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Updated September 30, 2000

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Toriphile Kelly was the first to tell me about a new songbook/Sheet music book called "Tori Amos For Easy Piano," which is available now. It has ISBN# 082561693X and retails for $17.95. (You can see what the cover of this book looks like to the right.) The publisher is Music Sales Corp. (I could not find an entry for the book yet on the Music Sales web site, but it should be there soon.) You can read all I know about this songbook below. If anyone has anything to add, please email me.

Luann Vodder reports that you can order the book from the Music Sales Corp distribution center by calling 1-800-431-7187 and asking for Order # AM 948607.

Robyn Pearson reports that the book is also available at the Barnes and Noble web site.

The book includes 14 classic Tori Amos songs arranged for easy piano with full lyrics and chord symbols. Here are the songs included in the book:

  • Silent All Those Years
  • China
  • Little Earthquakes
  • Pretty Good Year
  • Winter
  • In the Springtime of His Voodoo
  • Cornflake Girl
  • Icicle
  • Mr. Zebra
  • Raspberry Swirl
  • Jackie's Strength
  • Cooling
  • 1000 Oceans
  • Bliss

Here is a report on this songbook from Morrigan:

    In response to one of your newer news articles: yes, there is a songbook called "Tori Amos for Easy Piano". My mother bought it for me a few weeks ago. It costs 17.95 and she got it at our local music store [it was the last one they had]. The book contains these fourteen songs:

    1,000 Oceans
    Cornflake Girl
    In the Springtime of His Voodoo
    Jackie's Strength
    Little Earthquakes
    Mr. Zebra
    Pretty Good Year
    Raspberry Swirl
    Silent All These Years

    The cover is a beautiful picture of Tori taken from the inside of her Bose.

Iris reports:

    you wanted to know about the tori easy piano book, and I have seen it at a local music store. Basically it looks really easy, but a lot of it are the same transcriptions in the regular books, only they have numbers over the notes to designate which finger plays which note. Very few of the transcriptions have been changed for this book. As for the songs, the ones I remember are Cooling (which has been transcribed to be easier than the one in the venus book), bliss, at least one more from venus (either 1000 oceans or glory of the 80s), raspberry swirl I think, maybe jackie's strength, and a lot of the basics, like silent all these years, cornflake girl, probably hey jupiter.

Adam reports:

    I saw this book just a few days ago at our local mall's music store - can't tell you what songs were in it, but I did look at it, and it had a few lovely pictures of Tori that I hadn't seen before. The transcription looked relatively simple, but not as easy as one would normally find in an "easy" book.

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