Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998

Updated November 23, 2000

Graphic Comes From the Atlantic Records web site.

We thought this collection would be released on DVD, but that seems to be cancelled for now. Read all about that here.

How Can I Buy This Video Online?

"Tori Stories" - A Promo Booklet For The Complete Videos

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Warner has released "Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998", which contains all of Tori's videos from her 4 main albums, Little Earthquakes, Under The Pink, Boys For Pele, and from the choirgirl hotel. This video has been released in the U.S. and Canada in the NTSC format, and in the U.K. and Europe in the PAL format It should also be available in Australia. The cover of the video case is shown below. I must thank Toriphile Amanda Keller aka Sparkly Girl for sending me a scan of the cover and for being the first to provide me with details on this long-awaited video!

You can find out more about this video release and see a scan of the back cover at the Here. In My Head web site.

Christoph Viethen reports that the video is widely available now in Europe, (including Germany) but many stores may not have it in stock. Europeans may have to special order it. The catalogue number from the video tape is 7567 83154-3 (by Warner Music Vision, or WEA, or Atlantic Video, or whatever the local distributors may be). In case people just can't find it and can't persuade any store to get it for them, as well as have all three Tori video tapes listed in their catalogues. (Please remember, those are the versions for the PAL television system.)

"Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998" is available in the U.K. It was released there on February 15, 1999. Luke reports the video appears to be readily available in Belgium. Toriphile Melinda tells me The Complete Videos will be released in Australia on March 22, 1999.

The track listing for the video is below. It contains all the Tori videos produced between 1991 and 1998 except "Professional Widow", which is not part of this collection. It was not included because it did not fit with the others (it was simply a combination of many of her other videos which ARE on the tape.) The name of the release also makes it clear that it does NOT include "The Big Picture" video from "Y Kant Tori Read". The tape has a running time of 75 minutes. Before each video they show the cover of a single that was released for that single, with a clip of the video running in the background, and then it fades into the video itself...

Track Listing:

Silent All These Years
Cornflake Girl (European Version)
Past the Mission
Raspberry Swirl
Hey Jupiter
Caught A Lite Sneeze
Jackie's Strength
Cornflake Girl (US Version)
Pretty Good Year

You can find additonal news items about this video collection at Billboard Online and Sonicnet Music News Of The World.

Tom Enroth tells me that Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998 has been certified gold in the U.S. by the RIAA. That means it has sold over 50,000 units as of March 1999!

Jennifer Wilson (Epona) has this to say about the case for this video, "I was wondering about Tori's recent 'The Complete Videos'. At first when it was released [in the U.S.] it came in a larger clamshell case, and recently it started being packaged in a smaller, harder compact case with much smaller pictures. Is there any differences that you've heard of and does that mean the first release will be more limited in the future?" As far as I know the videos are the same in both cases, but if anyone knows anything differently, please let the Dent know!

Q Magazine Reviews "The Complete Videos"

The April 1999 issue of Q Magazine in the U.K. includes a review of "Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998." The video, which has been out in the States since late 1998, was finally released in the U.K on February 15, 1999. The review is not too positive, but it is hard to take this reviewer seriously. Not only does he use the tired old Kate Bush comparisons, but the review is filled with errors which shows that the guy does not even know what he is talking about. For example, he says that in the Talula video Tori is "petting a large python and several rats." He also refers to Cornflake Girl as Chocolate Girl! Memo to Q: Learn to hire reviewers who can at least accurately describe the work being analyzed. You can read the review in my Articles Archive. Thanks to Nancy Arbic for sending me the review.

How You Can Order The Video

You can locate this video in some music and video stores in the U.S., U.K., and Europe. Availability of this video ranges from okay to difficult to find. I have heard that it is available in many Tower Music locations. Some Toriphiles have told me that they are frustrated because they can not find the release in the stores. Some stores have not ordered it yet, while others only ordered a few copies which quickly sold out. One good way to order this video is online. has the video for $16.99. I have dealt with them on many occasions and I am very happy with their service. The link or logo below will take you directly to the part of their web site where you can currently order the video. At this time they have the tape listed as "Tori Amos: Complete Collection 1991-98".

Buy Tori's Video At

Link To and Order "Tori Amos: The Complete Videos 1991-1998"

Toriphiles in Europe should be able to order the video from The Video Shop Home Page in the U.K. or from the JPC Web Site in Germany.

