North American Club Tour
Toronto, Canada
April 28, 1998

Updated May 2, 1998

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Tori performed her 7th concert of the North American club tour in Toronto, Ontario Canada on April 28, 1998 at the Phoenix.

Set List

Black Dove (January)
Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Doughnut Song
Jackie's Strength
Baker Baker
Northern Lad

1st Encore:


2nd Encore:

Tear In Your Hand


From Jess (As posted to the newsgroup)

May 2, 1998 - First of all, the set list posted at for this show is wrong (As of 6 PM May 1 anyway.) The correct set list is contained in the comments below.

It was a beautiful day in Toronto, sunny with moderate temperatures. The very gracious, interesting, mysterious, and beautiful Sabine the Diva Chick shared her tickets with me as well as putting me up for the two nights I spent in Toronto.

We got to the Venue about 3:45 and joined the folks waiting for seats/Tori's arrival. It was a mellow and well behaved crowd, at least until Tori arrived shortly before 5. Then it was the usual crush of people trying to see and speak to Tori. She looked fantastic. Her hair had more curl than on MTV Live and she seemed well rested. When asked, she said it was because she had a fun day off "with my husband." Yay Tori.

Doors were supposed to open at 6:30, actually it was about 6:45 when they began letting folks in. The security guys at the Phoenix were very nice to Sabine and me, lifting and carrying her scooter (~200 lbs) up two short flights of stairs. We staked out a position in the front row, just to the right Tori's spot on stage. Within 15 minutes, we were packed in so tightly that there was no moving for the rest of the show. It was so tightly packed and so hot that there were people passing out before the opening act was over-not something that should happen in April in Toronto!!

David Poe took the stage shortly after 9PM (That's right 9.) The long wait between doors and David contributed to the heat problem-keep some space around you if you're going to one of the remaining shows.

David Poe is really growing on me as a performer. Both Sabine and I enjoyed his set. He joked with the audience, changed a guitar string on the fly, and was quite good. I have his CD and his limited vocal range and expression detract from what has become an engaging stage presence. The couple of girls standing behind me also commented, "I'd do him."

Tori came on shortly after 10:15PM. As usual, the first song was Black Dove (January). In the shows since I saw her last, she and the band seem to have become more at ease with each other and it shows in the performance of the new songs especially.

iieee-I really like this one. It seems that the iii and ee background vocals are programmed into Tori's keyboard-two keys are marked with orange and green tape and she uses those keys to play the background vocals.

Precious Things-Tori and the band seem to be adjusting to the older songs too. The drums especially are more flexible.

Liquid Diamonds-Very melodic with the piano more up front and center than many of the new songs.

Doughnut Song-Tori opened with "Hi everybody, how are you tonight. So thanks for being patient with so much new material, you've been really great. Anyway, how's it going, pretty good? I played here a long time ago, didn't I-like in Little Earthquakes, yah."

An audience member then shouted out "Live here." To which Tori replied, "Live here, you mean in this club like every night? That would be good wouldn't it. Then everybody could come from all over the world. You don't want all those American's coming up here, do you? So distasteful; anyway we know how horrible they can be-c'mon, we know believe me I'm married to an englishman and I hear about it all the time."

She then introduced the band-and called Caton Steve! He did a double take and she corrected herself "I never call him Steve-he's Caton to me." She called her drummer "this wonderful being that hits things."

Some of the old songs have started to come and say Errrrm uhhh... And then played the song-starting out mostly piano and voice with the band becoming more prominent as the song goes along. I love the way an acoustic bass is played with a bow during this song.

Jackie's Strength-Tori started with "This next song is off the new record-it's about a girl getting lost on her wedding day. It's a very special song to me 'cause I could have been that girl."

Spark-Very good as usual.

Mother-The band left the stage and Tori said they were going to have a beer now. She asked why some people were behind a fence and when they shouted that they couldn't drink, she said "...that's shitty. I think a little wine is good for everybody."

Someone shouted out a request for Blood Roses. Tori's response, "Fucking hell." She promised to play it sometime (on the summer tour) but said the purpose of the private time was to bring it down. She said she didn't remember it because she hadn't played it in two years. Then she said (like she did in Atlanta) that she has "the mind of a goldfish." She says that she has to have people tell her "Your name is Tori, you play the piano" every day when she wakes up. Great version of Mother.

