! I told her to wind it up.....and she did and put it up to her ear and listened for what seemed like forever. (i've got great pictures coming mikewhy!!!) After a while...she recognized the song and said "Yup.....We've Only Just Begun". And that's what it played.....and it kept playing as the bodyguard held on to it (which i thought was kinda funny). It was definitely a great experience. I have for a long time wanted to meet her.

After the meet&greet was over....and some time passed. A bunch of us listened to the sound check through the stage doors that led outside. She practiced the song Little Earthquakes for what seemed like forever.

Finally got into the theater around 7 after returning from a local pizza place. (yum)The theater was beautiful!!!! What a great place for Tori to perform. I'm not sure what everyone thought of the Devlins....but i really liked them. Especially their song "Waiting".

Elyse's Kenny doll made an appearance on stage that night. :O) Hopefully he's not dead by now. Tori added that he had a bit to drink the night before((seabreezes)). Also during the show....she added that the major of Albany in 1901 was a cross dresser...which i thought was a great little insight. *L*

I thought the intensity of the band and the lighting made the show so much different from the older tours. I really liked it. The Waitress....Horses...Precious Things....they all have a new twist. A great show.......and before i knew it....i was on the road again heading for the next show......

From Marisa Mosenthin

August 8, 1998 - Hi Mike- =) Now that I have come slightly down from my high, after seeing Tori two nights in a row. (I know sounds pathetic >from those that have been to almost every show, i.e. Alyse. Hey there Kenny Girl) Anyways. The albany show: An amazing show. Very dancey, soooo much energy, and so many "older" (as in years listening to her, not age) fans there. It was in my opinion so much better than the Boston show that i attended on the first. People paid attention when she talked, no real screaming when she was talking. Very respectful. Very nice. Great people, great show. =) I was sooooo happy at the amount of energy that everyone had, Tori, the Band, the audience, and the crews. The songs themselves carried this note of respectablity in them. It was a mixture of emotion and energy wrapped into one. The volume level was great, but not if you were taping. It ended up vibrating a whole lot. =( Anyways, the show was great. =) Loved it. I love seeing her there.....everything just ends up being so down to earth and friendly. =) The fingerlakes show: I thought at the time that nothing could have beaten the Albany show. Boy was I ever wrong. The minute she walked on to the stage you felt this sexual energy throughout the show. (Hint: could it be because Mark was there?) =) Sorry, had to ask. Anyways, the songs were longer and more powerful and something to stun and amaze you right from the beginning. Even though everyone stood up in my section, there wasn't a bad sit inside the pavilion (I don't think). Because it is formed in concert risers. So even if you are short (me) you could still see over the people in front of you. (WOOHOO ME!!!!) The sound quality was excellent for lack of vibration and noises. And if the two people that got a hold of me after the show, Lily and ummm....I believe Ben and his GF, I haven't forgotten about you. Look for something in the mail next week. =) Anyways, all I have to say is after those two shows, I have been on a constant high and well, went out and bought another ticket for the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in November. I'm so pathetic. =) But I love it. Well, talk to you later and maybe see some of you around. =) Unfortunately, I'm the shy one that stays out of the way and usually talks to no one.

From KrnFlkGrl6

August 8, 1998 - Last night was my first Tori show. It was amazing. Tori was dressed rather interestingly. She wore all black except for a long green vest-like-thing. I was about 25 rows back, so I couldn't see Tori in much detail. In between songs she talked about Kenny(from South Park) and told us that the mayor of Albany in 1901 was a cross-dresser, which was something I did not know. I really enjoyed watching all the toriphiles. I had never seen such a diverse crowd in Albany before. Everyone of them was beautiful. I really wanted to talk to some of them, but I'm to shy. anyway...

Tori started with Precious Things. Everyone stood up at the end and clapped for the first couple songs. One girl stood up and started swaying back and forth, in the middle of the audience. It was interesting to watch. It sounded great with the band.

Cruel- I didn't recognize it at first. The lights were a bit much on this song. They flashed right in my eyes at one point, so I couldn't see Tori doing her little dance, but it sounded good.

Pandora's Aquarium-This song was beautiful. The lights were a dark blueish- purple. I hadn't realized how beautiful this song was.

