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Exciting new tour info from the Little Blue World fanzine!

Updated Tue, Mar 29, 2005 - 10:50pm ET

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I received the following news item from the Little Blue World fanzine:

The Tori fanzine Little Blue World talked to Tori this morning (March 29, 2005) as she was on her way to meet with the tour crew for the first time before they go on the road. She told them there would be two separate keyboard stations on the stage for this tour, one with the Bosey and a Hammond organ and the other with the Rhodes electric piano and another Hammond. She also said that in the tradition of "secret time" and "Scarlet's Bar" on earlier tours, there will be a break in the middle of the shows with "Tori's Piano Bar," when she will be performing covers like she used to when she played in bars as a teenager. Her website will have a special setup for this tour so that fans can send in requests for the piano bar before each show. She said to start thinking about what new covers you'd like to hear her perform!

The full interview with Tori will be printed in the next issue of LBW, due out in May 2005. There will be a limited number of free copies of LBW available at the merchandise table at each show on the U.S. tour as well as fliers with more information about LBW. To subscribe now and reserve your copy of the May issue, go to

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