North American Plugged '98 Tour
Wallingford, CT
August 4, 1998

Updated August 10, 1998

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Tori performed in Wallingford, CT on August 4, 1998 at the Oakdale Theatre during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Mother, Hear, In My Head and Happy Phantom solo. Many thanks to Matt Page, Richard Handal, and Elyse for calling me with this set list from Wallingford. Rob and Marie Conigliaro were the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Playboy Mommy
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Liquid Diamonds
Mother (solo)
Here, In My Head (solo)
Doughnut Song
Space Dog
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine
Little Amsterdam

2nd Encore:
Happy Phantom (solo)
Pandora's Aquarium


From Onlyamouse (the mousie - This was posted on the newsgroup)

August 10, 1998 - Well, it's two days after the Wallingford CT concert and i'm sure no one's gonna want to read this now but i haven't had a chance until now to write this:

Where to start? I noticed that none of the reviews i have read so far here or at the Dent mentioned the meet & greet. I was wondering if it was too late to send a snippet to the Dent about it since few others have [Note from Mikewhy: It is NEVER too late to send me a review!]. I was very sick throughout the meet&greet, having not been exposed to sun for more than 5 minutes in over a year; feeling claustrophobic from the crowd, and a hurting stomach. I spent the two hours before she arrived sitting weakly on my box. Yes, The Box! that was mine, if you were there. Then she came... and i only got a few quick glimpses of her between the heads of people but it was still quite thrilling. Anyway, my friend, "the very tall man with the sunglasses" stood on my box and became very popular for helping pass items over the crowd to get signed and passed back again. my other friend, his sister, was the one who passed up her BELT! They were probably the two most memorable people in our section of the crowd but i was just some sick, quiet girl in black, no one memorable. oh well. We think we got some pcitures but i don't know yet.

Then she was gone, and i was feeling Quite Sick and stunned and a little sad that i didn't get a better view of her and i turned around and there was this magical stranger there! He said "this is your first concert?" dazed and about to pass out, i nodded. "i read your post, here." And handed me one of the programs (those big pretty things) that she had signed! I was so shocked and overjoyed and i don't remember if i thanked him or not. And then he was gone. If you're out there, i don't know how to thank you properly, that was so wonderful, i'm at a loss for words!

This is getting quite long despite my attempts otherwise (which is why it reads pretty hurriedly) So i hope you're still reading, i'm just now getting to the concert! I didn't care at all for the Devlins. I zoned out through their entire performance. Finally she came out, and the moment she started playing, i fell apart.

She started with Precious Things and i started shaking & crying. Just the fact of being there and how incredible she was and the energy and everything! I was so emotional, i couldn't even move to applaud. I wasn't any better through God. maybe worse, i don't really remember. I was worried when she started Playboy Mommy because that song gets to me as it is! But i was surprisingly okay through it, for some reason i didn't feel as much of an impact with it, it was almost lacking something emotionally but not enough to make me complain, not at all!

iieee wasn't one of my favourite songs before this concert, but now it means more to me. No one else has commented on this! but during one of the last times she sang "why does there gotta be a sacrifice?" she had her hand at her stomach.. you know..... i can't quite explain it, but it shook me fully. I liked the added part in the middle but i have no idea what she sang there? i only remember the word "understand" but.. it was just incredible. I have a whole new appreciation for this song now.

Caught a Lite Sneeze was ok, but i was distracted during it when i realized my friend was more fascinated by the light effects than by anything else. I do have to admit the swirlies and other effects on the wall were incredible but not worth tearing my eyes away from her. Liquid Diamonds.. hm. i definitely decided my fav. part of this song is the part with the lyrics that aren't in the book.

Then the band went away for secret time and she explained it,& made a cute little "ha" at the end. I was calming down by this point and curled up in those tiny tiny seats for Mother. I don't remember crying here, but i know it gave me such chills and filled me with such intense emotions i don't even know how to explain.

Here. In my head was a big surprise and was very very nice.

But then the band came back and she did Doughnut Song which is a big sensitive spot for me and i held up through the first half, but there was this *wonderful!* part in the middle where she went into "you can tell me it's over.." and from there to the end i lost it. I was visibly shaking and my eyeliner ran and everything But it was well worth it. Spacedog was fun! i picked myself back up during it, even allowed myself to appreciate the swirlies on the wall again and i don't think i cried for the rest of the concert. And of course, Raspberry Swirl. As soon as it started playing i knew immediately what it was, only one song sounds anything like this! It was great, i loved it! The lights were bright and fast & they hurt my eyes but i didn't care! I think the ending with the "and she swirls" part made a much more powerful climax (pun or no pun) than the heavy breathing on the album.

I liked the Waitress even if the last two verses were squished together into one, and i couldn't make out almost any of the added stuff at the end. She threw in some orgasmic breathing here at the end which i'm not sure fit with the song (although maybe i'd think otherwise if i understood the extra part better) but i liked it lots. I don't remember my comments about She's Your Cocaine! Serves me right for waiting two days to post. I was glad she played it,tho, especially since it was the first encore which let me know that there'd only be a few more songs left, and i wanted that to be one of them. (not as much as i would have liked to hear Cooling,but that's ok...)

I was feeling quite nice by the time Little Amsterdam started,& was crouched in my chair rocking in time to the beat. She made a very cute growl/purr in the beginning of this song, and i just felt mellow and happy and very "into" the song.

Second encore, she came back and started playing somethign i didn't recognize. But then it went into Happy Phantom! i was as thrilled as i think everyone else was. (which was Very)

It ended with Pandora's Aquarium, and i think this is the where the disco balls were used big time and the whole place was filled with sparkles. The song sounded pretty much the same live to me, very very pretty. Then they were gone! it was over! They piped a remix of Raspberry Swirl while everyone left and it was very interesting, very slow and i think in a few weeks i'm going to be having to search around for the import.

Oh, i bought the Raspberry Swirl Girl necklace and the Liquid Diamonds t-shirt. And i'm STILL tired and stunned but a VERY happy mousie and this was the most incredible experience!

