North American Club Tour
Seattle, WA
May 3, 1998

Updated June 10, 1998

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Tori performed her 10th concert of the North American club tour in Seattle, WA on May 3, 1998 at the Moore Theatre. The photo you see to the right is actually from this Seattle concert. It and many others like it can be seen much larger at Tori's Official site maintained by Atlantic Records.

Set List

The photo to the right shows Tori singing "Cornflake Girl" from this show. It was taken from a RealVideo clip available at

Jeff Dorion was the first to send me this set list.

Black Dove
Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Cornflake Girl
Jackie's Strength
Putting the Damage On

1st Encore:


2nd Encore:

Tear in Your Hand


From Shaman

June 10, 1998 - I've never seen faeries but I've seen Tori Amos in concert more times than I can keep track of. I've been to every Seattle show she's ever done and a few other shows as well. Now, What did I think of the "new" Tori. She seemed mostly like the old one to me. She just had turned more hardcore but clearly she still the flaming star she's always been. However, this was a show about butt-shaking music. She was clearly here to rock that piano hard no matter how bloody it got and was quite willing to use her tremendous ability to that end. This may not have been a "Tori Amos" concert with all it's playfulness but it certain was a Tori Amos show. Personally, I found the lighting to be the part that needed the most work to stand up to the new stuff. Where's the Rolling Stones lighting? There were a few moments where it was going but mostly it was to be ignored unlike with the DDI tour. I found Matt's drumming quite suited to the new material. It's quite easy to see the Fiona Apple in these new rhythms and so he does a good job at "bringing in the funk". Steve has always known when to layback and when to get crazy so I found his contributions to fit with this new experience. The bass was just sort of there but it's about all I expected from him anyway. It was quite clear that Tori was "large and in-charge" at this show despite being a cultural experiment that night. She was clearly in command of the situation even though the atmosphere was most organized chaos that evening. Personally, after spending half a day getting ticket and another one waiting in line I could relate to how Tori felt and she seemed to be handling it with a almost scary amount of energy. She was fully up to task at writhing about on the bench and pouring herself into the music. Sure she didn't have the subtlety of past performances but she didn't have the faltering that I've seen in the past either. I must say that if this is the type of show that she will only do then I will be VERY disappointed but for THIS show and in THIS style of preformance she was quite in form after only a few shows. Tori had the unique ability to make everyone in the place feel like she was playing for them. You could usually hear a pin drop. At this show a bull could have run through the place and be missed. It quite different and not neccessarily better. It was certainly entertaining though. I just hope that beside doing these type of concerts that she also allows herself to be a musician as well as an entertainer and that louder isn't always better. Still, It was quite a show and I suspet I'll manage to enjoy her show so long as she keeps her heart in it as she did this time. I just hope she never gets afraid of the sort of naked power that songs like Me And A Gun brought to her live shows. That kind of ability can be just a rocking as this new music-to-sway-to sound that she's using can be. This is body music but people don't live just in their bodies. Yet, for one night it's not a bad way to spend a few hours. She may not be the female Mick Jagger but she's certainly more on track than that YKTR crap was. Clearly, Tori wants to paly rock music even if it's not what she's best at. Fortunately for her she's so talented that she can pull that off too and she does it better than almost everyone else. Now, I've never seen The Breeders in concert but after the show I might not need to. Clearly Tori can deliver the goods. If I take anything away from this show besides heartache and a few fun hours of staring at Tori it's that as long as Tori is around rock music will live on in one form or another. Oh yeah, did I like the show? Yes. Was it her best show? No, Her DDI shows were better. Was it worth all the trouble? I'm not sure. Was it a successful show? In the end it was. Maybe it was all the trouble she had to go through to do this show but I clearly felt that it was worth it for her if not for me. Did I get to meet Tori? No F'g way! Too many desperate lunatics! Many of whom have apparently posted here since you all seem to be the ones who got the set lists. I sat back in about row 8 in the center but slightly to the right. Real cool seat! I just wish I had worn earplugs!!!!!!!! It was also very hot but then maybe it was just the heat coming off of Tori that night. No, I was sweaty before she started so I guess not. I'm just puzzled about one thing. What was this white arm band for? and can I take it off yet? :)

From The Seattle Times

May 13, 1998 - The following review appeared in the Seattle Times newspaper on May 4, 1998. I would like to thank Neile Graham for making me aware of it.

