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The hardest part of creating this web site was writing about myself. I am a very shy person, and I tend to avoid the attention of others. However, I guess some of you might want to know more about the person who runs this place!

A few facts about me
Name Michael Lee Whitehead (Mikewhy)
Age 34 years old
Birth Date January 28, 1967
Place Of Birth Louisville, Kentucky USA
Place I Live Louisville, KY
Occupation Systems Engineer/Programmer
Attitude pessimistic yet hopeful
Computer Of Choice Macintosh G4

Feel free to explore my web pages. They will give you a better idea of who I am than anything I could write about here!

Warning! Preachy diatribe ahead. Proceed with caution.

Me at age 2

So who am I really? I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person who is a bit of a loner and who is sometimes all too aware of my faults. I strive to be original and open-minded. I am constantly stunned at what we humans do to one another, and that is the source of my pessimism. I hate stereotypes and following the crowd with a passion! It is my belief that most people simply coast through life never questioning themselves or society. They believe whatever their parents or friends tell them to believe. I hope to make a break from this sheep-like mentality and revel in my uniqueness. (Hopefully as I develop HTML experience I will make this web site more unique as well!)

Me at age 8

Intolerance is the thing that angers me the most. I am a straight white male, but I have strong respect for women, other races and ethnic groups, and the sisters and brothers in the lesbian/gay communities. I also resent society's desire to fit me into a particular mold. I like the color pink, relate really well with women, and I prefer a Macintosh to Windows! I try to question everything around me. I am peeling the layers of conditioning that are a part of me and trying to emerge a better person. This is a dynamic process that never ends. I dedicate this web site to that process and I invite you to join me!

The photo on the left was me at age 2 or so, and in the photo on the right I was 8 years old!

This is "Kitty," my beloved cat. (He actually lives with my mom and sister, but I still think of him as my own.) I love cats and dogs!

You can see other photos of me in my Ears With Feet photo album.

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