North American Plugged '98 Tour
Philadelphia, PA
July 29, 1998

Updated September 20, 1998

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Tori performed in Philadelphia, PA on July 29, 1998 at the Spectrum during the main North American leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Tori performed Hey Jupiter and Landslide solo. Many thanks to Lee Chaix for calling me right after the show from Philadelphia and giving me this set list. (That is so kind of you!) Matt Page and Richard Handal also called me from Philly. Pomme Ratanakanaka and Stephen J Pielocik were the first to email me with the set list.

Precious Things
Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Hey Jupiter (solo)
Landslide (solo)
Jackie's Strength
Tear In Your Hand
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

1st Encore:
She's Your Cocaine

2nd Encore:
Playboy Mommy


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From "Sister Janet" Alexander

September 20, 1998 - I know this is late ( etremely ), but this concert was my 2nd, ever. Sorry, but Lilith Fair was my 1st. Anyhoo... I had heard she had a cold that night, but she is so wonderful that I don't really need to go into detail. My heart jumped out of my chest after the show when she came out. I'm about 6 feet tall and I hadn't realized how petite she really was!!

From Jeremy Murdoch

September 2, 1998 - I was at the July 29th Tori Amos concert and I have to agree with the bulk of the people here that it was a fantastic concert. I really loved the opening band (The Devlins) and I eventually bought their CD. They were great. Then Tori came on and blew me and my girlfriend away. Neither of us had ever been to a Tori show, so we were totally amazed at the live presence she had (even if she was sick). She played 'Hey Jupiter', one of my favorites (it always makes me cry), and an amazing version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide.' I was a little disappointed not to hear my personal favorite 'Leather' but that's OK because my girlfriend sang it to me on our way back to Jersey, and it meant alot more coming from her anyways. I had an incredible time at the show. Thank you everyone who was there for making it a great experience.

From Richard Handal (posted to various Tori mailing lists)

August 5, 1998 - Hi, Gang:

This week I went up from the D.C. area to the New York and Philly shows, and I want to make a few comments.

It's great to see how dedicated Tori is to keeping her scheduled events, but there comes a time when it crosses over into the ridiculous. This week was one of those times. I realize it would have been a huge nightmare for her and a disappointment to a lot of people had she cancelled, but she was certainly in no condition to have been performing at The Garden Tuesday night! By Wednesday, some folks were getting word to her and to Joel that if she cancelled some shows that no one would hold it against her.

She had already been inside the Garden Tuesday when she came out to meet with the folks at 2:45pm. She stayed a grand total of eight minutes, during which time she signed a hell of a lot of autographs, smiled a lot, pantomimed her answers to people's questions, and did not speak. I was told by someone who is with her on the tour that she'd not been speaking to anyone all day, but by the next afternoon in Philly she was reportedly speaking very softly with folks a tiny bit. After the Garden show Joel came out and told folks he really wanted to just get her out and back to the hotel and into bed ASAP, and very nicely asked us to disperse so he could do just that. We were glad to do so. (Folks *I* was near were, at any rate.)

When she began singing at the Garden show I was flipping out. She was clearly having serious problems with her voice at a level I'd never before seen, but beyond that, she was someone who needed to be in bed covered up with a vaporizer going--certainly *not* trying to perform a rock concert on a stage! And it was even scarier when she tried to speak to introduce the band! More power to anyone who was able to get enjoyment out of that show. A group of four dear 14- and 15-year-old girls right in front of me certainly seemed to be enjoying it, and it was nice to see their energy. (They were *not* screaming Spice Girls wannabes, they were clearly serious Toriphiles who I respected, and felt lucky to have seen. I loved seeing those girls.) *I* couldn't enjoy that show. I do appreciate her efforts, however. I can't believe she does stuff like that.

I was greatly heartened the next night in Philly when she was far more animated from the stage, and, despite still having serious vocal problems, was able to put herself across musically and with great feeling. At one point in between songs she said "I'm really sick, and everybody's been so wonderful," and the warmth and depth of all that love was felt as she reflected it back to us from the stage. She was obviously moved by all that, and in return, so was I.

It was a huge relief to me when I heard the Friday show had been postponed. Those folks will get to experience a much better show in November instead. Please realize how much you have thus been blessed.

The other thing I wanted to mention was how **INCREDIBLE** everyone I met was over the course of those two days! I majorly hung out with some old friends, some people I'd never met before but knew from the lists, folks I never heard of who aren't on the internet, some people who I'd met but hadn't had a chance to spend much time with before, and folks were absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I'm talking about like twenty or more people all together. It was wonderful.

I met and spent time with folks from at least three European countries, some of whom had recognized me from the U.K. shows I attended in May, but with whom I had somehow not spoken then. Ten of us went to my favorite restaurant in New York before the show Tuesday, and we had big fun for hours on end not only in the restaurant, but afterwards walking back to the Garden. After the show I ended up talking until four o'clock in the morning with someone whom I hadn't spent much time with before, and she came down with me from her apartment and helped me hail a cab, and saw me off as I went back to my hotel. A Stevie Nicks version of her song "Landslide" came on the radio in the cab about 45 seconds after I got into it, which cracked me up.

The next day eight of us went down to Philly in two cars--this same girl mentioned above bought us all lunch, my offers to pay the driver of the car I was in for some of the gas were rebuffed, and then after the show in Philly I was treated to *another* meal by someone who I'd never met until mere hours before, and was given a ride to the train station so I didn't have to get a cab.

I hereby extend an open offer to you people who are cynical about feeling there is any sort of Toriphile community, to spend a day or so with me around some shows and then tell me later how you feel about that. I assure everyone, we are *not* simply masses of lemmings blindly running around in the same direction, nor is everyone trying to slit each other's throats to get five inches closer to Tori. If that has been your experience then I'm sorry because it is definitely *not* mine.

There are some amazing, wonderful people out there. Is everyone amazing and wonderful? Of course not, but that there are as many as there are blows me away, and it seems to be a feeling that's spreading, not diminishing. More people seem to be going to more shows on this tour than they did on past tours, and my experiences around the shows this time out have been fun, moving, and meaningful beyond words. I love you guys like crazy. Thanks for being so great. You don't know what it means to me.

All my love,

Richard Handal, H.G.

