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Yet another short article at
June 2, 2005

Updated Thu, Jun 02, 2005 - 2:41pm ET

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You can find yet another short article about Tori at, which was posted on June 2, 2005. This one has the title, "Amos' Husband Hated Her Cliched Miscarriage Songs".

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Thanks to Trent for making me aware of this article, which you can read online at or below:

Amos' Husband Hated Her Cliched Miscarriage Songs

American singer TORI AMOS stopped writing songs about her tragic three miscarriages because her husband was disgusted by the cliched victim she had become.

The CORNFLAKE GIRL star is grateful her spouse, recording engineer MARK HAWLEY, persuaded her to reinvent herself as a strong, sensual singer when she was pregnant with her daughter NATASHYA, because her obsession with death was becoming unhealthy.

She says, "I had three miscarriages. When I was pregnant with Natashya, Husband said, 'Your writing is getting really good, but why do you have to be a cliche?'

"'Why don't you reinvent the tragic victim, reinvent her into a whole, sexy, spiritual woman?'

"I said, 'Thank you husband.' So now I'm a woman on a mission."

Posted by: Mikewhy

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