Baker Baker-Some people passed out during Mother and were carried out in front of the stage. Before she played Baker Baker Tori told the crowd if they begin to pass out to raise their hands and the security people would carry them back stage and then they could see how gross it was back there. Unfortunately, people continued to pass out from standing for so long and the heat during this song.

Northern Lad-Band comes back for this one-it's a great song with the piano very prominent.

Horses-I just love this new version of the regular (almost throwaway) song from the DDI.

Cruel-Also very good-much more the techno rocker with Caton really wailing on the guitar. The band tends to carry the music for parts with Tori concentrating on singing and interacting with the band.

Waitress-There were so many problems with folks passing out that Tori reached out to the crowd and passed her bottle of Evian Water-asking people to share it-and we did! I even got a sip of it. This seems to have become the closer for the regular set-and is a very haunting and powerful version.


God-I just love this with the band. I didn't get to hear it on the DDI tour and I know people didn't like the backing track on UTP. This way it rocks, yet is very grounded on the earlier version. The band allows Tori much more freedom to inject feeling with pauses, etc that were lacking with the backing track. She added an improv that have a bluesey feeling that show a new side of Tori's voice. Love it

Cooling-The band went off for this one. I'm glad this song made it as a b side and she's playing it-it is a great song. Fun to have a "new" two year old song.

Tear In Your Hand-Rather than the usual break for a second encore, she waved the band back on stage (prolly because of the heat, possibly also because it was about midnight) and they launched into this. In some ways this reminds me of Harry Chapin closing a show with Circle-I'm not sure why, but is a slower tempo version and kind of sums up the night and says goodnight-gets us ready for the show to end-and the band helps in this. Just the perfect finishing number to a fantastic show.

After the show, the security guys were again very accommodating in carrying the scooter down to the street. While waiting for them I got to say Hi to Caton and see Joel as upset as I have ever seen him-apparently some girl had tried to make off with a tour pass. While they would be a great souvenir, it would be a big security breach and possibly put Tori in danger. I'm glad she's got Joel and that he cares as much as he does. Bring Joel Oatmeal Raisin cookies (soft baked please) and tell him the reddish bearded older guy appreciates him.

Sabine and I then proceeded to explore her neighborhood and find a bar still open. After a long hot night, an adult beverage certainly hit the spot. Dinner at an all night restaurant and back to her place. I was amazed to see that it was 4:20am. A 13 hour concert experience. We spent the rest of the night on an emotional high from the concert, and talked until I had to leave for the airport. Three commuter flights and one real jet flight later I was home again.

It was a great show and I met and got to know a fantastic Tori fan. Couldn't ask for much more.

From Twyg

May 2, 1998 - I arrived at the Phoenix at about 8:45AM, to meet two great people already waiting in line. By 9:30 we had been kicked off the property and formed a line out on the sidewalk, where the eventual crowd would start to form at around 11:00PM. The day was hot and long, and it felt like an eternity before Tori's bus arrived at 5:00PM. I met her then, and offered her a strawberry, which she refused but thanked me "for thinking about her". She signed my 'Caught a Lite Sneeze' promo but I made a point to ask her "Tori, would you please sign my CD" in a very polite way. She was very friendly and seemed geniunely interested in meeting everyone there.

The show just about knocked me over once it started. It was LOUD. 'Precious Things' took on absolutely epic proportions with the help of her rock-solid rhythm section. The bass effects and rough playing on Cruel blew me, and my bass player pal in the audience, away. I was front-row, dead-center, and distinctly heard her comment "Fucking hell..." to someone that requested Blood Roses; she probably responded this way because there wasn't a harpischord to play the damn song on. Apparently someone didn't recall she needs one for it. She did, however, promise to play it "next time". :) Tori's voice was dead-on and I didn't hear any hint of her supressing her range or volume like at some shows.

Being directly in her line of sight at the front row, it was very easy to communicate with her. I smiled and gave her nods of affirmation whenever she did something new that was really cool, and we several times traded smiles when something was really rocking out. It was great to feel that interaction... thanks Tori.

Tori reached out to the front row before the first encore, and I squeezed her hand tight, and felt the metal of her very nice ring (sigh) under my finger. She looked at us so much, and would sometimes flip her gaze up and randomly nail one of us. I was just slain anytime she caught my eye like this, of course. Yum. She shared her Evian with us once we promised to share, as several people had passed out. Note to fellow Tori fans -- remember to DRINK AND EAT if you plan to wait in line, or you will dehydrate and lose energy and PASS OUT during the show, missing everything you just waited hours for!

