North American Plugged '98 Tour
Boston, MA
August 1, 1998

Updated November 15, 1998

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Tori performed in Boston, MA on August 1, 1998 at the Fleet Center during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Winter and Cooling solo. Many thanks to Andrea Cleaver for calling me first from Boston right after the show with this set list. EWF Dana was the first to email me the set list.

Precious Things
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Jackie's Strength
Cornflake Girl
Winter (solo)
Cooling (solo)
Putting The Damage On
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine

2nd Encore:


The most recently added reviews are first.

From Nikita

November 15, 1998 - I was going through old reviews when I read the post from "Nicole" on September 16, 1998. I am not trying to start a flame war or anything but I wanted to respond to the post. In her post she said that I had been wrong about what she had said at the post-show meet-and-greet. Maybe I was too harsh in saying that she had used a rude tone of voice, but I believe that the content of what I wrote is correct, and other people I was with remember this also.

I dislike the term "Tori snob." I don't proclaim to know everything about Tori, but I read on the Dent that Tori had not been feeling well around the time of the Boston show. I think that it's great there are so many people who love Tori out there and agree that we get excited when she comes out to see us after a show. I'm sad to see the Plugged tour end :-(

From NiCoLe

September 16, 1998 - I just happened to be going through your site and saw that you had reviews on the Tori concert in Boston, MA at the Fleetcenter...anyways I was going through them and happened to find some information that was incorrect...."One girl was sort of taunting Tori for only staying near the front of the barricade, saying in a *rude* tone of voice "Hey, Tori, what about us back here? Give us a Break Tori," or something along those lines. I didn't think that was very considerate, especially since Tori wasn't feeling very well." by some girl named Nikita. Well guess what "that girl" was me...and what I exactly said was "Tori, we love you back here..come back here!"....and it wasn't in a rude tone of voice either....believe me I love Tori just as much as anyone else there, if not more....I am so sick of people at Tori concerts acting like such Tori snobs, constantly judging other people and think they know what they are talking about...come on now I think we should all get over it...and be happy that we all have something in comman...we all love tori!!

From Holly

August 25, 1998 - mmkay...well we didn't get in at the right time...almost an hour late and I was like "what the heck are these fleetcenter people doing my god it's taking forever!"

and so when we could finally get in I was so relieved

the ticket guy said they almost had a walk out because she took so long... he was just being a real jerk...made me feel bad that I was upset about the show taking too long to start...

I'm sure you already heard about this but I thought I'd tell you again just in case

I didn't enjoy the show as much as the one in minneapolis because there were some really rude people that just ruined things... but all in all I liked it's tori! *smile*

well have a good day

From Steve Sarro (posted to the newsgroup)

August 6, 1998 - Okay, I just got back from the Boston Fleet Center show, and it was such a great concert! Maybe because I was with really cool people :). My friend and I had balcony seats, but we accidentally sat down in the wrong section next to these 2 really cool girls who were seated right next to the stairs, and we started talking and were really having fun but then the person who had the tickets for the seats we were in came and then we realized that we were in the wrong section so we ran over to our correct seats, but that section was just no fun because when Tori came on and started playing, not one person in the whole section got up and danced. And meanwhile the two girls we were sitting next to and everyone around them were all up dancing and singing along and really enjoying themselves. So eventually my friend and I decided to just go sit on the steps next to them and enjoy ourselves :). And the security guys didn't even make us move :-D! But anyway, to get to Tori, she was fantastic! Here is the setlist (I don't really remember a lot of it clearly, so I might mess up the order in some parts):

- Precious Things (LOVED IT :)!!! my favorite Tori song... and when she sang "so you can make me cum, that doesn't make you Jesus!", the crowd went totally wild screaming :)... that has to be my favorite line from any of Tori's songs :))

- Cruel

- Caught A Lite Sneeze (!) (I read somewhere online that she had only performed this at 2 other concerts, so I felt a little special that she performed it tonight :)... and if I'm wrong please don't correct me because all you'd be doing is taking away that special feeling, and it wouldn't really make the world an all that better place ;))

- Jackie's Strength (I really think she should have saved this for the final encore, that is unless she had decided to perform Playboy Mommy as the last song but I'll get to that later... anyway Jackie's Strength was so beautiful, so much prettier than on the Letterman performance (plus she didn't cut out the whole second verse)... I got all emotional during it :)... oh and when she was introducing it, she said something like when she wrote it she thought she was going to shit her pants on her wedding day or something? I know it should have occured to me sooner that this song was probably about her wedding and her pre-marital jitters... but for some reason it didn't.)

