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Review of TOAL in the Los Angeles, CA area music magazine 'One Way'
December 2003/January 2004 (#6)

Updated Mon, Dec 29, 2003 - 6:04am ET

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There is a review of Tales Of A Librarian in the December 2003/January 2004 issue (#6) of One Way magazine, which is a local music magazine in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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Thanks to Christopher Gilmer for being the first to let The Dent know. You can read this album review online at or below:


An arrestingly beautiful sonic autobiography, this is one of the finest musical retrospectives ever conceived. Now at the height of her career, having earned the total creative control of which most recording artists can only dream, Amos, ever the consummate storyteller, has summoned all her original multitrack recordings from their various far-flung vaults and with the assistance of engineers Mark Hawley (her husband) and Marcel van Limbeek has dramatically remixed and rearranged selected songs, bringing to light for the first time elements, such as the gorgeous strings "Winter," which were rejected by the label as too uncommercial when Amos was a fledgling artist. The songs are presented in a sequence which follows Amos' personal and musical instincts and evokes her many transformations: from wee prodigious ivory-tickler to precocious teen ("Jackie's Strength," "Precious Things"); from victimization to healing ("Me and A Gun," "Bliss"); from initial, solitary self-discovery to exaltation in the eternal feminine spirit ("Silent All These Years," "Mary"). Also included are four brand new recordings and a bonus DVD of several rare performances.

Salem Vouras

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