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Updated August 21, 2001

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Canadian Independent artist Emm Gryner is the founder of Dead Daisy Records and is a an artist that has caught the attention of some Tori fans. In 1997, Emm recorded an EP of covers, all written by men, which she called "Girls Versions". On March 24, 2001, Emm recorded a live cover album by the same name, Girl Versions. That album should be out on August 21, 2001. Of course, 2001 is also the year that Tori is releasing her own album of covers, called "Strange Little Girls."

Gretchen Corl, who promotes Emm, has sent the following offer to all Tori fans:

    Greetings Tori Fans!

    In addition tothe release of Strange Little Girls, indie rocker Emm Gryner will be releasing her album of male artist cover songs, "Girl Versions," on August 21. To celebrate it's release, we have an exclusive offer for you...FREE"Girl Versions" album samplers! These cd's are very limited in number, contain 4 full tracks from the album, and come with a special note from Emm herself. It gets better...all we need you to do is send an email to girlversions@hotmail.com with your name and mailing address, and in 1-2 weeks, you'll be rocking out to the cool stylings of Emm Gryner. That's it!

    First, you should learn more about this stunning artist at emmgryner.com, and check out album information here. Thanks, in advance, for your support and superior taste in music!

There is an article at the Jam! Music web site about the fact that Tori and Emm are both putting out cover albums.

Dana Wagner has sent me links where you can find out more about Emm's cover album. There has been some talk among Tori's and Emm's fans (which crossover quite a bit) about the similarities and differences between Emm's album and "Strange Little Girls", and these links will allow you to find out more about Emm's album if you like.

Emm's Journal Entry about "Girl Versions"

Details from emmgryner.com

Visit Stained Tuesday, a fan site for Emm Gryner.

Emm Gryner has commented on Tori's "Strange Little Girls" project in the journal on her web site. She actually concentrates on some of Tori's early comments about the project, and expresses her dislike of some of Tori's quotes. But she does it in an intelligent manner, and I thought it was an interesting read, even if I did not agree.

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