European Plugged '98 Tour
Frankfurt, Germany
June 9, 1998

Updated June 29, 1998

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Tori performed in Frankfurt, Germany on June 9, 1998 at the Alte Oper during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

HKanning was the first to email me this set list.

Black-Dove (January)
Precious Things
Cornflake Girl
Playboy Mommy
Pretty Good Year
Here, In My Head (Tori only)
Winter (Tori only)
She's Your Cocaine
The Waitress

1st Encore:

Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:

Putting The Damage On


From Jenny

June 29, 1998 - This concert was really fantastic compared to the Berlin concert. I asked for Here In My Head before the concert and it was played! Matt and I had a little chat with Caton befor the Concert. He loves Henry Miller! After the concert I asked Tori the first time for Alamo. She reminded the song and started singing it standing in front of me. Matt, Rurick and I were sitting in the first row inthe opera so we could really enjoy the concert. We could see every mood in her face. It was a amazingÝ experience!!!

From Eric (with a 'c') Thelen

June 21, 1998 - There was a unique (and improvised) piano intro before Iieee. Here. In My Head was played due to a request during the 'Before Soundcheck Meet&Greet'.

From Carlo Rosenkranz

June 15, 1998 - It wasn't as good as I had expected it to be. I found very soon after the opening "Back Dove" that the drums were too dominating, all the noise covered too much of Tori's beautiful voice and of the piano. The drummer obviously enjoyed it to hit the snares as hard as he could. I liked the band in songs which originally featured many instruments in some passages like "Waitress" and "God". I would have enjoyed it more if the band had been more in the background.

After the second song or so Tori welcomed the audience - the only time she spoke to us, no funny stories like I know them from recordings of other concerts. But she said that she got lost in the underground corridors of the Alte Oper (Old Opera House), which look like a dungeon. After walking around a little she entered a small theater and said beautifully: "I've been here before. I seem to be coming back to this place" for she recognized the entrance hall in which she had played her very first Frankfurt concert. One other thing I noticed: The guitarist, Steve Caton, looked so cool during the concert, I expected him to draw some sunglasses from his pocket any moment.

From Sabrina

June 11, 1998 - I can't remember if the merchandise available, was the same as what was mentioned before. There were 4 different t-shirts (2 black ones, one grey, one white... all different styles), one long-sleeved one, and one spaghetti-strap top, the usual necklace, tour book and poster.

Ok, sorry for that boring part... just thought some might be interested. The Devlins played a good set and seemed happy. I loved the quote from the lead singer "This is our first time in Germany" then proceeded with "you sure have a lot of sex shops here". Tori started her set at around 9:25 and ended at 11. She wore the usual cargo pants (they looked blue), a blue jeans shirt with a black long-sleeved shirt underneath. Black Dove was a great opener and the band was really getting into it. Precious Things was next. Tori was really energetic, banging on the piano keys and the keyboard. I also must say at this point, that the crowd was really great. No yelling "I love you's", just the usual whistling and "whoos", and even though Cornflake Girl and Winter got the most applause, the reaction to the first two was pretty huge. The problem I had with the "heavier" band songs, was that at some moments it would drain out Tori's voice. The bass was VERY loud.. but that's probably 'cos I was quite close to the speakers. Next came iieee (see my other post).

After that, Tori talked for the first and only time during the show. She said how she had gone to have dinner in the "dungeons below" of the venue, and that she'd gotten lost and ended up in a little theatre, she'd played in '92, and that she always ended up playing somewhere in the Alte Oper. "I love this place... it's good to be back".

Cornflake Girl, was of course the hit for most. Tori did funny faces throughout this song, which was really cute. She was making them partially at the crowd, and partially at Steve who was grinning back at her. Tori was fascinating to look at. Her facial expressions that is. Playboy Mommy was very emotional, as was Pretty Good Year, altho the middle part rocked. The part of PM, where she sings Gloria, a yellowish light just shone on Tori and she looked up at the ceiling, like she was looking at the sky. Cruel was amazing. Then came secret time, with Here in my Head. What I found strange was that the piano in the beginning of the song (the beginning melody) was playback, and later replaced by her playing. Winter was equally beautiful. Playback for the drums started, as soon as she was finished, and was replaced a couple of seconds later by Matt, as they went straight into Horses. I love the dark version of it... even the stage lights dimmed and the disco ball started turning... it was wonderful. Spark followed, then She's your Cocaine which just rocked. Steve was going wild on the guitar.. he was in a world of his own, and I swear... there were people in the crowd headbanging to this song. The Waitress was just as great... the band really works for these songs.

