European Plugged '98 Tour
Berlin, Germany
June 8, 1998

Updated June 11, 1998

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Tori performed in Berlin, Germany on June 8, 1998 at the Columbiahalle during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Matt Page was the first to email me this set list.

Black-Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Leather (Tori only)
Icicle (Tori only)
Northern Lad
Space Dog
The Waitress

1st Encore:

Tear In Your Hand
Raspberry Swirl

2nd Encore:

Song For Eric


From Ulrike Wenzel (Posted to newsgroup)

June 11, 1998 - Yeah, I know you are all just *dying* to hear yet another show review. :) In fact, I am reviewing the audience more than the music...

The set list (not quite in order, I'm afraid):

Black Dove, Cruel, Cornflake Girl, Precious Things, Liquid Diamonds, Spark, Horses, Leather, Icicle, Waitress, Space Dog, Iieee, Northern Lad Encore: Tear in Your Hand, Raspberry Swirl, Honey, Song for Eric

This was the second time I saw her, my first show was during the DDI tour. Musically, I liked this one better--I prefer her slower, piano-dominated songs in studio quality, but the new stuff works really well live. The audience was much more annoying than before, though.

There were no seats, so naturally, people danced and didn't concetrate on the music as well. Which could have been okay... but why do they have to be such rude assholes? I was in the third row, which looked promising in the beginning, but as it got more crowded, I got shoved and found myself behind the two tallest guys in the entire audience. To make it worse, the first two rows stood on higher ground than the rest. A couple of other girls and I asked them if they'd let us in front, but they wouldn't. Okay, I can see that they got there before us and all, but we hardly even reached their shoulders. They could easily have seen past us. Still worse: they kept their arms around each other's shoulder the whole time and jumped up and down during the faster songs (which, in their mind, was everything except Northern Lad and Song for Eric). Fuckers. At least one of them took off his spiky metal bracelet when I asked him to.

Also highly annoying: the singing. It was okay while the band was playing, because they were loud enough. But during Leather and Icicle, it just plain sucked. Some couldn't even carry the tune. God, it sounded awful! And there was rhythmic clapping during the 'Could it be the weather'-part of Leather--yikes!!

Anyhow, Tori was amazing, and I tried to ignore the assholes, but only with moderate success. Kind of sad how just a handful of jerks can ruin things for so many others.


Well, the good part came after the show was over. We were around 25 people waiting for Tori at the gate, and after a while, she came and signed stuff for us. Joel and whoever else were very strict about just one autograph per person, and it worked well. Everybody let the others in front after they got theirs, and nobody pushed. So she signed my Winter single, asked how you do, to which I couldn't get my brain to find a response, but as she handed it back, I managed to thank her for the wonderful show. Whew. I felt like such a teenage girlie. =)

Oh well, it would have been all around awesome if I hadn't been in such an unfortunate spot. I'll see her again in Hamburg on Thursday, maybe I'll have better luck then.

From Matt Page

June 10, 1998 - Tori was in good form tonight. The official set list said that she was supposed to play Winter after Leather but she decided on Icicle instead.

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