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Details about Tori's appearance on radio station KEXP
April 8, 2005

Updated Fri, Apr 08, 2005 - 10:59pm ET

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On Friday morning, April 8, 2005, Tori was interviewed and performed 3 songs solo for radio station KEXP 90.3FM. This station is based in Seattle, WA, but this performance was recorded in New York City at the Museum of Television and Radio. Click for details about this radio appearance.

More Details

Thanks to Matt Page and That Star for the details! Tori performed 3 songs solo at the piano, which were:

The Power Of Orange Knickers
Sleeps With Butterflies
Sweet The Sting

She performed in front of a small audience of about 25 people. Tori was interviewed, and spoke about how much she loved gardening while pregnant, her boat scandal in FL (where the local journalists are demonizing her), the music industry and how it sucks, and watching Closer. She also said something about Tash not feeling well and how different radio is now from 10 years ago.

You can find photos from this radio appearance and for a limited time listen to it in streaming audio at (Click on Slide Shows Day 5 to see Tori!)

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