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A review of 'Welcome To Sunny Florida' in Word magazine in the U.K.
August 2004

Updated Sun, Jul 18, 2004 - 3:56pm ET

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The August 2004 issue of Word Magazine in the U.K. includes a review of Tori's Welcome To Sunny Forida DVD.

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Many thanks to Barbara Kirk for sending this review to me. The review is quite negative....

'Those rare moments where sand is introduced into the allegedly well-oiled machine provide the best argument for the archetypal band DVD. I warmed to the opening of Tori Amos's Welcome To Sunny Florida (Epic) where they're setting up in teeming rain but then the weather clears up and the show goes ahead and suddenly it's difficult to understand why anyone but fans in search of the additional CD of unreleased music would put their hands in their pockets. Where's the drama? The conflict? The love scene? The other things we expect to find on a DVD? I could have been watching Master And Commander.'

(David Hepworth, Word August 2004)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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