European Plugged '98 Tour
Paris, France
June 5, 1998

Updated June 11, 1998

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Tori performed in Paris, France on June 5, 1998 at the Grand Rex during the European leg of her Plugged '98 tour.

Set List

Thierry and The French Tori Amos Fan Club (FONTAN Christophe, JANEAULT Didier & DE BRUYNE Erik) were the first to email me this set list.

Black-Dove (January)
Cornflake Girl
Precious Things
Pretty Good year
Jackie's Strength
Liquid Diamond
Raspberry Swirl
The Waitress

1st Encore:

Nothern Lad

2nd Encore:



From Diccon (Posted to newsgroup)

June 11, 1998 - In order, the setlist was:
Black Dove, Cornflake Girl, Iieee, Cruel, Precious Things, Pretty Good Year, Spark, Leather, Icicle, Jackie's Strength, Liquid Diamonds, Raspberry Swirl, The Waitress, (First Encore:) God, Northern Lad, (Second Encore:) Horses.

I didn't think the opening act was well chosen at all. On DDI, I thought Willy Porter was pretty good, but this band, The Devlins, didn't seem to have progressed much since the singer put an ad in the post office for musicians for his Crowded House-influenced project. The title track off their album 'Waiting' was OK, though. At least they managed to speak to the audience, though, and in French too.

I'm not asking that Tori learn to speak French, or any other language, but I was extremely disappointed that the only words she spoke were to indroduce the band after Precious Things. She didn't say much last time but this was terrible after hearing stories of her chatting and joking with her US audiences.

Of course the show was still excellent - it would have been that much better with more audience interaction. I like her new band stuff. Not necessarily better than older material, just different. Some songs work extremely well with the new set up, including some great reworkings of old songs (particularly Precious Things and Horses), and she played Leather and Icicle alone.

Another Salut from Paris. Even more sorry for any mistakes in English as I have no excuse.

From Ornit

June 10, 1998 - i'm ornit (from julian's review). first got to tell you i *love* this place.

came to paris from israel especially to see her after a 6 years old dream, and there's no doubt i'm broke now, but definitely overwhelmed... got a pretty crappy seat at first, but after finishing pitying my self (tears and everything) i'm glad to report i was honored to sit at the very first row right in front of her (found a single chair waiting just for me - or was god there for a change?)

we waited quite a long time till the show begun. oh and how it begun!

she came inside the stage waving, dressed up with her uniform (those cool pockets-pants and grey T-shirt), all smiles and sweetness, but i knew i'll see the thorns sometimes. she openeded with black dove (not a word said) it was very powerful and really fastening to actually SEE the way she sings live effortless and absolutely freely, mastering her hands to play the black Bosendorfer, her body to dance with it, her incredible voice, giving us the shivers. then came cornflake girl, and the crowd begun warming up. she was pretty vicious on that one and sang one octave lower at "you bet your life it is" (perhaps she was saving her strength?). i have to say, it was really HOT at the Grand rex theater, and the woman was sweating her guts out! precious things was outstanding, loved the repeating "those beautiful boys, those christian boys" again and again. most of the show i had to close my jaw - it just wouldn't listen to me...before she went down stage (there were still two encores ahead), she came waving near the edge of the stage and i wasn't sure whether to approach (the french crowd was SO polite) then i found my self standing with two other guys on my left and right sides, looking at her from down below. she looked at us briefly and then held both my hands smiling at me, and all i could say was "thank you". those were really few precious seconds.

there was one thing i've never seen anyone do before: in two, maybe three of the songs (i don't remember which - too astounded probably), she just opened her jaw and let her spit drop down, drooling all over, like dracula. it blew me away really.

but you know, she can be soft as well as cruel - northern lad, my favorite, i think, from her last album, was one of her soft moments - to hear her live singing the part with the rain is just one of those things that made me feel as if a bomb just fell down on my head. finally she did horses, a totally different version from the album - beautifully improvised. to see her performing is something i can hardly describe. it was one of my dearest experiences.

after the show i went outside the back door hoping to get a glimpse of her. while waiting, i met this sweet guy from denmark, julian, whom waited with me together with about 200 hungry people. unfortunately tori came out from the second entrance straight to her car. didn't even get to see her red hair. i guess my luck run out.

at least i thought so, because then i met steve caton, we had a little chat, and went to this bar together with julian and the band. i had the most interesting conversation with him (a very cool guy if i may) and that was an appropriate ending for one of the most greatest days in my life!

From Ruth (

June 9, 1998 - This is a query for anyone who was at the Paris show. What were the lyrics to the extra verse in PGY? This is really really important to me (for personal reasons). She sang something to the effect of: sometimes I only think of her, of her still a pretty good year.

There was much more to this but that's all I have, does anyone who was at the Paris show know the exact lyrics?

Please, please, please someone help me.

Thank you from the bottom of my impatient heart.

From Julian Khardine

June 6, 1998 - Tori takes the city of romance by storm

Here I was in a line of people one street long, leading the way into the Grand Rex Theater, I had been dreaming about this moment for the last 3 months (Bought the tickets back then) and now I was finally here, I had flown all the way from Denmark Scandinavia to see Tori Amos, it had been expensive but it was worth the 500$.