From Richard Handal (posted to the precious-things mailing list in response to Woj's post below)

August 10, 1998 - A leader-of-us-all, woj, said:

> moments after sending off my review of the springfield show on monday
> night, i received a note from richard handal saying, and i paraphrase,
> "gods help me, i'm thinking of coming up from d.c. for the wallingford
> show."

(Jesus.) Well, I'm not defensive about needing shows. Sometimes before show nights when I'm not planning to be in attendance I literally get the shakes and can't concentrate on anything else--it's like I'm physically addicted to Tori concerts. I'm not sure how this has come to be, but I'm goin' with it. Hey--just 5 1/2 hours on a train and a ten-minute cab ride. Not bad. (People in England are now screaming in disbelief. Three hours from Wigan to Glasgow is rarely done, I understand. Okay, so I'm a nutter.)

> again, everyone's beaten me to the punch on the setlist, but let me
> reiterate the general comment of "wow!". i was expecting *some*
> variation from the springfield show, but not what amounted to
> practically an entirely different set!

I got multiple songs on this tour for the first time. I hadn't heard Sneeze, Doughnut; don't believe I'd heard either Mother nor Head before on this tour, either. (This was the best version of "Here. In My Head" I ever heard.) And of course, the single main tangible reason I came up was for the debut of Pandora. Tori asked me after the show when my current leg of the tour was gonna be up, and I told her I had just popped up for this one show, and was going back to D.C. in the morning. I said, "I really wanted to come up for Pandora." She just laughed. She knew I could tell all the way from D.C. that Pandora was gonna debut last night. Pretty hysterical.

> the performance was marvelous.

It's funny how after all the shows I've seen, she can STILL manage to pull out a show with a nearly entirely different feel than all the others. It began powerfully as a rock show, but, oddly, considering all the explanation as to how Zeppelin was the main influence on this album and tour, there was a whole middle section of the show which was as much like a jazz concert as anything else. Especially of note along those lines was the elongated, introductory bass solo for Playboy Mommy.

The main words I would use to characterize last night's show would be "relaxed" and "warm." She wasn't forcing anything all night, and the band fell in right behind her to reinforce that sensibility. Her piano playing flowed naturally, not as with some shows I saw on the DDI tour when it came pouring out of her in great waterfalls, but she was masterfully in control, and everything was well-articulated. A musicianly night, indeed.

And a quick word to all the folks who think a cello is involved at some points during these shows--Jon's actually playing a double-bass, aka an acoustic concert bass or a stand-up bass, not a cello. And he does a great job with it, too, I will add.

> much as i like the more intimate venues, it was really great to see the
> show on the oakdale's large stage.

I really think these shows make a lot of sense in large venues. She definitely seemed to have tailored this show down from the huge arena shows however, which probably explained much of the change in feel for this show from the three others I'd seen previously on this U.S. leg of the tour. It'll be interesting to see how similar the shows I expect to see in a couple other like-sized, non-arena venues over the coming weeks compare to this Oakdale show.

> afterwards, i was all prepared to throw caution to the wind and drive
> up to albany tonight, but it doesn't look that happened. i guess i need
> to work on my handal emulation... ;)

Hey--I'm the soul of responsibility! You have no idea how much pressure I was under to go along with folks to Albany. I was nearly kidnapped! But no, here I am back in the D.C. area. And sooner than I'd expected, since being given a ride from some lovely people which allowed me to not need to wait for the 7:12am train from New Haven as I thought I'd have needed to. I have to say, as much as I wanted to see the concert itself, nothing can replace meeting friends old and new when going to shows. What wonderful folks. A lot of them are like family to me.

Be seeing you,

Richard Handal, H.G.

P.S. to all the folks who got the mistaken impression that I thought Tori wrote Landslide--I *do* know that Stevie Nicks wrote it and performed it with Fleetwood Mac. That was what I was trying to say all along.

From Kristen L Byrne

August 8, 1998 - I arrived at the theatre initially at noon, but when we saw nobody there (even though there were 5+ cars), we decided to go to lunch and when we got back, it was 2 pm. Then we were told that everyone was waiting at the SIDE of the building for the meet'n'greet. And we were like "DOH!" Ha ha. But nevermind the trivial, it was such a powerful experience. Tori came on her bus about 5 pm I think. Oakdale security had us (a crowd of about 50 maybe?) rounded up like cattle. But Tori was absolutely beautiful. I wasn't able to meet her, but I was close enough to get fantastic pictures. She was breathtaking- and it was amazing how quiet everyone became when the lucky ones got a chance to say hello and to get her autograph. I kept saying to a friend of mind, "Everyone is so quiet!" I really was amazed. It was like Tori was this sedative, preparing our energy for the show, readying us. And it was a GREAT show. I missed the Devlins because I was helping out at the RAINN booth that was there.

Thank you to everyone who donated!! I think we made over $300+!!

Tori got on stage about 8:45 (or so) and started with Precious Things. I don't have the complete setlist and I'm sure that someone else has already÷so÷

She had on the sequined, glittery, apron-thingy that she wore on Letterman, tight navy blue cargos, and an off-the-shoulder bodysuit. Of course, she dazzled. The music was great, the band sounded superb. They really do play well together. You could see Jon Evans getting into it by lip-singing Caught a Lite Sneeze and Caton "dancing" on stage with his guitar. And then of course Matt÷I saw a little figurine on his drumset (anyone else notice?) And near the end of the show, I noticed Caton's nails. They were painted black!!! Before the encores, I yelled, "I love your nails Caton!" But I don't think he heard. Let's see what else-the lighting was awesome. I loved the green and then during Raspberry Swirl-the bright whites (it was during then right?) It was just an amazing show- as I'm sure all are to those who attend. The only thing I was disappointed with was that she never talked-except just that once when she introduced the band, but she never said, "Hi guys, how are you doing" or anything like that. Although she DID say, "We'll be on the road till Christmas, so if you're ever bored, come find us" or something to that effect. (And then someone walked off with my tour book!!! I will find you!!!) And at the end of the show she didn't stay that long to wave goodbye or touch the people's hands near the stage (I was one of them).

But she was gone. And the lights came back on and people walked away, but I bet completely exhausted- both emotionally and physically÷.some hadn't eaten all day!