- God (okay, before the show started one of the girls we were talking to told me that she had gone to one other Tori performance (I don't know when) and that she had heard from lots of people that Tori never performs anything from Under The Pink in concert... I couldn't really argue because this was my first concert and I haven't seen setlists from previous tours, but I figured she MUST perform SOME UTP material... well anyway when this started I looked over to them and both of them were going wild and seeing other people that happy always makes me really happy :) so I enjoyed this song... and this is when me and my friend ran back to the other section and started REALLY enjoying the concert)

- Cornflake Girl (1 song from UTP had made these girls really happy, so at this point they were dancing like baptists who had just caught a spirit... and the rest of the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves as well :)... I certainly was)

- okay I think it was Winter... well anyway it was very beautiful and everybody was singing along and I got all emotional again...

- Cooling (another emotional song)

- Putting The Damage On (I was surprised to hear this one, I wasn't aware that she performed this one in concert... but then again, I haven't really been keeping track of the various set lists for this tour, so I don't really know what I'm talking about... anyway, yet another emotional song, and at this point I was really enjoying my little mellow mood and hoping that she'd just play pretty little songs like this all night long and forever... of course that changed when the next song started :)...)

- now what was the next song... it was a fast one... maybe Waitress? Well, we'll just go with Waitress, and if I'm wrong I'm sorry... well anyway this REALLY rocked, and everybody was screaming "I BELIEVE IN PEACE, BITCH!"... I actually think there was another song before this, but I forget.

- alright, forget about the order, I'm just going to try to type the ones I can remember... somewhere in there she did Rasperry Swirl, Spark, oh my god I can't even remember any of the others before the encore... maybe that was it? Oh well, now for the encores...

Encore 1:

She's Your Cocaine

Encore 2:


And NO PLAYBOY MOMMY :(!!!! I was SOOO looking forward to ending the night with my absolute favorite Tori slow song, the one that always gets me choked up :(... but oh well, the concert still rocked :). I really wish she had done Crucify :(... but the concert still nonetheless kicked ass :). By the way, Tori has a really big piano! I guess I don't have a lot of experiance with REAL grand pianos... just cute little baby grands :). Well, I can't really think of anything else to say (words escape me right now). If you have a ticket for an upcoming show, well, good for you :). You'll get your money's worth. If you don't... well, I really feel bad for you... but oh well, I'm sure Tori will tour again, and maybe then you'll have learned something from this little experiance and will know to get a ticket! Okay, that's all for now...

From Mike (posted to the newsgroup)

August 6, 1998 - I thought that Tori's performance on Saturday night was really good. I was really surprised at the amount of noise that she and the band made. (Has anyone else heard this at another show, or was the sound just bad in Boston?) I can't believe she opened with "Precious Things"! As my favorite Tori song ever, it was a real treat when the drums started, and no one really knew what was going on, and then She came out and started playing the intro. I loved it. I also really liked "Horses" at the end (the disco balls added a really neat effect). Anyways, before I continue on with my mindless babblings, I would like to excuse myself by saying that I did just get back from it, and, as my first concert, it was more fun than I had dreamed. I think most of you can relate, and forgive my ranting. Anyways, until next time...

From Sarah

August 5, 1998 - I know you have a ton o' reviews already, but I just wanted to say that Jon Evans does not play the cello; he plays the bass. Granted, it's an upright bass, but it's still a bass.

That said, Tori blew me away, as usual. Although I prayed all day that she would play Black Dove(January), she didn't, But I got to here Cooling, which was almost as good. It felt so special to have her play that here, especially since she chose to play Merman at the Avalon in April.

While the show was, of course, amazing, I'm having doubts as to whether I would go see Tori in a large arena again. It just felt so impersonal (although I cried like a baby during Winter), and all the smoking, screaming morons around me didn't help either. It's no way to experience the Divine Miss T.