From HALIE23

August 5, 1998 - I have seen Tori nine times now. The first time I saw her was at the Tower for the "Boys for Pele" tour. Leave me just say one thing- this concert was the BEST one yet by far. She sounded amazing( even though she was dreadfully ill) and the mix of old and new songs was great. My personal favorites were Landslide, Rasberry Swirl, Precious Things, and Playboy Mommy. The show was miraculous; it;s amazing how a Tori show can influence you. She connects with her audience so well; I feel her songs not just hear them. She is such a beautiful person and I love her. I really love her. Her songs touch me somwhere deep down inside and it's such a cathartic experience. I found myself crying twice with a river full of tears that would not subside. I wish I could feel the way I do after her show every day of my life. If you can, go see a Tori show. It is a very emotional and honest experience that will no doubt change you. One thing that is different about these shows as opposed to previous tours ( besides a band, obviously) is that the music really involves every part of you. For me at least, the shows were strictly a spiritual and mental experience. Now, they involve mind, body, and soul. You cannot help but to get up and dance. I am a very shy person with many inhibitions. However, at the Philly show I danced the entire time and really had an entire body experience. I think the band provides a new and exciting aspect to Tori. There were times when she was almost head-banging at her piano; and 75% of the audence was right there with her. The crowd was great,the best yet. Much more into it than at the Madsion Square Garden show. People were on there feet dancing and singing the entire concert. (at leat where I was sitting)

Sorry for making this so long- there is so much I want to say but I'll end it here..

p.s. I have been reading a few reviews that say that the venues are too large and that the intimacy has been lost. I could see how ths would strike some people on one level. However, I really feel that she is as appreciative and loving as ever. As Tori herself says, she only gives back to the audience what she feels in the room. She could keep the love, emotions, and energy, but that isn't her. She gives all those things right back to us. I think that's why we leave the concerts feeling the way we do. Where else can you feel that much love as well as other emotions in one night. We leave feeling whole, connected.*** Tori is way too powerful and magical to let a insignificant detail such as size to get in the way. Whether there were 50 seats or 5000 the intimacy is till there. If you provide it and are willing to accept it, it is there.

From Jessica

August 2, 1998 - I went to the Philly show, and had a wonderful Tori-experience as always... I got to the Spectrum, walked around meeting and seeing some Tori-philes, and various radio stations. When the doors opened, my best friend and I went in, and bought our suveniers-- I got a Tee-shirt, and the Swirl Girl necklace. Skip to post-show: I was trying to figure out where Tori's bus was parked so that I could try to meet and hug the woman who has inspired so many people, and who has helped during my terrible struggle with anorexia. Finally, we found the gates where about a hundred people had gathered awaiting the Raisin Girl. During the chaos that followed her arrival, I was mushed into the middle of the crowd. But being the kind hearted fan that i am, I didn't complain... only handed things up from the back to be signed. Amidst all of this, someone-- I KNOW IT HAD TO BE AN ACCIDENT-- but someone wound up with my black tee-shirt-- the one with Tori curled up, and words in a blue background. I am not a rich person... and I literally spent all of my money on the $27 shirt and the $10 necklace. So PLEASE-- if anyone picked it up, I know that you were just holding it for me until you could find the owner... well, here i am, and I was quite upset afterwards... I sobbed for about 4 hours-- it's not pathetic, just reflective of the way my life sometimes seems to go. PLEASE E- MAIL me and let me know how to get it back. You can remain anonymous, and I'll give you all the info you need to send it to me.

Please, someone...

From Beth Coulter (Bethey)

August 1, 1998 - Beth wrote another more touching account of her experiences on her web page, Fairy Blessings, and I encourage you all to surf there and read it.

25 hours ago, Tori left the pre-show meet and greet. I am grateful that I was the last she spoke to. I didn't care for the cattle run for the barricades, or the shoving behind me, but I was in front, at the very end. I stood silently, trying to hold back the masses shoving against me, with my LE CD and a letter in my hand. She reached over me to grab things to sign and was very personable, if silent, with all those in the crowd. She reached me and took my LE to sign and I told her who I was, what I do in her organization. I handed her the letter and she whispered twice, "Thank you, Thank you". Then I reminded her that I gave her the book "Fairy Blessings" in April, and the look of recognition came to her eyes, along with a little moisture. She spoke in her natural voice and said Thank you over again. I asked in spite of myself, "Tori, can I have a hug?" and she backed away and said, "Oh no Beth! You don't want what I have!" She may have said more, but I said, "Save your voice." She took a step back and cupped her hands to her chest and reached them out to my heart, then like she had given me her heart, took mine into her chest. Joel took her off then and I was left shaking. (My biggest regret is not having a pic of this, so anyone at the m&g, I'd love it if you might have a pic of this moment right before she left).

I had met her as I always thought I would, two women who really admire eachother's work. Not superstar to fan (tho' she never comes off this way), not someone special to someone ordinary, but equals. While I was holding in my hands my physical way of thanking her, she was verbally thanking me. I can not express the meaning of this to anyone. I don't like sounding like an egotist, and I know that Tori touches everyone in a very personal way. I guess tho' it might be a bit special to be able to touch Tori in the same way, to have her remember that I touched her heart months ago.

I met some *mighty fine* Toriphiles afterwards (you *know* who you are) that I had dinner with after the m&g. We headed for the hotel to clean up a little and gather our wits for the concert, speaking a bit of how ill Tori looked, but mostly just getting to know eachother in person. It was a remarkably special time that was a perfect prelude to a wonderful concert.

The concert was so good, even with the fear of her voice being gone and how pale she had been earlier. She belted out the numbers and filled the arena with her magic. I really enjoyed watching "Superstar Caton" who has some pretty fancy footwork going. During "Cruel" he was bent over his guitar like Igor, shuffling along in time. During the waitress he had some moves that I was very impressed with, sliding on greased soles, almost attempting a moon walk ;). During "Tear in your Hand", the bubble show made me giggle, with the floating little things surrounding those big men.

My biggest gratification was that she did "Landslide". This song has always been somewhat of an anthem for me during my journey into health and the first time I knew Tori covered it was my first Tori concert in Philly, '94 at the Tower. When she began it, my mouth dropped open and tears hit my eyes. My friend next to me had some opera glasses that I borrowed, but I didn't need them to feel the power of her words, her voice soaring. And "playboy mommy" seemed to be even more poignant than usual.

When the concert was over, several of us gathered together to share in the glow and go have something to eat and talk. I think that was the most fun of all, meeting all these people who have a bond through Tori, and spend their time getting to know one another past the bond. And you know, I kinda think that's the way Tori wants it.