From the New Haven Register

August 8, 1998 - Toriphile Kristen L Byrne sent me this less than flattering review of this show that appeared in August 6, 1998 edition of the New Haven Register newspaper.

Tori Amos tries new tricks at Oakdale with mixed results

By Anthony Apuzzo

-Wallinford--- Tori Amos brought her "plugged" tour to the Oakdale Theatre on Tuesday night. Supporting her latest album, "From the Choirgirl Hotel," this is the first time that Amos has toured with a backup band, and the results were mixed.

Those who have seen Amos on past tours might have been a bit taken aback by the addition of a live band. Songs not previously performed with a live band kept the audience's attention. Sometimes a song was so reworked that it could only be recognized by the lyrics.

At times, though, it looked as if Amos herself was not quite used to it yet. At times, she looked confined, as if she were playing in a straitjacket. With the three-piece band backing her up, she no longer had the luxury of changing style or tempo on a whim.

Beginning her set just before 9 p.m., Amos played a very emotional and short performance. The attentive crowd sat in silence, clinging onto every word she sang. At times, the audience looked like they were at a funeral rather than at a concert.

The crowd was dominated by teen-age girls who admire Amos' strength. An artist known for singing about topics from rape to religion, her lyrics come straight from the heart. And it's those no-nonsense lyrics that grab the listener--and are therapeutic for some. It is not uncommon to see a member of the audience almost in tears because of a song or a lyric that has helped her or him through some part of their life.

Amos' emotion and heartbreaking stories were moving, but we've heard all this melodrama before.

Performind such songs as "God, "Caught a Lite Sneeze," and "Space Dog" Amos delivered a steady mix of old and new material. She paused only a few times to introduce the members of the band and to express how happy she was to be performing at the Oakdale again. Filling only an hour, Amos closed the show with "The Waitress." She and the band waved goodbye, thus beginning the encore ritual.

She did return--surprise surprise--to perform two encores to quence the audience's thirst for more. Finally, concluding the show at 10:30, Amos said her last goodbyes. However, the omissions of songs such a s"Cornflake Girl," "Me and a Gun," and her signature song, "Silent All These Year," left quite a few fans unsatisfied. Even "Spark," the first single off of "Choirgirl," was absent from her set list.

(Anthony Apuzzo of Hamden is a free-lance writer. He also plays bass for the band Disowned.)

From Leah

August 7, 1998 - Is there a way to ask other toriphiles at the AUG 4 meet and greet something? I had brought a semi-large collage for Tori to sign, and though I was in the back of the group I sent my collage up there. I heard her say something- but I didn't hear WHAT SHE SAID. I heard people say Awwww so I know she said something. Can anyone (like y'all in the front) tell me what she said?

From D. Eric Billingsley (posted to the precious-things mailing list)

August 7, 1998 - Jessica,

Your complaint is one of my top gripes with the Tori shows of recent memory. To be accurate, our gripe has nothing at all to do with Tori and everything to do with her audience. In fact, I posted a rather lengthy rant to this list just after the club-tour show at Chicago's Park West. I think we are all very aware of the power of Tori's performances, and it thrills many of us deeper than words can effectively describe. Believe me - I feel the urge to yell, whoop and scream as much as anyone else, but I exercise a little self-control out of respect for Tori and out of consideration for other Toriphiles around me. I don't mean to rag on the younger generation, but I when I have been irritated by an overzealous fan in my proximity, it is ALWAYS someone in their early teens. I agree too that smart-asses who imitate the zealots are just as annoying. It is strange that this seems to be a phenomena indigenous only to Tori shows. I am a frequent concert-goer, and during every other non-Tori show I have attended, the audience calms the applause, hooting and hollering once the performer(s) begin the next selection. Hey - I am all for yelling my head off between songs (that is why artists pause between songs, after all), but when Tori begins to play - I shut the hell up and let her play; and so should everyone else. So - I sympathize with you on this one, Jessica; and I hope your next Tori show goes much better for you.

From Jessica Rosa (posted to the precious-things mailing list)

August 7, 1998 - I was at the Wallingford CT show at the Oakdale and I totally agree with Phil on all the screaming during songs. I didn't notice *too* much but there was one woman in front of me who I couldn't stand... she kept letting out these really long shrieks during songs... and she even yelled "I LOVE YOU TORI!!!!!!" at the top of her lungs during Doughnut Song. I mean, come on... Doughnut Song was a fairly quiet performance. Her stupid shrieking just kind of ruined it. And then there was this guy behind me who thought it was the funniest thing in the world to mock people who did yell "I love you Tori" "Tori you're beautiful" and all that stuff. So I had the woman in front of me shrieking her head off and the guy behind me yelling "I love you Tori" in a mocking sort of way... I hope Tori couldn't hear him because I thought it was kind of insulting.

From Jerry (posted to various Tori mailing lists)

August 6, 1998 - I was at Tori's concert last night with my friend, Shani. She is a "veteran" Tori fan for the past few years while I've been a fan for the last year or so. Yesterday was my first Tori concert, Shani's third. She saw her in August, 1996 at the PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ and last years RAINN concert at MSG, NYC. I had predicted that Tori was going to come out in full force because she was over her cold and had the night off on Monday. If you came to see her rock out, she didn't disappoint. If you came to see Tori as she was, the girl and the piano, then you walked away feeling empty like the magic wasn't there. Which was how Shani felt. She didn't mind the rock but we both admitted that the drums certainly overpowered the piano and Tori's singing. Shani said after the concert, "if you go to the New York Philharmonic to see Isaac Stern play the violin, the rest of the orchestra compliments him not overpower him." This was how she felt with Tori. She was very happy to hear Precious Things, iieee, and the Doughnut Song but missed hearing, Spark (her favorite from the FtCH disc).

As I said this was my first Tori concert. I enjoyed almost every song from the played set. I was disappointed that she didn't play Cornflake Girl, Spark, Black Dove (January), or even Horses. I could've done without Mother, Here, In My Head and Pandora's Aquarium. Besides Precious Things the one song I really wanted Tori to play was Space Dog I felt that the band certainly complimented her.

By the way the Devlins were great.