Caught A Lite Sneeze-It sounded interesting with the band. I'm not sure if I liked it. I do miss the harpsichord. She sang different lyrics at the end.

Little Earthquakes- I was glad to hear another song from 'Little Earthquakes'. It had a darker tone then it does on the album. Someone behind me was singing along which was really annoying.

Spark- There was a lot of cheering and screaming when she started. I don't think it was as good live, but I was happy to hear it.

Hey Jupiter (solo)-more screaming. It sounded really nice. the lady behind me kept singing. grrrr..

Sister Janet (solo)-I didn't recognize this song, but it was quite beautiful.

Jackie's Strength-The band came back on stage. Jon switched to an upright Bass which sounded nice. I can't decide if I like this song or not.

Cornflake Girl-The introduction was really interesting. It was jazz-ish. No one recognized the song until she said, "You bet your life it is" then people started screaming. It sounded truly amazing. Everyone was singing along. The "rabbit...where'd you put the keys..." part was really long.

Raspberry Swirl- Even though this isn't one of my favorite songs, I was happy to hear it...or should I say watch it. The lights were going everywhere. Lots of bright colors. 3 people sitting near me got up and started jumping around in the isle, which was rather amusing.

The Waitress- The introduction the band did for this song was long. Hardly anyone recognized it, until Tori started singing. By the chorus everyone was screaming. This is one of my favorite songs. It was really great except the end dragged on a little. Even though I loved it...I know the end was soon to come. All that was left were the encores.

She's Your Cocaine- Every one in the back came and filled up the aisles and jumped around a lot. At this point the entire crowd was standing.

Sugar-I hadn't heard this song before.

Pretty Good Year-This was my favorite song of the night. It was amazing. I loved the way it switched from just piano to heavy band on the chorus. The disco balls came down and everyone was singing and dancing along.

Horses-It was a good ending song. It sounded a little different.

I have to say, I am extremely jealous of every person who has ever attended a Tori concert. She is amazing live.

From shannon429

August 8, 1998 - I was working security for her show in Albany and I can tell you the soundcheck:

Sister Janet
Panadora's Aquarium(about 3-5 times)
Little Earthquakes
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Precious Things

Overall I thought her show was amazing and the crowd was really good(except for when a large group of people tried to rush her tour bus afterwards). It was interesting to see her play with the live band, but I enjoyed "secret time" the most out of the entire night. The vibe seemed to be really upbeat and I thought she rocked out during "Raspberry Swirl" and "Hey, Jupiter" moved me close to tears.

From L. Anne

August 8, 1998 - I think that the reason the audience was so reserved during TOri's show was that the set list contained more quiet songs. In addition, I know that I miss the old "girl with the piano" and being able to sit quietly with one's own feelings during a Tori show is a time a treasure. I was able to have some of that during her show in Albany. Perhaps that was the feeling of many others there.