Finally, a message to Lori, who posted here: Security, and Joel in particular, TOLD us to not move if we were at the front while Tori was signing autographs. I was going to move back when Joel very sternly asked me to not move or try to leave before she was away from the barriers. So please don't be too hard on us, because we were told to stay put even though we wanted to let everyone in the back take our places at the front. Oh, and to Tony... the device used on the guitars is called an "E-BOW" -- it vibrates the strings with magnets. I recall the Smashing Pumpkins are obsessed with them. Read all about it at sometime. :)

It was an incredible and emotionally draining show. I won't easily forget it and thank Tori (once more) for being so friendly and attentive to her audience.

From John Sakamoto - JAM! Web Site Review

April 30, 1998 - John Sakamoto wrote a review of the Toronto show for the Jam! web site. I found it most interesting. You can read it online here.

From Tony

April 30, 1998 - Toronto was an incredible show, as I'm sure they all have been in their own ways. What a day.

My comrades and I arrived in Toronto (travelling from Rochester, NY) around 2:30. We made quick allies with the folks we met who were waiting in line near us. Everyone I talked to was so very kind.

Tori came out before her soundcheck, and she talked to those fortunate enough to race up to the front of the barricades. I was a little disappointed that things were't as organized as they were at some of the Dew Drop Inn tour's soundchecks where everyone stood in line and took a quick turn talking to Tori. Still, there were so many more people here this time it would have been impossible. Seeing the faces and hearing the delighted squeals of those who talked or hugged her was all I needed.

The Phoenix is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL theatre. Big, beautiful white marble sculptures on the walls, bizarre chandelier-things. A wonderful ambience for Tori's show. It was almost like the place was meant for her. During the show, someone yelled out to Tori, "LIVE HERE!" and she responded, "You mean I should play all of my shows here? Make everyone travel here to see us play?" She seemed amused at the idea. Tori remarked that she loved this theatre, and that she thought she'd been there on the Little Earthquakes tour.

I have to throw in here that it didn't quite make sense (at least to me...possibly to many of the evening's attendees) for the doors to open at 6:30, making everyone wait 2 and 1/2 hours pressed up against each other before David Poe came on. I mean, I'm assuming that most of the people who were going to be there were there by 6:30 or 7:00. People wanted a good view, so of course they're going to get there early. I think the reason so many people passed out is because they had to stand in claustrophobia for such a long period of time.

David Poe. David Poe. (sigh) You need to move out of New York City. Its going to kill you. I REALLY liked 75% of David's music. He has a strong, beautiful voice, and he writes some beautiful melodies. But, MAN, I couldn't handle his "we broke up and I wish you were dead and your heart is stone and I'll kill you myself" songs. I understand the concept of using songwriting as a kind of therapy. But it seems like David, every time he sings these lyrics, he's still reeling in these negative, destructive feelings and it is very difficult to listen to. He could take a lesson or two from Tori in how to take these feelings, put them into song, and come out on the other side in a more contemplative, more productive manner. Some of his songwriting just isn't healthy. Hopefully, this is a phase. He's definitely a singer/songwriter who's career I'll pay close attention to. Assuming, that is, that he stops writing the psycho-killer songs. Great guitar playing though. Can anyone tell me what that little device he used on his guitar during "California" to produce the ambient, looped effects which he played along with? Caton used one too. If you know, e-mail me. I want one!

Tori and the band kicked my butt 'til it was sore. From my position, 3 bodies from the stage, the connection she made with the crowd was amazing. She seemed so joyful...I think that's the best word. She looked like she was having such an amazingly good, chocolate-covered time. Black Dove (January) was my favorite of the new songs, hands down. Wow. Not much more I can say about that one. She played Mother during our "private time" which was one girl I did not expect to show up. (sighhhh)

An amusing exchange with the audience:

Tori: "How are you all doing?"

Audience member: "We can't drink."

Tori: "That's a shame. I think wine is good for everyone!"

Overall, I have to say that Tori's voice is stronger, more pure, more beautiful than I've ever heard it. It makes me so happy to know that as time goes on she's surpassing herself by leaps and frigging bounds. The new songs...I need to spend more time with them. I hadn't heard any of them (save "Spark") until last night, and a live concert is definitely a difficult way to get acquainted with a boxcar of new material.