From woj (posted to the precious-things mailing list)

August 6, 1998 - moments after sending off my review of the springfield show on monday night, i received a note from richard handal saying, and i paraphrase, "gods help me, i'm thinking of coming up from d.c. for the wallingford show." naturally, i told him that was a silly thing to do, but that it was perfectly understandable and that he should. a few minutes later, there was a note with prices for an amtrak ticket from washington to wallingford. if i hadn't gone to bed, i would have seem the final note saying that he'd booked a ticket and was going to arrive in wallingford in the afternoon.

what a silly, silly, silly man...but at least he has his priorities straight. if he isn't already, he should be an inspiration to us all! ;)

i got home from work and picking up don keller at the train station (an ex-precious-things subscriber who came up from new york city) around 6:30. meredith arrived a little bit later and, after i left a voice mail with richard telling him who to look for, we headed out for a quick dinner and then on to the oakdale theater.

again, we arrived kinda sorta in the middle of the devlins set and hung out in the lobby beforehand. i recognized richard meandering around looking for us, so we walked over and chatted with him for a while (nice to meet you finally!) and then took our seats, which were on the left side of the mid orchestra, probably 40-50 rows back. while obviously not the best seats in the house, there really aren't any awful seats in the oakdale, which is a decent venue as largish theaters go.

again, everyone's beaten me to the punch on the setlist, but let me reiterate the general comment of "wow!". i was expecting *some* variation from the springfield show, but not what amounted to practically an entirely different set! there were only five repeated songs ("precious things", "liquid diamonds", "raspberry swirl", "the waitress" and "little amsterdam"), and, as you all know, a number of surprises: "happy phantom", "here. in my head", "mother", "space dog" and, of course, "pandora's aquarium". i would have gladly traded "happy phantom" or "swirl" for any number of other songs and "little amsterdam" for another song which has "little" as the first word of its title, but i don't think i'd tamper too much with the rest of the setlist. (well, duh!) i was particuarly happy to hear the other songs from ftcgh which she didn't play two nights earlier in springfield.

the performance was marvelous. having a rest day on monday certainly seems to have made a difference since her voice sounded great throughout and not even a tiny bit strained as it was on sunday. i must say that i've really enjoyed the band shows. i expected that i would, but it's good to have hunches confirmed.

much as i like the more intimate venues, it was really great to see the show on the oakdale's large stage. the band was cramped together on springfield's small stage. at the oakdale, they were able to spread out and find some breathing space. combined with the full light show (which didn't fit into the symphony hall), i think the rock band experience was a lot more effective.

afterwards, i was all prepared to throw caution to the wind and drive up to albany tonight, but it doesn't look that happened. i guess i need to work on my handal emulation... ;)

From Sara

August 5, 1998 - when jilla and i got there they numbered us. were numbers 16 and 17. (yes they numbered everyone..blah) so we were laying on the grass..baking in the sun for 3 hours.then they started lining everyone up in order by number..which i guess worked out well for the most part..until steve said we could go up to the barricade..then it was pretty much a free for all..the numbers really didn't mean anything. i ended up in the second row..with 2 people in front of me..but my hand was on the when she got there i squeezed myself into the front. she got there around 4. and started on the opposite side of me. i took a bunch of pictures..i know they came out good..i'm getting them developed tomorrow. so she got near me..and i was shock..i don't know..i was acting so lame..i couldn't talk. jilla got her UTP signed..then she signed my LE..but i didn't say anything...then i finally forced myself to ask to get a picture taken with her...and she said yes. well i probably wouldn't have asked but jilla was bugging me. so i got that :) ;) :) i wish i could have talked to her..i don't know..i freaked. it made me mad..because i wish i didn't do that. she had cute navy shoes with like a plastic silver looking thing on them..she had a purple shirt on and a skirt with some sort of design. but i saw on her hand A. Pie and Head. so i was like OMG here. in my head..i wanted that so much. and american pie was a request. so i took more pictures..and she left. we didn't stay for the sound check this time...because i wasn't sure if you could hear it outside the oakdale..but i guess you would. we got back around 7. and i looked for ben but he wasn't there yet.

so i sat through another 40 min of the was more annoying this time because i think they had the same exact set as they did sunday. so it was boring..i don't like them. and this stupid asshole next to me was being loud and he asked me like 90 times what band was up there..i was like DEV-LINS. and there were other assholes behind me who were like "waiting? we're wating for this to end" and they were being really rude and obnoxious. so i was worried about how they would act during the show. she came out around 10 of 9. i couldn't really tell what she was wearing because i was on the side..12th had a really good view of the backside of the piano. heh. she had black..or navy pants off the shoulder shirt..and maybe the same lace sparkly thing she wore on sunday. oh yeah..well you know how the piano is open? well the lid was kind of blocking my it looked like she had one of those censors over her eyes. because the lid was covering them. it was distracting.

Precious Things: amazing. wonderful. i really really like it with the makes the song so much more powerful. the lights are so bright. i snuck my camera i took pictures..although i don't think they are good..because of the piano lid covering her eyes.

God: i really liked this with the band too. it really adds to the song i think. i loved it. it was so intense..i had such a huge smile on my face.

Playboy Mommy: so beautiful. this is where mr. asshole started annoying me. he started SINGING. and this dude did NOT have a good voice. i was ready to smack him. but he it was good..i calmed down. but yeah..the song was beautiful..i loved it live..soo much.

iieee: now this kicked ASS. god i loved it soo much more than

cruel. and i thought i would like cruel better live. she did a bit of improv..i don't remember what she said though..she was really into it..and so were the was wonderful.

caught a lite sneeze: i have the same opinion on this as i did sunday. i didn't like it too much..the piano got lost in the guitars and drums.

liquid diamonds: very good. wonderful...i loved it just as much as i did sunday.

mother: wow..i've always loved mother. was soo beautiful. mr. asshole ruined it for me though..bitch starts singing again! uugghhhh and i'm giving him the dirtiest looks..but he's drunk and singing to the guy next to him..i swear to god this guy practically ruined the whole show for me. "i like the daaaancing" wow..i love it.

here. in my head: ok..i lost it here..crying. blah. i wanted this soo bad. it's the only one i really lost it on though..unlike sunday. i was able to pay more attention today..than act zombish. but it was sooo incredibly amazing "and spring brings fresh little puddles" ahh my favorite line from that song. fuckass was singing again..but i blocked him out.

doughnut song: now i wasn't sure how i would react to this one with the band..but it was so beautiful. i loved it..i think it was one of my favorites of the whole night...i can't describe it really. it was amazing though..definately one of my favorites.

spacedog: the lights on this one rocked. was so fun. and caton was making these weird sounds on the guitar..well i think it was him..i'm not sure..but it was so cool. i loved it.

raspberry swirl: i noticed the lights a lot more tonight than i did sunday...maybe because i was closer tonight. the lights are kinda freaky...and i still think i like it live..i don't love it..but it's fun..i was smiling. but..a bunch of girls up and started dancing..and they were blocking everyone's was soo stupid..god i wanted to smack them..i mean yeah..fine..if everyone was standing..but they weren't. so that bugged least no one in front of me was standing.