After a long waiting time I finally came into the theater, and the first thing I did was to race into a new line in front of the merchandise shop (I desperately wanted a Poster and T-shirt from the Plugged 98 :) )

At this time I noticed that most French people were not really showing the mood you hear about from the American concerts :) But then I meet a Canadian girl whom were dancing up and down while screaming of joy. I spoke to her about Lovely Tori and she told me that this was her first concert (Mine too :) ). Well I helped her choose a good Tori Shirt (Very small :) ) and then I said goodbye and went looking for my seat. The Theater hall was very large, it had 3 floors and incredible decorations (Must have been done by Tori :) J/K).

There were these nice Girls who showed you to your seat which looked very luxurious and felt pretty good to sit in. Sadly my seat was like 10 rows away from the scene :) but that definitely did not spoil my mood because I was here and Soon Tori would be as well :) . Just when I sad down a friend of mine named Gerard whom I had agreed to see the concert with came. I was actually looking forward to hearing his opinion about the concert because he had never heard Tori Amos music and he knew very little about her (I pity him for his ignorance :) )

At 7.30 PM. the concert was suppose to begin, but it didnt instead there was music playing over the speakers :) , this made the crowd uneasy and restless, from time to time the crowd began to clap and shout, trying to draw Tori Amos to the stage. But it didnt work, I began to get bad feelings about the crowd, they really were not in the mood you heard about nor did it feel like the NY live concert 96 (Saw the Tape). At 8 PM the guest group came on stage, and we all began to clap (Not wild clapping) We were sort of suspicious about the music they were going to deliver, In other words, They couldnt possible be as good as The goddess of Music :) . To the audiences surprise, they played very good, Ill bet they would become stars in a few years. Everyone clapped after each song, everyone enjoyed the music. BTW: between one of the songs they said in poor English/French, that they hoped France would win the World championship 98 :) That made the crowd go wild, because we all know that France will win.

At 8.30 PM they left the stage and said thanks to Tori for allowing them to play (Tori is so kind :) ). For the next 30-min. they prepared the stage for Tori, In the meanwhile I noticed that there was an empty chair next to my friend, I asked him why it was empty since the house was full. He said he was holding it for Tori (Yea right :) ).

Then finally it happened, the image that will be imprinted on my mind forever, Tori and the band entered took the stage by storm :)

Everyone went WILD (Including me), they clapped, they shouted TORI TORI, It really felt like those American concerts you read about and see on TV or video, the French just hide their excitement until the moment, and darn It felt Bloody Good to be among all these wild fans.

I believe she started off with Black Dove (Hey! I cant remember everything :) ), she played many songs that night, Cornflake Girl, iieee, Pretty Good Year, The Waitress, Icicle, Leather, Precious things, Jackies Strength, Cruel, Spark, Raspberry Swirl and God. I admit they were not played in the same order as shown. Throw all of the songs the crowd always followed the songs deeply, I could actually hear some of the audience singing to the songs tears dropping, I shouted a lot myself and began one or two clapping waves. I was surprised to see how Tori could arouse the crowd by leaving stage, and letting the crow shout for her to come back, and she did come back.

The whole concert was beautiful in such a way that makes it impossible to explain. Some of the most wonderful songs at this concert were Icicle and Leather. Icicle is always a lovely song no matter the situation, everyone loved it, I could tell, I felt the same as everyone around me in the audience. Leather may not be my favorite song. But when Ms. Amos is playing the piano alone with only one spot light on her while singing Leather then it truly is a wonderful song I am a romantic what can I say :) . She did this twice. When the show was over and the large lights was turned on, 1/3 of the crowd stayed for about 15 min. They all clapped and shouted for tori to return but without success.

Outside a nasty crowd of fans were waiting on Tori to exit, I joined up because I was just as determined to get an autograph.

Outside I meet this really good-looking Israeli girl, who surprisingly also was a Ears With Feet, Registry name: Ornit. we began talking about Ears With Feet and A Dent In The Tori Amos Net Universe. How we both visited the site a lot and that it properly was the best and most comprehensive site about Tori.

While we waited out front went out to her car in the back of the building, all the fans ran after her but only a few got an autograph from her before she left :) . All was not lost because the girl and I meet Steve Caton, and we began talking about his past with Tori and etc After a few min. and photographs He asked if we wanted to go with him and the band into the city, and we said: YES The rest is personal, let me just say it was a great night, Steve and the rest are really nice and cool people, they deserve more attention and respect, they after all are part of Tori Amos success!

From Camille

June 6, 1998 - She was so beautiful last night! So powerful! I loved it so much! Have you already seen her in the Plugged tour?

Do you know why she cancelled the saturday 6th of June? There were so many people disappointed...

I was sorry that Tori didn't talk to the audience last night...she doesn't do that usually...She just presented her crew, and that's all! I thought she would have stories or things to tell us.

She did a lot of improvisations, especially on "Cruel", "The waitress", and "Horses".

I was so surprised that she didn't do any song from "Boys for Pele", well, yeah, she did "Horses", but she changed it so much that it was almost hard to recognize. On the contrary, she played a lot of "Under the Pink".

Well, that's all, and now let's wait 2 more years!

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