Some people regard Tori's shows as religious experiences. Some are even so dedicated that they make pilgrimages from all over the country. And I wonder if most people realize what it is that's happening that makes it such a spiritual experience. Sure, people love the music and are touched by it in a myriad of ways. And Tori gives so much to her fans, more than any other performer I can think of. But there's something more going on, I've realized.

What she's doing is taking the concert experience and turning it into a religious ritual. Between Tori and the audience, this powerful love-energy is raised all through the show. And like in any ritual, there are times when the energy must be raised, and there's times when the energy must be grounded. And that's why after playing some of her harder songs at the beginning she laughed at a request for "Blood Roses" from the crowd during Private Time because it was too frenetic a song... she needed to ground all the excited energy in the theatre, which she did with Mother. And if you think about the energy centers on the body, chakras, whatever you want to call them, the energy from Tori's music hits you in all of them. It hits you in your heart, or it hits you in your butt during a funkier number, or perhaps a turn of a phrase hits you in the stomach like a truck because you relate to it in your real life. But no matter where the energy hits you, its always coming straight into your mind, your soul. And one can't help but become contemplative during some of these songs...because everyone can relate, in some way or another, to the words she sings. And because of this love-energy that radiates in the theatre, I think the idea is that anything can be accomplished. Lives can be changed because of the energy and the thoughts and the connection. Think about it.

My thanks and my love to everyone nearby last night (Lindsay, Avril, Jess, Sabina...) and to those whose names I don't remember who were kind enough to enquire whether my girlfriend, who passed out near the end of the show, was all right.

From Jose E.

April 30, 1998 - What else can you expect to hear other than the show was incredible! Tori's voice was clear, crisp and very sharp. There was no strain or pulling back of the vocals last night. The whole fear of the band's presence "taking away from the intimacy of Tori's shows" was unfounded last night. The band played really well with Tori and the audience really enjoyed them. Of course, we did enjoy our "secret time" with Tori - solo. You already know the play list so I'll just comment a little on the songs.

Black Dove (January) and iiiee: great songs, kinda dark and funky!

Precious Things: always a fave! The crowd went insane and she was totally into the groove this early on in the show. She introduced it as a song that wanted to come out and play amongst the new ones. She also said something about forgetting how to play some of the songs because she hadn't played them in so long.

Liquid Diamonds: new Tori sounding great

Doughnut Song: I've waited for so long to hear this live. I was not disappointed. The band added a new layer to one of my fave songs. That voice on "Come in Houston", oh that voice!

Jackie's Strength: this is the one song that I'm so looking forward to. What a beautiful song! She introduced it as "a song about a girl who got lost on her wedding coulda been that girl."

Mother & Baker Baker: you really don't realize how beautiful these songs on till you hear them live again! She forgot the lyrics in the middle of Baker Baker and asked for our help. We sang a little bit and she remembered again only to forget again. As she was re-forgetting she ad-libbed "and I forgot the words but you all still came. Maybe we could change your mind." She fumbled around it a little before she finished it perfectly. At this point, the girl in front of me screamed out for her to play "Professional Widow" and she responded with a laugh "You're fucking kidding!! This is our down time."

Northern Lad: great, great, great

Horses: I would love to have this version on cd. The additional lyrics and musical reworking make it feel like a whole new song. Very groovy.

Cruel & Waitress: Tori gets angry! Cruel sounded a little like God in the beginning. Somewhere around this time Tori pulled out a big litre of bottled water and had a sip. She then went to the edge of the stage and handed the bottle to someone with the instructions that everyone was to share it. Amazingly everyone did as about 15 or so people had a sip and eventually someone behind me got a souvenir water bottle.

1st Encore: She's Your Cocaine and God. God was funky! Really funky!! I read that She's Your Cocaine wasn't played but I can't remember if it was or wasn't - I've never heard it. Before she started singing she took a really deep breath in a very laboured way and mumbled "I need an oxygen tank" as she sort of tried to clear the air. I got the impression that she was referring to the cigarette smoke in the air. Shortly thereafter some people had to be carried out due to exhaustion or dehydration. Tori requested that if anyone was ready to pass out, to let the security know so that "they can take you backstage and you'll get to see how gross things are back there".

2nd Encore: Cooling & Tear in Your Hand: Cooling was so completely unexpected and having never heard it I was very grateful to hear for the first time ever - live! Someone requested it earlier in the meet and greet and she introduced it to us as " This is a B side that I don't think I've ever played before but someone asked for it and here it is". ( I think she forgot about Miami.) I'm getting that B-side immediately. Tear in You Hand was like an old friend coming to visit after a long time and it was so welcomed to be there. That is still a beautiful song.