From ben 'NJ_BOY'

August 1, 1998 - Anyway, I went to the Philadelphia concert on Wed. night. I could tell Tori A. was sorta ill, and I felt bad, but it was still such a great show. She opened up w/ 'Prescious Things'........I cried when she started to sing. It was my first show, and I've been a fan for so was kind of a dream come true when I first got the tickets in the mail. The whole night, my eyes were glued to the was really a nice night. One thing threw me off though. The 'Raspberry Swirl' wasn't doing it for anyone. I thought it was really kicking and the bass ate through my chest, but no one got up and danced. I really think Tori would've got a kick out of it if everyone got up. It was only me and a time, I'll have enough courage to shout to the top of my lungs and yell at everyone to get up and DANCE! :)

Well, that's about it........except, wouldn't you be interested in hearing Tori play a Beethoven Sonata? I read she was very good at it......... lol

From Jessica Rose Morse

August 2, 1998 - I arrived at the Spectrum around 10:00 am and waited all day for the meet and greet. This was the second show I have ever been to and the first time I actually got to meet her. I felt so bad because she was sick, she definately did not look up to playing a show. Anyway, I painted her a rock named Sha Sha and gave it to her with a note. As for the show, I thought it was awesome. You could tell she was not feeling well but I think she did a beautiful job. I have to say that I was front row center and I did feel the show was very intimate even with the big crowd of people. I absolutely balled my eyes out during Hey Jupiter and Tear In Your Hand. I was hoping to hear Marianne but I was just glad that she made it through the show, because she was so sick. She looked great as far as attire and she did have more energy than I thought she would. Overall, I highly enjoyed myself and had a great experience once again. I don't care what anyone says, Tori could never play a bad show.

From peter marinari

August 1, 1998 - Well, it's about three hours [six by the time i've finished this] post-Tori here in Philadelphia, so, since i need to get up tomorrow morning at eight i've decided that now is the time to write my review of my first Tori concert (:

Well, i wanted to go to the meet and greet, but i just didn't have the time, so i took a nap [oh, i just remembered that, no wonder i am still awake]. I got up at five, ate a plate of string beans and some veggie patties [which are quite scrumptious], took a shower to the tune of "She's Your Cocaine" and then got dressed while listening to the rest of From The Choirgirl Hotel

Skipping through the unbearable thirty minutes i spent trying to make my hair lay flat and choosing a pair of pants, i wound up in a collared, skin-tight, long-sleeve, button-up black lycra shirt and a pair of too expensive dress pants [actual, the ones i wore to my prom ... prom, Tori, Tori, prom ... same difference]. In addition to this i managed to get my hair to lie totally flat and then got it into a tight ponytail [without hairspray... be amazed]. Also, i put on a bit of pearl lip-gloss [come on, a Tori concert and lip gloss go hand in hand].

Anyway, that's enough about how good i looked [the 'goal' was to look fashionable, but not fashionable enough to be mistakenly thought gay, which would not aid me in my quest to find a lovely Tori fan to share my life and record collection with. Sadly, my goal was not accomplished].

I was accompanied to the Tori concert by the lovely and cool-haired Rachel, who is one of the people who generously loaned me their CDs so i could get into Tori in the first place. We got to the Spectrum and decided to walk around its perimeter while Rachel contemplated how to smuggle in our water bottle, and on our trip we encountered the two bestest ultra-divas that i know, the infamous Mel & Jen. They were decked out in prom dresses [well, they always look good...], and they informed us that Tori was feeling under the weather. Well, being the first-rate ultra-diva fans that they are, they had a huge get-well card for Tori which Rachel and i gladly signed. We chatted with the gals for a little longer, and then we headed for the entrance [Rachel somehow secured the water bottle under her jacket, don't ask me how].

Now, there is a bit of history with me and the Spectrum ... the last time i was in that building was to see a sold out Madonna show on the Blonde Ambition tour, so, Tori had quite a bit to live up to [though i somehow suspected she wouldn't be doing a choreographed dance sequence during Raspberry Swirl].

After a bit of searching we found our seats, which were pretty good [in the G section in the fourteenth row] ... totally unobstructed by any random equipment or drunk people. Having accomplished this much we ventured back out into the hallway [well, whatever it is...] to purchase a programme [which sadly lacks the expected centerfold of one of Tori's pressed-up-against-glass album shots], a shirt, and a Swirl/Plugged necklace [and i felt so nice wearing a necklace that said "Swirl Girl", as if my skin tight top and long hair isn't gender bending enough.] We then ventured back to our seats and began chatting, and i mentioned a name, and not two seconds later we were visited by the vision of beauty who owns said name, who had great floor seats [and who had dyed her hair red the day before... she kept saying "i dyed my hair red today" and i would keep saying "i just want a little passion" ... but, i digress]. Anyway, we chatted for a small time and she then left us, never to return again.

So, anyway, we sat down and chatted a bit [noting that Mel & Jen had THE front row center seats...] and the Devlins came on and did their thing. i thought they were quite alright, but a bit lackluster ... the acoustic guitar songs were the best [and the last one was good too], but aside from those i felt the electric guitar the singer was holding was not really being used very effectively.

The Devlins completed their set, the lights went up, and so the wait for Tori began [and believe me, it was excruciating]. Rachel and i spent this period speculating on what Tori might play and how they were planning to open the curtain. [At a point i had left my seat to say hello to yet *another* vision of beauty who i am on speaking terms with, and on the way back i started going into the wrong row because i had been staring intently at the girl at the end of said row, but i digress...]. Well, the latter of our two questions was answered when the stagehands yanked down the curtain and somehow removed it from the stage. And there was the band doing their thing. And then out came Tori.

Precious Things

Now, i knew what this song would be, but for some reason when i heard the intro to it i almost was expecting "Cruel." But, as soon as she laid her hand on the piano [and what a fine piano it is!] i knew. So, anyway, the intro to this was *quite* lengthy, with Tori going to several different octaves to play the riff. Finally, she started singing. it was a fine rendition of the song, and i was eagerly awaiting the bridge part the whole time because i just wanted to hear it hit me live and in concert. Well, Tori, who was reading my mind all night, did about triple the measures she usually does before the bridge, and finally, FiNALLY she played the bridge, which was wonderful. So, i was quite contented. [From what i could make out, Tori was wearing a red sequined thing {not quite like the "apron", more like a dress} with black pants under it].

Little Amsterdam, Crucify, Cruel

All of these songs were fine... but none of them really jumped out at me. "Little Amsterdam" was actually pretty cool, but i'm not the biggest Pele fan, and i was a bit disappointed not to hear "Way Down" preceding it [not because i expected it, but because i just really like it]. So, anyway, then came "Crucify", which was pretty neat with the band [i was anxiously scanning the set lists from the beginning of the tour to see when she'd start doing this one], but again nothing which really grabbed me. "Cruel" was very strong, and i was surprised at how little Tori played piano/keyboard during the song. [i had actually thought "Cruel" was "God" because i heard a few stray guitar squeaks, but i was quite happy to get "Cruel" instead].


