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Added November 7, 2001

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Jen, Mollie, and Daisy were the first to tell me that CDNOW is using original artwork by Tori Amos on the cover of the Fall 2001 Catalog (Vol. 16) that they are sending out with people's orders. The catalog is a small Cd-sized booklet with a drawing by Tori on the cover. It has "Strange Little Girls" scribbled in the corner, and rough drawings of what looks like Tori's Bosey, Rhodes, and Wurlitzer on stage. You can see a scan of it below sent to me by Jen and Daisy.

On the inside cover is the four-picture image of all the SLG album covers that is on most promo items, and a blurb about Strange Little Girls and her StrangeLittleTour.

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