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Updated January 29, 2001

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Bob Masse, 30 year rock poster veteran, was commissioned by a small group of fans of Tori Amos to design a poster to celebrate Tori, and the recent birth of her daughter. This is a small numbered edition of only 300, each copy hand signed by Bob Masse. Size is 15"X25".

The Tori Amos 2000 limited edition poster is still (and only) available from The Visual Gallery. The 300 copy signed and numbered edition benefits RAINN with $5 from every sale. The regular price is $30. For the next 30 days all purchases will also include a free 3" X5" version of the poster, and a free 5"X7" version of the famous 1996 "Dew Drop Inn" concert poster also by Bob Masse (worth $10 ea). In addition, any of you coming to us via "The Dent" can get free shipping on your order by typing "VW2000" in our coupon code box". This applies to all posters on our site, not just the Tori Amos posters.

You can see what the poster looks like to the right. Click the photo to see it larger! You can order the poster or find out more about it at the Visual Gallery web site.

Many people remember Bob Masse's art from his now famous 1996 "Dew Drop Inn" concert poster promoting a Tori show in New York City. Bob has also been a long time fan of Tori and has produced several posters that helped to benefit RAINN, including 1998's "Women of Rock" poster which also benefited St. Judes Children's Hospital. Bob is the product of the counterculture revolution of the 60s, who grew up amidst the legends of rock and roll like The DOORS and The Grateful Dead (who he knew personally). As a rock poster artist, he designs for the love of the music, not the money. His posters are all small editions that he makes enough from to get from one project to the next.

Posters such as this are collectors items, to be treasured and kept over the years. They are for fans like you, and only 300 of you will be able to get one. The edition was printed on very high quality poster stock and is meant to be framed. You can order online through this web address:

You can pay by credit card at the web site. To pay by check or money order, contact

If you have any questions you can contact the organizer of this project at:

If you would like to direct comments to Bob Masse you may do so at

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