Waitress: wow..i loved it just as much tonight as i did sunday. and she did this heavy breathing thing...that i think she did on swirl too...or maybe it was cocaine. i love waitress so much with the band.

1st encore (people started standing and rushing to the stage) and i had to get away from the stupid ass next to i stood in the isle..besides everyone was standing anyway. (the set list was exact..she didn't change anything..except she reversed cocaine and amsterdam)

she's your cocaine: wow. i really liked it. a lot more than swirl..this one is definately one to dance to. it was really great..and everyone was up by the was neat.

little amsterdam: same opinon as sunday..i don't like it..even though i might have liked it a little more today..i still don't like it. blah..oh well.

2nd encore

happy phantom: she did it solo. it was cute. i moved up a little more at this point..not too close because i did'nt want to be crowded and not be albe to see..besides i could see from where i was. i liked it a lot.

pandora's aquarium: omg..sooo wonderful. beautiful. paaaaandora..and usually i HATE this part..but i loved it for some reason was a lot like the album version..and the mirror balls were a lot better than having to listen to horses last. wowowow..amazing.

From Benjamin Mobley

August 5, 1998 - Let me first say that McDonald's has one too many braindead employees..never go there when you are in a hurry..and if you do, use a few choice words if needed. That aside, here goes.

We finally arrive at the oakdale and park...go in and get a program (which is really beautiful and actually impressed me). Then we find our seats. HA..they were SUCH good seats..and what made them even better for me was the fact that I didnt go through any hassle getting them. We sit down..and not even 10 minutes later..I feel this tap on my shoulder. YAY! its christina >from l.a. (ram8081 on aol) and she managed to come to the show. the coolest part is that she even managed to get the seat DIRECTLY behind me..she got it the day of. . We also got to know what the set list was prior to the none of the songs shocked me, but I was glad that I knew what to expect. Put it this way, mark is one helluva guy. =) So anyways, the devlins did nothing for me..not bad, but not good. so there.

When you read this, you are going to think the review is quite negative. Tori was PHENOMENAL. so that stated, let these simply reflect as personal opinions and views from a musician, not just another person. so that stated.. *huh huh huh let's go*

Precious Things - this was really impressive for two reasons: a) the depth of the sound in the *these precious things* section...and the little sounds that went on during the quieter sections of the song..when for instance..the guys were playing..but it was more her...the whole *peach party dress* section. Impressive.

God - kinda mundane to me...but that doesnt mean it wasnt really good. just kinda *routine* I suppose.

Playboy Mommy - now, I really didnt expect this to phase me. But I got all weepy crying. I didnt expect it.

iieee - stomach grabbing, foot stomping. After the middle piano break, she did some really good improv. The first lines were standard from other concert reviews I had read and recordings I had heard..*i know you understand, you understand the way i'm feeling.* then she threw in this *but you took it took my little girl* ouch. it was really moving.

Caught A Lite Sneeze - not particularly impressive with the band. good. but nothing like what I had imagined.

Liquid Diamonds - this really amazed me. I dont care for this song on the album...I think it sounds better either live or with no band at all. but this was REALLY really good..especially since she did the part that she does on the album at the end...the *my daddy's gone*...if you listen to that part, it might make you think lyrically of *the pool*.

Mother (solo)- she started this with a really off the wall intro I was like she knew what she was doing..and the audience (or i rather) could recognize it..but it wasnt was just sorta random. anyways..the bass on the bosey really stood out in this piano. this song is what made me realize..I am not obsessed with *her* anymore..its more with her *talent*.

Here, In My Head (solo)- this was REALLY REALLY REALLY good. she gave the middle section *hey do you know..what this is doing to me* a cool little twist. all in all it was really touching. something I noticed though..even with the solo stuff..there was no connection. the songs were executed beautifully..but the feeling just didnt seem to be there.

Doughnut Song - my favorite possibly of all tori songs..and now with the rhythm and caton's solo. really swanky bluesy and just down and out good. this was my highlight.

Space Dog - fun rhythm to move to..but it really didnt do anything for me. I dunno why.

Raspberry Swirl - now I am sorry...I have actually warmed up to this on the cd..but this just BUGGED me so much. Number one, it gave people that could NOT dance a reason to stand and block the view of the stage..number two, it gave people a reason to make things bounce that should NOT bounce, and number three, for a minute I thought I was watching a filming of a scene with the riddler from batman. the percussion should be MUCH louder on this and it should have something to it. it just felt empty.

The Waitress - monoemotional. no levels for me. It was almost as if the mindset was *I finally have a band and this is called plugged so we are going to do it loud loud loud*. I enjoyed this song, but it was a bit drawn out.

1st Encore:

She's Your Cocaine - very long intro. problems with the kurzweil it seemed, mic for her voice on the kurzweil side was WAY down level wise when she started the *and is it true* section. I was impressed to hear her nail the high notes at the end...*PLEASE dont help me with this*. good stuff.

Little Amsterdam - this song was impressive on the dew drop inn tour. now its sort of the same vein as the waitress...monoemotional. monotone. something that I cannot really put into words correctly. I actually went to the potty otherwise I wouldve burst.

2nd Encore:

Happy Phantom (solo)- when she first started this, I thought *maybe she is gonna deviate from the set list*., but i think the improv was to intentionally throw people actually made me think of *merman* for a second. strange.