From Lisa Street

August 5, 1998 - it took me a little while to find the meet and greet spot, but when i finally did, and they let us go to the barricade, i was in the second row. the bus pulled up, the band hurried inside, and tori began to give hugs and autographs. since it had been almost two years since i've been at a meet and greet i had totally thought of nothing to say. when she got over to me i handed her a letter and said hi. i asked her if she remembered 'the mary girl' (she started calling me that becausei requested it so much) and she said 'oh yes, hi mary!' and i said 'well, my name is lisa, but...' and she said 'i know, but you always ask for that', i smiled and then she said 'will you be with us until richmond?' i just nodded. i was so amazed that she remembered i was from richmond. things calmed down and eventually we went into the venue. the fleet center is rather huge, though the accoustics were nice, and she rocked out. you could tell she was trying to save her voice before at the meet and greet because she only wispered and had to get joel to relay a message to a girl near the back, though she didn't sound too strained during the show. and Cooling, cooling was so nice to hear. i was just so happy to be back and to see so many familiar faces (carolyn who remembered my flying duckface from boulder, matt, marla...) and new faces too (the guys from europe...) that nothing could have ruined that night. and perhaps the large venue made it difficult to have a personal experience, but it was still tori, it was all tori.

From The Boston Globe newspaper

August 3, 1998 - John Mullaney sent me a review of Tori's Boston show that appeared in the August 3, 1998 edition of the Boston Globe newspaper.

You can read the review below or you may still be able to read it online.


True to form, Amos handles arena rock with aplomb

By Steve Morse, Globe Staff, 08/03/98

Headliners who play piano, as opposed to guitar, don't commonly make it to the arenas. You can name Elton John and Billy Joel, but they're from a previous generation. As for newcomers, there are piano-based acts doing well - consider Fiona Apple and Ben Folds - but they're not yet there. So it's an enormous achievement for Tori Amos to make the full jump to arena status.

Drawing upon an engaging palette of skills, Amos knocked out a crowd of 10,000-plus fervent worshipers at the FleetCenter on Saturday. The mostly female crowd went bonkers over her double-fisted attack on her Bosendorfer piano (she also switched to a Kurzweil synthesizer for hypnotic colors) and a much heavier show (amp-wise and energy-wise) than she played in her solo days.

Indeed, it's only been six years since Amos - a Washington, D.C.-bred minister's daughter who traffics in confessional songs and otherworldly, art-rock soundscapes - made her local debut at the now-defunct Nightstage club in Cambridge. At that time, she sinuously wrapped herself around her piano as though making love to it (she's less demonstrative about that now). Despite obvious talent, she seemed too eccentric for the mainstream.

Since then, the mainstream has widened to accept many artists of unusual tastes and idiosyncrasies, of which Amos is one. She's never had a big hit song, but her consistent touring - and the word-of-mouth raves of fans - has enabled her to draw bona fide, arena-sized crowds.

Amos succeeded Saturday with an all-out rock 'n' roll band (steadied by drummer Matt Chamerlain, who has played with Pearl Jam) that brought out the edgier side of her music. This is the first band she has toured with (and was the same crew that backed her at a dramatic, sold-out show at Avalon in April).

The three backup musicians, including guitarist Steve Caton and bassist Jon Evans, didn't have an easy job following Amos's startling tempo shifts and octave-leaping piano chords. But they were fearless, which also describes their bandleader, who was decked out in a flashy blue-sequined apron. The flash was matched by her classically trained pianistics and awe-inducing vocal flights, building to ecstatic chant/wails that had the FleetCenter crowd in a state of psychic intoxication.

Amos, running onto the stage at first (and running on and off during encores), started this energy fest with ''Precious Things'' and ''Cruel'' (with the candid line ''I can be cruel, I don't know why''). She borrowed the arena tactics of dry-ice smoke bombs, high-tech computer lights, and disco mirror balls, but never as a substitute for the music. She shared her vulnerability in ''Jackie's Strength'' (about praying for Jackie O's strength), but showed her own strength just about everywhere else. She took an express-train piano solo on ''Cornflake Girl,'' paused for a few solo numbers (spiced by ''Winter''), then hit torrid ensemble peaks on ''Raspberry Swirl'' and ''Waitress,'' before hitting hard on encores ''She's Your Cocaine'' and ''Horses.''