Overall, a completely amazing show. Tori just gives it all she's got and you cannot leave disappointed. I was not thrilled about standing in line for so long (since 3 pm) and then getting in at 7:30 pm, standing till Tori hit the stage at 10:20 pm but it was all worth it. Tori and the band were in top form and it was only their seventh show but they were all clicking really well. Fortunately I was close enough to see all the private smiles and winks and "thumbs up" they were all giving each other during the show. It was nice to see them all just so happy on stage and it came through in the performance. It was so worth it, numb legs and all. This is a word to the wise. If you guys really want to enjoy the show, do yourself a favor and get some sort of hearing protection. The music is so loud and distorted (if you're up close) that you need some sort of filter. I know that it's not a "cool" idea but the ringing in your ears right now is a sign that maybe you've experienced some permanent hearing loss. Also, if you smoke, try not to or cut back when and if you see Tori. Remember that she's also breathing this air in and she's working her lungs twice as hard singing and playing at the same time. The smoke apparently affected her last night. I just thought I'd get that in there for her sake. If I remeber more, I'll let you know.

p.s. Don't forget to check out for a review of the concert.

From iceman

April 30, 1998 - during baker baker, tori graciously forgot the words to the song. She first forgot the words 'Baker Baker' which could have been an accident, as she cupped her hand to her ear to find the words from the audience. When tori continued into the verse she got confused and jumbled the words. Tori took it in stride, "why don't we try that one again" she spoke while continuing the song with the correct lyrics. i guess even goddess's get the words wrong sometimes.

From Julia K.

April 30, 1998 - Last night was the most incredible, wonderful, emotional experience in my life. I don't think I've ever cried like I did last night. First off, my best friend Katie and i got to the Phoenix at 12:00 noon. We waited in line until about 4:30pm. when Tori's tour bus pulled in. Everyone ran over to the barricadesbefore me though and I was at the back so I couldn't get to meet Tori (at least not yet :) She came out and looked absolutely beautiful. She signed lots of autographs and I passed mine up and got two pictures signed! Then we moved over to the other side and I got a perfect view, snapped a few wonderful pictures. Tori did the cutest things at this meet and greet. She asked some person at the back to throw over a picture for her to autograph and when the person did, it hit a girl in the face. Tori did such a cute little expression and said "oh we can't have that, are you okay?" Then Joel was pulling her to leave and they disappered :(

Then Katie and I went back to our spots and found that about 30 people had cut in line in front of us. We met these wonderful girls and they let us in at the front with them. At about 6:30 they let us in to the phoenix. There we stood (second row) for about 3 and a half hours in the hot, crowded club. Everyone was complaining about the heat. At 10:15 Tori finally came out! She was wearing a black shirt and some brown khaki pants. Some of the songs I didn't recognize (the new ones) but they were incredible. At one point two girls fainted and had to be taken out. Then Tori passed down her Evian water bottle and let us all have a bit of it at the front. I actually got a sip of the goddesses water :) When she sang Baker, Baker she messed up the lines a bit and let us sing along to help her. It was beautiful. She also said that she remembered playing at the Phoenix in 1992 for Little Earthquakes and loved it there. She said somethings about Americans and how we don't want them in Canada, it was so cute :) Also, during the whole show she did these little dances to the music...

After the show me and Katie rushed out to meet her again. This time we were second row. When Tori got to us I burst out crying and I asked her if she got our presents (we gave her some faerie stuff and tickets to Katie's play for Apr. 29th) she said she looks at all the presents on the bus. Katie said "We gave you the play tickets" and she said "Oh, of course I got those! But you know I'll be in Detroit that night" and then she said "Touch fingers, touch fingers!" and she touched her pointer finger to Katie's. Then she said "SO you'll be on stage and I'll be on stage and we'll both do our best. We may fart, but we'll both do our best". I was absolutely bawling at this point and she touched my head and said "You guys are so sweet".

She also signed my two Cd's.

It was the greatest night. Tori was great and we met some wonderful Toriphiles. Unbelievable.

From Trent, the ice cream assassin

April 30, 1998 - I am very tired. I have just got home and I'm going to sleep in preparation for tonight's Detroit Show.

Here's what I remember

Tori played from 10:15-12 a.m.

