European Plugged '98 Tour
Roskilde Festival, Denmark
June 25, 1998

Updated July 8, 1998

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Tori performed the Roskilde Festival (day 1) in Denmark on June 25, 1998 during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour. Mike Gray tells me that according to the Channel 4 (U.K.) teletext, Page 481 on Tuesday June 30, Tori made a donation of 15,000 pounds to RAINN. This was announced at the Roskilde festival. Thomas Lauritsen reports that according to the Danish newspaper Politiken, the Roskilde Foundation donated $25000 to RAINN. They gave Tori the cheque at a press conference just before her concert. The Roskilde Foundation is the organization who organizes the Roskilde Festival. It is a non-profit organization who donates its profit to charity.

Set List

This set list is finally correct! Many thanks to Bjorn Stjernvall, Lise Marie Birk, Hilmar Seehausen, Elisabeth Hansen, and Stefan Caiafa for helping me finalize this set list.

Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
The Waitress
Raspberry Swirl

No Encores


From Bo Christensen

July 8, 1998 - One cannot help but reflect upon the difference between her performance on the Roskilde festival and on Midtfyn [Tori played the Midtfyn Festival later on July 3.] On the Roskilde festival (in a tent) we saw Black-and-sexy Tori (dressed all in black) being very much in touch with her audience (who happend to include a bunch of crowdsurfing, non-appreciating nutters) and giving a superhuman performance. The Midtfyns festival showed us quite another version : BlueTori. More introverted but nonetheless incredibly fascinating. The weather and Toris clothes left us only with the feelings Toris songs evoked in the crowd to warm us by. And that was all warmth we needed. What exactly made the concerts so different I dont know. Maybe it was the weather - or tent vs. open stage. Or maybe we just witnessed two sides of one incredible personality.

From Bo Christensen

July 3, 1998 - I saw Tori for the first time last week at the great show at the Roskilde festival. (Wow she really is as sexy and superhuman on stage as they say :-O ). I could not take notes as to the set list as I was all the way up front - getting mushed - but the set list at your site looks about right. (I been to Faith No More, Biohazard, Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts etc. but I have NEVER been mushed like I did at the Roskilde festival at Tori gig. - Is it always like that??)

From Lise Marie Birk

July 2, 1998 - Hi Mike, finally I'm home after four days of music and a lot of other things. The one thing I could have missed is the cold I brought home! Anyway; thanks for at very usefull and great page. I found it, as I was looking around the net, for information about the Plugged '98 Tour. I was very disapointed to see that she'd only played 8 songs at the festival in Italy, but it kinda brought my high expectations down. I knew, when I thought about it, that every bands playing at the Roskilde Festival only has about 60 minutes to make the program rolling. That leaves around nine songs for Toris performance. These were: 'Presious Things', 'Cornflake Girl', 'iieee', 'Crusify', 'Cruel, 'Spark', 'God', 'Waitress' (+ 'Hunting'?), 'Rasperry Swirl'. Played in the order mentioned. Of couse some of the songs were longer and a bit different then on the album, but especially the last played ('Rasperry Swirl') really rocked the place (tent!). The, on the album, wild (I think) 'Waitress' was quiet down, and mixed with another song I didn't know. I talked with my friend later, and we agreed on that it must have been a song called something like 'Hunting'. Now I've just searched the net a bit, but couldn't find any song by her called 'Hunting', but that was was she was singing (repeting) in the last part of 'Waitess'. I personally missed the big (and more quiet) songs like 'Marianne', 'Jackies Strength', 'Mother' and 'Horses'. But then again; it was a festival, where people come to have a good and rocked time. I'm looking very forward to her concert on the Midtfyns Festival next friday. This festival is more 'family-friendly' then Roskilde, which is more for the 'hardcore'. Of cause I'll supply you with her setlist, when I get home from Midtfyns Festival, but you might wanna wait till sunday or monday - unless I can find/borrow a computer some where at the festival...!? 1000 regards Lise Marie Birk, Copenhagen, Denmark

From Stefan Caiafa

July 2, 1998 - Due to the ridiculous Danish train system which is ALWAYS running late, I missed the first fifteen minutes of Tori's performance. I arrived in the middle of Iieee, and had a hard time enjoying the show. The festival organisers put her at the Red Tent, which is one of the smallest venues. Needless to say, the place was over-packed to insane proportions. Tori was amasing though. The songs were GREAT. Too bad it was a festival, so she couldn't play a full setlist. Well let's see what else... ah yes, the setlist:

?????- She might've played one or two songs more before I arrived. The concert will be rebroadcast over Danish radios in the next few days, so hopefully I'll get the full setlist.

Iieee--- beautiful, very emotionally performed (the cathedral part especially

Cruel--- this is one of my favorites.

Crucify--- the crowd went wild. Tori was very energetic throughout not only this song, but the entire performance

Spark--- crowd went wild again.

God--- and again. Throughout the whole thing, the crowd was almost impossible. I could barely breathe. And the damn crowd surfers. I was moving around during God trying to find a safe place, so I wasn't always paying attention.

The Waitress--- Tori played an extended version of this, where she sang "But I believe in peace bitch" repeatedly in a different tone (a higher pitch, but a lower key or maybe vice versa; I'm not sure I can explain).

Raspberry Swirl--- this one was awesome. The whole place, including Tori and the Band, was bouncing. Tori was so lively, she seemed really happy and serene. Too bad she only played a short set. When finished, she grabbed the others in the band by their hands, and they gracefully bowed before leaving the stage. Sigh.

No encores

Sorry I can't write much of a review. I really wished I had had a better concert experience. I'll be seeing her again in Tampa, Fl. in August and Los Angeles in September. I'll definitely submit a review from those concerts.

From Hilmar Seehausen

July 2, 1998 - The first song Tori played was definitely not Black Dove January!!! In my opinion it was 'Precious Things'. She also played 'Cornflake Girl'. I think as 2nd Song.The Rest of the Set-List seems to be Okay for me,but I am not absolutely sure about the order of the songs 'Crucify'and 'Cruel'.But it is probably okay.

I could not really enjoy her performance at Roskilde.(Also I was standing in the first row.)There were so many photographer's. (And so many people who had to get pulled out of the crowd by the security.)

I think you cannot really enjoy a Tori-Festival Gig like an 'ordinary' Tori-concert.But she definitely had the audience on her side.And me too.

From Elisabeth Hansen

July 2, 1998 - I went to the wonderful Tori Amos consert at Roskilde, and it was undoubtedly my best music-experience ever. I just LOVE Her!!! Just wanted to give you an update on the set-list: I think it's fairly accurate, except for the beginning. The first song was Precious things, and then She made us all extatic with Cornflake Girl. After that, I think the current list is correct.

From Julian Khardine

June 29, 1998 - I had prepared everything for the day when Tori was suppose to play. I had bought roses and written a small letter to Tori and Steve. I drove to Roskilde half an hour before she was going to play but Sadly, very sadly, I could not find the route to Roskilde and I ended up arriving there one hour after she had started playing, to my Poor luck she only played one hour. so I came just in the last song "Raspberry swirl" and there was these thousands of fans which I had to get threw to hand Tori the roses before she went of stage. This was amazing, I predicted that it would take me 30 min. to get threw the crowd but when I raised the roses in the air and the fans who were in front of me saw them, they immediately smiled at me and began to much me forward very fast, some of them even asked if I wanted to be lifted forward. It was pretty amazing and within 5 min. I was in front of the stage and had passed those thousands of fans. Thanks to the nice Ears With Feet. The security took the roses back stage and told me they were handed to Tori's manager.

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