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Transcript of Tori's appearance on the Dutch radio show '' on Radio 2
January 21, 2003

Updated Tue, Jan 28, 2003 - 1:00pm ET

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Tori appeared on the Dutch radio show '' on Radio 2 on January 21, 2003. Tori did an interview. The radio edit of a sorta fairytale was played after the interview. Tori did not play it live. The reporter was Johan van Slooten. Thanks to Davidboaz and Lucy for first telling me about the show and to Gene P. for sending me a transcript of the interview, which you can read below.


Announcer: The piano and Tori Amos. [Dutch narration over a collage of Tori's music from Scarlet's Walk and then Winter]

Johan van Slooten (JS): Tori, is this the most natural environment you can be in?

Tori: Well, I guess anytime I'm next to a piano I'm calmest.

JS: Why?

Tori: I don't know (sighing). I've been my whole life I'm usually trying to find my way up, crawling up next to a piano, it just makes me feel like I see things differently.

JS: Hmmm how do you see things differently from behind a piano than in normal day-to-day life?

Tori: Maybe it's about language, she translates for me how she hears somebody speak.

JS: Would we talk differently if we were not sitting next to a piano?

Tori: Probably. Because I think there's something very tender about her. Right now, I mean, she can also be quite ferocious, but you haven't struck that in me quite yet and it's a bit early. I haven't sharpened my teeth yet, that doesn't happen until seven o'clock.

JS: Can you, let's say, play something in which you or the piano shows how tender she can be?

Tori: This is just her saying 'Hello' [Tori plays the piano while JS continues speaking in Dutch]

JS: You refer to the piano as a she, why?

Tori: They're all 'shes' to me. It's the body, the shape of them they just are. All of the ones I've ever played I see the piano essence as a she, yes.

JS: Is that why you love the piano so much?

Tori: I think I love the sensuality of the instrument and I think that it carries life

JS: And it carries music

Tori: Yes, one and the same for me.

JS: Let's talk about your latest album, Scarlet's Walk. What kind of woman is Scarlet? Who is she?

Tori: The reason I called her Scarlet is she's a thread, the etymology of the word is she's a thread, and of course Scarlet O' Hara, so and they happen very close to each other, the fiction and the non-fiction in Georgia. And that's where my mother's people hail from, north Georgia, Carolinas, right in that corner so I guess Scarlet for me is any woman, she bleeds, she's weaving and she's trying to find her relationship with what she believes in.

JS: Is Scarlet's Walk an anti-America album?

Tori: Well, what it is is, it's a reflection of where America is now and the history of how we got there. It's not trying to make it pretty. Sometimes it is quite beautiful because I think that you have to learn how to hold hands with the darkness before you can walk out with it. So, in a way, I crawled underneath what I thought was going on to try and reflect what was going on at this time.

[A Sorta Fairytale (radio edit) is played]

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