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Review of WTSF from Mojo Magazine
August 2004

Updated Wed, Jul 21, 2004 - 9:26pm ET

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The August 2004 issue of Mojo Magazine in the U.K. includes a review of Welcome To Sunny Florida.

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Thanks to Barbara for sending me this review. You can read it below:

Fiery metaphors and supper club piano for first available Tori concert on DVD

'One woman making out with another woman on-stage - that's not about music, but it becomes the centre of the music business world', says Amos in an interview - a veiled reference to the Madonna-Britney snog that highlights Tori's commitment to her music. But it doesn't stop her from grabbing her crotch (Precious Things), or playing the steamy Southern belle (Leather) in this sensual, poised live performance, the last gig on her 2003 Scarlet's Walk tour. Before going on stage she dances with her young daughter and evokes an old Apache fire ritual as a 'blessing or a curse to those settlers who came to America to take and take', then plays a moody, meditative set, from early hits like Cornflake Girl to newer songs like Cooling. Backed by a pared down rhythm section (Matt Chamberlain, drums; Jon Evans, bass) the focus is on Tori and her piano. Excellent.

**** (4 stars)

(Lucy O'Brien, Mojo August 2004)

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