This is when the concert really got to me. Tori started telling the story of why this isn't on UTP, this time attributing it to eating some bad pizza. Well, anyway, i wasn't completely sure that the song would be "Honey" because i know Tori often says "Sugar" was worthy of being an a-side, but, if she were to play "Sugar" she would tell the tea story, right? Well, anyway, with the first chord i knew it was "Honey", and i went ecstatic [bouncing around in my chair, stomping my feet]. I really just adore the song, and live it really struck me. Also, i really love the way the guitar totally doubles the piano [cheers to Steve Caton, who did some really interesting things on guitar {and the red one is *so* nice}]. So, i really loved this song, and it was nice that not everybody knew it.

Cornflake Girl

She did a slow intro which had me guessing but soon enough that rapid fire actual- intro thingy was sounding like some sort of weird fire alarm and the song began. It was very lively and it was all i had expected it to be in its live incarnation. Also, i really liked how they echo-ed her voice a single time on the chorus to act as a backup; it was done very well and to hear a line twice in a row with the exact same inflection was very strange [in a good way]. Also also, i really love the little dance Steve does, i wish i could do that while playing guitar...

Hey Jupiter (solo)

Well, i actually don't own Pele, i just borrow it from Rachel [only because HMV doesn't have it... grrr]. So, i am more familiar with the drum mix from the single [which is an amazing single, and the drum mix is gorgeous]. Anyway, what it came down to was that even though this is one of my all-time favorite Tori songs i just didn't recognize it. Well, when "no one's picking up the phone" came out of her mouth i was beside myself. I check the tour stats every few days and i had really not expected to get to hear this song. Anyway, i was practically in tears for the whole song, and people were holding up lighters everywhere, and it seemed to just go on forever.

Landslide (solo)

After hearing "Honey" and "Hey Jupiter" at the same concert i was convinced that Tori could fill out the rest of the evening with Y Kant Tori Read songs and drunken Beatles covers and i wouldn't mind a bit. Well, then she played this song. Again, though i am quite familiar with the song, i have only occasionally heard the Tori version, so i wasn't exactly sure what she was leading us into. And again the first line gave it away. I was again beside myself, and Rachel just totally freaked out because she loves this song to death and she had never heard Tori do it. So, we just swayed and mouthed the words to the song [which was perhaps the best version of it i've heard *anyone* do].

Jackie's Strength, Tear in Your Hand

Well, i honestly am not the biggest fan of "Jackie's", but it held up very well in concert [much better than the Letterman version from Monday night]. I was totally caught off guard by "Tear in You Hand", and even though it isn't the foremost of my favorites on Little Earthquakes i was still very happy to hear it, and it was a rock solid version. Does Tori have some connection with this song and Philly? She's played it on both stops here... [as a side-note, i was very happy Tori played this because vision of beauty #1, who lent me all her Tori CDs when i didn't know anything by Tori other than "Caught a Lite Sneeze", adores this song. I hope she enjoyed it as much this time out as the last time (:]

Raspberry Swirl, The Waitress

Damn! What two songs could be better to close out the 'plugged' set? "Swirl" was incredible, and i wish i had gotten up to dance but i didn't want to get in anyone's way. So, i contented myself with bouncing around on the seat. Anyway, the song was amazing, that huge oil drum thing that Matt Chamberlain played was really neat. [one thing i noticed was that Tori didn't do that crazy descending piano riff in the outro that she does on the album... not that i heard/saw anyway]. So, that ended and then "Waitress" began. Now, "Waitress" is the reason i own Tori CDs other than Choirgirl. See, i had read the lyrics to it, and i just thought the verse was so funny ..."So i want to kill this waitress"... i mean, just to read it like that it sounds like one of those quirky little things that Ani DiFranco would say, after hanging onto the "so" in that drawn out way that she does. But, anyway, my obsession with Ani DiFranco aside, i borrowed UTP to hear this song specifically and i now own more Tori CD's than CD's by anyone else other than Garbage, and this little song is to blame (: Anyway, it was like some sort of Metallica concert from another dimension. The choruses hit like tidal waves, and Tori added so much to the song i could barely follow it all. The song just plain ROCKED, and it was a perfect way to close out a 'plugged' set.

Encore #1

She's Your Cocaine

They did this ultra-extended intro into this, and i was totally stumped. i was hoping it would be "Cocaine", but i didn't hear any of those feedback-y electric guitar riffs from the album. So, i was hoping against hope it would be "She's Your Cocaine", and i was also sorta hoping it might be "iieee" [since all of the music stops before the first line i figured the intro could sound like anything and still wind up with Tori singing the first line]. Anyway, even after Tori began to play the piano i *still* wasn't sure that is was "Cocaine." Then, she sang...

I dunno if i can properly explain/express the love i have for this song. When i bought the album, i liked the whole thing [and it is so far my favorite this year], but this song just reached out and grabbed me by the throat. Tori [somewhere] referred to the album as "music you can fuck to" [hope i didn't mess that quote up too much], and i feel that this song must have been the foremost example in her mind. Anyway, i love this song. It is 3:42 of sheer unadulterated musical bliss. It rocks. It has a beat. I like it more than any other song i've heard this year, and maybe even this decade.

Anyway, she sang the first line, and i just shook. i mean, not voluntarily or as a dance move or anything; i was standing there and i just shook as if i had been struck by lightening or something. I wasn't entirely sure i could stand for the whole song without my knees buckling under me to leave me in a heap on the ground, but i was willing to chance it. I danced. I danced the whole way through the song. I loved every second of it.

The song itself was not as... um... "glam-y" as it is on the album. It sounded rawer; the guitar was not as perfect, and Tori was singing it like she *really* meant it. The bridge was beautiful, even without the backing vocals [well, i was singing them in my head, so, i wasn't totally without them]. Anyway, when this song ended i could have died right there and been content with life. All week i had been saying the concert wouldn't be complete for me without this one song, and though she did it, it wasn't so integral because she had already won me over with "Honey" and her solo songs.


Very surprising, very good. I couldn't make out the lyrics well enough to tell if she just kept doing the first verse or not, and i was still coming down off of my dose of "Cocaine", so this was a bit lost on me.

Encore #2

Playboy Mommy

Although i expected a solo song, or maybe "Spark" here, i was happy to get this instead. i don't remember too much of it specifically because i knew it was the last song and i was just so wrapped up in the experience, but i know it was *very* solid. I don't recall too much variation from the album, but the strength behind it [especially after having been singing all night while under the weather] was very impressive. And, as soon as it began it was over and she was walking away.

Overall the concert was amazing. Tori was great even though she wasn't feeling too well, and the crowd was so respectful i was shocked. There wasn't one uproar or rude person that i could see. But, aside from that, i was a tiny bit disappointed that she went a bit light on songs from Choirgirl [omitting "Spark", "Black Dove", "iieee", "Liquid Diamonds", and "Northern Lad"], but the inclusion of "Honey", "Hey Jupiter", and "Landslide" really made up for it.

