Live 105 10 Year Anniversary 1986-1996

Added May 9, 2001

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Tori was one of the artists that appeared on a compilation CD called "Live 105 10 Year Anniversary 1986-1996". A live version of Landslide appeared on that album. Here is the full track listing:

  1. Engine 88 - Manclub
  2. Bracket - Eating Pie
  3. Diatribe - Sick the Dogs
  4. Tori Amos - Landslide
  5. Third Eye Blind - Tattoo of the Sun
  6. Lilyvolt - Love & Hate
  7. Dora Flood - It's Early
  8. Green Day - Don't Wanna Fall In Love
  9. Mr. T Experience - I Fell For You
  10. Paper Or Plastic - Play With Me
  11. Protein - Maybe I Will
  12. Crumb - Shoegazer
  13. Sunshine Club - Rainy Day Friend

Thanks to Mike who told me about this CD, which was in some respects a promo CD. I assume that Live 105 is the radio station Live 105 in San Francisco, CA. Mike reports the following about this CD:

The guy I bought this CD from said that there are some exclusive songs on this CD. The Green Day track apparently can't be found anywhere else and Third Eye Blind were unsigned when they appeared on this compilation - "Tattoo of the Sun", to the best of my knowledge, has not appeared on any of their albums. Limited copies of this CD were sold in plastic sleeves in a certain part of the country, making them very rare.

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