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September 2001

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Tori was featured on a MTV Europe News report, which was shown numerous times during September 2001, which is when Strange Little Girls was released. It was also shown on MTV in Israel. Toriphile maya sent some screen shots from the show, which you can see below. Tori talks about Strange Little Girls and several of the songs on the album. Special thanks go to Nele, who sent me a transcript of what Tori said during the interview and that you can read below.


"I don't know any of these men. Some of them have inspired me. Some of them I don't really know that well. So I had to find my entry point into each song structure. And some were really tricky. Some were very obvious immediately. Like the Eminem was so obvious. Nobody was talking about this woman who was being brutalized."

"I kinda pulled back and said not one person has said God I wonder what she was feeling as she was dying, I wonder what her thoughts were when she was hearing him talk to her baby daughter about what had happened." "This guy Eminem wrote a very powerful song about domestic violence. I didn' t align with his character but I did align with the woman that he killed."

"I believe a couple things. I believe art provokes. And I believe that the artist has to then go back to their bathroom and look at themselves in the mirror. And the art will then provoke the artist because we have to live with who we choose to give power to."

"I do find it kind of telling that -mentioning no names- some of my male musician friends can rip the skin of and go into maybe the spiritual realms, the unconscious realms and music journalists will call that deep. But some women do that and they're called mad or kooky. And I find that very telling."



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Comments From Toriphiles

From Christina Stalby:

    Tori was on Mtv news here in Europe this morning, and will probably be on again later today, and on the weekend edition of the news. They showed clips from Strange Little Girl, and also played audio clips of Real Men and Enjoy the Silence. They showed parts of an interview with Tori, where they talk about the album. At the end of the interview Tori talks about how when men "tap into the other side, the otherworld", they are called spiritual, but when women do that, they are called mad. "I think that is very telling". It was a good interview, just a bit short.

From Eldad Bronshtein:

    I just taught u should know that i turned the tv on 2 minutes ago and i saw a different interview with tori. they showed a couple seconds of strange little girl video and then she talked a bit and then they played ENJOY THE SILENCE (tori's version) while in the back there was the original video by Depesh Mode -they played the video of the band but the voice was tori' lasted a couple more seconds...then they played a little of tori's REAL MAN and then she talked again...i did not see all the interview (i only saw something like a minute-minute and a half from it) but they might had showen or played even more...

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