First encore: God was interesting, mainly 'cos she was improvising with lyrics and playing with her voice. The funny thing is, Jon Evans imitated this in the back, and he did it so well. I think he's listened to that so many times, he actually knows how she'll improvise (the "heeeeyay..." etc), and he was looking at Matt, who was laughing back at him. Rasberry Swirl was a fav for headbangers again (and who's complaining about teeny boppers here? ;-) Nearly everyone was swaying to this... it's hard not to move. Lots of interaction between Tori and Steve again.

Second encore: Putting the Damage on. Beautiful. Amazing. Just simply wonderful. When she played the first bars, the crowd cheered, and a bright smile hushed across Tori's face.

All in all, a great show. It seemed to pass so quickly and had me wishing for more. The only thing I missed were more songs off Pele, but I'll survive. Tori was also real sweet on her way to the tour bus later. I'm always surprised at how tiny and fragile she seems, but she's just adorable, and gave autographs, or let people take pix. Another thing that was wonderful, were all the Toriphiles waiting outside. No screaming "TOREEEE!!" or anything... just a nice round of applause for her, and the band. I really can't wait to see her again.

Sorry for the long review, but if you've made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it.


I just read the reviews to the Frankfurt show on the dent from fellow Toriphiles, and one mentioned the "spontaneous" song, which she'll never play again. It was simply beautiful. Here are the lyrics, and only in one instant, did I have problems deciphering what she was singing. Contrary to the review, this song wasn't a cappella, but just her and the piano.

I know... oooh darling I know... little girl
I know we're dying, with my foot on the floor
I see it clear,
no stopping you now, no stopping you from
going on to the God's world now
I know... we are dying
my little girl
nothing, stop
the ??? (it sounds like "car" but that wouldn't make sense)
can hold you in my heart
and so... and so.. and so.....

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what this song's about. Needless to say I was close to tears when she sang this. The melody has no resemblance to that of iieee btw.

From HKanning (Timmy and a purple monkey)

June 11, 1998 - The devlins came relatively in time at 8.00 pm

Tori at 9.20 pm

main part --> 10.40 pm

encores --> 11.00 pm

Last night I have seen Tori live for the first time. Of course it was really great and amazing. Tori has an indescribable voice, a mixture of a bell, a siren and a whale.

It was so unbelievable how it rised high above the band and how the goddess could handle it, so that each tone ,even the highest, hit correctly.

What I was disappointed about was, that she played so less slow, emotional girls, like e.g. SATY or MARIANNE. All the evening was much too rocky.You know, at the beginning I was really happy, because Tori played all my favorites (PRETTY GOOD YEAR,PLAYBOY MOMMY) and songs like PRECIOUS THINGS sounded really great with a full band, but she hardly did one song, during which you could relax a little.Even between the different songs there were nearly no breaks to digest them. I found, the whole concert was running through too fast, because Tori spoke to us only one time after IIEEE (something about the theatre she had already been to and that she had get lost somewhere) to say hi and introduce the band. She didnĄt even say anything about the secret time, but started suddenly right after CRUEL playing HERE IN MY HEAD all alone in the spotlight.Because I didnĄt knew it before and noone started chearing at its beginning, I first thought it was the intro to another song, you know but her voice was really great again. After it she went right over to WINTER, that was beautiful like usual.

The new version of HORSES is interesting but sounds more like the intro of a Tina-Turner-Concert. The light-show and the first sounds of it made me thought, it would be LIQUID DIAMONDS.Tori made a real long version of THE WAITRESS. I hoped she would play some more songs on the piano as encores but instead of that she played two more rock-songs, that I donĄt like very much (GOD,RS). Then I was so happy to recognize PUTTING THE DAMAGE ON as the 2nd encore, but then the drums came in again.