Amos didn't use any video screens (unlike most arena shows), but didn't need them either. She was a power generator of light tucked into one tiny, undulating body at the piano, totally enmeshed in her music. Amos had a great opening act in the Devlins, a Dublin-based band that played chiming, U2-touchstone rock with grace and character.

This story ran on page C06 of the Boston Globe on 08/03/98.

Copyright 1998 Globe Newspaper Company.

From The Boston Herald

August 3, 1998 - jerel novick sent me a review of this show that appeared in the August 3, 1998 edition of the Boston Herald. You can read the review below or it may still be accessible online.

Tori Amos lights Spark with Boston audience



In what has become the most pleasant of turnarounds for a performer, solo piano woman Tori Amos has hit the road with a band, and, simply put, she rocks.

Saturday night at the Fleet Center, her first tour of such big venues, Amos brought "Plugged '98" to 12,000 adoring fans, all mesmerized by her newly mammoth sound.

The voluminous, heavily percussive quality of the 100-minute set -- generated expertly by bassist Jon Evans, guitarist Steve Caton and drummer Matt Chamberlain -- was similar to the "sneak preview" show she brought to Avalon in May. At the Fleet show, however, Amos backed off emphasizing her latest album "from the choirgirl hotel" in favor of material from all four of her platinum releases.

Beginning with a stunning "Precious Things," with its signature high-pitched, escalating piano trills and Amos' Robert Plant-inspired wails, Amos wisely emphasized Chamberlain's huge, tom-tom sound, his pounding emulating a panic-stricken, quickening pulse.

Caton's delicious fuzz guitar was clearly separated from Amos' own warped tinklings on "Cruel." A grandiose resonance was heard in Amos' low-end left-hand work on "Caught a Lite Sneeze" and there was nary a hint of distortion on Evans' bowed bass on the richly melodic pop ballad "Jackie's Strength."

This newly minted band sound seems to rein in, or at least cover up, some of the famously melodramatic Amos moves of old: loud gasps of breath, sticky lip noises and girly vocalizing. On songs like the provocatively funky "God" and the flighty "Cornflake Girl," the flame-haired singer's soprano was clear, swooping from angelic highs to guttural lows.

The balance of the show ricocheted from slowly building ballads like the obtuse "Putting the Damage On," the ambient waltz of "Spark," the manic techno workout of "Raspberry Swirl," with Chamberlain playing what looked like an oil drum, and crowd favorite "The Waitress."

The jagged edges were brought out for encores of the pointed "She's Your Cocaine" and the tremolo-laced "iieee" and the bizarrely histrionic closer "Horses."

Amos kept her onstage patter to a minimum, stopping only to comment on her recent marriage and to thank the crowd, who enthusiastically cheered her new direction.

From kevin/Lightning sEed

August 3, 1998 - Tonights show was just indescribible. I still can't believe that i actually SAW tori. this was my first show- and I don't know how she could be better. here's what happened.

Me and 7 of my fellow plymouth-nh-ians piled into our cars at 3:30 and made it to boston at about 5:45.

If anyone saw me- I was the kid with the binoculars and get well sign.

other than the incredible number of teenaged girls with fake red hair- i was suprised by how cold and snobby a lot of people were- like a LOT of people. As for the nice people (the girl who used my binoculars during Cocaine, the concerned toriphiles, the Gilford-ians, and the dancers in front of me) thanks for not being stupid.


THE DEVLINS- I don't really go for the guitar pop stuff, but i thought theywere really good for that genre. of course I was really anxious for tori.


I was hoping so much to hear this song. it was just full of toriness- the arrrrrrrrr's, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrls, and kind of frantic verse after the facist panties part were especially great. I had heard about how great the lights were- and they were. PT was swirling white and blue, mostly


i'm not a fan of cruel particularly, but this was of course reely good. I didn't think it was a stand out song for the night but the band/tori interaction, C-c-cock, and Sh-sh-shock were really cool.


I was in denial at the begining of this- i couldn't believe she was doing the song that made me love her. it was all a blur, but the whole thing was on the bosey, which I thought souded great. I've heard this song so many different ways, but this was still different. the mr. st. john and bring your son lyrics seemed to overlap and reverse which I thought was cool, but any more detail i cant remember

(Tori introduces the band and talks about how she wrote jackie's strength on her wedding day, when she was ready to shit her pants.)