Pandora's Aquarium - ahhhhh this was SOOOOO good. for many reasons obviously, the disco balls, the sound, the fact that its the first time she played it (she was gonna in springfield ma if I remember correctly but did landslide instead).

Throughout the concert, I thought her voice sounded really good considering that she is most likely still recovering from whatever illness she had. other than a great performace overall, that is it. I will report back after I see her in poughkeepsie in november (thanks christina)!!!

(formerly casperben on aol)

ps. on the way out, we heard the swirl mixes..they sounded TONS better than the original. =)

From danielle risley

August 5, 1998 - me and my friends arrived at the oakdale around 12:30 and we walked around the building until we saw alot of people. then some very nice guy came up to us 5 girls and wrote numbers on our hands. i was #20, not bad considering i was #27 when we waited for tickets. anyways so we just pretty much sat there in the hot sun and fried until like 3:00 when they set up barricades and we got (in line) against the barricades. i was rite against them. i had no clue what to expect so i just stood there. tori's blue bus arrived at 4:05. she walked around at 4:10 and i freaked out.her outfit was adorable. i loved her skirt. i took tons of pictures and she walked down the barricades and signed everything. i passed my winter single to her and she signed it :) . then she is rite in front of me and i think i am in shock because i couldnt say anything. i had so much i wanted to say but it wouldnt come out. then i looked up at her and she stared rite at me. then she said "Hi, how are you?" to me. of course i went numb. but i said fine and asked her how she was feeling. and she said "much better". i couldnt believe it. of all the people rite in front of her that were screaming at her she looked at little ole me and talked to me. so i handed her my letter and the raspbery lipgloss. and then she moved down the line and i couldnt see her. after she left as we were walking back tears started to come to my eyes.

around 6:30 we went inside and found the 2 other people who met us there. immediatly i went over and bought my tori tank top and necklace and tour book. i wish i could have bought more, there was alot of nice stuff. so we went in and found our seats. 7th row!!! the devlins were good. then at like 8:50 the curtain dropped and tori ran out. she was wering blue jeans with strappy heels, a gold glittery vest,black tubetop with off shoulder sleeves. ok heres the setlist:

#1. Precious Things- this song was awesome. it was the perfect opener. she was saying "you turned your back on me jesus" at the end.

#2. God- this song is one of my alltime fav.'s. all i can say is that it was incredible.

#3. Playboy Mommy- when i heard the first notes i went crazy. this song is so moving and so sad. i started to cry a bit. this was one of the highlites of the nite.she was gripping the microphone at the end. and there was some growling

~she introduced the band, i love matt, hes such a doll~

#4.iiiee- this song was great(im running out of adjectives). the end was awesome. i could really here the piano during this one.

#5. caught a lite sneeze- oh my god. i love this song. its my fav. off bfp. this song brought tears to my eyes, i couldnt believe she played it.i could really here the piano during this one.

#6.Liquid Running-the piano playing was superb....

~quiet time~

#7. Mother-(solo) now tori had told us during the meet&grett that she was gonna play this but i couldnt believe it. i think i sorta collapsed into my chair and closed my eyes and i was in heaven.

#8.Here in my head- now i hate to admit this but i wasnt sure what song this was. i have it at home but i hadnt listened to it in a while. but it was great non the less. the lights were all red and it looked real kewl.

~band comes back~

#9. donut song- i was not expecting her to play this so i was shocked to hear it. it was great. tori was swaying back and forth.

#10.Space Dog- this song was amazing. it sounded exactly like it does on the albulm.

#11. Raspberry Swirl- oh my god. i could not believe this song. i thought i was in a disco at first. it was so incredible. people were dancing in the aisles and some looked possesed. it was so unlike any of her other songs. i loved it.

#12. Waitress- i knew she was gong to play this... i love the new version. in the end she was saying 'something' instead of peace

~1st encore~ everyone rushes stage, i got rite against the speakers.~

#13.Shes your cocaine- everyone was dancing and swaying down next to the stage. i was crushed a few times but no harm this isnt in my opinion one of her best songs but it sounds alot better live.

#14. Little Amsterdam- i had such a horrible headache from being pressed against the speakers, by now that i cant remember this song now. i think she growled.

~2nd encore~

#15. HAPPY PHANTOM!!!- i could not believe my friends were talkin about this song before the concert but i didnt think she would play it. everyone was clapping in the beginning which was ok cept i couldnt here tori as well. but tori took little pauses and it subsided. this was the highlite of the nite.

#16. Pandora's aquarium- this was a great ending to the best nite of my life. sounds even better live. and then tori was gone

this was my first tori concert and it was exactly how i imagined it. the only disappiontment was she didnt play winter. which i requested along with alot of others at the meet&greet. but it was still the best nite of my life. also the best birthday gift ever! today(5th) is my bday. the setlist was awesome. she played all my favorites, no one could ask for more. but tori didnt talk much to the audience at all. :( i have to say that i was impressed on how well everyone behaved. it was so much more civiized then any other concert i've been too.

From Damian

August 5, 1998 - I see the Dent is already proclaiming "Pandora comes out in Wallingford to dance with the Happy Phantom!" and yeah that's just what happened. =) So here's my account.... For starters, to the fashion mavens out there I apologise, since I didn't really take notice of Tori's outfit for once (dark slacks is all I recall), especially since I was stunned with each song she unveiled tonight. It's as if she took my little mental checklist of what I've been hoping to hear, and went down the list one by one! I'm still amazed.

Both songs as rocking as always... I love how Tori "oooh-hooos" in God just about every minute. Also, I recall hearing her sing "you turned your back on me, Jeeeeeesus" in addition to the usual "you dropped that bible on me" bit, though I may be wrong.

I hadn't heard this one yet live, so this was a nice surprise early on for me. One of many to come, I was soon to learn! It was quite lovely, and though Tori seemed to slur the first two songs a bit, her vocals were clear as a bell on this girl. The synth-horns she does on the Kurzweil were pretty muffled though; in fact, I noticed whenever she played the Kurz tonight it didn't come through too well, especially noticeable on 'iieee' and 'She's Your Cocaine'. It's just as well she didn't perform 'Cruel' then....