From Kattori

August 7, 1998 - Hello. Well I just got back from my second Tori Show. I had to drive two hours north to go see Tori but it was well worth it. I would drive 5 hours to see her = ) All I can say is that the ALBANY SHOW ROCKED! When I got there I bought my program for $12 and a t-shirt. It was a black one with a pic of tori on a rock similar to the one in FTCGH CD Booklet and it had some lyrics written on it and on the back of the t-shirt was all the places that she went and will be going for her Plugged 98 tour. I was wearing my t-shirt right after I got it! The Devlins were pretty good, considering that I had never heard of them before and they were pretty good. You had to wait about 40 min. after they finished their set till Tori came out and all the time while I was waiting they were raising the curtain slightly and this was annoying me cause I felt they were toying with. I didn't like that. Well Tori came out and the crowd went wild and she played Precious Things, which was great with the band. When she sang the line so you can make me cum it doesn't make you Jesus she slid her hand up her apron type thing and in between her thighs. It was very cool = ). The next song she sang was cruel, I kinda like this song but its not my fav on the album. It was great. The next song she sang was Pandora's Aquarium. I was kinda shocked to hear this song. During this song the disco balls kinda shined and I was thinking like I was in an Aquarium = ) After PA Tori sang Caught A Light Sneeze which I was surprised to hear. I wasn't expecting it and it was great. But I kinda wish she didn't sing it with the band even though it sounded great but I had heard her sing Caught A Light Sneeze alone and towards the end of the song when she sings boys on my right boys on my left side boys in the middle and your not here she uses her piano as somewhat of a drum and I would have loved for her to do that. Owell you take what you can get. Its ok I have her singing it on some bootleg I have = ) Little Earthquakes was next for her to sing and I was also very very shocked to hear this song played. I don't think she had played it often or at all before this show, well it was very good very dark though. Spark was next and for some reason it just didn't do anything for me, I guess I have heard it to many times and I'm over it but it was still fabu. After Spark Tori said now this is secret time and she played Hey Jupiter and Sister Janet for secret time. I had talked to a girl after the show and she had written Tori a note and gave it to Tori and had asked Tori to play Hey Jupiter so it was very special for this girl that I met on my way out of the theater. At first I did not know which song Tori was singing until I hear her say Sister Janet. I knew the song cause I was singing along but I couldn't name it for a minute or two Jackies Strength came next. Now I love this song a lot and its one of my favs off FTCGH. I was very happy to hear it and she didn't cut anything out = ) I really appreciated hearing it live. I really loved it. OK CORNFLAKE GIRL WAS NEXT. Tori started out by singing You Bet Your Life You Will very slowly with just the piano and as soon as I heard that I knew Cornflake Girl was coming. I knew that it was gonna get crazy especially as soon as canton started his guitar and oh by the way canton put on his glow in the dark sunglass thingamajiggys, I took a pic of it. Cornflake Girl just completly rocked but the best was still yet to come..... Raspberry Swirl was next and it was FREAKIN AMAZING, it gives me chills to think about that whole experience. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before, it totally made me get up and dance and totally freak and if I blocked people I'm sorry and if you didn't like my dancing I don't really care I was enjoying myself immensly there I said my piece on that part. I recognized Raspberry Swirl immidietly and the entire audience erupted and I had to get up and dance and numerous others did the same. I totally grooved in my seat and off my seat to that song and all the green and pink lights that were on Tori, I think she was playing both the bosie and the keyboard at once and it was absolutly amazing, I can't even begin to tell you how great that song was and I wasn't even crazy about that song before the show now I love it. Also during swirl people rushed the stage. I wish I could have done that but I was in the middle of my row = ( but I still had a wonderful time in my seat. So much energy went into that song it was FREAKIN AMAZING, I CAN'T SAY THAT ENOUGH. My adjectives will be limited as I go on = ) After Swirl I did not come down at all I was on an ultimate high after that song. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. By far I think the best song of the night for me! Tori next played Waitress. The I believe in Peace Bitch was great Tori rocked on that part but it the song got kinda long for me and it wasn't my fav's of the night. Tori took her first break of that night then or her first encore. She's Your Cocaine was the first song of her encore and it was fantastic. For one you could hear the people singing with Tori to song like myself who was singing along. That song was amazing. I love the first lines of the song. She's Your Cocaine She's got you shaving your legs you can suck anything but ya know you wanna be me so. I loved that part = ) Sugar was next. I was so excited to hear Sugar, I could'nt believe she was playing it. I had never ever heard it live and with the band was out of this world. It was so great. I had only heard it live once and that was on CD it was unbelievable to hear live. Tori then left and came back for her second encore. She sang Pretty Good Year. By now tons of people had come and tried to get close to the stage. Some were pretty darn successful, I wish I was one of those people, maybe next time but the palace theater was completely rocking and shacking with with song. When Tori goes out of the nice gentle part of the song and goes into the rocker part of the song the place got really loud before she sang that part cause they knew it was coming up and it was so great. I know my adjectives are limited I sorry. Last but not least was Horses. For some reason I had anticipated this being last. I wasn't really pleased with this being the last song cause I really don't like this song to much but I did like that all the disco balls came down and went all over the place. I loved that part. Well that was my review of the show. TORI ROCKED SHE WAS AMAZING AND WILL FOREVER AND EVER BE THE GODDESS KNOWN AS TORI. After I left the theater I went to the gates near Tori's Tour Bus. I got somewhat close but this BITCHY and not to mention RUDE girls were trying to get up to the front. This is really wrong people, its rude and not very respectful to the people who had gotten there first. OK well I decided to leave this pit of people cause it was getting to tight and I wasn't going to be able to see her or get an autograph from where I was and I thought I could do better from the street but gues what. We had really big a**hole security guards keeping us on one side of the road and not letting us go over to the barricade to get closer to Tori. Once Tori came out she went to the first barricade first but the fans near me did their part by screaming Tori and Tori we love you and please come over hear and these guards are being mean to us cause they really were and getting a pic of Tori and having her sign something is not something to hard to ask for but no they could not let us have this simple pleasure. What a bunch of A**holes but eventually Tori did turn toward us and everyone near me rushed to the gate and they couldn't hold all of us off and I snapped as many pics as I could while being Pushed away. I had done what I wanted to take pics of her after the concert. My last herah was screaming I LOVE YOU TORI at the top of my lungs and that ended my Tori night and a long drive home came after = ) All and all Tori rocked with a band. It was a totally different show than just her and the piano. I like this better. Its bigger and better and I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to see her in Poughkeepsie on Nov. 13th. Maybe she'll sing Happy Birthday for me since it will be my B-day then. I'll just have to wait, see you there. Hope you enjoyed my review =)