Special Promo Booklet For The Complete Videos

I have been informed about a promo item from Atlantic Records that several people have stumbled across or seen on eBay. It is a little booklet called "Tori Stories, her take on the videos" It is about 20 pages and is written by Tori in her own handwriting. Basically Tori writes fascinating comments about each video. You can see the cover of this book, a scan of one of pages, and read Tori's comments for several of the videos on the Tori Stories Video Page.

The Uncut Footage...

The RDT Fanzine reported on their web site that this video compilation included uncut versions of some videos which were originally cut "at the request of a certain music television network," which I am sure means MTV.

Several people have emailed me with their opinion of what constitutes the uncut footage that reportedly exists in some of the clips. If anyone has noticed anything not already mentioned below, please email me.

From Shaun Johnson

    About the uncut video versions: Someone said something about the Jackie Kennedy footage being cut out from the video, I saw the video later on MuchMusic and Mtv, and they DID cut-out the beginning footage and they blurred out the locket photos of Jackie. I just wanted to clarify that with you.


    The only difference i've seen in the videos is on "jackie's strength" when tori sings "Beene's got some pot..." the word pot isn't bleeped out.

From AFreeZ

    I also wanted to tell you(In case if you didn't already know, which you probably did), is the "Hey Jupiter" video on the Video Collection differs from the video that is normally played on Mtv and Vh1......Instead of that version(ends with BEAUTIFUL close-up of Tori singing), the version on the Video Collection is the same one found at the official Tori Amos site( and it ends with her back in the burning apartment......I was thrilled notheless, but I love the TV version better and was a little disappointed, and I thought maybe that was what the Atlantic Site was talking about when refering to uncut footage and all?, but other than those minor details the tape is awesome...

From Sam Zelmer

    The Really Deep Thoughts web-site noted that there will be differences in the videos--things that the television stations wanted edited. I only noticed small differences in these videos.

    God-Caught a Lite Sneeze-Crucify

    I am positive these are differences, but I haven't seen some of these videos for awhile.

    God--has a scene at the end where the women in robes are walking around a man who is sitting on the floor in front of a fire. There seems to be a pot on the fire, and the rats are around...This is at the end of the video...right before the rat stands up on it's hind legs.

    Crucify--I thought has extra footage of a wet tori dancing--shoulders up. I know they showed her this way before, but it seems to be an extended shot from this angle.

    Caught a Lite Sneeze--At the very end of the video Tori is falling toward the ground...and now there seems to be a large shoulder/shest shot of someone in a green shirt. You can't see the person's head--there is just a brite lite that tori is falling in/through.

    Once again, I am pretty sure these are additions, but I hadn't seen some of these for awhile, so maybe someone can verify this. The footage doesn't seem to be trivial or objectional.

From Delf (Robert Del Favero)

    You mention on the Dent (and by the way, thanks, and way to go - great site) that some of the videos restore footage cut by probably MTV's request. I got the vid on Friday and a new VCR to play it with. One of the videos (sorry, I forgot which one) involves a number of shots where we're looking through an opening in a screen at Tori moving around, dancing, and such while almost wearing a really killer dress. There are literally a couple of frames of actual Tori nipple visible, which would probably be what MTV cut. They've been known to go to that much trouble to please the conservatives who never watch anyway.

From JB Bridge (posted to the newsgroup)

    okay, kids. just finished viewing the complete videos, and I'm having a hard time trying to determine excatly what MTV cut from the aired versions of these. the only thing I can guess at is that the Jackie O footage has been restored in "Jackie's Strength". I heard it was cut, but I did catch it on MTV before they cut it.

    and does anyone else notice that there are actually TWO versions of "Hey Jupiter"? I have a copy taped off MTV, and there are very small differences. There are a few different shots, and the endings are different (on the video we see tori sitting in the burning room, on MTV she's in the back of the car). and on the MTV version I have, you see Tori in the car singing "I thought I wouldn't have to be with you."

    otherwise, everything else was the same. very enjoyable, though, and nice to have the vids all under one package.

    and as for "swirl"....yep, someone was watching "Ray Of Light" . ;)


See how well you are familiar with Tori's videos! Below you will find 25 statements or questions with the answers listed below them. Good luck!