Arts & Entertainment : Monday, May 4, 1998

Amos serves up plenty of new sounds

by Tom Phalen
Special to The Seattle Times

Concert review: Tori Amos with David Poe, The Moore Theatre, last night.

Here's a comparison you probably never thought you'd read: Tori Amos and The Presidents of the United States of America.

Why? Because there's no middle ground where either is concerned. You either love them or you don't, you either get them or you don't. But with both, the only way to understand and appreciate their genius is to see them live.

We won't be seeing The Presidents again, at least until the reunion tour. But Tori Amos made a triumphant return to Seattle last night. Despite having been in a hospital the day before (food poisoning) and still suffering a noticeably gravely speaking voice, she soared through a dynamic 90-minute set, finishing with two encores.

Much of the show consisted of songs from her new release "From the Choirgirl Hotel," beginning with "Black-Dove (January)." Amos began the song with a quiet introspective trek back to a creepy childhood home, but by the chorus she was blasting to "the other side of the galaxy." And whenever she power-punched into the chorus, the audience howled along.

Other highlights from the new work included the admittedly malevolent "Cruel," the love-addicted "Spark," and the renewing "Jackie's Strength."

Amos also mixed in sure-fire favorites like "Cornflake Girl," "God," "The Waitress" and "Tear in Your Hand."

Throughout, the orange-haired singer was never less than enthralling. Amos' songs, especially in this intimate live setting, were totally mesmerizing. You couldn't help but get caught up in her all-encompassing spell.

Aided by her three-piece band, the first band she's toured with, and a dazzling display of smoke, mirrors and light, Amos presented arrangements that ranged from subtly sympathetic accompaniment to an often cacophonic - and exhilarating - assault.

But she was just as strong during her solo numbers. The wearily comic "Leather," with its boozy, ragtime middle instrumental, is still amusing. And the achingly beautiful "China," so delicate, was quietly overwhelming.

Possibly the only thing that pleased the audience as much as Amos' presence and performance was her promise to return in the summer.

David Poe, a young New York singer/songwriter who just released a deft self-titled debut, was a nearly perfect opening act.

From Sara Orton

May 7, 1998 - I just thought I'd write to you about my Seattle concert experience. I got my tickets from a person I had never met... I emailed her the moment I found out about the Seattle concert and asked if she could buy me tickets. I'm from Idaho and couldn't get to Seattle to get the tickets myself so I looked up everyone on your new Tori registry. Stacy Seven was the only person to repied to me and she got me a ticket. I gambled with the fact I had never met her and that she had the tickets and that she was real and spent over $100 to get to Seattle, a city I had never been to. Everyone thought I was insane but when I arrived in Seattle Stacy was there at the Bus station to greet me with her friends.

It was the most amazing weekend of my life. Everyone was so nice! Stacy and her friends (most devote Tori fans) took me and my boyfriend around Seattle all day Saturday. That night we began to camp out for the concert and All the people I met in line were great. Ivy, Ben, Mike, and many others came to my rescuce on Sunday afternoon before the concert when I lost my ticket! I was so scared and depressed.... I had come that far and spent that much money, for what? to lose my ticket!!!!!!!! But everyone rallied for me and talk to the Moore and worked it out so I could get in. Thanks to everyone who gave me a hug. You all were so supportive. When the concert was all over I did get to meet Tori and shake her hand. Everyone I was with got what they wanted out of the concert. It was a true blessing. Even when things go rough everyone hung together. I can't believe the support that these complete strangers gave me. After my own rape and all the crap i endured in high school i was sure I'd never trust again or have a good time. I didn't for years. Until this weekend. I know this all sounds very silly but everyone I met in Seattle made a difference in my outlook on life. They showed me that not all people are out there just for themselves. They were giving, supportive, caring, trusting, and wonderful people. This was the best experience in my life. I blew so much money and might flunk a few finals but y'know it was the best thing I've ever done. I am coming away with so much more than seeing Tori preform or a great concert.... and this would have never ever happend if Mike hadn't started the registry... Thanks Mike! You're the greatest. If any of you remember me from the concert email me anytime, we'll have to do it again, and again, and again.... I love all you guys. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

PS If any of you are ever in Seattle got to Minnie's on Broadway (across from the Orpheum) and have a bowl of their tomato basil soup.... god damn that's good soup!