From Jess

August 7, 1998 - We went inside at the beginning of the Devlin's set, and were temporarily side-lined as my friend Carolyn's bag was being checked. We were all on edge, because she had mistakingly left her camera in the bag (but wasn't going to take pictures), and she had a cassette recorder clipped to the inside of her combat boot. But she made it past, and we went in to find *awesome* seats - row W, center orchestra, with a *great* view of Tori. I got the dead-on center seat, and nearly died with excitement. The Devlins were pretty good, and I would have enjoyed them more had I not been feverishly awaiting Tori. That said, their "Waiting" CD is very appropriately titled . . .

She came on at about 8:55 pm, and we all went wild. If my memories serves me correctly, the set list was:

*Precious Things* - absolutely *amazing* in every respect, although I did miss hearing "Black Dove" as an opener.

*Cruel* - which was very cool. A very tribal feel, when it's live. I liked her little arms-crossed dance/meditation between the Kurtzweiler and Bose. Very cool.

*Pandora's Aquarium* - when I heard the opener, I all but died. This song is swiftly becoming a favourite, and it was so *amazing* live! I was seriously going insane at this point, and then I heard:

*Caught A Lite Sneeze* - I liked it, honestly, but Carolyn and I both agreed that we missed the harpischord. Just that extra kick to it really makes the song. But the percussion was great.

*Little Earthquakes* - *complete* surprise, and it was stunning. I fell in love with the song, hearing it live on the '96 tour. I think I fell again last night.

*Hey Jupiter* - the boys went away, and it was so sweet, hearing her do this "girl". It was edited, shorter and all, but it was *right*. And the lighting, will all these red and orange beams focused on her, and Tori sitting there like a beautiful red and golden sun, it was amazing.

*Sister Janet* - this one made me go clinically psycho, as Carolyn and I had been discussing which songs we'd most like to hear that night, and I'd said "Pandora", and "Sister Janet", as the latter is one of my very favourites. Carolyn was pulling for "Hotel", but I think it's a bit soon, yet.

*Spark* - back with the boys, and the opening chords killed me. I love this song! :)

*Jackie's Strength* - I love this song - I don't care what people say. My brother thinks she's saying "gettin' jiggy yeah" at the beginning, which made me giggle a bit during the opener. But it was beautiful, and John was amazing with the upright bass.

*Cornflake Girl* - also a surprise, even though this was never a real favourite. It was great with the band, and she and Caton were playing with each-other - he stepping up to the end of the Bose, as if challenging Tori to outdo him. I think Tori won.

*Raspberry Swirl* - I had been hoping for this one too, and it was fabulous. We were all dancing in our seats, and the energy and lighting were unbelieveable.

*The Waitress* - this one was very trippy, and I seriously tranced out there for a while. She did this incredibly long improv at the end - at least 8 minutes worth, and I was gone. The lights, the music, the steady bass and drums. I was in a void, until I noticed this trippy girl dancing along one of the aisles. She distracted me, and I pulled back into consciousness. Very cool.

