Extraordinary New Sound Clip From The Final Concert Of The Dew Drop Inn Tour

Updated June 9, 1997

Listen to The WAVE Sound Clip From Boulder (2:13min 1.4M)

Below you see a transcript of what Tori says on the sound clip. The concert she said this speech at was the final one of the Dew Drop Inn tour on November 11, 1996 in Boulder Colorado at Macky Auditorium. This was her introduction to the song Marianne. Tori's words say it all...

[Over soft, occasional chording.]

"Um, when I started recording this record, it was, uh, very interesting because, um, none of these record guys wanted to let a woman produce her own record; and they were very, very nervous about letting me do this. And, uh, they were *much* more nervous when they heard it. Heh.

"But, um, what sort of happened was I turned in the record, and, um, I've never really had such a moment in my life--I mean, things were kind of better when I pooped in my pants. And, uh, I walked in and, um; you know, I'd sold millions of records for this company; and I walked in--I'd had some pizza, and a nice glass of wine and I was like, 'Well, I'll meet the new girls;' and I know it's a little dark, but you know, everybody needs a good bottle of wine and some depressing songs every once in a while. And so I walked in, and this is what I...met.

[Tori, stone-faced, sits with her arms folded across her chest for twelve seconds; audience breaks into laughter.]

"So, basically, what I said was--after this record went platinum--I said, 'Well, we didn't do it, because of anything you all did.' And, then, so I'm just saying that it was because of, um, *you* guys. [Motioning with her shoulder toward the audience.] Record companies, radio, had absolutely fuck-all to do with any of this whole year. And that's the truth.

"But the one thing is, you guys did; and this is one song that demanded to come tonight, because, although she's not on this planet anymore, she was, um, probably the main song that gave me strength to withstand, when everybody said that I'd made a piece of shit."

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Lisa Street sent me this photo, which is from the Meet & Greet before Tori's sound check the day she performed the concert where she made the above comments.

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