Fierce as always. And towards the end, when Tori goes mad on the piano, I was startled to hear Tori growl "You took my little girl!" a few times among the usual "You know you don't understand" bits... sent shivers up my spine. As I've said, the Kurzweil set-up must've been off, since the effects on this song hardly came through. The backing "iieee"'s were so faint Tori gave up on them and inserted them in herself when she could.

The best I've heard it performed so far! And I've heard it twice before tonight... Tori's singing was especially powerful, and so was Matt's hypnotic drum-beat. And the piano came through loud and clear, almost making up for the harpsichord.

Very spellbinding performance. Tori's piano-playing is so incredible with this girl... excuse all my superlatives so far in this review, but this concert was, well, all that and then some.

Tori prefaced secret time as always by saying "Now it's our time together"... also, she spoke very little with the crowd tonight, and I don't remember if it was here or not, but at one point she said she was glad to back at this theatre, and, explaining that "we'd like to do this up till Christmas" invited us all back to come see her again soon. -Very- good news, since I wasn't sure if the Poughkeepsie show had just been randomly postponed to Nov. or if the second leg of the tour was going to take place around then... I'll have to start saving up.

As for the song, I just was stunned to hear the opening notes. I had never expected to hear 'Mother' live, and it was absolutely gorgeous. It made my night. I was also, dunno, proud of everyone for cheering at appropriate moments--we got to show how glad we were to hear the song but managed not to interrupt it.

Double shock... I only know this song from the LE video, but I was transported hearing it tonight. I need this on CD, goddamnit. *grin* In all secret time blew me away.

I was starting to feel weak.. as I said it was as if everything I'd been hoping to hear was being played. So how does this girl sound with the full band? I'm running out of adjectives... how about spectacular? They fade in and out of the song at different points, but what was especially great was Caton's little guitar solo in the middle, as Tori just swayed back and forth on the bench grooving to the music with the rest of us. Jon starts out with the acoustic bass, but at some point he ended up with the bass guitar again. Anyway, this version exemplifies how the band is, as someone put it, Tori times ten. Probably my favorite song of the night--who am I kidding, I wouldn't know which one to pick.

I'm afraid I went nuts once I recognised this... but this was rapidly shaping up to be my dream set-list. It's very similar to the album version, but even more so, and Caton's effects are very cool. Put me in a trance, and I was glad to hear the crowd cheer wildly for this song--they had kind of fallen catatonic during 'The Doughnut Song' and 'Here. In My Head', since these aren't favourites with the teeny-boppers. ;)

I was ready for this one, now that I'm the Plugged '98 veteran that I am ;), and pretty much knew what went where on the general setlist. I was somewhat disappointed to see that Matt didn't have his, erm, glowing antennae on tonight--they're the highlight of the song for me. Tori spent a lot of time on the "raspberryyyyy"'s toward the end. I love that sudden "swirl" loop she does at the end of this song more each time I hear it.

Still not sick of hearing this one, and that "hang ten, hang ten" part is genius. Towards the end, Tori switched over to repeating "I believe in something" rather than "peace", then finally arriving at the conclusion "I believe in her goodness"... how cool is that?? A moral lesson for us all... *grin* I don't believe I've heard her sing that before on this song, though I may be wrong.

I think the band jammed a lot longer at the beginning, and Caton just got down and dirty with his guitar, taking the spotlight for the second time. And Tori went crazy on the piano for a good minute or two before starting to sing--she -personifies- the spirit of rock'n'roll damnit! She tinkered with the Kurz a bit before settling to do the "and it is true" bridge on the piano, but, never a quitter, turned back to do the second line. But something was still screwy, and you could barely make out the synth-flute--not to mention the mike didn't pick up her vocal! She didn't come in clear until "that devils end up like you", bending her head down at a precarious angle, but no harm done. Everyone was bopping too spasmodically to notice. Incidentally, I've now heard Tori do the SYC bridge twice on piano, once on the synth, and now tonight a combo of both. Pretty interesting.

Ordinarily I'd be a little disappointed to hear this one, especially as an encore, but the setlist had been so cool up till now I wasn't going to complain. Not to mention the song was done great; at some point Tori growled into the mike and we all ate it up, cheering madly.

So Tori comes out solo for the second encore, and I was thrilled. Maybe we were getting an extra song! She played an intro for a bit that no one recognised, something along the lines of "you go and keep going", mentioning a telephone at some point. We were stumped. Then the tinkling notes of 'Happy Phantom' set in, and everyone flipped out. What a surprise! Tori was on high energy and it showed with this song... the audience clapped along (I was guilty of it too for the first verse), and so of course she paused dramatically at points and made it tough for everyone to keep up, like a pro, so the clapping died down except for a few stubborn souls. In any case you couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face throughout.

My heart couldn't handle any more shocks tonight, especially one like this... so finally this girl was ready to come out and play! And it was just exquisite. Essentially it's very close to the album version, and maybe I'm hyper-critical but the transitions for Tori's solo playing on "she dives for shells" to the "line me up in single file" chorus with the band was kinda shaky, but in all it was an incredible way to end the show. Everyone was singing it on the way out. Expect this to take turns with 'Horses' as a closer. I wonder when 'Hotel' will show her face....? I'm hoping to be there to see it.

From Tony Loconte

August 5, 1998 - If I told you that Tori Amos would not play Spark, Jackie's Strength, Black Dove or her "trademark" Cornflake Girl at a concert on this tour, you'd probably say it wasn't one of her better efforts, right? Well, let me just say this...if I die today, I'll be a HAPPY PHANTOM!!! I never thought I'd get to hear Tori play that one live...I mean, how often does that one pop up these days? Being the first to hear Pandora's Aquarium was beautiful, too. What a second encore. Space Dog, Raspberry Swirl (welcome to the Tori DanceFest) and The Waitress particularly rocked, and it was nice to hear Here. In My Head, Mother, Doughnut Song, God, and Playboy Mommy too. If she comes back this way again in the fall, I'm definitely going to see her again. Heck, I might even consider driving to Poughkeepsie! These small venue concerts are tough to top.

