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September 11, 2001

Updated Oct 19, 2001

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Tori's Strange Little Girls album was reviewed in the September 11, 2001 issue of the Italian magazine D:Republic of Women Magazine. Thanks to Heles for telling me. She translated the review from Italian into English.


Tori Amos, singer &songwriter of cherokee descent, is at her sixth album. Strange little girls, out in stores on September 18th, is her least "politically-correct", most complex and dangerous album. Still, she hasn't written a single song: the 12 tracks of the album are the product of other musicans' work, all males. From J. Jackson to Eminem, from Lou Reed to the Beatles, from the Boomtown Rats to Tom Waits, she wanted to show how men look at women and to themsleves. The album is a little essay of feminine psychology, a study on identity, a view on the relationship between opposite genders. These women are very real : they do suffer, love, steal, and die. "They're the people you're closest to, and I did hide none of their sentiments". Tori has also musically turned the songs upside down, adding noises, wailing, distortion, as to show that their very existence is written on a body, a woman's body. Tori Amos will be touring in the USA, starting September 28th.

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