*Jackie's Strength*

The lights were golds and oranges and shone down diagonally on tori, making her look like and angel. the song was beatiful- she used like a echo effect on the "make me laugh"s "say you know"s and ect. nothing else stuck out in my memory.


By now I was in siezure. PT, CALS, and then God was too much. these are the songs i never thought i'd hear together with the band. the intro was cool, with the piano and guitar effects, and the OOH-OO-Oo's were replaced with these soaring solitary oooOOOO!!!s which i adored. the "jesus, you dropped the book on me" verse was here tonight, but different than I expected it to be. it was slowish and soprano.


At first there was a slow piano/solo tori opening verse I thought may be a new song, but then you could hear the lyrics of "you bet your life it is" and others. the guitars started and tori leaped into the 1st verse. there was no dance, but the song was phenominal. lights were purple and yellow, from all angles. It sounded a lot like the vesion from the NY NY RAINN show last January, with the liquid diamond-esque "Oh my darling I know that youre with me..." part. the piano solo was intense, this is the best that ive ever heard Cornflake Girl.

* * SpEcIaL tImE * *


Tori said she got a lot of requests for this song. it was perfect. I thought it was a lot like the album but more free, and with more piano. theres not a lot to say. I especially liked the "myyyyyyy dears."


I felt so honored to hear this live. i actually don't remember it a lot because i had finally sit down, and just wanted to take the song in. it was great- really full of emotion and voice. I was really happy with special time.

*Putting the Damage On*

Like Jackies strength, there was a cello for damage. I cant remember much, but it sounded a lot like the twilight mix, just with less drums.


This was so wierd for me. I always liked spark but not especially. Seeing it live was just incredible. the emotion was oozing and by the last "say you don't want it" after the fates-ballerinas part- i had tears in my eyes.


Even if you hate this song, you'll love it live (it's not one of my favorites). every thing good about the song jumps out. there was this driving low piano part at the begining and the "Let's go"s were so cool. all 19,000ish of us were throbbing with the beat and most were flipping out. green and pink lights were flying everywhere and these big red lights pulsed with the beat. This was so so so great.


This was mindblowing. It was so good. you'll see it at your show, and I'll talk about it for 3 pages, so just wait for yourself. The "I'll blow the roof off" lines were incredible, and the energy exploded as the "I believe in peace"s began- every light on stage surged as bright as they could. This song was completely perfect. The end was this unworldly heavy, toned sighing-breathing that faded out the song


*She's Your Cocaine*

I dont have memory of this song except for the incredible crowd response and the sha-sha-sha-sha-sha -shaw- 's replacing the end.


This version of iieee was a lot like the version that was on the album network just before the release of choirgirl- it had the piano solo, and the "i know you understand, you understand the rain(?)" parts. there were red, blue, green, and yellow lights taking angles, and always changing. The song was long and really good.



I had a feeling that this song would be horses by all the hype of the new version, but without that, I never would have known. wow. it was great. the disco balls were flying and the atmosphere was perfect. I loved the new version, but sadly enough cant remember any of it. It was spectuacular though (sorry).

This was an intense concert, it was everything I thought it would be. Tori is so beautiful and good. I cant imagine waiting another 2 or 3 years to see another show, but my car-less self will probably have to.

From Nikita

August 3, 1998 - It's Sunday afternoon and I am finally recovered from my big night last night, which included a few too many strawberry margaritas!! Anyway, I wanted to send you my thoughts on last night's Boston concert.

This was my 3rd Tori concert, and it rocked! It was very different from previous concerts I'd been to, mainly because of the sheer size of the Fleet Center. I feel that some of the intimacy was lost, but overall I was really impressed with the combination of Tori, Bosie, and the band. Tori didn't talk very much during the show, probably because of her throat - it sounded like it hurt her to talk. In fact, when she was signing autographs after the show, she didn't speak - she just kind of mouthed words to people. She is obviously saving her voice for her show in Springfield tonight. I was very grateful that she did come out to see us EWF after the show - she really looked very tired. She was basically going down the line and signing things with just her name - I think she just wanted to get on that bus. Her b-guard (I think his name is Joel?) seemed to be rushing her along too. I was so awed by the beauty of her presence that I couldn't really think of what to say to her. She was still wearing her concert outfit, including her blue sparkly apron.