So, that's about all of my night-of-Tori, unless you want to hear about me and Rachel standing on the corner of Broad & Pattison for an hour and a half because of a stupid malfunctioning pay phone.

Yeah, i didn't think you would.


- a very tired peter marinari, who can be reached at if he ever wakes up

ps: some interesting notes:

1. She was constantly motioning with her hands to the sound controls and to the band... i dunno if it was for mere technical adjustments or to change things while they were in motion, but sometimes she would simply signal how many repetitions she would be doing of a certain element of a song.

2. She kept doing something which resembled scratching down the panel of the Bose which is vertical and above/behind the keys. Can someone please enlighten my as to what purpose this served?

3. She came on at 9:22, which happens to be my birthday. My hypothesis is that this is why she seemed to be playing off of my list of favorites all night.

From Becky

August 1, 1998 - O! It was so wonderful! This was my first tori show...but I've been waiting four years for it!! (I couldn't go to the other shows due to other circumstances!!!)!

But she was great! I loved Hey Jupiter and Landslide! I started crying during those two! I was on the floor also, so I was DANCING the whole time during the other songs!

The best was at the end though. I went out and started to leave, but saw a lot of people at the fence. I decided to check it out. I realized they were waiting for TORI! I wasn't sure where to wait cause there were a bunch of different groups, but after 15 minutes or so she came out (grin). She waa behind this fence, but she walked ot the end of the parking lot and started signing autograps. I became part of this HUGE mass of people. It was cool though. You wanted to say, "Hey let me through, I need to see Tori" but you knew everyone else there Felt the SAME exact way, so you couldn't say it. Everyone was nice even though we couldn't move. I made it up pretty close but then she had to leave! I think I got a good pic though. When she got on the bus everyone cleared out, so some missed the next show...she stuck her hand out the window and had her little puppets! I got a pic of them also (I also managed to smuggle my camera in to the spectrum, so hopefully some pics inside come out)!

SO it was great...and now I see she might come to PSU, my school! PLEASE!! That would be the best!

Thanks to all Tori fans who were at the concert nad made it great! Thanks to Tori, who is always great!


From Rspswlgrls

August 1, 1998 - you know, I am very dissapointed after reading reviews from people about the NY show...come on, people, TORI WAS SICK AND SHE STILL PLAYED HER HEART OUT!

Philly was words here, again....i dont understand what people mean when they say the intimacy is lost...cuz Icaught intimacy in my hand when Tori came out and it never left me...maybe it was because I was rocking so hard against the barricades against the stage (thaNks to my best frined who got us front row seats!) or maybe it was because of the phenomonal feeling i got from the meet and greet before the show... ********BTW...TO EVERYONE WHO SIGNED THE TORI GET WELL CARD IN NY, SHE GOT IT, READ EVERYTHING ON IT, AND SAID SHE LOVED IT!!!!!************but, i dont think it was any of that...maybe it was the meet and greet after the concert....also amazing i cant even go there right now, for fear i might make my head explode in pieces....

what can i say? Tori is magic........

Only a few weeks til the Atlanta shows.......

From GD

August 1, 1998 - Mike [Genovese],

I was glad to see your comments about the Philly concert on the Dent. I saw her in NYC the night before and felt EXACTLY the same way (very disappointed). Some of the lack of fire in the show could certainly be attributed to illness (she was obviously quite sick, and it's impressive she could do the show at all in that state), but that wasn't the whole story. It was a good show, but it just wasn't a TORI show. The emotional power that makes her so unique just wasn't there, and I don't think it could have been even if she'd been in better form. These venues are just too large to preserve the magic. And on the one hand, I too am glad for her that she's got so many fans now, but really what is the point if what made her shows so incredibly special is lost? I think she should stick to smaller theaters, and lose the band. Rock bands are a dime a dozen; Tori -- when it's just her and the audience and her keyboards -- is one in a million.

From Michelle Harhigh

August 1, 1998 - Mike Genovese (buzzkill) is off base on his review of Tori's show last night. Although like the rest of us, he's entitled to his opinion, I've got to disagree. He's disappointed? At least she didn't postpone the show.

1st point- "She left out many of the better songs..."Considering she's releasing Jackie's Strength in the U.S. and Raspberry Swirl in the U.K. (8/3) are you surprised that she would want to showcase them at a time like now? It's called marketing--and at a smart time.

2nd point- "Tori was just not herself. I know she was sick yesterday. Blah, blah, blah." Quit while you're ahead, we all know she's getting over the flu.

3rd point- "Venue too large." The only thing I can partially agree with. I haven't seen Tori Amos 7 times, only twice. However, she is obviously moving in a new direction and has worked hard to achieve this success. I saw her in 1996 and she was good then. The addition of the band has livened things up and brought her performance to a new level. Now, she's great. Any show with that number of people will make things impersonable but that's the way it is, the more successful musicians become. Don't go if you don't like the atmosphere.

You didn't leave feeling WOWED? You are not wowed by someone who is a musical genius, kicked out of Peabody at age 11? A voice with that range--even with the flu? Who could play a piano and organ, at the same time, with her eyes closed and hands behind her back? I am in sheer awe of her ability because I struggled to learn to play the piano. Who writes her own material? Who flaunts her sex appeal in a way that isn't crude like the Spice Girls or Madonna? I think you're just spoiled. I am wowed every time I just listen to her CD's at work or home. Don't go see her for awhile, you'll appreciate the whole experience when you do go again. I have a great memory of last night's show, that will stick in my mind until I go again in a year or two because I appreciate what she's doing!

From JoJo the Clownfaced Warthog (posted to the newsgroup)

August 1, 1998 - So I _finally_ got to see a torishow ... now I know what all the fuss is about. I tried to keep a mental setlist, but I lost it about halfway through. So a song-by- song review isn't going to be forthcoming. I'll pass along the highlights, tho.

The Devlins opened. I enjoyed them, but won't rush out to find their album. Liz said that she liked the singer's speaking voice a lot more than his singing voice... she's a sucker for accents. Wish I had one. :o). Anyways, they were kinda toad-the-wet-sprockety, but not quite as good and not as varied... the singer ended almost every line on a descending note, and that gets boring after a while when combined with a limited range. What notes he _did_ get to sounded good... their sound was surprisingly full, for a trio. Lots of reverb, and a microphone for the bassist that was never (to my observation) used. Why bother putting it up? Guess cuz it looked nice. I did like their little neon signs, though, and they were friendly enough and quite well received... probably more screaming than they'd ever heard before. Quite the friendly crowd.

They played for 40 minutes, and I don't remember a single song. 'Nuff said.