From Kat

May 6, 1998 - wow... this is the first time ive seen tori live, and i must say, it brought me to tears. putting the damage on just reduced me to a blob of shaking, crying, kat. i wish i had seen her before she had a band, when it was her and her piano alone on teh stage.... while i thot the band contributed a lot to the sound, i think they also took some of it away.... and the guitar player... well... i dunno... all that arm waving and sitting on the amps... he needs to get over himself... her drummer was AWESOME, and so was her bass player. she played an awesome version of horses... and a really sassy version of leather:) the new songs, will take some getting used to... theyll have to grow on me... im not wild about her getting a band, but she thinks its time to change... i could listen to the girl and her piano for the rest of my life... dont need the band... but i guess its the thing to do now... dar williams has a band, too.. i wish tori had been in better health... i think it wouldve added to the show... my friend got special seats because his friends dad was the doctor that took care of her:) thats awfully sweet, if you ask me. also, i think people all around woulve been in better spirits if the moore hadnt screwed everything over with the organization... thanks to my brother (john stewart) and ben and the rest for trying to keep everything as organized as possible... and thanks to david poe for being an awesome opener, and thanks for the set list:)

From Angela

May 6, 1998 - Angela has her review and story on her web page, as far as the whole experience of seeing her live in Seattle, and the ticket line she has included pics from the Seattle Meet-and-Greet as well.

From Stacey Seven

May 6, 1998 - the show Tori put on was amazing!!! The Moore did a horrible job trying to keep everyone organized and orderly. Ben tried to give everyone number to be able to keep everyone in line. Around 3pm when she was supposed to arrive, people were mobbing each of the three doors that she could have come in. She arrived in a beautiful light blue bus, and waved casually. She was wearing a really great set of black shoes and a neat shirt from the North Face. She looked really good for someone who had recently went to the hospital. She meeted and greeted for only a few moments. Once in I and my friend who set you the list, Jeff Dorian and Ryan sat along the barricade in the pit.

She played a beautiful show, being really friendly. She was reallly causal, and even did her cornflake girl dance during her songs. She played a really unique version of horses, which was almost unrecognizable. It was wonderful. My friends who came up from idaho to see the show (sarah and andy) got to meet her at the final meet and greet, telling her thank you for such a beautiful experience. It made all the world to me to shake her hand. I recieved a set list as well, and that made this plugged tour the best tori show that i have ever seen. People have all been hesitant about tori and this new bsnd, but it only heightens the fact that tori is one of the best musicians of this era. :)

From Michael Cannon

May 5, 1998 - ... oh, my. Simply grand, and she was feeling so poor and all. Let me say that this was the second time I've seen Tori, and I couldn't have hoped for more. Songs I thought I might never hear live... (not played on her last tour) and I cried, it was so brilliant. China... Putting the Damage on... Her boys sound absolutely wonderful! They can rock, you know? Thank you, Tori.

And as a side dish note, Matt Chamberlain is very talented, the music of the band did not (in my opinion) drown out Tori at all, and Caton was so animated! He kept doing little feet dances, and rock star poses... Jon Evans, everyone, wonderful!

And one final entree... The people I met up in Seattle were splendid. John, and a wonderful lady helped organize a numerical system for waiting in line. It was almost completely honored and appreciated all over. Thank you, all.

From skylar west

May 5, 1998 - You know I was at that the Moore show. I am a huge fan, but won't go into the obsessed fan catagory,. And so I have a dissenting opinion about her playing with a band. This was my second Tori show. The first time I saw her was 2 years ago at the Paramount, she blew me away.I have never had a concert experience like that one, ever. She became a must see, get tickets at all costs performer. But this show with a band, was not all glowy. yes I am completely aware she was under the wheather, and It showed for the first few songs, and she rose above it. But the band, I won't say they weren't good musicians. They were just distracting. I could not be mesmerized. they band drowned her out. And there was nothing wrong with the sound. Too much filler for her music. I'd be all for her playing with a band if they would take a back seat. I did warm up to the band by the end of the show, but if this is an experiment, and she wants feedback, there is a few people out there who will not see her agian if she continues to play with a band. I know this is a minority opinion and there are plenty of poeple who will gladly take my seat. But i tell you seeing her before without a band just does not compare. And all those people who will take my seat do not know what they are missing.

I still love Tori and her music. but I am just left feeling empty, knowing what is missing.