I got really annoyed with some of the EWF who were further back in the crowd behind the barricade. One girl was sort of taunting Tori for only staying near the front of the barricade, saying in a *rude* tone of voice "Hey, Tori, what about us back here? Give us a break Tori," or something along those lines. I didn't think that was very considerate, especially since Tori wasn't feeling well.

I thought the crowd at the show was very enthusiastic - lots of people were dancing, and from where I was, I didn't hear anyone yelling out things to Tori in the middle of songs. I know you already have the set list. The highlights of the evening for me were "Precious Things," which was really powerful with the band; "Jackie's Strength," which broke my heart; "Cornflake Girl," with a fabulous new intro; "Winter," which made me cry buckets because it was so moving. It also reminded me of my father, who was murdered last June. "Spark" was great - the crowd went bonkers for this one; and "Raspberry Swirl," which had a really fun light show of alternating pink and green lights - maybe Tori should do a techno album next?? I liked "iieee" best out of the 3 encore songs. I didn't really like the way she did "Horses." I couldn't really make out all of the words. It sounded much prettier the way she did it on her last tour, preceded directly by "Beauty Queen." The one song I wish that she had really done is "Hey Jupiter," which is my favorite Tori song.

Overall it was a great show! I wish I could go to the Springfield show tonight. :-(

From Alison Rosen

August 3, 1998 - I went to the Boston show last night, and I won't go into a lot of detail due to the fact that that has been done already! I had about the equivalent of 12th row seats on the floor--the most amazing view I have ever had at a Tori concert! this was my third show, and I must say it was truly incredible. I am one for the band thing-- I really enjoy tori when she's rockin' away up there. I wanted to write and emphasize how amazing Precious Things was. For me, this was the highlight of the night, although it was right at the beginning of the show! The lights, the music, the crowd, and Tori were all so overwhelmingly powerful. I can't even put into words the effect this had on me. tori did seem like she was not as energetic as I have seen in the past. I know she's been ill, and when I was able to speak with her (ever so briefly) before the show she said her throat was bothering her. She did an excellent job despite her throat, though! The show was truly amazing with the band. I'm glad that she does do at least 2 songs without the band to keep some of the intimacy there. I look forward to seeing Tori again in this new type of show!

From Anthony Baldman

August 3, 1998 - Overall I thought Tori's performance was supreme, but it just doesn't compare to her act that night at Avalon back in April. The Fleet Center is just too big of a place for a Tori show. It didn't have an intimate feel. I was impressed with "Precious Things", however. It had such an intense feel. Also, hearing "Cooling" live was a treat. Before the concert it wasn't really a favorite song of mine, but I have grown to appreciate it.

I was surprised at how many disrespectful people there were at the show. I sat in the center floor section and there were people a couple of rows in front of us who were getting drunk and constantly talking during her songs. They got up and went to the bathroom a bunch of times, even during "Putting the Damage On".

As a true Tori fan I doubt anyone would have committed such behavior. These people acted like it was a bar, not a Tori concert. They had no decency for the real fans. Needless to say they put a damper on my night as well as the other true Tori fans around us.

From Matt Page

August 2, 1998 - Matt called me on the phone from Boston to make sure I had the set list. On the written set list, they had "Tear In Your Hand" listed instead of "iieee". It said on the written/official set list that the bubbles were to be used for Tear. Since Tear was not performed, that likely explains why the bubbles were not used! Matt also told me they had 2 songs planned for the second encore. "Tori's Choice" and "Horses." Tori decided to just sing "Horses".

From Jessica Sledge

August 2, 1998 - I just got home from the concert.... very happy, i got the program signed! The show was the best i have ever seen... here is the set list

(Set list is listed at the top of this page.)

From Marisa

August 2, 1998 - Just got back from the Boston show. It was soooooooo amazing. The audience was very ..... um.....very interesting to say the least. But the set the energy, the totalness of it all was just incredible.

The set list contained these songs (not in this order): Precious Things, Cooling, Caught a Lite Sneeze, Spark, She's Your Cocaine, The Waitress, Horses, Cruel, Winter, The Doughnut Song, Jackie's Strength, Raspberry Swirl, Cornflake Girl, and God.

There were two setbacks. One, because I am short anyways, it didn't help to have Floor SEATS! No one on the Floor sat down. You couldn't see ANYTHING at all; if you were short or standing in an aisle.