Half an hour passed, during which the forestage was broken down and, I suppose, things made ready backstage. I was most impressed by the huge soundboards that I could make out... Tori's band had two 'boards, with about 150 controls on each. I wondered aloud what earthly use they'd all come to... how do you know which one needs tweaking? Guess that's why I'm not a sound tech :o). I also saw the guitarist's most impressive guitar collection... for those guitarists/ collectors out there, I made out a Les Paul and a Telecaster... he played about 10 or so of his 12 guitars, but these are the only two that I can remember identifying at the time.

As for the seats... short of front-row-center, I think we had the best possible seats in the house. The Corestates Spectrum is ordinarily a hockey rink, so it's not terribly huge. We were on the first level above the floor, off to the right-hand side. Fortunately, we were on the side that Tori _faced_; the folks on the other side got to see a lot of the back of her head and the side of her face.

       /            \
     /               \
    |                 |
    | *              |     * = us
     \              /
      \+++++ /   {----- stage

Not a pretty diagram, but it'll do.

For the meta-aspects of the show... the sound was _very_ good for an arena show... it was a _lot_ louder than I'd expected, though. On Raspberry Swirl, it was bit _too_ loud, though I got what she was going for (as someone else said elsewhere, the whole large-scale-rave thing) and still enjoyed it. My only complaint with the sound was the way the piano was miked/EQ'd... the low end, what you could make out with the bass playing, sounded _fantastic_, but the high end was a bit too mid-dy (I think it was the mids) sounded a bit too punchy (or something. Hard to describe, though I know exactly what I mean :o) )

Loud as the show was, though, I must say that my ears stopped ringing soon after I left, and are just fine today.

The vocals were _very_ reverbed, and she used some nice delay effects in a couple of songs.

The light show was fantastic. It was a big part of the show's atmosphere... what most bands do wrong ( I found after watching this show) is overkill on the lights... Tori's lighting is much more dramatic, and less "engulfing" (another hard- to describe concept that I can _see_ perfectly well :o) ). She had a few lights on the floor, and several up above.... possibly less than other bands I've seen. They were used with more restraint for most of the songs... used more for enhancing the stage show than providing one. A highlight for me was during "Little Amsterdam"... the piano and Tori were bathed in reds and violets... there was an area of dark around the periphery of her... the drums were (I think) in darkness or a dim gray light (appeared that way - probably just white) while the bassist (to the left as I faced) was in a dim green. I think the guitarist was in the red/violet, but in the outskirts of it.

Let's see if I can present this a little better... hmmm... I'll just say that the show used colored spotlights in various focuses a lot more than it used huge banks of lights. Kind of an x-files approach to stage lighting.

As for the crowd... as expressed elsewhere, I don't mind the screaming and such (although the 14-year-olds behind me could have used some testosterone... lawsy, lawsy, were they shrill...). Overall, the crowd was very appreciative, largely quiet during the songs (though they did scream to emphasize certain lines... I'm still trying to puzzle through the logic of their choices...), and _very_ enthusiastic between songs when the stage went dark so that Tori could gulp down some water in semi-privacy.

Appearance-wise, she was amazing... a black off-the shoulder top with a sparkly red bib-thingie... a bit unusual, but who'd expect otherwise? I had a pretty good angle on her face, and wasn't incredibly far away, so I actually got to see her and a bit of her expression as she played. Gawd, she's beautiful :o).

The show started with "Precious Things." Let me say now, and have it apply throughout, that her rhythm section (don't know their names) was incredibly tight. The drummer set a very nice pocket for the rest of the band to fit into... he's not extravagant, not showy (except a bit during Raspberry Swirl), but just dead solid. The toms were featured a lot more than the snare, from what I could tell when I was thinking about it. The drum sound was great... the bass sound sometimes muddied with the bass end of the piano, but I suppose that's unavoidable. (for bass-buffs out there, I think the bassist was playing a Rickenbacker, but I could be wrong).

Anyway... PT was incredible. I had to stand, because everyone else did for the first song, but I was rooted where I stood... Tori's voice sounded great when she sang... the moan before the "I remember once..." line was phrased as it was on the album, so I guess she's feeling a little better than she was... her speaking voice was hoarse, but not horrible.

I can't remember the order in which she played songs, so I'll just list the ones I remember. She did play two songs I didn't recognize, in addition to those listed. Anyone that was there... Help? :o)

(set list snipped)

It would be redundant, I suppose, to say that any of these were "good versions." They were all excellent. My favorites of the night were Playboy Mommy, She's Your Cocaine, Little Amsterdam, and Precious Things.

Tori has got "it," whatever "it" is. She really takes over the stage...

Notable on Raspberry Swirl was the drummer... he was apparently using an oil-drum as an instrument... the oil-drum, I suspect, was being used as a MIDI trigger, since I didn't really hear any metallic-sounding percussion in the mix.

During the intro to RS (and throughout the song, for that matter), the beat was _very_ persistent, and the tempo was about 25% faster than that on the album. I turned to Liz and said "that's got to be sequenced. I'll be very impressed if a real drummer is playing that..."

Well, I think I was very impressed :o). Though I have a lingering suspicion that maybe he was just putting on a show with the oil-drum... he was standing up, crouched over the drum and the array of cymbals... he moved a _lot_ more than he did when he was doing the "in-the-pocket" stuff of the rest of the show. The cymbal sounds seemed synched with when he hit them, but it was hard (because the beat was so fast) for me to follow his hands to see if the oil-drum playing was actually providing the beat, or if that beat was sequenced. Either way, it was either masterfully played or entertainingly acted, so I don't care too much :o).

There was only one negative to the night for me... Liz and the two friends of ours that accompanied us weren't big Tori fans (didn't dislike her, just weren't big fans, so didn't recognize the vast majority of the songs) coming in, and didn't apparently enjoy the show as much as I did. One of the friends said she actually found herself dozing off at a couple points during the show.... Oh, well. I guess that's why there're more than one band out there :o).

So that's that. Got lots more to say about the show, but this has gone on long enough :o).

From Bryan E. Sampieri

August 1, 1998 - I was at the Philly show last night and I was sitting fairly far away, but the rented binoculars at the show, so I got a pair. I noticed that to stage left of Tori, next to her keyboard, is a big box with some electronics in it, I don't know if that's for lighting or sound. But on the box was a stuffed Eeyore doll from Winnie the Pooh. It was sitting there with big headphones on it. It looked rather dejected, as Eeyore is often looking, which seems weird since he was 5 feet from Tori all night.

From Jerry Gant

August 1, 1998 - The Philadelphia show was horrible. Not because tori put on a bad performance....she's great...the best. It's just the Spectrum is not a concert friendly arena. From my seat on the lower level I could hear the poorly mixed music in my right ear and the echoes in my left. There were times when I couldn't even hear the piano. There were also times when her vocals were so distorted I could make out the song until is was almost finished. It looked as if Tori was aware of this because it looked as if she was giving signals to the sound man. The guitarist also looked upset at times over how bad it sounded. I was at the show a few years ago at the Tower Theater, she played three nights and four shows. It was one of the best shows I've ever been to (I've been to over 30 concerts in my life). I can only hope she'll give Philly another chance to get it right.