*She's Your Cocaine* - she came back out to our screams, and lots of people rushed the stage. We stayed where we were, but we got up and swayed to the beat. Not a favourite from the album, but live it's a kickin' song.

*Sugar* - I was so confused about this one, and I thought it was "Little Amsterdam" at the beginning. But then I heard "Don't say morning's come . ." and I went nuts. Has she played this one yet? What a surprise! :)

*Pretty Good Year* - some really out of it people left after "Sugar", thinking it was over. But we screamed, knowing she'd come back. And I was seriously expecting "Icicle" at that point - I don't know why. But it was beautiful, and I started feeling the tears come. How can you overcome pure emotion like that?

*Horses* - I *adore* the new version of this song, and it was a great ender to the evening. The lighting, with all the disco balls, was amazing, and she hit every note, thrilling the crowd.

I left with a tour book and lots of memories, and we stumbled half-drunk on emotion, down North Pearl street to the Capital Rep. theatre, where we took pictures of ourselves "making out" with the ceramic cowboys out front. I'm not sure, but I think I gave one of them head, and Carolyn snapped an incriminating picture. I didn't care, though. And Carolyn's tape? Besides missing the ends of "Sister Janet" and "Horses", the sound is *incredible*! I would *never* think that a little recorder could pull that off! It was amazing! Such a great night! Wow . . . I'm at a loss for any more words.


From Heather (Vermont)

August 7, 1998 - Just wanted to throw my two cents in about last nights performance at the Palace.

This was my very first Tori.....all I can say is you never forget your first....of anything.Though I wasn't second row center like I was for Indigo Girls there......I couldn't tell the difference.

I was taken to a whole different realm throughout the entire performance.Though I do feel part of the intimacy between an audience and the artist was lost by going from one song to the was still incredible.Made me wish I could've seen her in her earlier tours with just her and her piano.

Despite was an incredible evening and the best concert I've been to in awhile.She just has this way of carrying you're spirituality to a new dimension.When I thought it couldn't go beyond what it was doing to me....she came back for a second encore and did my favorite song by her 'Pretty Good Year'.....I swear its as if I'd forgotten the rest of the concert at the point.

I suggest to anyone who has never seen Tori in a live setting to relish in the experience.Its one you won't forget and will remain attached to your soul.

From Mike

August 7, 1998 - Kick-ass, no? Pandora's, LE, Sister Janet, Prety Good Year,

Well, to be honest, the band wasn't quite as "on" as they were in London--Jon in particular seemed kinda bored. Caton was really getting into it. But when she started playing Pandora's, I about DIED. Freaked out everyone around me, of course, but that's OK. And then she did Little Earthquakes, which just sounded GREAT w/ a band. Other the band was doing the intro to Cruel, she was doing this little pagan ceremony thing--going up to the monitors and squatting and clasping her hands together. At the end she just sang with her hands crossed behind her back. Mmm. She was wearing this little apron thing and at the end of Precious she ran her hands up her thighs and grabbed the hem of it in her crotch...mmm. She did this AMAZING bluesy intro to Cornflake girl, solo. I don't like it all that much now though--on the BfP tour, it was finally beginning to SWING. Now it just rocks. Oh--I think Matt's starting to get a little drained too. All his drumbeats are starting to sound the same. He launched into one and I was SURE it was liquid diamonds, but it was actually Spark. Go figger. What else...I like CALS much better now. Jackie's still doesn't interest me, and I was way bored during Waitress. Sister Janet was REALLY neat. And when she launched into Pretty Good Year...crowd went ntus. It was basically solo, with some guitar work, until the bridge, when the band just EXPLODED. Made the song SO much more powerful live,a nd that's one of my favorite Tori songs. I don't liek Horses, the new version, but that's OK. Sugar was goddamn AMAZING. Mmm. What else. Oh, I think she checks if I'm coming and then doesn't do Playboy Mommy. I want to hear that song!!! Well, I'm gonna go to the Youngstown show and she BETTER play it then...I'll go to the meet and greet and kick her ass.