THE SECOND and WORST!!!!!!!! was the ANNOYING AND RUDE Preppy High School senior boys sitting directly behind us. They yelled while she was tring to talk to the audience, which made it impossible for me to hear what she said. They yelled out the Tori was a bitch. That they couldn't wait til the show was over so that they could go to bed. And other such childish things.

I so badly wanted to beat the hell out of them, but I kept my cool.

Other than that, The show was amazing. I loved it. And it felt so nice to give her a hug again and just have her talk to me. =) Butterflies once again.

From Nick Raafe

August 2, 1998 - It's about half-past midnight and I just returned from Tori's incredible show at the Fleet Center in Boston. This was only my second time seeing Tori perform live. My first experience was in September 1996 during her Dew Drop Inn Tour. I admired that show for its startling intimacy and for the chilling bond between Tori and piano and audience. When I had heard that Tori would be supporting "From the Choirgirl Hotel" with a live band on the road I was disappointed at what would surely be the loss of the intimacy that was such an integral part of what made her live performance stick for me. Even when I heard the initial positive reviews of the band-supported tour, I was still skeptical. Now I have no doubts. This concert rocked!!

If there's one song in Tori's entire catalog that *needed* to be carried over on this tour with a band -- it's this one. It was a perfect opening song. Passionate, dramatic and fiery!

This song slithers like a snake. It ends with a series of soprano wails not found on the record version. It was incredible!

Tori said "hello" to the audience before playing this song and asked how everybody was doing. She told us how happy she is to be in Boston and then kicked in to a highly-charged version of this "Pele" classic.

Tori began by telling the audience: "Getting married is a pretty scary thing. I did it myself earlier this year and it was something I never thought would happen for me. I was so scared I thought I was gonna shit my pants." This song was absolutely incredible! When John Evans traded his bass for a cello, it added such a poignant effect to the song.

What can I say: passionate as always. I especially love the new "You dropped your Bible on me, Jesus" verses at the end.

She began this song with an interesting, slow intro where she repeated "You bet your life she is" and other words I couldn't decipher. This was one of the most energetic performances of the evening.

The band members leave the stage and Tori tells us it's time for us to be alone. She says "I get a lot of requests for this time" and she pours out a breathtaking version of this "Little Earthquakes" classic.

This was the highlight of the evening for me. It is my favorite Tori B-side ever and I never thought in a million years I'd be lucky enough to hear it performed live. It's a song that I have a special personal attachment to. Rather than begin the song as she does on the recorded version (by jumping into the first verse "Maybe I didn't like to hear...") Tori began on the piano, playing the haunting and captivating riff that appears just before the song's bridge and chorus. I almost died of a heart attack when I heard those chords. I had to sit a minute and process it. In my opinion, this song may have been the evening's best vocal performance for her.

The Twilight Mix to the second power! The band's addition on this track gives it a slinky, nightclub feel.

To be honest, I didn't even recognize this song when they started playing it. The crowd went wild and I'm sitting there going "What song is this? Why don't I recognize it?" =) It was high-octane energy, all the way!

The lighting guys really went nuts with this song as did Tori who played her piano and Kurtzweil at the same time and boogied along. Everyone was cheering and dancing all the way through.

A typically-gutsy rendition of this classic Tori track. The band brings an all-new brutality to her live performance. Included ad-libbing towards the end and a new intro. She also ended with some heavy-breathing hyperventilation action!!

This one simply swings. I had a great time hearing this.

Although Tori has been sick lately, it surely hasn't affected her ability to hit the high notes which she illustrated wonderfully with this song.

When she started playing this on the Kurtzweil, I was sure it was "Purple People" because it sounded so similar. To be honest, this was probably my least-favorite song of the night. I would have preferred "Tear In Your Hand" or even better -- a solo rendition of "Flying Dutchman." (YEAH I WISH!)

All in all, it was a concert I'll never forget. Thanks Tori for putting so much time and energy into your shows. Your fans appreciate it completely!

During "Raspberry Swirl" Matt Chamberlain put on what looked like a pair of glow-in-the-dark devil horns on his head. They actually fell off as he was playing really fast on a second set of drums.