From Kirk A. Sampson

August 1, 1998 - Tori at the Spectrum in Philadelphia last night was nothing short of spectacular. I am glad I knew in advance that Tori was under the weather because it was noticable, however, it did not stop her from putting on a great show. I am happy to see that Tori is able to fill larger arena and put on great shows, but the intimacy wasn't as strong as compared to when I previous saw Tori in a smaller venue. Highlights of the show included Tear in Your Hand, Cruel, Rasperry Swirl, Precious Things and Landslide. I attended the meet and great afterwards and she signed autographs for about 10-15 minutes. Her sense of humor never stops depsite how she feels, as she told a story on stage about having gas (which had to do with 'honey') and as her bus rolled out of the lot, she stuck a hand-held puppet out the window and waved to people.

From Lee Chaix

July 30, 1998 - Lee called me on the phone to give me the set list and some details about the show, Tonight's show seems more intimate in Lee's opinion. She said Tori seemed in better health today than during the previous night's show in New York. She thanked the crowd for their warm wishes and support during her bout with the flu. Tori was wearing a red, sparkly apron like thing over her black shirt and pants. Before "Honey" Tori introduced the band and then said that the following song did not make it on the album because she had some bad pizza which gave her gas!

From Richard Handal & Matt Page

July 30, 1998 - Richard says the Devlins played from 8:04PM until 8:38 and that Tori was on the stage from 9:22PM until 10:49. The main set ended at 10:31PM. Tori was all over the keyboard during the opening song, "Precious Things," more so than usual. Tori was given a card from many fans wishing her a speedy recovery from her illness, and she seemed genuinely moved by the concern. Matt Page saw the official, written set list, and Tori followed it exactly except for the second encore, which was going to be the cover "I'm On Fire"! "Cornflake Girl" started with the new, slow introduction.

From Pete

July 30, 1998 - the world is full of misery... misery and pain... sometimes it seems like it's all just too much to handle... as i sit here in the dark, surrounded by thousands of people i've never met before, i can't help but feel the weight of it all crushing down on me.

and then she sings.

the instant that voice escapes her lips, the real world around me is shattered, taking with it all the pain and misery and everything else bad in life... and all that remains is her world. tori's world...

a world full of life and love, of giving and caring, a place where shivers live, running rampant up and down spines as if there were no greater joy.

and she sings.

and you feel it. you cant help but feel it. she loves me. i've never met her. she doesn't know 'm here. she doesn't even know i exist except in the most general sense. but she loves me. and i feel it. i feel it in every word she sings, and in every note she entices out of her piano.

the band leaves the stage.

"this is our time" she says, cultivating an intimacy i thought unachieveable in a stadium of this size. how dare i doubt tori.

and when she sings, "are you gay, are you blue, hought we both could use a friend to run to", you almost feel as if she's singing to us, her fans. like she's saying yes, i need you as much as you need me.

and as she leads us down a dazzling path through her world, a flock of bubbles comes down to pay homage to the goddess. i dont even remember the song, all i remember is the joy i felt then, watching them swirl through the air around her, dancing for the sole purpose of bringing her and her guests the very joy that i felt.

at one point tori and the band break into a very energetic and catchy techno tune. i never would have thought of tori doing a techno song, but for some reason i wasn't surprised in the least. and i wasn't disappointed, either.

and then it was over. i wasn't the least bit disappointed. once again, the goddess has laid hands upon my heart and soul, cleansing me of all that's bad. for a few short hours... a few eons... i felt no pain. no the pain of the tooth i'd had pulled a mere 4 hours earlier. not the pain losing my friends when i moved to this place. not the pain of my broken (but mending) heart. and that's what i came for. she takes all our cold pricklies, wraps her heart around the, and returns to us the warm fuzzies we all cherish. she loves us. and we love her. it's not the love of a puppy, or that of a lovesick teenager, it's the love that grows from respect, when someone repeatedly gives of themselves for your benefit. yes, we love her. i love her.

i love you, tori. :)

From Tom Hargett

July 30, 1998 - I just got back to Baltimore after the Philadelphia concert, a nice little drive :(. What can I say, she's amazing. I arrived there with my friends a little after five. we walked around the building and we just had to put our ears up to the door. She was doing her sound check and I could hear her doing parts of Landslide and Little Amsterdam. We then went to get something to drink, then wait by one of the entrances. As we sat against the doors we could still her doing sound check. One of the doors a few feet down was open about a foot, so we could hear pretty well. Plus, if you stick your ear up to the door crack you can hear much beeter than listening through the door as i found out!! She played Spark for a while although she did not sing it tonight. I can't be positive, but, since i heard it a couple times i think she may be trying to put a new begining on the song. There were about three different ways she played it which all sounded really good. One of the times she was singing more than they intro, it seemed she slowed the song down a little and the hear, hear, hear part was sung alot differently, it sounded really good. Maybe she'll start playing the song with a new intro or style soon?

I really liked the opening as precious, it gave a more ubeat vibe. It seemed that the four of them are really starting to play as one. They seemed to be playing better and having alot more fun performing together than when they did when i saw her on their sneak preview in D.C.. Tori's singing has becomed more involved as an instrument into the song, not just something to go along with it. Caton was even dancing, alot! during cornflake girl. He even got so into waitress that his sunglasses flipped of off his hat. My seat was in the upper area, but it was right above the sound equipment so I was able to look straight at tori when playing the piano, and i got a closer look at how they communicated with each other through their head nods and arm waiving.

Her dress was really neat, it was kinda like the one on letterman, the kida of apron slip on, but red sequence and it was longer and covered more, black clothes underneath. She didn't do alot of talking, but when she did, her voice sounded like it was hurting her to talk.

Some higlights of the show: Raspberry Swirl, just totally rocked! She sang the words a little different, it sounded great. She played Landslide!! During Hey Jupiter, towards the end, she really seemed to get into it during the oooh's and stuck up her hand to the sound booth who turned the volume up alot for her and the piano which made it get really emotional. Cornflake and Tear both had nice slow intro's. And of course, i was exited as anything to hear Crucify!

From Elizabeth Lauren Perry

July 30, 1998 - "I had pizza and she gave me bad I said take her off the album." [A thought on the B-side, Honey]

From Sean D Howard

July 30, 1998 - Philadelphia, PA
Core States Spectrum
July 29, 1998

Tori went on at 9:21 pm
Tori and the Band
Precious Things
Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl

Tori and her piano
Hey Jupiter

Tori and the Band
Jackie's Strength
Tear in Your Hand
Raspberry Swirl

First Encore
She's Your Cocaine

Second Encore
Playboy Mommy

Well, she opened with Precious sounded very good...lots of energy.