Black Dove (January)
Precious Things
liquid diamonds

Doughnut song
Jackie's Strength
Baker Baker (w/ mistakes and improvs)
Northern Lad
Cruel (w/ alot of drooling)
-tori at this point gives a big bottle of water to the crowd to share
because people are dropping like flies from the heat
Cooling !!!!!!!
--"I need an oxygen tank" she says
Tear in Your hand

got to meet her before and after, got great pix and autographs....she played with my spiked hair singing "la la la la la la la"

From lori colalillo

April 30, 1998 - Hi mike; My name is Lori and I was reading your concert review for the toronto show last night and I thought I would drop you a line. Last nights concert was the first time I saw TORI AMOS in concert but I have followed her faithfully for about 6 years now. And the only thing I have to say is to all the TORI AMOS fans, Be more compassionate to your fellow ears with feet. I found myself unable to touch her, talk to her, get a good view of her, and getting an autograph. We need to share more at her shows, if you've been in the front row for sometime move back and let someone else enjoy her close presence, and if your standing in line and you already have her autograph stand back and let other people stand forward so that they can get an autograph too. I love TORI AMOS and her show was the most spellbinding and hypnotic experience of my life but I'm a little upset that a room filled with TORI AMOS fans are not as caring, sharing and compassionate towards each other at her show, and one of the many things that TORI is about is love and respect each other. So for all you TORI fans out there that are going to her show in the future get what you came for and let other people get what they came for because everyone comes to her show for different reasons but the one thing that she gives us relentlessly is the answers we've been looking for and the voice to let us be heard. Fellow Ears With Feet; Lori

From Michael Dillon

April 29, 1998 - Hey Mike, It's 1:11 am and I just got back from Tori's show at the Phoenix.

Hear's the buzz:

I went to the Phoenix at 11:00 am thinking I would be the only one. Thankfully fans had already been lining up for the show. I waited all day, the first highlight was being able to speak with Tori as show came to the club to do a sound check around 5:00. I took an entire role of film of her talking and hugging her fans. I can't wait to get the pictures back. Tha doors opened around six thirty and we all crowded into the club. Many people like myself had been there all day and were exhausted but the security people wouldn't let anyone sit on the floor. The show didn't get on it's way untill 9 o'clock with David Poe. I have to say he wasn't my cup of tea, but he had a really strong voice and was extremely quick in replacing a broken string.

Tori took the stage at 10:15, as the band was preparing for a mass shift happened in the audience and a lot of shorter fans got blocked off by some giants. I tried to help two four foot tall girls get around this massive giant of a guy but he litteraly told us to get lost and called the girls bitches. Some people just never learn.

Many people passed out during the show (I guess from exhaustion) there was about five people altogether, and Tori made a joke to the audience to raise our hands if we thought we were going to faint and security would take us back stage so we could faint at the sight of the mess back there. During the tour bus encounter from the afternoon Tori was asked to play Siren and Cooling. She wrote the requests onto her hand. During Cruel she sang the line "don't ya know ya gonna lie to you" which is ofcourse from Siren. One of the encores was Cooling, which she had trouble remembering the words to.

One special moment was when Tori opened her bottle of water and after hearing the groans of the audience she passed the bottle out to the crowd making them promise to share and pass it around. The fans were very cordial about the whole thing and the water got spread far and wide. I once helped a girl buy a dress at the store I work at. Luckily she was working the bar that evening and remembered me and was able to get me one of the lobby posters.

Note the set list said that Cocaine was to be one of the encores but it was never played.

Mother and Baker Baker were played during what Tori called "time for us to get personal" an fan requested she play Cornflake Girl and she laughed "you fuckin' kidding me--this is our down time"

It was a great show, a little hard on the feet but a great show

From Adrienne

April 29, 1998 - Hey man! Awesome evening in Toronto - we thought that we had arrived late but Tori but we didn't miss a breath. We caught 20 minutes of David Poe - not bad tunes at all. Tori went on at 10:15 WOW!!! What a wicked time, the music was fab & the light show RULED!

From Janis

April 29, 1998 - I just got back from the Toronto pre-tour show; which was amazing!!!!!!!!!! I met her for the first time today and had a nice little conversation with her. She told me that the book she was reading right now is called "the Fool's Crow" which is available at Barnes and Noble (sp?) in the U.S. Just thought I'd share this info with you and my fellow ears with feet.

Walking on a cloud,

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