Nick later added the following comments to his review:

When she sang "The Waitress" Tori did not sing all three verses on the album -- only two. She sang the first verse and then melded together verses two and three.

During "Cooling" I noticed a slight lyric change where she sang "Is your *faith* in heaven worth giving up these kisses"

During "Iieee" there was a new verse at the end.

From Megan

August 2, 1998 - I just got back from the Boston show and it was great! I see you already have a set list so I won't send you another :o)

Well, I showed up at about 4:30 and I saw the barricades set up and there were a bunch of EWF hanging about. So I hung around there for about an hour and nothing happened so I went in. Did Tori ever show up, Bostonians?? Anyway, The Devlins were good but I felt sorta anxious to see Tori the whole time they were playing. Finally Tori came out! She was wearing the sparkly thing and her hair was tied back in a ponytail. I was way up in the balcony so I didn't have the greatest of view...but this guy let me use his binoculars for a sec so I could see up close. When she started with Precious Things, I started crying a bit, thinking of how this person that I absolutely idolize is live, in front of me. And this wasn't my first Tori experience, either. Precious really sounded great with the band! After that, she played Cruel and CALS which were also awesome. This was around the point she introduced the boys. Before Jackie's Strength, she talked a bit about how she didn't know that it would turn out to be such a great song and then she mentioned something about "shitting her pants" on her wedding day. God absolutely rocked....Cornflake Girl was also cool but I'm a little sketchy about the slow beginning. Then she said the usual "the boys go away" line and played Winter solo, as beautiful as ever. Then she went into Cooling and I was psyched, what a pretty song! Oh, before she did her solo songs, she mentioned that she talked to people before the show that made requests. Then the band came back and she played Putting The Damage On which was even better than it is on the album! Spark was next, the crowd cheered the loudest for this song. Raspberry Swirl made almost everyone on the floor dance - I had a nice view of it up in the balcony! The lighting effect was cool!! The Waitress was really different, I didn't even recognize it at first!! Then she left but clearly came back for an encore. She played She's Your Cocaine, one of my absolute favorites!! The she went into i i e e e which is still in my head...what a great song! She played Horses for her second encore. I'm not sure if I like as much it with the band, but it was nice nonetheless.

A few comments - Her voice still sounded a little scratchy when she talked but it wasn't all that noticable in her songs. The big venue was okay...everyone was really getting into it which is cool. However, I missed the intamicy between Tori & the crowd. Either way, it is still an awesome show!! Tomorrow's another Tori day :o) ! ! ! ! ! !

From marla, marlantigone

August 2, 1998 - Wow. What a fantastic show!

At the meet and greet, I gave Tori a note. At the end of the note, I asked her to please play Winter if it decided to show up. I had a heart attack when it actually did, and wore myself out screaming 'Thank you!' It was incredible.

Before Jackie's Strength, Tori said that before she got married, she was afraid she'd "shit her pants" but now she's finding out how wonderful it is. hee.

A wonderful day overall with a tour of Boston for Eric, Erik, and Christoff. I can't WAIT for tomorrow night!

Oh, and the printed setlist said "Tear in your hand" instead of "iieee", and had 2 songs listed for the second encore, "tori's choice" and "Horses". Tori just decided to do "Horses" and skip "Tori's Choice"!

From Joe7141

August 2, 1998 - I just got back from my very first Tori concert and it was even more than I expected!! I was so glad to see that she was doing much better tonight and the show was amazing!! Unfortunately, I didn't make it in time to meet her but I still had a great time! My only dissapointment was that she didn't play Playboy Mommy (I love that song). She looked great and she got really into every song she played. I really wish that the crowd could've been more into it though... When Raspberry Swirl came on I didn't know how most of the people in my section could just sit there.. I mean I was going crazy (I love that song too!! :o) It was sooooooooo much fun and I can't wait until my next one (hopefully it won't be too long).

From Andrea Cleaver

August 1, 1998 - Andrea called me on the phone with some details about the show. Tori seemed much better and gave an excellent performance, especially when compared to her New York show a few days ago. She did not talk too much, but did introduce her "brothers" (the band) and mentioned that she loved coming to Boston. She also said something about her wedding day before she performed "Jackie's Strength." "The Waitress" lasted for about 10 minutes, and for some reason there were no bubbles at tonight's show! The show started at 8:53PM and ended about 10:30.

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