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Hand Of Fate: The Score & The Movie

Updated December 30, 2001

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Look below for more details about the film Hand Of Fate, and its soundtrack, which contain the song Me & You with lyrics and vocals from Tori. (This is a new, never before released Tori song!) The film and soundtrack were scheduled to be released in Fall 2001, but the year 2001 ended with no sign of this soundtrack. (At this time I am not certain when the soundtrack might be released. I am hopeful it might pop up sometime in 2002!) Below, you can find information about any future screenings of the film, about the official web site for Hand Of Fate, and reviews from other Toriphiles who have seen the film and who have heard Tori's contribution to it. From what I have heard, this project sounds amazing and I think all people should try to see the film, as well as hear Tori's contributions.

Eric Rosse produces album for Canadian singer-songwriter Colette Baron-Reid, a clairvoyant featured on the Hand Of Fate documentary

May 17, 2001 - Toriphiles Brian and kyall glennie alerted me to an article that was posted to the Canadian Jam! Showbiz web site on April 30, 2001 called "Clairvoyant teams up with Tori Amos producer" By Paul Cantin. The article is about Canadian singer-songwriter Colette Baron-Reid, who is also a clairvoyant who was one of the people featured in the Hand Of Fate documentary. The article mentions that he album is being produced by Eric Rosse, who we all know produced Tori's early albums and who produced and wrote the music to "Me & You", a song on the Hand Of Fate soundtrack. Here are key parts of the article:

    As rock n' roll resumes go, Canadian singer-songwriter Colette Baron-Reid must be one of the few who can claim her extra-curricular activities include working as a clairvoyant.

    Baron-Reid, who releases her debut album of songs, "Magdalene's Garden" on May 15 [2001], has worked for 13 years as a clairvoyant, using her extraordinary perceptions to help people gain insight into their lives and problems


    "Magdalene's Garden" is elegantly orchestrated pop, meticulously pieced together by the singer and producer/collaborator Eric Rosse, whose resume includes Tori Amos's "Little Earthquakes" and "Under The Pink."

    The results will draw understandable comparisons with Amos, Kate Bush, and Sting's recent work, paired with Baron-Reid's positive, upbeat lyrical message of self-realization.


    Baron-Reid was one of six spiritualists profiled in the documentary "Hand Of Fate," for which producer Rosse prepared the soundtrack. Based on what she heard in the film, Baron-Reid decided he'd be a good collaborator on another record of meditation music.

    "My next project was supposed to be another new-agey sort of thing," she says.

    "But when we got there (to Rosse's Los Angeles studio), we decided we would organically let it tell us what to be. It became this other thing, and we just rode it. We realized we were riding a wave that belonged to neither of us. We were guests on a wave. It was very magical."

    For his part, Rosse says he had no intention of helping Baron-Reid create simply create another album of ambient music. He believed she had the potential to create an album of songs.

    "We just got together and said, 'Let's see what happens'," says Rosse.

    "I had built some music tracks before she came down to L.A. They were pretty skeletal. She hummed some melodies, and it sounded like it could develop into a song. The more we moved forward, the more songs came out of the collaboration."

    The foundation of the record was built on the concept of self-discovery, and "each song kind of blossomed out of that. It was a very natural process. We did what felt right. If it didn't feel right, we threw it out," says Rosse....

I found another article about her in the Calgary Herald on May 12, 2001. You can read that article online at Here is the part that mentions Tori:

    Colette Baron-Reid is a choice target, and she knows it. Even though her songwriting ability attracted the attention of producer Eric Rosse, celebrated for his work with Tori Amos, and despite the promise of her first major-label pop record, Magdalene's Garden, which hits stores Tuesday, Baron-Reid knows not everyone is going to buy her story.

    Baron-Reid is more than a musician. She says she's a clairvoyant, and she knows many people associate the term with fakes and flakes.

You can find out more abour Colette at Last time I checked THE CD section included a link to a video of Eric Rosse and Colette talking about the album.

Colette's album, called "Magdalene's Garden" can be purchased at:

Release of the Hand Of Fate Soundtrack and Film was scheduled for Fall 2001 but has been delayed.

December 30, 2001 - Alexandra Bennett, the Producer of Hand of Fate, revealed in March 2001 that the Hand of Fate soundtrack and film was scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2001. However, 2001 ended with no sign of the film or soundtrack. I am hopeful that a release could happen in 2002.