I think they kept all the magic and feeling out of many songs, because they have been too loud and powerful for some.

Really great was, that Tori put lots of new phrases to most of the songs.The screams on CRUEL gave me the creeps of wellness.

After the concert I met the goddess behind the theater and she asked me, how i was doing and gave me an autograph,like all the other toriphiles waiting.I was very surprised to see how little, shy and friendly she was.Completely different to her behaving on the stage.That meeting was really amazing and made the evening even more fantastic.

From Lucy

June 11, 1998 - here goes...

black dove (january) - I think that this song has been played at every show so far. I think that the song is a sort of sequel, moving past her rape, and has taken the place of MaaG. It's done brilliantly live. The energy that is added live brings the song up a level.

precious things - I think that of all the old songs, this translates to the band the best. This is the way it was meant to be heard. It's really frightening. And gRRRRRRRRRRRRL seems to get longer all the time

iieee - there was an intro to this song that was really incredible. It was Mellow and sulking and the lyrics seem to have strong ties to Skeeter. This is one of the best bits I've heard and apparently it just came to her for this show.

cornflake girl

playboy mommy - I really dislike this song live. It is too poppy and it seems to sugar some of the lyrics.

Pretty Good Year. - This song was done similarly to other shows. The only added bonus is that i swear she said Lucy intentionally louder. (wishful thinking)

Cruel - wow. ten times better than the album track. It's pulled into an incredible bit of chaos.

here. in my head - ok, I'm biased on this one. This has to be one of my favorite songs. It was pretty similar to the LE video, but hearing it in front of you give the song a bit of glitter.


Horses (chemically altered) Couldn't figure this song at first. I like this version, Matt really adds a lot to the song. wow. It's so different, a nice change.

Spark - like Leno.

She's your cocaine - the band seemed to really get into this one. It was definately better than the album version. All the little extensions just gave the song a more groovin' feel.

The Waitress. - This was made for the band. An all out rockin' tune, the feminine anger seems amplified. ANother song that will be ringing in my head for weeks.

1st encore

Raspberry Swirl

Putting the Damage on - This is one of my favorite tracks off BfP and I don't know if I like this version. It's something that I'll need to give some time to.


Tori looked like she was really happy. Like she was really enjoying herself. And she was just drinking evian which is a good sign. I think that above everything else, these shows will be a lot of fun. The band and new songs leave you grinning uncontrolably, which has never been a bad thing.

From Fonty

June 10, 1998 - "The Devlins" opened for Tori and they were good. They are from Ireland. There music didnĄt sound like it, but was okay. A break of at least 40 minutes.

Then the band (Steve Caton, Matt Chamberlain, Jon Evans) came out and they began to play. Tori joined them and they played "Black Dove".... In short I can say that it was a very loud concert and it really rocked. It was great, only too short. :)

From Claudia

June 10, 1998 - Tori seemed very relaxed and good-tempered, the band was really good, too, and it was better than I had expected to see her live with her band. I thought that a bit of the intimacy would get lost not to see her alone with the piano but it was just interesting to see them play together and each of them enjoying it. She told a short story about how she got lost in the, as she said "dungeons" of the old opera, where the band and crew would like to have dinner that day. By the way, the support act, the Devlins from Ireland were pretty cool as well. Now I'm looking forward to the next Frankfurt concert in two weeks.

From Matt Page

June 10, 1998 - Comments: Absolutely fantastic concert tonight!! She played a "new" acapella song before Iieee which just "came to her" spontaneously? Unbelievably beautiful. I asked her if she will play it again after the concert and she said... NO.... she just came tonight and is gone forever. I cannot remember the exact lyrics but the song made reference to "little girl" so I presume it relates to her unborn child... just guessing! She really vamped for a long time on Cruel tonight... WOW... fantastic! It was my first time hearing Pretty Good Year with the band... PHENOMENAL!

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