Oh yeah, the meat and greet. I buldozed Scott (kinda) into leaving abotu 1. We got there about 10 of three, found a parking space, and went up to the theatre. There was a rather lengthy line. I met these cool people who had slept there overniht and had, apparently, been following Tori since the MSG shoe a week ago or however long it was. They gave me Barq's and we all talked to Steeeve, Tori's OTHER bodyguard. We were all in a line, with numbers and stuff, but then Steve set up the barricades and everyone sloooowly rushed them. I was third row back, near the street. It wasn't too bad--pretty much everyone got contact that wanted some. I gave Tori a copy of my play and had her sign one of the postcards from the Spark limited UK single. She had a sliver SHarpie and it looks REALLY cool. I've got it in a fram in my room now. Caton came out later and I got him to sign something too. He has a neat sig--draws a guitar. I told him I wanted his job and he laughed.

Dring the show we tried to get better seats, but couldn't--we were about 10 rows from the very back of the balcony. Ick. It was still cool though. I bought a white t-shirt with lots of circle that have pictures from the tour program in them (tho no wedding pics, as far as I could tell) and a black t-shirt with the lyrics to Liquid Diamonds on front and the cities on the back for Catie, a girl here who gave me money to buy her a shirt. During Rasberry Swirl--which is SOOOO much better live--I got up and danced. I was the only one of like, 3 people doing it, but that's OK. I'm a freak in public.

After the show we tried to see her again, but there were about a hundred eople all packed in. I talked with some of the afternoon meet-and-greeters and it was good. Saw her, breiefly, but that's when the assholes come out to play. Where were you at 3:00, wankers?!

A 2 hour drive hom--copped a major caffiene buzz and couldn't get to sleep until 3:30, which meant 4.5 hrs of sleep> Whee. I just need to get through today.

So, in sum: Tori is good.

From Rick Orlosky

August 6, 1998 - hullo- you probably already have this but here it is anyway :)

precious things
pandora's aquarium
caught a lite sneeze
little earthquakes
SOLO: hey jupiter
(b-side: sorry i've never heard it, but it wasn't a b side from
pele, and it's not on any of the soundtracks i have...
might well have been that purple people song)
jackie's strength
cornflake girl
raspberry swirl

encore 1:
she's your cocaine

encore 2:
pretty good year

My feedback? well even though i've been listening to tori ever since 1993, this was my first show! I personally was truly impressed with the band, and how well all of the songs adapted! the best parts were the jams which were interjected into some of the songs- Most notably waitress! raspberry swirl was really amazing- it was so fast and intoxicating- i couldn't really help but headbang, hehe heh. So it was a great show- another in a long line of great shows i am sure :)

From Elyse

August 6, 1998 -Tonight was incredible. To name a few highlights... Kenny, as I am sure you have heard was on the stage, was mine. i lent him to Tori yesterday morning in Connecticut. i told her that he wanted to ride on the crew bus. Tori repeats this to Joel in all seriousness. Joel rolls his eyes. Needless to say, Kenny was onstage tonight. During "secret time" Tori mentioned that Kenny had been on the crew bus and had a lot to drink, namely seabreezes. (five, I think she said). She said that they did not "kill" Kenny. If you don't watch South Park, Kenny is a character who is killed in every episode. Tori seems to think it's very funny. Also... Matt drop-kicked Kenny at the end of the show. I'm going to have a word about that with him tomorrow.

Little Earthquakes was for me as well. I have been asking at every show. She's been telling me to "be patient"... and the song finally arrived at the party tonight. I also mentioned Sister Janet to Tori the other day. This show was incredibly special for me.

From Kerry Wiley

August 6, 1998 - Hi I had to e mail you because I just got back from my first live Tori Amos concert in Albany NY!

She opened with Precious things, Pandora's Aquirium, Cruel, ... A song from a B side that I did not know. I would love to find out where to get a copy of the B side songs that Tori Has done.

She did beautiful versions of Hey Jupiter, Jackie's Strength, Rasberry Swirl, the Waitress, different... but very cool live version. She did cornflake girl... She sang Pretty good year, Sugar, She's your cocaine, and Horses. Beautiful end with the mirror ball, and horses. I would say that Tori's solos with the piano were the highlight of the show!

Funky outfit as well. Black pant outfit, with a green sequin long vest with red shoes! I am very glad that I got to go. Thanks for the great site!

If anyone knows where to get B sides legally around Albany, I would love to find out!

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