Going in, I was hoping to hear "Spark," "Crucify," and "Pretty Good Year." (figured the former was a lock.) Was happy to trade those for that "Happy Phantom" sing-along I had with my friends. I thought she did a good job with "iieee," which was different than it is on the had an added section. The crowd was dancing in the aisles at "Swirl," something I never thought I'd see at a Tori concert. The upbeat ending to the main set really got the crowd energized...I thought this show was better than the one I saw her play in New Haven in 1996 (although I liked that one, too.) I did like the light friends all commented on how impressed they were with the lighting (and they hadn't seen Tori before, nor had they been tipped off to look for it.) What a great show Tori put on for a bunch of people from Connecticut that she doesn't even know!

From Jackie Quinn

August 5, 1998 - Hey, my sister and I went to the show in Wallingford tonight. It was amazing and she was exquisitly delicious. It was great how Tori did so many old songs -- they all blended in quite uniquely. I cried during most of it but when she started Mother--that was it for me, I was sinking in my own pool of tears. Happy Phantom was so great -- everyone stood up and clapped and sang along -- there was such a great feeling amongst everyone. I was a little upset that seh didnt do Jackies Strength since -- thats my song -- but she did a lot of other stuff that I did not expect so it was all beautiful. :*D .... and if i died today i'll be the happy phantom ...

From Phil (posted to precious-things mailing list)

August 5, 1998 - Unfortunately, i have NO recollection of the setlist, but i think maybe i'll share my experiences here, maybe some of you can relate, maybe some of the newer fans will just hate me but...

The first time i saw Tori play was on the LE tour, at The Orpheum Theatre in Boston, i remember her coming on stage and sitting, waiting for silence from the audience, and we respected that..and she repeated that before every song..absolute silence. Anyways, i remember hearing the first 8 or 10 notes of each song, and chills running down my spine. When she played Winter, it was like my mother had died just then, i got all choked up, and i'm NOT an emotional person, but she really had that effect on me. It was intimate, she made us laugh, she joked between songs, told little stories, it was an extremely personal show, nevermind the fact that when she sang Me and a Gun, you could have heard a feather drop on the other side of the concert hall...

I just got home from the Wallingford CT show..and i was terribly dissappointed to say the least, sure maybe i miss "the girl and the piano" but the experience wasn't the same. With fans screaming and yelling in the middle of songs (I DESPISE that) and her playing from one song, right into another, no intimacy, it was lost. I should say, that i don't dislike the way she sounds with the band, in fact Precious Things was incredible with them, and i don't dislike the new album either. But the experience wasn't the same. It was completely material, like watching her on television and such. Sadly to say, this was the smallest venue on this tour i beleive, and thats really a shame. But anyways, thats just my 2 cents. I still love her music, and what she has to say, but i don't like the experience of watching and hearing her play anymore :(

People say that musicians change, and evolve and whatnot, and sure, i agree with that, but i miss the girl that used to give me chills, and make me want to cry with 8 notes and one line into a song...

From babcock2

August 5, 1998 - Just returned from my third Tori show of the tour and have to say that over the last two shows, I was able to hear almost the entire FCGH album in her set. Tori was great tonight as usual and her choices for the set were very interesting. More telling than anything else were the songs not played tonight: Spark, Cruel, Jackie's Strength, Black Dove and Cornflake Girl weren't played. iiee, She's your Cocaine and Pandora's Aquarium found their way either back into the set or for the first time (P.A.) and Tori did a wonderful rendition of Mother during private time.

Tori has taken to adding another solo song into the encores as well. She probably has noticed that the audience seems to respond most positively to the solo songs. The band has added quite a bit to this tour ( especially to the Waitress), but I would not be at all surprised to see Tori go unplugged again the next time around. I'm surely not the only fan who would welcome this. Two songs in P.T. leave you longing for more.

Well that looks like it for me on this tour. I was able to enjoy Tori both on the European and American leg of the tour and thought it was one of the best shows I've ever seen. I guess, I won't be seeing Icicle live as I had hoped, but Marianne and Mother were two that I was hoping to hear and at least I got those.

I'm already looking forward to the next tour and maybe I'll find the time to see Tori again on this one. I'll definitely be following the tour on the Dent.

From Alex

August 5, 1998 - This is the setlist for Wallingford, CT, August 4th. Tori was wonderful tonight. She was wearing a beige sparkly apron like thing over navy (black?) pants and a navy (black?) shirt that came off her shoulders. The Devlins were very good as always.


Precious Things (during "With their nine inch nails..."' she slid her hands up the insides of her thighs to her crotch)

God (adding, "You dropped that bible on me, sweet Jesus-you'll do it again")

:::At this point she does a little hand dance while sitting at the Bosey:::

Playboy Mommy

:::Another little hand dance:::


Caught a Lite Sneeze

Liquid Diamonds

:::Secret (I think she said "Private" though) Time:::

(Solo, the band leaves)


Here in My Head

(The band comes back)

Space Dog

Rasberry Swirl (with lots of colored lights)

The Waitress (very long, and dramatic, with bright white flashing lights)

1st Encore

She's Your Cocain

Little Amsterdam (She aded a little trill somewhere in the middle of the song)

2nd Encore

Happy Phantom

Pandora (The disco balls came on at this point)

Over all, this show kicked ass, and as my friend Amy put it, "Put the Madison Square Garden show to shame".

Anyway, I was very happy that she played Here In MyHead. Anyway, I hope someone made a boot of this concert, even though there was no Landslide.

From Matt Page & Richard Handal

August 5, 1998 - Matt & Richard told me a little about the show over the phone. Richard said that Tori took the stage at 8:52 and the show ended at 10:30. The main set ended at 10:08PM. Matt said that the set list followed the official written set list exactly, except that the written set list had the 2 songs of the first encore reversed. "Pandora's Aquarium" was described as absolutely incredible and was the first time during this tour that this girl has made an appearance!

From Rob

August 5, 1998 - hey i just got back from the wallingford show and it was pretty good.

the crowd seemed a lot different than the earlier shows, it was hardly ever totally quiet even during the solo songs...i got a pretty decent bootleg tho'.

From Marie Conigliaro

August 5, 1998 - as always she looked beautiful...the band was great (better than i expected). i got her was the best night ive had in sooo long. i wish i could have told her that, but she had to go. =( Happy phantom was also played solo.

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