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Review of TOAL from the Times in the U.K.
December 19, 2003

Updated Tue, Dec 30, 2003 - 9:06am ET

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There was a review of Tales Of A Librarian in the December 19, 2003 edition of The Times newspaper in the U.K.

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Thanks to Lucy and James Chapman for sending me this album review, which you can read below:

Tales of a Librarian (East West)
*** (3 stars)

Tori Amos lost a lot of fans after her first two albums, when she stopped writing songs you could sing along to and started wailing a touch too much. She's been back on form recently, although this compilation doesn't include tracks from last year's album Scarlet's Walk. But there are such early hits as Crucify, Cornflake Girl and Silent all These Years, needlessly "reconditioned" by Amos. Only hardcore fans remember Playboy Mommy and Tear in My Hand, and adding rare B-sides and two new tracks won't bring old fans back into the fold. (Lisa Verrico)

Posted by: Mikewhy

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