Guessing the lyrics to "Me & You"

December 22, 2000 - Some people have begun to guess the lyrics to the song "Me & You" based on the somewhat low quality recordings available online. Take a look at some of the guesses so far!

General Information About the Movie And The Score

Tori was involved with a new film called "Hand Of Fate." Her vocals are in the movie's Score. I received this information from Alexandra Bennett of Luminous Films, who was a producer on the project. The score to HAND OF FATE was composed by Eric Rosse (who produced Tori's Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink). The original title track to the Score is called "Me & You," which was written by Eric Rosse, with lyrics and vocals by Tori Amos. It was recorded in September 1998. It is an amazing song and quite unlike anything Tori has done before. You can hear "Me & You" in its entirety at the end of the film. The score also features Real World musician Yungchen Lhamo, and Badar Ali Khan. I have also heard that Tori's vocals are used throughout the film in a haunting and melodic way.

The Official Hand Of Fate Web Site

The official Hand Of Fate web site now includes a message board where you can interact and discuss the Hand of Fate movie and soundtrack. Please go there and do so.

If you check out the Official Hand Of Fate web site, which is now up in Flash and Non Flash versions, you can find out more about this fascinating project. (The Flash version is better and sometimes updated more often.) The main sections of the web site are Subjects, Film, Soundtrack, Book, Message Board, Store and Trailer. The Soundtrack section says that the soundtrack may be available for purchase in late 2000 and they should have some sound clips and more information then as well. (However, the word is that the soundtrack now will not be released until sometime in 2001...)

Latest Information About Screenings Of The Movie

Last Known Screening: 2001 Palm Beach International Film Festival

Hand Of Fate was screened at the 2001 Palm Beach International Film Festival on April 21, 2001 and April 26, 2001.

Previous Screenings

Hand of Fate was shown at the Santa Fe Film Festival, which took place November 29-December 3, 2000 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I was told by Alexandra Bennett of Luminous Films that Hand of Fate was screened in October 1999 at the Mill Valley Film Festival in San Francisco, CA and the Hamptons International Film Festival in East Hampton, New York.

The movie "Hand Of Fate" had its World Premiere at the Seattle Film Festival. It was screened at the Pacific Place Cinemas on June 5, 1999 at 3:30pm in Seattle, WA. Several Toriphiles were at the event and have sent me reports about seeing the movie and hearing Tori during the film. You can read those experiences below!

Report On The Movie By Beth Winegarner

October 28, 1999 - Beth Winegarner sent me and the Precious Things mailing list the following commentary on the film and a question and answer session with the director Scott Morgan. She has some really fascinating comments about the film:

So tonight [October 9, 1999] I went to see "Hand of Fate" at the Mill Valley Film Festival. I went, admittedly, because I knew Eric Rosse had done the soundtrack for the film and that Tori was doing some vocals for the movie. What I wasn't prepared for was how beautiful and moving the film itself would be.

"Hand of Fate" is a documentary about six psychics/mediums, but the point of the film is to help people realize that they have psychic and intuitive power within themselves. It studies each medium in turn: an Indian astrologer, a Canadian psychic (and former member of T'Pau), the Nechung Oracle, a British medium, a New York psychic to the stars, and a South African Zulu psychic. It's interesting how much each of these people has in common in terms of their stories -- how they struggled against their powers, and suffered ridicule because of them in some cases, but eventually came to accept it. (Hence the title of the film).

The film was beautifully shot in black and white and color, using a number of different types of film to, as the director put it, put viewers into an altered state of consciousness so that the might begin to identify with and see themselves in the people on the screen. Tori's vocals played mainly over the segment on the British medium, and a song called "You & Me" played during the credits of the film.

Afterwards, there was a Q&A with the director, Scott Morgan, and one person asked how he got Tori to do some of the music for the film. He said he knew Tori personally, and also Eric Rosse, and explained that Eric and Tori had been involved for many years. He joked that the relationship between Eric and Tori made it so Tori felt guilty and agreed to do some of the music, and the audience laughed. He also said that she has not seen the film, and recorded the music without having seen any of the footage from the film (it still fits together quite nicely).

Further news: the soundtrack for the film will be available through the website at

Anyway, if you get a chance, do go see this film -- and not just because Tori sings in it. :)

Look below for more interviews from Toriphiles who have seen the film!

