European Plugged '98 Tour
Hamburg, Germany
June 11, 1998

Updated July 9, 1998

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Tori performed in Hamburg, Germany on June 11, 1998 at Stadtpark during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Alexander Buhr was the first to email me this set list.

Black-Dove (January)
She's Your Cocaine
Cornflake Girl
Space Dog
Thank You
Cloud On My Tongue
Northern Lad
Precious Things
The Waitress

1st Encore:

Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:



From Cora Milhollin (Posted to the RDTRN mailing list)

July 9, 1998 - wow, is all i can really say. i loved the show. tori was in perfect form and i liked the addition of the band (though i'm glad she took a few solo minutes). it's exciting watching her develop. so, i fell in love with tori all over again (not that i ever fell out of love with her, but you know what i mean). and i just love the concert program -- yeah, pictures of tori's wedding!

so, i don't have the set list with me at the moment, but from what i can remember, she played (these aren't in order):

black dove
space dog
cornflake girl
northern lad
thank you (she played this for me!)
cloud on my tongue
raspberry swirl
precious things
she's your cocaine

so, i got to meet tori again before the show and she signed my pink under the pink record. i asked her if she could play 'thank you' for me. i explained that it reminds me of my mom, who is battling breast cancer and it would mean a lot to her and me to have her play it, but i understand if she doesn't because she is not a human juxebox. she said she'd really try and she wrote 'ty' on her hand. about the middle of the show, the rest of the band ran off stage and she said, 'so, this girl asked me to play this song for her 'cause it means a lot to her, so i'm going to do it.' then she started playing thank you and i burst into tears. it was so wonderful. i was a little worried that tori thought i made up the story about my mom just to get her attention, but i figured later that if she thought i was lying, she wouldn't have played the song. i talked with my mom later that night and she was impressed when i told her. now, i know tori has played many songs for many people, but i still feel really special. wow, tori played a song for me! dream come true.

From Jenny

June 29, 1998 - During the "meet&greet" before the concert I asked Tori for playing Alamo tonight. She said maybe she`ll play it. Then she asked if this was my last show. I said Yes. "So this is the very last time that I`ll see you?". I said "yes". "Are you sure???" she asked."So let me give a hug to you!". And I went through the crowd of people and Tori gave me a hug. I was too happy!!! Well, she didn`t play Alamo (but later in Frankfurt the 23rd of June). The concert was wet but great!

From Eric (with a 'c') Thelen

June 21, 1998 - Before the show, Tori was interviewed for MTV Germany. The interview has already been broadcasted. The segments should sum up to something like ten minutes. Tori also comments on 'Ears With Feet' again when she was prompted during a spontaneous association game to say what comes to her mind when she hears the word 'fans'.

From Alex

June 12, 1998 - I just returned from a really, really fabulous open air concert. Tori rocked Hamburg and it was just so brilliant, so intense and moving...but I know this isn't news so I'll try to put the set list together instead:

1. Black-dove (january)
2. She's your cocaine
3. Cornflakegirl
4. Iieee
5. Honey
6. Spacedog
7. Thank you
8. Cloud on my tongue
9. Northern Lad
10. Spark
11. Precious things
12. Cruel
13. The waitress
-------------first encore
14. Crucify
15. Raspberry swirl
-------------second encore
16. Horses

This should be the set list...if anyone wants to put it on his webside please contact me again for I am not perfectly sure of this is it.

Another news I heared is that only the US will get Jackie's Streignth as second single...Europe (or maybe only Germany, if that's possible) will get the mixed version of Raspberry swirl with nice electronic beats...

From Catja

June 12, 1998 - Hello Mike! This is Catja from Hamburg. I just came home from my first Tori Concert and I hope, I'm the first to mail you the set list: I was able to listen to parts of the soundcheck, too. Tori played Liquid Diamonds Thank You iiiieee for the soundcheck. The special guest was interruption was pretty boring, but brought us through the rain ( twoandahalf hours..."...when you're only wet because of the rain...") Then it was January Girl (Black Dove)› Cocaine Cornflake Girl iiiieee Honey Spacedog Spark Thank You Cloud on my tongue Northern Lad Precious Things Cruel The Waitress› › 1st Encore Crucify Raspberry Swirl › 2nd Encore Horses › I won't bother and annoy you with that "it-was-so-amazing-i-really-loved-the-way-she-played-such-and-such..."-shit. That's too personal to me. I'll just keep it to myself and lock it up in my heart! But I still want you to know, how beautiful your page is and how much respect I have for your discipline to update it every fucking day!!! I think I'll write to you again sometime... I'll go now, enjoy my german beer, have a good smoke and some excellent sex... › A big smile from Hamburg and Catja:-)

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