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Question about Tori in the May 2004 Blender Magazine
May 2004

Updated Fri, Apr 23, 2004 - 12:13am ET

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Isismoongoddess tells me that there is question about Tori in the May 2004 issue of Blender Magazine (with Courtney Love on the cover) in the Ask Blender section. It is about the duet she recorded with Michael Stipe called It Might Hurt A Bit.

More Details

This appears on page 66 of the magazine under the Ask Blender -- Solving Your Pop Conundrums Since 2001 section.  There is a small photo of Tori (from the 2001 cover of the London newspaper hottickets) wearing her Hello Kitty Tee as well as a small picture of Michael. Here is the question and answer:

What happened to the Tori Amos and Michael stipe collaboration "It Might Hurt a Bit," originally intended for the Don Juan DeMorco soundtrack?  Was it ever released?

The recording which was also  supposed to feature Flea and Dave Navarro, remains unreleased to this day.    The two singers made the song together for the unremarkable Johnny Depp movie in November 1994.  But it was left off the soundtrack for being (as Amos told Carson Daly in 1998) "a little too left-of-center for what they wanted."

The track was also slated for the film Empire Records (staring Liv Tyler) and How to Make an American Quilt (with Winona Ryder), but by 1999 Amos considered the piece dead and appeared to have lost track of the master tapes.  "I haven't talked to Michael about it in a while," she said at the time.  "It's not something we bring up."

Could it be the R.E.M. frontman just thought the song sucked?

Posted by: Mikewhy

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