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Steve Caton's Band

Last Updated April 25, 2000

"....Whether we are creating together, or he is creating his own music, as with Binge, Steve Caton continues to inspire me as a musician."

- Tori Amos (7/7/99)

"....There is a lot of passion in ( Crash ), as well as originality. Caton likes to fiddle with different sounds and techniques in the studio and that results in a very rich, layered sound. I am really impressed with Steve's Vocals, the excellent production, and the heart that is in this record. It is my wish that every Toriphile give it a listen."

- Mikewhy

Steve Caton, whose surrealistic guitar work and has been an integral part of the "Tori Amos sound" for more than 13 years, has had a long and respected musical history. Now, Steve has taken his original songs to a new level with the help of fellow bandmates Vinnie LoRusso, Toby Skard, Thomas Morse, and Matt Sorum. These 5 phenomenal musicians, who make up the group Binge, have added their own varied musical influences and have made music richer, more powerful, and just plain better, than anything you are likely to hear anytime soon.

Binge. (from left to right) Toby, Vinnie, Caton, and Matt.
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Steve Caton (guitar/bass/vocals)
Matt Sorum (drums)
Toby Skard (bass)
Vincenzo LoRusso (programming/keyboards)
Thomas Morse (orchestration/keyboards)

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Mixing hard-edged guitars with strong melodies and a liberal dose of electronic/industrial production, Binge has emerged with a new EP, "Crash" , which will be available through Crisis Records. This collection features the driving beats of the title track, "Crash", as well as the musical masterpiece, "Shame" and the beautifully agressive "Spirit In the Flesh", all anchored by the remarkable voice of Steve Caton. Steve has also played lead and bass guitar, co-produced, and co-mixed the entire collection.

Streamlined but dense, beautiful but cold , catchy but left-of-center, Binge has seemed to have accomplished an impossible task with " Crash" - experimenting with different ways of looking at producing, playing, and writing - while retaining the rock/pop conventions that make music such a pleasure to listen to .

"Crash" can now be ordered through z-shops at Because of this, Crisis Records, which distributes Binge's EP, can handle credit card transactions as well as accept payment by check or money order . You can access all selling information by going to Amazon's z-shops and performing a search using the keywords "Binge-Crash". This is a great way to get the album, and they will ship internationally. The EP is only $9.50 (7.00 plus 2.50 shipping and handling).

One of the most wonderful and rewarding things about the online Toriphile community is the way EWF share views on new books, new movies , and new music. It's an interactive community, a community based on trust and common interests. Having acknowledged that, I can say with absolute certainty that no Toriphile should be without this CD. It is a small piece of a new project which will challenge your ears; make you appreciate the integrity of good work; and make you groove, sing along, and rock out in your bedroom - all at the same time. At the risk of sounding like an 80-year old mom, I am terribly proud of the band and am honored to have had the opportunity to help introduce you to one of the finest collections of music I have heard in a long time. - Laurie Daniels

You can go to The Official Binge web site to hear sound clips from the new EP!

Other Binge Or Steve Caton Web Sites

To find out more about Binge or Steve Caton, try these web sites:

The Official Binge web site, which has interviews with Steve, sound clips and other stuff.

Bee Guitars, a web site dedicated to Steve Caton which also has Binge information.

Sites Supporting Or Recommended By Steve Caton

Schecter Guitars - electric guitars

ESP Guitar Web Site - electric acoustic guitars

Line 6 Digital Guitar Amplifier Systems - amplifiers and recording software

Artwork From The "Crash" CD Booklet

Binge CD Booklet
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Steve Caton Interview With Virtual Guitar Magazine

An interview with Caton can be found at the Virtual Guitar Magazine web site. This is a really comprehensive website geared toward musicians. The interview reveals some fascinating things about Tori's recordings, including how the guitar parts on " God" were created, the original " Doughnut Song" , and why Caton had to fight to play on "Josephine". The interview was done by Cosette Trombino and is a really interesting read. Steve also talks about the equipment he uses and his band Binge.

Interview With Steve Caton About Binge!

Read an interview with Steve Caton where he talks all about Binge and the Crash CD. In the interview, Steve talks about each song on "Crash," how the band got together, mixing the music for Binge with Eric Rosse, and other interesting things.

Join The Binge Mailing List

You can be put on the Binge mailing list by dropping a line to Laurie Daniels at Write anything you want - questions or just a simple " hey! put me on that list! "- and you will be added to the Binge mailing list so that you can keep up with all the places where Binge will be or is featured.

Binge Review In The Carolinian

The April 20, 2000 edition of The Carolinian, which is the newspaper at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, includes a review of Binge's EP Crash. Read it here on the Dent. Thanks to Sara Neeves for sending it to me.

Personal Interview With Steve Caton

Read another interview that Steve did with Erin O'Neill in January 2000 at this web site!

Rolling Stone Web Site Has Binge

Binge is now on the local music section of the Rolling Stone web site. People can find there a biography, reviews, message board, music clips, the opportunity to rate Binge yourself, and a link to purchase their music. Check it out!

Message From Tori To Her Fans About Binge

The message below is what Tori sent to her fans regarding Steve Caton's new band, Binge:

"As I listen to the theme from 'Starsky & Hutch', I am reminded of the first margarita I ever had. Soon after that, I wore a black wig a lot and the person that gave me my first margarita also gave me my first background singing gig for his band, in my black wig. It wasn't called "in my black wig", it was called "Climate of Crisis". Some people, as I recall, said some very hurtful things about the way I moved on stage as a back-up singer.

Caton came to my defense and told me to stick with it. No matter what, he wasn't going to fire me. Funny thing, people come up to me now and say they like the strings on my records, and I always tell them 'you sucker, that's not strings, that's Caton.' Whether we are creating together, or he is creating his own music, as with Binge, he continues to inspire me as a musician."

Tori Amos

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