1. Number of videos featuring Tori in a box - 2

2. Number of videos where Tori is spinning - 2

3. Number of videos where Tori is falling - 2

4. Number of videos where Tori is crawling - 4

5. Number of videos where Tori dances - 6

6. Number of videos where Tori is in the back seat of a car - 2

7. Number of videos where Tori is driving - 1

8. Number of videos where Tori levitates - 2

9. Number of videos where Tori gets wet - 3

10. Number of videos where Tori sits on a tooth - 1

11. Number of videos featuring a piano or keyboard instrument - 7

12. Number of videos featuring children - 8

13. Number of videos shot in black and white - 2

14. Number of videos featuring birds - 3

15. Number of videos featuring mammals - 4

16. Number of videos featuring amphibians or reptiles - 3

17. Number of videos featuring insects - 2

18. Number of videos featuring fallen leaves - 3

19. Number of videos featuring fire - 7

20. Number of videos featuring women in bondage - 3

21. Number of videos featuing food - 4

22. Number of videos featuring motocycles - 2

23. Number of videos featuring multiples of Tori - 3

24. Number of videos featuring tattoos - 2

25. Number of videos featuring drug users - 2


1. "Silent All These Years" and "Pretty Good Year"

2. near the end of "Silent All These Years" and on the merry-go-round in "Cornflake Girl (US)"

3. during the twister sequence in "Cornflake Girl (UK)" and she falls over backwards in "Pretty Good Year"

4. on the rocks in "China", in a shaft in "Raspberry Swirl", on the ground in "Spark", and through a square shaped hole in the wall in "Winter"

5. on the dance floor in "Raspberry Swirl", with the flower children in "Winter", in the plastic cube in "Talula", during various moments in "Crucify", with the snake in "God", and with the men in boxers in "Pretty Good Year"

6. after the girl saves her in "Hey Jupiter", and on the way to her wedding in "Jackie's Strength"

7. she drives a truck in "Cornflake Girl (US)"

8. above the waterfall in "Caught A Lite Sneeze", and above the floor in "Pretty Good Year"

9. in the river in "Spark", while she's shaving her legs in "God", and in the tub in "Crucify"

10. the piano stool in "Winter" looks like a molar

11. a piano in "Silent All These Years", a piano in "Cornflake Girl (UK)", a piano made of rocks in "China", a piano and toy piano in "Winter", a harpsicord in "Talula", a man playing an accordian in "God", and a piano in "Crucify"

12. little girl in "Silent All These Years", girl on swing in "Cornflake Girl (UK)", children in village in "Past the Mission", the boy and the red haired girls in "Raspberry Swirl", little girl who saves Tori and some children among the spectators in "Hey Jupiter", little girl in "Caught A Lite Sneeze", the flower children, boys arm wrestling, and girl playing piano in "Winter", and two babies, little girl sitting on the lawn and a girl pushing wheelchair in "Jackie's Strength"

13. most of "Cornflake Girl (UK)" and "Jackie's Strength"

14. a "bird" in a cage and flying birds in "Cornflake Girl (UK)", an eagle and hawk (?) in "Spark", and a swan in "Caught A Lite Sneeze"

15. a horse and cattle in "Past The Mission", pigs in "Raspberry Swirl", rats in "God", and a plastic dog's head in "Talula"

16. a frog in "Spark", a lizard and snake's head in "Talula", and the snake in "God"

17. bug in frame in "Raspberry Swirl", a big cockroach and and a butterfly in "Spark"

18. in the room in "Cornflake Girl (UK)", on the ground in "Spark", and in the room in "Caught A Lite Sneeze"

19. a burning house in "Cornflake Girl (UK)", the burning building in "Hey Jupiter", the exploding car in "Spark", an oil drill and a burning hallway in "Caught A Lite Sneeze", Tori playing with candle and fire in a pan in "God", girl with lighter in "Jackie's Strength", and Tori with a blowtorch in "Talula"

20. Tori is tied to a piano in "Cornflake Girl (UK)", Tori's hands are tied behind her back in "Spark", and one of the women has a noose around her neck in "Cornflake Girl (US)"

21. a woman is carrying what looks like corn stalks in "Past The Mission", the feast in "Raspberry Swirl", a man eating what looks like rice in "God", and the man cutting a carrot (while being canibilized) in "Cornflake Girl (US)"

22. one in the village in "Past The Mission" and the groom's in "Jackie's Strength"

23. as many as three Toris are being dragged by the chair in "Caught A Lite Sneeze", several Toris in "Crucify", and when she meets her younger self in "Jackie's Strength"

24. on the groom's wrist in "Jackie's Strength" and on the man's back in "Pretty Good Year"

25. the guy about to shoot up in "God", and the old woman about to take her pill (and maybe the girl with the lighter) in "Jackie's Strength"

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