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Added July 24, 2000

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Loren Haynes shot the photos for Tori's "To Venus and Back" album. He also shot and directed the video for "Bliss," as well as produced it. Bliss was nominated as the best video made under $25,000 by the Music Video Producers Association. What I did not realize is that Loren has been shooting photos of Tori since 1992, since her first picture in Spin Magazine after Little Earthquakes. You can now visit Loren's official web site at www.lorenhaynes.com. It contains an extensive Tori section with over 30 photos, many of which I have never seen before! They are really beautiful and it is wonderful of Loren to share them with us. (I will remind you however to not use any of these photos yourself unless you get permission from Loren first!) Some of the photos go back to the Under The Pink and Little Earthquakes eras. There are also great concert shots from the Plugged '98 tour. The photo you see on this page is from Loren's site, where you can see it much larger!

To find the Tori photos, go to www.lorenhaynes.com, and click ENTER. On the following page, look for the colored dots at the bottom of the page. One will say photography when you move the mouse pointer over it. Click on that one, and on the next page you will see 4 icons in the center of the screen. One says Celebrities when you move the mouse pointer over it. Click that, and then on Music Artists, and then choose Tori Amos. Small thumbnails will show overhead. Click any of them to see the photo. You can continue to use the thumbnails or when the first photo window opens you can use small arrows at the bottom to flip through all 34 or so photos!

The site is still in beta at this time. Eventually Loren will stream the Bliss video in the Pink Adobe section of the site and also will be adding more Tori photos later! He does beautiful work, so please check out the other areas of www.lorenhaynes.com as well.

The June 2000 issue of Gear Magazine includes a photo and short profile on Loren Haynes. It says the following on Page 10 in the "Contributors" section:

    Loren Haynes recently shot the album cover and music for Tori Amos' "To Venus and Back." Currently directing his first feature film, "Hearts of Desire," his video for "Bliss" was nominated for Best Video by the Music Video Producers Association. He photographed former LAPD officer Norman Nelson ("Cop, Killer," page 56).

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