Tori Does Artwork For A Compilation CD for WXPN

Updated April 18, 1997

Matt "Schmatt" Schmitt sent me info on this interesting CD, which unfortunately is difficult to find now!

The CD is called "WXPN New Music Sampler: Songs of the Stones" The CD has the Dakota version of Hey Jupiter, as well as songs by Paula Cole, Dave Matthews, Rusted Root, Lemonheads, and more. Anyway, what is truly unique about this radio station from Philadelphia's compilation CD, is that Tori did all the artwork for it. The cover has a picture of a small red book covering an old-looking letter written in German (I think.) Around the book is a key, and all these stones with strange carved symbols on them, arranged in two curving rows. There is also a red, plaid blanket beneath all this, and there is a rose and a faded, old, sepia-toned picture of a man and a woman, and there is a caption under the picture that says "?, B. TILLOTSON Hawarden, Ia. It is quite beautiful, and on the back of the case it reads "Special thanks to Tori Amos for the artwork."

There is also a description of "Hey Jupiter" in the liner notes. It reads:

Steve Pielocik adds that the CD came out in early 1997 and was at one time available in local record stores in the Philadelphia area. He also reminds us that WXPN was the radio station that said Steve "spammed them" by calling upon internet Toriphiles to vote for her in a web poll. They're still a wonderful radio station and have supported Tori's music since the LE days.

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