Little Amsterdam...This was WONDERFUL...i was really glad to hear it...she did a fabulous job with it.

Crucify...she did this tiny dance before a little hand roll...very cute...she said something toward the middle ....... i could be wrong but to me it sounded like "sometimes sometimes in the middle of the day you wake up"

Cruel...this song is usually not one of my favorites.....well it rocked live...a lot of guitar..i got into it

Honey...she started saying how we all know the story of how she accidently kicked this song off of a record......she said she had a bad pizza and it gave her gas and she didnt put the song on. She did Honey was really good. She also said that now she plays it all the time to make up for not putting it on the record.

Cornflake Girl...She started singing "you bet your life it is" then she started into cornflake improvish line was "you're back beleivin' she's not who she is" was wonderful.......i was dancing it was fun.

Hey Jupiter was was just her and was very nice...but before she started playing it she put her hands up like paws and panted like a was hilarious.

Landslide......I was bawling during was so amazing i had wanted very badly to hear Landslide. It was heartwrenching ......just amazing.

Jackie's was very nice.....sweet.

Tear in Your Hand....before she began the whole song she just started singing "you don't know the power that you have" just rocked....i was kind of dancing a bit.....i liked the song.....but not a lot until i heard it live at the club tour........and its a great live song...ohhh and the bubbles came out and i blew my own bubbles *yes i had a pack with me*

Raspberry Swirl........SO FUN!!!! I was dancing and was great i loved it. song much energy on the chorus.....and she just bursts into it......its great..."honey im gonna go or she goes"....and i beleive i heard something about a "heart of gold".

She's Your Cocaine...Tori danced out as her band played and then she got on the piano and rocked couldnt help but was marvelous. During the slower part of the song she was engulfed in this beautiful blue light. was a bit different than the one on the club tour.....still a nice song though.

Playboy Mommy...always a beautiful song.

She was wearing a red and sparkly dress....with the black shirt thing underneath.*like what she wore beneath her blue shirt on letterman* ...but the red dress was full length.

She looked beautiful and was wonderful as ever. She thanked everyone for being so kind to her because of her cold and stuff.

I was listening through holes in a hot metal door to her soundcheck.....wich was also really neat.

She was Great.-

Sean added this to his review a few days later...

um a girl named erin said something about the afterward meet and greet...i was lucky enough to be one of the ones in the front and i was crying and Tori was entirely comforting and wonderful....she signed as much as she could tell she was tired....and i dont blame her for not spending a *really* long time signing....she signed a lot of stuff...not just from the front row of people but for people behind us too. As the tour bus pulled away......Mr puppet came out the window and we all wished her well and shouted good bye and all sorts of blessings..etc.

It was the highlight of my changed a lot of things for me....maybe gave me some might sound stupid to some...but it meant a lot.....*and i got a hug and a kiss on the cheek* .

From Erin Gaynor

July 30, 1998 - I just got in from the philly concert at the corestates spectrum and i am still reeling...

She was in great form considering we all knew she is going through some flulike thing. She told a funny story about how she ate some bad pizza and had "gas" or something like that and that is why Honey never made an album and she has been kicking herself ever since.

She wasnt too chatty but when she did talk you could hear the strain in her voice so i didnt mind. Raspberry Swirl was great, almost like you were in a club in NYC with the pounding beat surrounding you! i was so happy with the song choices she made bc i didnt expect playboy mommy or Crucify.

She went on at 9:20 and played almost 1 hr and 45 min i believe. We tried to catch up with her afterwards but she did a meet and greet for like 10 min and probably only like 5 people got to meet or greet her bc of all the pushing and security going on. She was sweet and waved to all of us as she walked by so at least i caught a glimpse. well i am tired so that is it for now but the experience deserves sooo much more than what i just wrote!

From christina

July 30, 1998 - i just got back from an amazing show performed by the lovely tori. i think we were on the same mental wavelength because she played nearly every song i was hoping she would play: 'tear in your hand', 'playboy mommy', 'precious things', 'cornflake girl', 'hey jupiter', just to name a few. the show was on such a different plane musically speaking, since she had her boys playing with her which gave it a rather "plugged" feel. some highlights from the show was when she played 'tear in your hand' and bubbles starting blowing onto the stage from above. it was beautiful! 'raspberry swirl' turned into a techno dance party with wild beats throbbing everywhere. i was initially nervous about the show, it being a plugged tour, but it was just such an amazing side of her that i never imagined would work so well. she totally rocked, and everybody knew it and embraced it.



July 30, 1998 - i just got home at it was awesome. ive seen her 2xs before but this time it was absolutley fab. went to meet and greet cool people there everyone seemed well behaved. tori was so cute i didnt get to meet her but i may have a nice shot from when she was leaving meet and greet snuck my camera into the show but my camera is funny and it makes it look like i was more far back than i was. tori had a big eeyore on stage with her and for someone coming off a cold she was excellent im proud she got some of those high notes in. it was absolutley amazing !!!!!!:> i cant even described it there were times when i wanted to cry it was very emotional. anyways, im glad i went as always i am.

From Mike Genovese

July 30, 1998 - I hate to say this, but I was majorly disappointed. This is the 7th time I have seen her and I've seen this tour in Boston during the Small club part and loved it, but this show just wasn't right.

I can't really pinpoint it. 1st - She left out many of the better songs from Choirgirl. I was looking forward to hearing those live, they are meant to be heard with a band. 2nd, Tori was just not herself. I know she was sick yesterday, so maybe that was the reason, but she just seemed to be going through the motions. She was just like a machine, very mechanical - not like I'm used to seeing. 3rd, the venue is just too large. It was great to see Tori reach her great "Rock-N-Roll" status, fabulous to see all those people cheering her on, I was so happy for her, but the intimacy of her shows was lost. And for me, that is the most important part of her shows.

I hate giving negative reviews to my favorite artists. I mean I enjoyed the show, but I didn't leave feeling "WOWWED", like I did every other time. I would be curious to hear from others who attened the show to see if they agree with me or not. Do it through the website or email me at

Highlights were Raspberry Swirl, Precious Things, Hey Jupiter and Jackie's Strength.

From Bryan Sampieri

July 30, 1998 - Here is the setlist for the concert at the CoreStates Sectrum in Philly, for 7/29. I hope I'm the first to get this to you.

Precious Things
Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Hey Jupiter -- solo
Landslide -- solo
Jackie's Strength
Tear In Your Hand
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

Encore 1:
She's Your Cocaine

Encore 2:
Playboy Mommy

It was a great show. Unfortunately, I can't write a better review of it at the moment.

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