Movie Press Release

Luminous Films Ltd.


HAND OF FATE, is a feature length, non-fiction film about six unique individuals from around the world, with one magic thread that ties their fascinating lives together. It is an intimate human film portrait of an extremely diverse group of people who have been given the gift, and the burden, of being able to see the future.

Shot in 35 mm and Super 8, in both black and white and color, HAND OF FATE is a visually stunning and provocative film. It was filmed on location in India, South Africa, England, Canada and New York.

Produced and directed by acclaimed photographer and commercial director, Scott Morgan, HAND OF FATE is being produced by Luminous Films in association with Alton Walpole of Mountainair Films, which also produced Baraka, Koyaanisqatsi, Passion in the Desert and Soundman.

From a Jotish palm reader with a masters degree in neurochemistry on the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India, to a celebrity clairvoyant living in downtown Manhattan with clientele ranging from John Lennon to Princess Grace. To a Zulu Shaman in South Africa considered to be a modern day prophet and spiritual leader of all of Africa who lost his home and family to the burden of his gift. From the Nechung State Oracle of the Dalai Lama guiding the future of the entire Tibetan community living in exile in the foothills Himalayas, to a world renown clairvoyant living anonymously in the sprawling suburbia of rural Ontario with clients in 19 countries. To a Romany woman in a small English village who, like her grandmother and great grandmother before her is a seer and whose clients, like the late Princess Diana, count her as their intimate confidante; they all share a gift that has profoundly altered their lives and that they have paid an extraordinary price for.

This is not a film about psychic phenomena or the supernatural. Nor does it focus on predictions. It is an arresting portrait of the lives, histories and minds of a broad collection of individuals who live unknown to each other but who live tightly bound together by this cord of the universal.

Multi-platinum Producer Eric Rosse composed the soundtrack and score which features Real World musician Yungchen Lhamo, Badar Ali Khan and Grammy nominated Tori Amos, who recorded the original title track Me & You.

Award-winning Sound Editor Steve Munro, who did the sound for Atom Egoyans The Sweet Hereafter, created the moving sound design.

Reviews Of The Score & Movie From Toriphiles Who Were At The World Premiere!

The movie "Hand Of Fate" had its World Premiere at the Seattle Film Festival. It was screened at the Pacific Place Cinemas on June 5, 1999 at 3:30pm in Seattle, WA. Several Toriphiles were at the event and have sent me reports about seeing the movie and hearing Tori during the film. Be sure to check out the photos that Joshua D. Elvins and Kristov Jensen include with their reports!

From Joshua D. Elvins

    just got back from the world premiere of Hand of Fate. The craziest thing happened while I was there. I got there about a half and hour before the movie and went to the will-call desk to get my tickets. In front of me was this guy and I overheard him say "Rosse, Eric Rosse", but the lady said there was no ticket for him. I got my tickets and had an extra because my friend could not come at the last minute. As the lady was calling her supervisor I asked him if he was Eric Rosse. He was very surprised that I knew who he was and said yes. I offered him my extra ticket so he could get in and he did not want to take it from me, but I explained that I had no use for it. So he took it and thanked me. I asked him about the music with Tori in the movie and if it would be released. He said that it may be if the movie gets a formal release. He also conferred that it was recorded while she was touring in September. So off to the movie I went.

    It was a documentary about 6 people who all have the ability to tell the future. It was very beautiful, showing shots from India to New York where the people lived. In one of the stories from a lady from England you heard Tori's voice in the background with the music. It was much like Finn from the Great Expectations soundtrack. At the end of the film the song "Me and You" began. It was one of the most beautiful Tori songs that I have heard. She did not do any piano work for it, but there were drums, horns, violins and a host of other instruments along with it. During the credits what I believe to be other Toriphiles cheered when Tori's name came up in the credits.

    After the film I ran into Eric again and he offered to pay me back for the ticket. I said that it was not necessary and that his music was payment enough. He did sign my ticket " To Josh -- Thanks for getting me into my own film! Good Luck! Eric Rosse" he was very nice and I can see what Tori found in his pure kindness. The film also mentions a web site for the move so you might want to check that out. [Note from Mikewhy: There is nothing there yet when I last checked!] It was a wonderful experience and meeting Eric was just the cherry for the whole day.

Joshua sent me a scan of his Hand Of Fate ticket and a scan of the back of the ticket that Eric Rosse signed. Check them out.