From Ivy

May 4, 1998 - As John Stewart posted earlier, Tori had some e.coli food poisoning over the weekend and was just out of the hospital prior to the Seattle show. She was a little weak during the show, but miraculously, this did not seem to interfere with the strength of the songs that she did play, only shortened the length of the overall set and kept her playing a set list of the more familiar album- only tracks.

Let me say briefly that the fans I met this weekend were so helpful, warm and wonderful, and I experienced an incredible sense of community that was just as important a part of the weekend as the show itself.

The Moore is a proper theater with seating, but they allowed a "limited" number of fans to stand at the front of the stage. This number was originally quoted as 30, but they then let many more (maybe 80) people stand by the stage.

I was third in line entering the theater, but chose to sit in about the 20th row so I could have a full stage view without standing on top of my seat. Anyway, the new songs are just so incredibly huge, passionate, lushly developed, and technically brilliant, and the band is overwhemlngly talented as an ensemble. Make no mistake here, this is ROCK music. Tori has always been a rock chick at heart, and I think she' s finally found an outlet for this side of herself.

Okay, on with the set list which was still on my bed when I fell asleep cause I was so tired:

Seattle, WA May 3

Black Dove (January)
Precious Things
Liquid Diamonds
Cornflake Girl
Jackie's Strength
Leather ("This is the first time I'm playing this song on the tour.")
Putting the Damage On (Much more like the Twilight Mix)
Horses (Wow! I didn't even recognize it at first!)
The Waitress (Preceded by a little song, "Toodles Everyone. That's all. See
you next time." I thought that was the end of it cause she was so sick, but
then she went on : )

First Encore:

Second Encore:
Tear in Your Hand

Love to All Who Helped Me with the Line, and especially those fans who acted as bouncers! Ben and Nicole you rocked my world this weekend!

From Marie

May 4, 1998 - tori was amazing.

that's all i can really say...besides the fact that she just got out of the hospital yesterday(food poisoning i heard) and she's been having problems with her voice she proved tonight that no matter what she can put on a damn good show.

i arrived at the moore right when tori's bus pulled didn't get to met her this time around. but, when we were going into the theatre i ran into joel and he asked me my name and such..i gazed at his little backstage pass and asked if i could have one..:) he was really cool..and once he agreed to give my package to tori i was giving him the biggest hug...and then i cried realizing that tori might actually get the gifts i had gotten her...cheese, i know..:)

herm...david poe..was..interesting...i liked two of his songs. he mentioned that this was one of the best audiences he has had(by the things i've read about past shows i can believe it)

i don't remember the set list..i had it written down on my arm but i sweated it was damn hot in there..

the highlight..tori played leather for the first time tonight..she had the words written down on her hand...

the new versions of waitress and horses blew me away. i was amazed. the girl next to me didn't believe that tori was playing horses..

PTDO was really good..the first time i heard the twilight mix or whatever..

precious things..oh god..i was crying by the end of it...she did the 'grrrrrrrrrrl' part and the whole excersist(sp?) thing near the end.

she did cornflake girl dance but still it was amazing.

at one point in the show caton was sitting on top of one of the speakers.. the whole band was having a great time.. the bassist was interesting to watch..

that's all i can really muster's about one and i should be sleeping...

point blank, tori put on a good show. she said at one point she's coming back in the'm ready to go..:)

From Greg A. Nicholl

May 4, 1998 - Unfortunately I do not have the set list for the show, I am sure that someone will supply that for you rather soon. But I just wanted to write and let you know a few tidbits from the show. First of all, as I was driving to the show, I turned down a back street, trying to find parking, when who should walk directly in front of my car but Tori...the goddess herself. After a little hello, she said she wasn't feeling well and ventured on.

It seems that our Tori had a little something that didn't agree with her stomach (food poisoining to be exact) and she was let out of the hospital at 3am. She didn't make it to the radio interview that was scheduled here, but did conduct an interview over the phone. She did sound as if she was under the weather, and frankly, I wish she would have taken the night off to recover rather than play the full set.

She didn't talk hardly at all, but to introduce the band. In fact when she talked, she sounded as if she were dying. But her singing was on.

From adam bidema

May 4, 1998 - I was one of the lucky few to get an official set list, I thought you might want it:

main show:

Black Dove

Encore 1

Encore 2

also on the back i got David Poe to write his playlist, it went like this:


P.S. the names of the songs are how they are written on the paper

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