European Plugged '98 Tour
München, Germany
June 18, 1998

Updated January 12, 1999

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Tori performed in München, Germany on June 18, 1998 at the Philharmonie during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Many thanks to Nigel Devereux for being the first to give me this set list. Tori played Here, In My Head, Baker Baker and Silent All These Years solo.

Black-Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Playboy Mommy
Liquid Diamonds
Here, In My Head
Baker Baker
Jackie's Strength
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:

Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:

Silent All These Years


From Robert Atwater

January 12, 1999 - Allow me to tell you about my experience on catching her this tour (Europe and US). Well after a sleepless night of riding an overnight train from Rome to Paris (the Italian train system is infamous for being one of the worst in Europe,) we checked into our hotel and I asked where I could buy concert tickets in the neighborhood. I go to Fnac, a ticket selling company in Paris, only to find out that the evening's show, June 6, had been cancelled. I was freaking out. Okay, I thought. I'll just have to make it to Munich by 18. June. Come 18. June, I do arrive in Munich that morning, check into the hostel, and buy a ticket for the evening's show!

Seeing her both in Germany, and later in Austin and Dallas, Texas this year, I would like to bring out a point nobody has mentioned I don't think. Tori's Europe shows are much different than the US shows as well as the fans. First off, she performed in a symphony music hall seating maybe 3,000 at most. People were calmed, WELL MANNERED, many well dressed with some older men in suits and women wearing their finest jewelry. In the lobby, wines and chocolates were served and people lounged on the marble benches as well as in the courtyard outside. The whole situation was quite nice and CIVILIZED. I chatted with the many FRIENDLY fans (I speak German) locals as well as a few Americans who turned out to be pleasant people. Well entering the auditorium, I wasn't greeted by a husky biker security guard, but a female petite usher who showed me my seat. Later a couple comes up to me and POLITELY tells me that I have the wrong seat understanding that accidents happen (It wasn't "Bitch, get the fuck out of my seat" that a man yelled to my friend at the Dallas show.) It turned out that the lady was wrong but they were to sit next to me.

The concert. Tori said very little. I think she was afraid many people didn't understand English. Whatever the case the German crowd fell in love with her. She played Here. In My Head, a favorite of mine that seem to come out of nowhere. I also heard the new "Horses" and the famous "the Waitress" for the first time which was awesome.

Four months later, I find myself w/ my girlfriend in Austin, Texas @ the front of the line. We are among the first to make it inside the Stand-in only shit hole of a venue. Although we were at the front of the venue standing right before our favorite songstress, the behavior of the crowd was sour to say the least providing a constant distraction throughout the otherwise wonderful evening. And the cigarette smoke! My God, a little teenage girl next to us passed out and was hurried back stage as I later learned she had an asthma attack. When we left, it looked like we had jumped into a pool fully clothed (no joke) from the sweat of being sandwiched with a good 5,000 people in what felt like my living room. Oh if our Munich attending friends could have seen this!

Two days later I saw here in Dallas (where I live) @ the Starplex. Again I was thrilled to have pit seats but my friends had individual seats many rows back. What can I say, Tori played a wonderful show and sang "Me and a Gun" another nice suprise. Again the audience behavior throughout this one. I'm not talking about everyone but the many LOUD interruptions were enough to stir up an extremely pissed of facial expression on Tori's face as I stood right in front of her.

From Eric (with a 'c') Thelen

June 21, 1998 - Here. In My head was played due to a request. Tori dedicated the song to this person 'whereever he is'.

In my opinion this was the show with the best sound so far. The acoustics in the Philharmonie allowed a sound in which the different instruments were still very well distinguishable. I had never heard the piano so clearly during the songs with band during this tour so far.

I also liked the setlist a lot, because it contained more songs with focus on the piano than usual.

From Uli alias wilma

June 21, 1998 - I won't talk much about the Munich concert, cuz a friend of mine will write a review about that. All I can say is that it was unbelievable. Tori seems to sense a LOT of what is going on in the audiance. I got the impression that the band is actually playing something like Poker while performing...Someone from the audiance put a necklace around Tori's neck before she played SATY, it looked like a heart.

From Uli (Ulrich Haag)

June 19, 1998 - yesterday evening I have attended the Tori Amos Concert in Munich. It was really a great show, but I liked the concerts where Tori played without a band more, because the drums and guitars override her piano and her voice.

The set list was nearly the same as in the other concerts but in the middle she sent her musicians from the stage and played "here in my head" and "baker baker" alone. This was absolutely amazing!

The second encore was "silent all these years", which was also played solo.

From Nigel Devereux

June 19, 1998 - Well here the set list for Munich 18 Jun 98 started about 21:20 Finshed approx. 22:45 (I was in rush to get down to the m&g area)

1. Black Dove
2. ieee
3.cornfalke girl
4. playboy mum
5. crucify
6. Liquid
7. horses
8. head (Tori alone) (requested)
9. baker baker ( Tori)
10. Jackie's Strength
11. spark
12. spacve dog
13. waitress
encore 1
rasbery swirl
encore 2
silent all these years

Wow !! Tori rocks Munich

It was in the Philharmonie (which isn't really a rocking kind of place being a concert hall for mainly classical stuff) but she still rocked the place. The Devlins started off and they really weren't bad. then a 30-45 min break then Tori and the band came on. It was a totally different show from the first show I saw here in munich (she was support for marc cohen ok. so thats a few years ago but I thought I'd mention it). The show itself is great the light efects were top but what really got everybody were the mirror balls (yow!! :O). What I really don't understand is why Tori plays in classical concert halls. People tried to dance but of course the security girls (yes) sent them back to their seats. (Being good Toriphiles they meekly went back) she should play in normal concert halls and let the people move to the music. Maybe next time. The meet & greet in the afternoon was nice there were only about 7 people there so it was nice and relaxed. One English girl requested Head and Tori really played it during the show, mentioning that it had been requested so whoevershewas shouted thanks which was a nice personal touch. Well that's all for now.

From Michael Heiker

June 19, 1998 - Hi Mikewhy ! It's now about 06.50 a.m. in Germany and I need some sleep but anyway.. here is the Setlist for Munich: Black Dove IIIEE Cornflake Girl Playboy Mummy Crucify Liquid Diamonds Horses Here in my Head (Tori only !) Baker Baker (Tori only !) Jackie's Strength Spark Space Dog Waitress .... Cruel Raspberry Swirl .... Silent all these Years (Tori only ! - On Setlist: Thank You !)What should I say ? It was so great - so magical... Here in my Head was absolutely amazing and as Tori played Silent all these Years it was like flying in some other Dimension - Tori's own little World. I just can't believe that in Frankfurt on the 23rd June 1998 her German Tour will end. Only one thing at the end.. The Philharmonie in Munich is really beautiful and the sound was excellent but I wished the Security would be more tolerant and let the people dance in the near of the stage at the last songs - especially Raspberry Swirl. But perhaps it was because everyone was sitting and somebody thought that it would be horrible if there were some girls and boys dancing in front of the stage and having fun... But that's only my opinion. See you all in Frankfurt !

From jan seewald (Posted To ToriNews mailing list)

June 19, 1998 - i never had such a great concert in all these years. finally i got to met tori - she signed my programm and my little earthquakes cd.

i took lot's of photos and we chatterd around, she really took time, though she got up at five in the morning.

she looked great in black pants and white shirt. i never imagend how small she is, so fragile, i love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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