European Plugged '98 Tour
Midtfyns Festival, Denmark
July 3, 1998

Updated May 26, 2001

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Tori performed the Midtfyns Festival in Denmark on July 3, 1998 during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Many thanks to Lise Marie Birk for quickly sending me this set list!

She's Your Cocaine
Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Tear In Your Hand
Rasperry Swirl
The Waitress

No Encores


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From Bo Christensen

July 8, 1998 - The Danish experience.

Midtfyn - 13.00 CET, the Rock-stage.

BlueTori appeared on the rock-stage at 13.00 CET matching the cold and gray danish summer by being dressed in jeans and a blue t-shirt. The hard wind blowing from the west kept blowing Toris hair into her face, making her appear much more introverted, and less open and directed at the crowd, than at the Roskilde festival the week before. Not much of the audience seemed to know Tori and her music as there wasnt very crowded up front. But I guess the time and place has something to do with that as well (daytime - huge open stage). Nonetheless Tori did a fantastic job under the circumstances. The songs that impressed me the most was Cruel which Tori delivered as if she had been possessed by a heathen god she was determined expel from her body with a primal scream. She certainly convinced me! Rasperry swril showed us funkytori with a special festival version of the song which included an extended rythm section. The show only lasted about 55 minutes and ended The Waitress - which I believe is one of Toris songs that delivers the best on at large open festival stage as the Rock-stage on Midtfyn. Sadly is was over all too soon.

Afterwards I met up with Ears with feet Lena and Heine Hamborg who had been holding a "Take to the Sky" banner in the hope Tori would play the song. She didnt - but we did manage to get fingerkisses from her as she left the festival.

One cannot help but reflect upon the difference between her performance on the Roskilde festival and on Midtfyn. On the Roskilde festival (in a tent) we saw Black-and-sexy Tori (dressed all in black) being very much in touch with her audience (who happend to include a bunch of crowdsurfing, non-appreciating nutters) and giving a superhuman performance. The Midtfyns festival showed us quite another version : BlueTori. More introverted but nonetheless incredibly fascinating. The weather and Toris clothes left us only with the feelings Toris songs evoked in the crowd to warm us by. And that was all warmth we needed. What exactly made the concerts so different I dont know. Maybe it was the weather - or tent vs. open stage. Or maybe we just witnessed two sides of one incredible personality.

From Lise Marie Birk

July 3, 1998 - So is Tori Amos' show here at the Midtfyns Festival over. She played again just nine songs and those where: 1) She's Your Cocaine 2) Precious Things 3) Cornflake Girl 4) iieee 5) Crucify 6) Cruel 7) Tear In Your Hand 8) Rasperry Swirl 9) The Waitress. The show was of cause great, but the summer is not here in Denmark YET, so the weather was cloudy ans windy. She was on the biggest stage (of three) and it's an outdoor stage. The wind was just on to the stage , so Tori got her hair in her face all the time. Not so many people here aperently knew her, so there was a lot of space in the crowd (atually there was no crowd). I was standing in the 10th line or so and had a perfect view on to the stage all of the time. Becourse it was outdoor and midday (she was on at 13.00 CET), her show (festival-show which I think is more 'rocked') didn't get as wild as at the Roskilde Festival. After the first two songs she said, that she'd now played tvice in Denmark and in Norway, so now she was leaving the land of Vikings! Then she started on Cornflake Girl, but with a very nice and quit beginning, where she sang something with the land of vikings. Just before playing 'Tear in your hand' she said; "Somebody asked me to play this". I though it was to girls up front holding a sign toward Tori, but I talked to then later, asked them what the sign said, and it said: "Tori, Tori, Please play: Over the rainbow", but she didn't. Again a good show (two within 2 weeks!), just a shame there wasn't any more people to hear her great singing.

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