Hand Of Fate Ticket - Front Side

Hand Of Fate Ticket - Back Side Signed By Eric Rosse

From Kristov Jensen

    I just wanted to let you know that I was at the showing of HoF as well. I see that many others have already given you most of the core information about it already so I won't go into any of that (as we're all saying about the same thing). What I will say is that won't be available for about a month, the time expected to get a publisher for the book. At that time the soundtrack will be available as well as snippets of the movie, excerpts from the book, background information, etc. Tori's song, "Me & You", was played about four times in the movie. Twice with Rita, once with a fellow from New York and again in the credits where you hear it quite well.

    Afterwards I talked with Eric Rosse. He was very kind and he signed my HoF postcard which credits Tori on the back.

    Click Here To See The Signed Hand Of Fate Postcard They Passed Out At The Premiere

    So that's about it. It gets shown in Toronto next so I HIGHLY, HIGHLY urge EVERYONE to see it. This movie will blow you away.

From Zovira

    Well, Hand of Fate premiered this afternoon at the Seattle International Film Festival. The film's director as well as other key persons from the film's production team were in attendance. Among these was composer Eric Rosse. The film was stunningly beautiful and quite well received by the audience.

    The soundtrack itself was gorgeous. The score was very ethereal and had a decidedly world feel to it. Tori's vocals were evident both during the theme song, "You and Me," and a mostly instrumental track played during the fourth segment of the film, the segment which profiled psychic Rita Rogers. This latter track was hauntingly lovely. The song "Me and You" reminded me most of "Siren." It was quite different from anything Tori has done on her own albums.

    On a happy note, the director assured the audience that the soundtrack would in fact be available for sale once they finalized things with a distributor.

    Eric Rosse was in attendance but was not around during the question and answer bit that followed the film's debut. He was however spotted with Maurice from Critters Buggin' in the lobby afterwards.

    The film is next up for consideration for the Toronto Film Festival.

From Karin Fischer

    I just got back from seeing this so I thought I'd share some stuff about it with you. Other Tori fans were there too, so I'm sure they will contact you aswell. Eric Rosse was at the showing of the movie. There was a Q&A session afterwards, but he was not part of it. Someone did ask the director about the soundtrack, and he said that they are in the middle of business dealings to get things sorted out but they do hope to release it soon. The director said that he does want it to be released. Tori did background vocals for one part of the movie, and then she sang the song "You & Me" at the end of the film as credits rolled. The credits thanked her, Matt Chamberlain, and Brad Cobb (from YKTR). Someone said they saw Brad at the movie talking with Eric afterwards. The movie is about 6 different people around the world who all have clairvoyant abilities. Tori's vocals appear during the segment featuring Rita Rogers, a clairvoyant who lives in England. Rita was punished as a child for claiming to have visions, and she predicted the stabbing of her best friend as a young girl. Luckily her friend did not die, because Rita led the police to where her body had been left in the woods. There will be information on the movie's website (which is still being worked on) about the soundtrack and book from the film. On promo postcards for the movie Tori is credited with singing the title track.

    I have a hard time describing songs, but I'll try :) The mood of the song was one of strength through love. It made you feel like a friend holding your hand after going through all the various trials of life. Facing the fires together and then giving each other a hug afterwards. The idea seemed to be that we all walk different paths in life, but at the end of it all we will come back together again somehow. That's what I sensed. There was a verse that kept being repeated about "you and me, in circles and circles, you and me in circles and circles". That part of the song reminded me of 'Cloud on my Tongue'. Tori's voice was rather soft at first, but it would slowly grow stronger and she would give out these beautifully strong notes. I really don't remember more of the lyrics. The music from the movie in general had a middle eastern/ persian feel to it. There was a little of that in the background of "You and Me". The song had a good slow beat to it, but there didn't seem to be much guitar. I'm ashamed to say that I don't remember how much piano there was in the song! The other song Tori did during Rita Rogers' segment was much softer. It had a very sad and dark feel to it. It played during a tragic part of the film, and I couldn't make out any lyrics because Rita was telling a story at the same time. There wasn't much music, just Tori singing softly in the background. It had a very otherworldly feel to it. I hope other people can do a better job of describing all this, because it's just hard for me to find the words to describe it. I hope this gives a basic feel of the music. I tried my best ;)

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